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What is our CPAP Prescription Package?

Our CPAP Prescription Package is is an EASY way to renew your CPAP prescription.

In as little as 2 Business Days, you can get a prescription to purchase any CPAP mask, Auto CPAP machine, or CPAP supplies from

It doesn't matter if you're away from home, in between physicians, or don't have time for an office visit, we can get you a prescription and the new products you need!

The service is $99.99 and includes a secure, discreet and hassle-free evaluation by a licensed physician. We will honor this prescription for 8 years.

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Four EASY Steps to Getting Your CPAP Prescription

CPAP Prescription Package Process

 No Prescription = 100% Refund! If, for any reason, the physician can't sign a prescription, we will give you a 100% refund.



The CPAP Prescription Package is acceptable for non-insurance orders only.   Click here to have an representative check your insurance benefits and contact your doctor for a new prescription.  


*Auto-Titrating CPAPs are CPAP machines that detect what pressure you need.  Click here to view a complete list of our auto-titrating CPAPS and BiLevels.  


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