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Easy Breathe, Inc. | SKU EasySleepApneaTest

Get tested for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in the comfort of your own home and see if CPAP Therapy is right for you! After ordering, simply fill out an emailed questionnaire and it will be on its way! 

NOTEClick here for a new and improved sleep test!

* Limit 1 per order. If you would like to purchase a second test for someone else, please make a separate order with their name as the recipient, or call (866) 564-2252 for assistance. 

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The Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package allows you to get tested for OSA in the comfort of your own home and see if CPAP Therapy is right for you.  The package includes an evaluation by a licensed physician, the home sleep test and an interpretation of the test results by a board-certified sleep doctor.  It doesn't matter if you're in between physicians, don't have time for an office visit, or just hate the idea of going to a sleep lab, we can get you a diagnosis and, if medically necessary, a prescription that will allow you to purchase any CPAP mask, Auto CPAP machine, or CPAP supplies you want!

4 EASY Steps:

1. Purchase the Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package

2. By the next business day we will email you a sleep apnea questionnaire.  Simply complete, sign and return electronically (no printing, no faxing is necessary)

3. Take the Home Sleep Test

4. Choose your products (if medically necessary). Purchase any CPAP mask, Auto CPAP machine, or CPAP supplies


What's included in the Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package:

1. Evaluation by US licensed physician and prescription for Home Sleep Test

2. Home Sleep Test Rental

3. Test results with interpretation by a board-certified sleep doctor

4. Prescription to purchase any Auto CPAP machine and supplies from without insurance*



No Prescription to take a Home Sleep Test = 100% Refund!  If, for any reason, the physician can't sign a prescription for you to take a Home Sleep Test, we will give you a 100% refund.  

If you complete the home sleep test and the results are negative for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, you will receive a $49 refund, as no PAP prescription will be issued.


Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package Details

  • Customer purchases the Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package from Easy Breathe
  • Easy Breathe emails Customer a sleep apnea questionnaire by the next business day
  • Customer completes, signs and returns the sleep apnea questionnaire electronically
  • Consulting Physician reviews the questionnaire and determines whether to prescribe a home sleep test for the Customer.  Note: If Consulting Physician does not prescribe a home sleep test for any reason, Easy Breathe will issue a full refund to Customer
  • Home Sleep Test Contractor contacts Customer to give verbal instructions for taking tests and ships home sleep test to Customer’s home
  • Customer takes the home sleep test in the comfort of the Customer’s own home
  • Home Sleep Test Contractor provides 24/7 customer service phone support in case the Customer has any questions on taking the home sleep test
  • Customer returns the home sleep test device in a pre-paid return envelope
  • Sleep Doctor reviews home sleep test results and provides written interpretation of the home sleep test results
  • Easy Breathe forwards home sleep test results and the Sleep Doctor’s interpretation of the results to Consulting Physician
  • Consulting Physician determines whether it is medically necessary for the Customer to undergo CPAP Therapy. Based on the results of the Customer's home sleep test, the Consulting Physician, solely at their discretion, may require a phone or video based conversation with the Customer
  • Customer purchases any CPAP mask, CPAP machine, or CPAP supplies from Easy Breathe 


The entire Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package process takes as little as one week depending on the shipping option chosen for the home sleep test. 


RESTRICTIONS: This package is only available to individuals located in the continental U.S. between 18 and 65 years of age who are not on oxygen.

*INSURANCE POLICY: The Easy Sleep Apnea Test is not billable to insurance because most insurance companies require an in-person evaluation with a physician. The prescription for equipment obtained through this package cannot be used to bill your supplies through insurance. If you'd prefer to use your insurance and have a local doctor that can prescribe a home sleep test, please review our Home Sleep Test Rental package.



Defined Terms Used Above


Home Sleep Test Contractor – Entity contracted with Easy Breathe to provide shipping, fulfillment and interpretation services for home sleep tests

Customer – The individual wishing to purchase the Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package

Consulting Physician – One of Easy Breathe’s licensed U.S. physicians

Sleep Doctor – A licensed physician who is board-certified in Sleep Medicine 

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The whole process start to finish was so easy and I haven't slept this well in years!a Heather, 02/24/2017
Daniel Stone
I ordered the sleep study. I got the results which only confirmed what I had done years ago. I am very satisfied with how this all went and look forward to doing more. What happened is I sent for the test, got it in a few days. Wore it a nite one time and because I work 3rd shift wore it one day as well. Sent it back and got the results just a few days later. Daniel Stone, 11/13/2016
Scott R
I wasn’t sleeping well and my wife (a registered nurse) was concerned about my health. We both knew the culprit was most likely sleep apnea. After a visit with my physician, it was suggested that I participate in a sleep study. With a high deductible insurance plan, however, paying thousands for a sleep study at a clinic wasn’t feasible. I was frustrated. I wanted to feel better and sleep better, but a prescription for CPAP therapy was required before I could get any type of relief. I started searching the internet for alternatives and found Easy Breathe’s website. The information I found indicated that they offered the ability to do an in-home sleep study and in coordination with a remote physician, could obtain a prescription for CPAP therapy if deemed necessary. Furthermore, the cost was substantially less than an in-clinic sleep study and they offered to work with my health insurance company. I read through the reviews on the website and spoke with a customer service representative via online chat. Everything sounded great, but being skeptical by nature, I wanted to do a little more research before making the commitment. Reviews continued to be positive and Easy Breathe had a good rating with the Better Business Bureau.

I ordered the in-home sleep study test from Easy Breathe. It arrived at my home in a couple of days. The test instructions were easy to understand. I completed the test and mailed it back. A short time later I received an email with an attached diagnosis and prescription from a physician. As suspected, sleep apnea. After speaking with customer service again and researching CPAP therapy machines at various websites, I chose a CPAP therapy machine and equipment and ordered it from Easy Breathe. The package arrived at my home a few days later and I immediately began treatment. I slept so well the first night (almost 9 hours) for the first time in years. I can’t thank Easy Breathe enough for making diagnosis affordable and less stressful by allowing me to do a sleep test in-home instead of in some clinic.
Scott R, 06/30/2016
Madeleine Jacobs
Like many others, I'm guilty of ordering but not leaving a review. But this was too important not to....

My story begins with going to a new doctor for exhaustion. After many questions, he suspected sleep apnea at the top of the list and proceeded to order overnight pulseoximeter tests, and after my first pulse test, my oxygen sats showed 80%. A month later, another one was ordered and I showed oxygen sats at 74%.

Iin the meantime, I had gotten so bad that I was unable to do anything at home. My memory was so bad I either missed appointments or got them wrong, (I joked that if this kept on, I'd either forget my name or where I lived....) I didn't get my IRS taxes done til the last minute, dishes went get the idea. And my reflexes were so bad I didn't dare drive, even around town. I was just too tired!

By this time, my doctor had ordered 2 liters of oxygen and then ordered a third test in which my oxygen levels had gone up, but not enough to keep me from being exhausted. After waiting for OVER two weeks for the results of each test, he called personally to tell me he was convinced I had sleep apnea, but was sorry he couldn't do more for me unless I had the very expensive sleep study at the hospital. I checked there was was given a price of around $3000 to $5000. Both ridiculously high in my opinion. Oh....and it was cash only!!

I was so frustrated that I felt I had to take care of my own health and look into this matter myself as I certainly wasn't getting anywhere with Banner Health Clinic. I spoke to my sister, (a retired RN who is on a BiPAP machine prescribed and provided by the VA) who said she had had the overnight sleep study done at the VA, but the equipment used was much like the one rented through and she felt it was just a thorough.

I ordered it online, because after 2 1/2 months of no final results at the clinic, I was desperate to have this addressed and done with. Sitting around all day in pajamas is NO way to live!!

After ordering, I gave a mental estimate as to when it would arrive and it arrived sooner,. giving me a chance to do the study and sent it back sooner, which meant I got results sooner and was able to order. In approx. 2 weeks, the study was done, test results were back, I was on a CPAP and in 2 weeks from that, I was back to being me! (this means I was vaccuming and dusting at 11 p.m at night lol)

If you have doubts, don't. if you are being delayed or stalled by your physician, or your medical health care provider, I would certainly recommend going this route.
Madeleine Jacobs, 04/30/2016
John B
I work on the road, when home my wife complained that I snored a lot. The home test fit my lifestyle, allowing me to get diagnosed at a reasonable price. After the results came back, I spoke with the Doctor on some of the questions I had about the results. I think we are seeing the future of medicine - a test which is both affordable and convenient. John B, 04/27/2016
Stephanie Mouat
The at home sleep apnea test was awesome! The only negative feedback I would give would that you should include some one on one over the phone to answer questions that a person has regarding their cpap equipment. Stephanie Mouat, 04/27/2016
Patricia Woods
The reason I did the sleep Apnea test was my partner said I snored really bad he could not sleep with me. I did the test unbenon to me I really had a problem. I took the test and it was so easy. The results to me was shocking. I really needed it for my health not for him. I have been using it for a few months now and I feel so much better. I hope anyone reading this will take the test and just see what happens. Try it and see. Patricia Woods, 04/27/2016
I normally do not write reviews, however, I thought it would be important to write a review about EasyBreathe' Sleep Apnea test package. To be honest, I was very skeptical when I stumbled upon this site as well as this service offering.

I'm one of those individuals who suspected that I was suffering from sleep apnea for many years, I however, did not want to go see a doctor only to be told I needed to spend 2 nights in a sleep lab and spend a ton of money for this test.

I was therefore, pleasantly surprised to come across this very affordable service. I liked the idea of having the sleep apnea test done in the comfort of my own home. I also felt, that the test results would be more accurate - since I would be monitored in a familiar setting.

Well, the whole procedure took roughly a week to complete. EasyBreathe quickly started working on my order and sent me an initial questionnaire within hours of having completed my purchase. Their doctors looked over the results and quickly prescribed an in-home sleep test. The equipment literally arrived within a day or two after that.

The in-home procedure was straightforward. I strapped a device to my body for 2 nights which monitored my sleeping. I then returned the equipment with a prepaid label and box via UPS. Three days later, I received the results as well as the go ahead to order my necessary APAP equipment.

The whole process was really pain free and easy to follow. I not only highly recommend this at home sleep apnea test, but also They've really pulled through for me, and I am finally getting the required sleep therapy which I should have gotten many years ago. Thank you EasyBreathe!
MJ, 11/26/2014

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