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Adjustable Chinstrap


Thin adjustable strap attaches at the top of the head. Thicker bottom strap attaches to itself at the back of the head.

Measure from chin to top of head to determine size (along dashed white line in product image to the left)

6in Small, 7in Regular, 8in Medium, 9in Large, 10in XL

*Chinstraps will not treat snoring or Obstructive Sleep Apnea without a CPAP mask and machine*

Want to learn more about the possible symptoms of Sleep Apnea?

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Compare to PureSom Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap. Thin adjustable strap attaches at the top of the head. Thicker bottom strap attaches to itself at the back of the head. Great for hard-to-fit patients.

The adjustable chins strap come in 5 sizes to provide a custom fit. Unlike most chin straps, it is also designed with full head support for a comfortable fit, and to prevent slipping.

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NOT Flexible; Sizing is Very Specific
I did the measurements and was between a L/XL, but seemed way off. Talked to tech on phone, they said M is most common and based on my other sizes (SMALL!), they recommended I get that. Couldn't even close around my head! So talk to a different tech (no help) and decided that I should probably just try XL considering I couldn't even get the velcro to touch with the M. XL was WAY TOO BIG. I'm not even going to bother trying a L. This thing is super stiff; for this structure, I'd expect it to be more elasticy. It feels like it would make me hot throughout the night too. If you're still wanting to try it, definitely go by the size chart the category (M, L, XL, etc) doesn't match up with normal sizing of anything else though, so if it says you're a L, you probably are. NOT Flexible; Sizing is Very Specific, 04/23/2019
Dave L
Velcro wears out quickly after a 2-3 hand washing. Dave L, 12/19/2017

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