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AirCurve 10 ASV with HumidAir and ClimateLineAir

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ResMed | SKU 37216

Adaptive servo-ventilator designed to treat CSA and OSA. The Easy-Breathe waveform delivers natural breathing comfort, while pressure and pressure support are automatically adjusted to maintain airway patency and treat central events. Integrated humidifier and wireless communications. Comes with ClimateLineAir heated tubing.


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The AirCurve 10 ASV offers truly personalized therapy for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), central and/or mixed apneas, or periodic breathing. By treating central breathing disorders with auto-adjusting pressure support – and upper airway obstruction with auto-adjusting EPAP – the device works to rapidly stabilize respiration.1 As the only one of its kind to target the patient’s own recent minute ventilation, ResMed’s ASV is the most clinically studied adaptive servo-ventilation therapy.

  • ASV mode. The clinically published ASV algorithm constantly learns the patient’s unique respiratory rate and delivers pressure matched to patients’ breathing, adapting dynamically to their changing needs.
  • Vsync continuous leak management technology helps provide patient-ventilator synchrony during leak.
  • Climate Control comprises the HumidAir™ humidifier and the ClimateLineAir™ heated air tube, and is designed to deliver constant, comfortable temperature and humidity levels. It also aims to minimize the common side effects of therapy to increase compliance.
  • Using AirView™, ResMed’s cloud-based patient management system, you can access nightly therapy data, troubleshoot remotely (using the Remote Assist feature) and change device settings remotely.
  • Compatible with up to 15 L/min of supplemental oxygen in CPAP and ASV modes and up to 4 L/min in ASVAuto mode.
  • Optional pulse oximetry monitoring.

Items included:

  • Auto-Adjusting CPAP Machine
  • Integrated HumidAire Heated Humidifier
  • Standard Humidifier Chamber
  • Optional ClimateLineAir Heated Tube
  • Power Supply and Cord
  • SD Card
  • Travel Bag
  • 1- Standard Filter (Uninstalled)
  • Filter Cover
  • Patient Manual


Dimensions: (H x W x D) (Device and water tub):  4.57" x 10.04" x 5.91'

Weight: 44oz

Aircraft use: Meets Federal Aviation Administration requirements for all phases of travel

Operating pressure range:  3 to 25 cm H2O

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This is to Lynn and AnonymouS
Are you sure your not talking about the BI-PAP ST Machine? I used that before ASV Auto and exactly like you described it was hard to get in sync with it, it was like a ventilator set on a predetermined breaths per minute. The ASV Auto machine responds to your breathing, if you don't need air it stays low if you start to fade it increases a little more if you don't respond it can reach max if it needs to. ASV is such a relief after the BI-PAP ST which stands for spontaneous timed one pressure in one out I don't take the same amount of breaths per minute Im all over the place so I found the ST model uncomfortable, ASV on the auto setting is there only when you need it. If Im wrong and you do have ASV try the Auto setting, if you need a 10 for one apnea you'll get 10 if your in a prolonged apnea it can go up to 25 and when you're breathing again it drops to the low setting until its needed again. I hope this helps, Jason made a good point about the time to fine tune it and find a mask you like. I have a full face because I open my mouth and have to strap it down tight because I have prolonged apneas. Rob This is to Lynn and AnonymouS, 02/19/2022
This machine was a replacement for my S9. It works just as well and is not as large and bulky. I can't sleep without it. Here's a note for those who may be struggling with an ASV type machine. Stick with it. It took me 18 months to figure out how to sleep with my S9. Finally it came down to finding the right mask with the pressures I was using (up to 21 or so). My AHI was 96 without the machine. It is 0.0-0.8 with it. Jason, 10/24/2020
Dr. Dauer
This machine works well to treat my OSA and CSA. Can’t sleep without it. I use the soclean to sanitize It daily and alternate weekly sets of tubing, head gear and water tank. These get soaked in RespiSoak to fully sanitize. I’ll use soap and water every 2-4 weeks, with one of those long scrub brushes on the end of a long stainless cable. I bought the voltage transformer so that I can plug it into my camper’s 12 v system and still use the humidifier which I find is necessary to prevent post nasal drip. I have plenty of solar on my camper, so the power draw is not concern. I need to do the same for the SoClean for when we got to Alaska. Dr. Dauer, 07/24/2020
Daniel Johnson
Well designed, quiet machine
Highly recommended
Daniel Johnson, 04/15/2020
I have been using this equipment for18 months and love it. Once you become used to wearing the full face mask, you do not want to sleep without it. Of note, after my first three months, I developed a repertory murmur which sounded like one of my cats purring.....Once I purchased the SoClean Ozone Cleaning Machine which I use daily, my problem cleared up.....I feel very rested now each morning!!! JWE, 07/10/2018
New user........
It is very operator friendly. The Iphone app is awesome. I have nothing to compare it to but it has helped me and that is the end game.
Rebecca, 04/25/2018
I have used this machine for over 3 years and its great. Its easy to clean. Easy to operate. Its very easy to add the distilled water. I even travel with it with no issues.Since its an EPAP unit, it helps me with my breathing out. It lowers the pressure on my exhale then ramps up when i need it. My pressure is pretty high. I was diagnosed with an AHI of 50+ but now i am consitently under 4.
Plus i get my daily numbers on the MyAir app. This is one mean machine.
Nick, 03/01/2018
I agree with Anonymous above. I had an AirSense 10 that I liked but this machine forces you to breathe at a certain uniform rate. For me, too, it is a constant fight against the machine to be able to breathe normally. I have an appointment with my doctor soon and will complain about this machine. Lynn, 01/07/2018
Art wood
Have used for 10 months. Easy to use, water tank couldn't be easier to manipulate, and breathing works well. Compared to my previous machine, this is compact, light weight and has a case that accommodates the machine, hose and mask. Art wood, 08/20/2017
So not sure what machine you used because I am using the 10 ASV right now and the light is not on, it is light weight, sleek looking, the water tank is easy to remove and replace and I can breath easy with it. Name..., 01/21/2017
I tried this machine and absolutely did not like it at all. It's huge, bulky, ugly and the water tank is difficult to manipulate. The light interferes with naptime and it was impossible to get it to breathe with me. It was a constant fight against the machine to breathe. ResMed should never have dropped the S9, it was a great machine. These machines are trash. I guess I'll hunt down a Respironics which are bad but not THIS bad. AnonymouS, 01/11/2017

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