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AirFit N10 Mask with Headgear

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The AirFit™ N10 delivers effortless performance, comfort and visual freedom, in a user-friendly design. The under-eye frame provides a clear line of sight, while the Spring Air™ cushion fits comfortably on your face and provides an optimal seal. It’s also convenient to wear, with new EasyClick self-aligning headgear clips.

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Airfit N10 Mask System without Headgear

Airfit N10 Replacement Headgear


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Product Features:

The AirFit™ N10 raises the bar for compact nasal masks, delivering effortless performance, comfort and visual freedom, in a user-friendly design.

  • With minimal parts, an intuitive key-clip cushion and EasyClick self-aligning headgear clips, it’s easy to use and reassemble.
  • The modified dual-wall Spring Air™ cushion delivers a comfortable, high-performance seal.
  • The SoftEdge™ headgear features slimmed-down straps for greater comfort and fewer facial marks.
  • Circular diffused venting gently directs exhaled air away for a peaceful sleeping environment.
  • Its compact design and sleek under-eye frame provide a clear line of sight.


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* This mask is only effective when used in conjunction with a CPAP/BiLevel machine

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Billie the Kid
Very uncomfortable. Slips and slides; pinches my nose; shoves hard on my upper lip, has no swivel where the tubing meets the mask. Loud... lots of "face farts." Am getting the N-20 as a replacement. Billie the Kid, 02/16/2017
I love this mask. I'm surprised that Mr Carter had the side wings in his eyes. I'm a Healthcare provider in sleep medicine. If the side wings are in anyone's eyes then you should go to your local die company to be properly fit. Again thus mask is awesome and I rdcomme6it to my patients Lisa, 12/15/2016
Victor C.
i've had the Airfit N10 nasal mask for 6 months now and it is great. It is very comfortable and fits snug, eliminating air leakage which was a problem for me in masks of other brands. Victor C., 10/26/2016
Jim K
I really like this mask....easy to put on and does not shift around...great seal and it doesn't take up alot of place on your face!! Jim K, 09/16/2016
Ralonda Starkey
This is a very good mask and I love it Ralonda Starkey, 08/10/2016
Jeff L.
I have been using nasal pillows and decided to try this as the pillows are very comfortable they are not very secure and will occasionally move and awaken me. This mask did not work at all for me. The seal near the bridge of my nose would often leak, blowing air into my eyes. Jeff L., 06/23/2016
Bert Sorenson
I have just bought the AirFit N10 Nasal Mask and have been using it for one week now. I really like the low profile of this mask, and find the headgear to be very comfortable. I am working on getting the right fit to minimize air leaks, but once done right, this mask is great. I have just ordered a smaller cushion size to see if that fits better. Bert Sorenson, 06/03/2016
Brad W.
I will not re-purchase this mask. It is uncomfortable and I cannot get it adjusted to a comfort level. Maybe it is just me, but I will revert back to a regular nasal pillow type mask. This mask places pressure on my upper lip and skin at the bottom of my nose. It is rather irritating. Brad W., 04/25/2016
Great Mask. The most comfortable mask that I have used. Sleeping an extra hour per night. Name..., 02/09/2016
The mask doesnt fit straight on my face but tilts forward putting pressure on my upper lip which HURTS!! im not happy with any of the masks ive tried so far. The CPAP disturbs my sleep as much as my apnea did. jen, 01/03/2016
Paul Harrell Barfield
I am not happy with this mask, it just does not feel right on face. I wore in for 4 days and then waited several more days and tried again. personally this mask is not for me. I waited too late to return for 30 day credit. Paul Harrell Barfield, 12/27/2015
The AirFit N 10 nasal mask fits great, less air leakage than other masks and allows me to more easily sleep on my stomach, or any side. However, I have a major problem with the mask, it is always building water in the nasal pillow and the tube makes gurgling noises. I never had this problem, or any other water problem with any other masks. I have not changed anything to my CPAP, or where I place it. I'm on the same mattress and use the same pillows before trying this mask. The only thing different is the new mask. Therefore, I cannot give it a good rating. Gary, 12/27/2015
I have to start by saying I'm claustrophobic, so when I was diagnosed with OSA earlier this year, I knew I was going to have a tough time with msks. Full face mask, or anything that covered both nose & mouth was totally out of the question. I opted for nasal pillows as being the least invasive, but just could not adjust to them. I decided to try this nasal mask & was surprised that I could adjust to using it for 6-8 hours without any difficulty. It's light weight, the headgear is quite comfortable &, ( this is a BIG AND for me ) I can sleep on my side or abdomen by simply rearranging my pillow. These are the only positions that I can comfortably sleep in, so that made me very happy. It's easy to clean mask & head gear. Would highly recommend this mask, particularly if you are the slightest bit claustrophobic. bobbypoohbear, 12/27/2015
I have worn this mask for approx 8 months and for the first few months I was having trouble with air escaping around the seal of the mask. I had ordered the mask on line and the phone rep assumed I would need a large sized mask, (don't know why, she didn't see my snozola). On the third order I had them send me a standard size which is just a bit smaller. That completely solved the problem. and made the mask much quieter. This mask is the closest thing I have experienced to wearing no gear at all. the absence of a forehead support peace is wonderful, no more dimples in my head! As mentioned in another review, there is some inhalation noise but I believe this is due to the very small nose mask. The more air rammed into a tiny space has got to make some noise. It's a trade off, either a big clunky mask that is whisper quiet or a light and small mask that makes a bit more noise, but not much. The head gear does take a few nights to figure out. It has two magnetic snaps on the lower part of the mask that you can release to easily slip the mask over your head. After getting use to the contraption I now can slip it on with little or no light without releasing the snaps. The head gear is very light and I have found that I only need to adjust it a few times each night. Over all I love this mask and by the way my air pressure is 16 so it is put to the test! Not perfect, but very close. Stan, 08/05/2015
Just started using this mask after using a more traditional mask for about 8 years. While this mask is comfortable and lighter weight, it is definitely NOT QUIETER than a more traditional mask. Even without a leak, this mask is as loud or LOUDER than a more traditional mask during the inhalation cycle. Marco, 07/10/2015
Dan W.
I have had this mask for about a year. I find it to be highly comfortable and it adjust very well to my head. Dan W., 04/14/2015
Rick Carter
I have this mask and I hate it!! The way it is designed, while I sleep the top plastic side wings always end up in my eyes. It's quite painful and causes much eye irritation. I would NOT recommend this mask to anyone who wants to sleep comfortably. Rick Carter, 04/10/2015

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