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AirFit N30 Mask System

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Introducing ResMed's lightest mask ever, the AirFit™ N30. It’s designed to fit your lifestyle, helping you easily adjust to CPAP therapy. The QuickFit™ headgear slips on like a pair of goggles and adjusts with a single side-clip if needed. And it’s discreetly designed, so you can feel confident around loved ones.


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Product Features:

• Nasal cradle cushion

• QuickFit™ elastic headgear

• Single side-clip and split bands

• QuietAir™ technology

Nasal cradle cushion

The nasal cradle cushion rests discreetly under the nose, is curved for comfort and provides an excellent seal for 2 out of 3 CPAP users who tried it in a recent study. It’s made from a soft, lightweight silicone that conforms to the shape of the nose.

QuickFit™ elastic headgear

The headgear is designed to make AirFit N30 easy to fit right out of the package. Slip it on and off like a pair of swim goggles.

Single side-clip and split bands

The side-clip on the headgear provides added adjustability if needed. Split bands allow you to loosen or tighten the headgear if needed.

QuietAir™ technology

QuietAir™ technology makes AirFit N30 quieter than leading competitors' nasal and nasal pillow masks. Its diffused venting is designed to break up exhaled air so it’s spread out lightly, minimizing sleep disruptions.

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Joseph M.
This mask is terrible. The nose pillows do not fit in your nose correctly and more air come out of the hose than what goes in your nose. I ended up using my old mask from a previous machine to get all of my air correctly. Very expensive and poorly made. Joseph M., 04/25/2020
My favorite mask to use Brent, 05/07/2023
Bryan L
Love this mask! I use this with both my home and travel machines and can easily say that its the best mask I've owned after trying several. It's design is similar to the P10, but much more comfortable. Bryan L, 09/30/2022
robert port
have had it for about 2 years. + -
robert port, 09/28/2022
This is a great mask. A combination of nasal pillows and a nasal mask. Very comfortable, no large leaks, works great. Love it! Eric, 03/28/2022
Tom Pet
The old mask was an order of magnitude better. The adjustable strap gets in your way when you sleep on your side. Horrible engineering, and that ResMed person should be fired. Tom Pet, 03/15/2022
Airfit N30 Mask
I have been a Airfit P10 pillow mask user for years. Decided to take a risk with this new product. What a total disappointment. I couldn't get this mask to stay and sit right on my nose without leaking out air in all my sleeping positions.. Unfortunately it was not for me. . I will stick to my reliable P10. Airfit N30 Mask, 01/29/2022
Nancy H
Love, love, love, this mask! Been using it since it first came out a year ago. No problems with leaking, so comfortable, but get the right size! Yes, the strap is a little bit of a pain to stay in place, but once you're used to it, sleeping is so easy. Nancy H, 01/25/2022
Linda B
This is by far the best nasal mask that I have ever used. It fits perfectly. Linda B, 01/01/2022
Norrie F
I’ll list the pros and cons. For me, as good as the pros are, the cons make it impossible

- Lightweight
- Low-profile, easy to wear frame
- Minimal leaks
- Quiet
- Comfortable

- Cheap, flimsy materials
- Hose makes crackling noise when CPAP air is warm and room air is cold
- Head frame broke after 10 days of use

It figures that the one mask I don’t spend half the night adjusting is made so cheaply that it is all but useless
Norrie F, 10/09/2021
I used the Nasal pillow for years and they stretched my nostrils so much that I needed something to close them again. These are perfect. The other was starting to give me nasal infections and making my sound stuffy. I need another so I will always have it. Jackie, 08/02/2021
Do not buy, If I coud give a -5 I would.. The straps wlll not stay on the flimpsy plasttc head gear. I had to tape the ends on. Now they dont come off, but the nose piecce leaks, and when you try to adjust it the nose piece comes apart. If you want to spend 99.00 dollars on a piece of junk that is guaranteed to wake you up at least 3x a night and keep you up while you struglgle in the dark to put it back together, then this mask is for you, TINYLEE, 06/29/2021
Diane Dauwalder
I'm new to therapy. AirFit N30 has been my third mask and it WORKS! I'm so happy to start sleeping with this mask. Now I'm concerned it will stop being made. Please keep making the N30! BUT, the headgear needs improvement. Where the mask arms slide into the stretchy head strap needs improvement. Sliding the endcap over the little plastic knob isn't easy. And since I worked many years with the elderly, I don't see someone older using their fingers to do this if at all. So as another reviewer wrote, two scores. 5* for the mask. 2* for the head strap. It's lightweight and very easy on and off my head but not good to put together every day after washing the individual parts. The flimsy strap will rip too easily AND its more expensive than sturdier headgear Diane Dauwalder, 05/14/2021
Fits good, comfortable, but the elastic is poor. Stretches in no time. Insurance will only pay for one every 6 months, but it's worn out well before that. Have to keep taking up the straps. Ridiculous cost, and ridiculous that this simple part requires a prescription. That would be like requiring a prescription for a power cord. RandyB, 05/07/2021
I am excited to find this mask after struggling for years to find something simple that works. Once you understand how the headgear connects I have had absolutely no problem. I literally sleep through the night barely moving at all because it is so effective. LOVE IT!! Tracy, 03/08/2021
This thing is terrible and poorly designed. The mask portion I would give a 2 as it was out of 5 masks I tried for fitting that leaked the least but the head gear is a less than 1. I woke up many times with the headgear wrapped around my neck fortunately it had not tightened enough that I was struggling but it did scare me enough that I pulled it apart and now have a mask with no headgear. I have used a bipap for 10 years and I am seriously considering giving it up because I am unable to find a mask AND headgear that works for me. They stopped making the one I was using. JILL, 12/21/2020
Every nite I have 1-3 seal links, usually wakes my spouse up 🥴 Hiwayman2020, 09/17/2020
Kathy B
Finally I found a mask that I can tolerate. Mine doesn't have pillows, because I couldn't get ones to fit my nose...these just has two soft cut outs that works beautifully for me! I think I have finally found a keeper. Kathy B, 09/11/2020
P. Clip
I would rate it both a 1 and a 4,. The 1 is because it is poorly engineered in that the straps do not stay fastened to the mask. But I solved this with fastening the connections with paper clips. And holding on to the connections when placing or removing the mask. Once that was solved, the mask is quite comfortable. But that should never have been a problem. And who knows how long this will last? P. Clip, 09/10/2020
Denise C
I like the mask it's not obtrusive, I hate the headgear it doesn't hold the elasticity. Need to improve headgear. I'll keep using just have to use safety pins when i need to adjust. Hope they figure out a new better headgear for this mask SOON! Denise C, 09/05/2020
Best Mask Ever
This mask is the best mask I've ever owned! I have went through many masks and have either given up altogether or taken them off in the middle of the night. Not so with this mask, you hardly even know it's there. Don't listen to the naysayers, they are either wearing it wrong or have no idea how to adjust it! Have a great sleep! Best Mask Ever, 06/27/2020
I love this mask fits great 100% every night .Very comfortable forget i have it on .i dont feel or hear the exhaust at all, if your a nose sleeper this is our mask David, 06/02/2020
AirFit N30 Mask System
This thing sucks, the mask strap will not hold. Designed poorly. Sending mine back. Does not deserve 1 star in my opinion. AirFit N30 Mask System, 05/18/2020
AirFit N30
I have used many different nasal masks and this is by far my favorite for fit and no leaks. I am so glad I found it. I was fighting masks for 7 years till I found this one AirFit N30, 05/08/2020
I love this. I ordered it on pre-order and it was worth the wait. It's very light and comfortable. It stays in place all night and I haven't had a problem with stretching if the frame. I went through 3 other masks before finding this. I love it. Barbara, 04/28/2020
T Xiong
the mask keep falling out of place. doesn't stay put for the whole night. I have to constantly adjusted it back in place. Over the month the strap loses it's elasticity. having to tighten it more and more. T Xiong, 04/10/2020
This thing sucks, the mask strap will not hold. Designed poorly. Sending mine back. Does not deserve 1 star in my opinion. Ruben, 03/22/2020
AirFit N30
I love this it is such a wonderful way to use your cpap. I can put this nasal pillow on and just fall to sleep, what a joy to use this system. I tried many others but finally I have peace using the AirFit N30, you will love it also... AirFit N30, 03/10/2020
Mike Williams
I have tried a little bit of everything. This mask is hands down, the best I have ever used. Great MyAir scores and almost no leaking. I absolutely love this mask! Mike Williams, 01/18/2020
First time to review a mask. I bought this first day it came out on preorder. I have tried the nasal pillows they break out the inside of my nose. The nasal ones cause my whole face to break out even with something in between the mask and face. I tried the new N30i. I really thought it worked great until it started to make my head hurt from the overhead strap. I really love this new mask it was easy to fit and put on. I have a few leaks but am working those out. This mask is the best of all the masks I have tried. I have even used a full face. Love this. Sleeping much better all thru the night. DDe, 11/07/2019

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