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AirFit P10 For Her Mask with Headgear

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ResMed | SKU 62910

The AirFit P10 For Her Nasal Pillow Mask with Headgear provides comfort and simplicity in a lightweight design. The adjustable QuietAir™ woven-mesh vents offer diffused exhalation making for an extremely quiet experience.

This comes with extra-small, small, and medium nasal pillows.


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The ResMed AirFit™ P10 For Her Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear is both quiet and lightweight. It builds on the success found in the Swift™ FX nasal pillow design. This is a nasal pillow mask with the nasal pillows sealing directly against the opening of the nose.


·         QuietAir™ Vents

·         Color-Coded Nasal Pillows

·         Dual-Wall Seal Pillow

·         Lightweight & Easy Care

·         Three Part Design

·         QuickFit™ Adjustable Headgear

·         Included Flexi-tube

·         For Her Design & Size

Woven-mesh QuietAir™ Venting

ResMed took a fresh and quiet approach to venting exhalation with QuietAir™. The unique woven-mesh defuses the exhaled air to reduce disturbance to the user or bed partner. The AirFit™ is 50% quieter than the ResMed Swift FX.

Color Coded Dual-Wall Pillow Design

The proven seal and reliability featured in the Swift™ FX is found in the AirFit™. The dual wall design supports the seal of the nasal pillow against the opening of the nose. The pillow easily snaps onto the mask frame after cleaning. The AirFit™ For Her includes three color-coded pillow sizes - Extra Small (pink), Small (clear) and Medium (gray).

Pillow orientation is clearly marked with the size indicator and "R" / "L" stamped on the bottom of each nasal pillow set. Additionally, the pillow frame has embossed or raised letter saying RESMED along the top of the frame to help in correct fitting in a darkened room. See the Important Tips Tab of this product page for more information about orienting the AirFit™ P10.

QuickFit™ Elastic Adjustable Headgear

ResMed designed the QuickFit™ Adjustable Headgear in a two toned elastic fabric requiring no fasteners or clips. It features a split strap allowing the user to easily adjust the fit. Spreading the lower and upper strap apart loosens the fit and moving them closer together provides a tighter fit. The gray side of the adjustable headgear is worn facing out, with the pink side facing in. The AirFit™ stabilizer frame slides into the button hole on the gray side of the adjustable headgear.

Lightweight & Easy Care

The AirFit™ improves on the Swift FX Nasal Pillow mask with a quiet and lightweight design with minimal facial contact. It is made up of 3 parts which are easily cleaned and reassembled. The AirFit™ weighs just 1.6 ounces, 50% less than ResMed Swift FX.

Lightweight Flexi-Tube

The AirFit™ flexi-tube allows for ease of movement during sleep without disrupting the nasal pillow seal. The lightweight hose is designed to avoid drag on the mask and limits seal disruption. The flexi-tube is permanently attached to the AriQuiet™ vent assembly. Total hose length, including swivel, is 17 inches.

For Her Design & Size

ResMed offers a feminine touch for the AirFit™ For Her with the QuickFit™ dusky pink elastic adjustable headgear. The included nasal pillows sizes of Extra Small, Small and Medium meet the needs of a smaller facial structure.

What's in the Box?


Adjustable Headgear

3 Nasal Pillows (XS, S, M)


Pillow: Compression Moulded Silicone Rubber

Clip: Polyamide

Headgear: 20% Elastane, 80% Polyamide

Frame body: Polypropylene

Vent: Polypropylene

Tube: Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (TPE)

Stabilizers: Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (TPE)

Swivel: Polycarbonate

Swivel Adaptor: Polypropylene


AirFit P10 Assembly Instructions

Add a Product Review

I have been using the Airfit N20 nasal mask for several years and thought I would experiment with nasal pillows. They are comfortable, but like everyone else says, the head gear is too loose and doesn't help maintain a proper seal. My other problem is the space between the bottom of my nose and top lip is so small, this hangs over my top lip, and that can be annoying. Kathy, 08/13/2022
P10 For Her Mask
This mask is awful! It messes up my hair, slips up in the back, stretches out of shape fast, slips up my face. I also feel like I do not get enough air and the pillows, extra small, made my nostrils larger and don't fit well. So annoying. Wish there were something better out there. P10 For Her Mask, 07/08/2022
Sarah G
I am a very happy camper since I switched to this mask. For my first 2 years of CPAP therapy, I used a full facemask. While I woke up feeling refreshed, I grew tired of waking up to so many red marks on my face. This mask, once I got the correct nasal pillow size, is super comfortable and EASY to put on, which is a blessing when you have long hair to contend with. I will definitely be ordering this model again when the time comes. Sarah G, 05/14/2022
I agree with previous reviewer, Katt - the headgear strap slides up off of my head, and I often feel like I’m not getting enough air. It’s otherwise comfortable, but my sleep is interrupted nightly by having to slide the strap back down. Amanda, 12/31/2021
Worst mask. Fells like air vents are stopped up and you can not get enough air.
Also headgear slides on ladies hair.
Katt, 02/26/2018
I have tried several masks..I love this one!
Its quiet..comfortable and very light.
I highly recommend!
Louise, 12/11/2017
Have used this for several years, so quiet. I like my covers up close around my head and my previous mask vented right on them with loud whoosh all night. The one tip about the headgear is right on - wash it and let it air dry and it will regain its form. I keep hose, mask, headgear, and machine scrupulously clean and have had several years of use from this mask. Lisa, 11/19/2017
The head gear itself to me is not worth the money they charge for it as it doesn't keep it's shape to long. PJ, 10/12/2017
Love this mask. I switched over from mask to the nasal pillows. WOW! what a difference. Very quiet and comfortable. For the guy that says the straps stretch out, here's a tip... wash the strap. They are designed to shrink back to size. I'm going on a year or better with the same headgear. Shaggy, 06/08/2016
Nona A
I really like the pillows themselves: the vents diffuse the exhale so that there is really no air stream.

What's wrong is the headgear. Within less than two weeks it becomes so stretchy that it doesn't hold the seal. That said, I've come up with a fix of sorts: I twist the straps. This fix is semi-successful.

I have been reasonably happy with the Swift FX except for the *&%^%# air stream with the exhale. I am going to try to Pilairo: the head gear appears to be sensible unlike the headgear on the AirFit.

Because of the headgear, I'm awarding this three (3) stars. If it had effective headgear, I'd happily score it as a five-star item.

Bottom line: I'm still searching for a favorite mask and HEADGEAR set.
Nona A, 04/14/2016
Sandy S
Have tried four styles, this is the best. Sandy S, 04/10/2016
Marilyn T
I recently received this and found that the pillow itself is a different fit from the Pilairo I used for three years. It is not as comfortable. The strap slips on my head at night which sometimes makes the pillow lead. I noticed someone else commented on this. I will try for a while and see how it works but think I might look at re-ordering something else. Marilyn T, 03/16/2016
Out of all the masks I've tried, this one is the best. It's like it's not even there! It seals great, and once you get the hang of how to use the two back straps to adjust the tightness on your head, it's a perfect fit. The vents diffuse the exhale so you don't really even notice air coming out on exhale, so you can sleep facing your partner and not disturb them with air blowing on them. Teresa, 10/03/2014
Sherry B.
I love this new mask. The pillows seal snugly and the elastic strap fits just right, not to tight, not to loose. The strap does move once in a while, but all mask with straps have a tendency to move. The quietness of this mask is awesome. My husband cannot believe how quiet it is. We both have CPAP's, once he tried my mask on he has decided that this will be the next mask that he gets.
Sherry B. 4-17-14
Sherry B., 04/17/2014
Sandy P.
I have had a CPAP with nasal pillows for years, and recently had my machine upgraded, allowing me the option to choose newer nasal pillow models. I am very disappointed in the quality of this product. The pillows are very stiff and irritate the nasal membranes and the cheapness of the elastic head strap, doesn't allow for a snug fit to keep it in place. Every time you change your head position the elastic headband slips, and the pillow seal is lost. Many sleepless nights, so am ordering a different product. Sandy P., 03/18/2014

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