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AirTouch F20 Memory Foam Full Face Mask Cushion

Retail Price: $104.00 - You Save 43.27%
ResMed | SKU 63028 63029 63030

Conforming to the unique contours of each face, this memory foam cushion is designed to deliver a light, breathable fit across a range of therapy pressures

Repalcement cushion for the AirTouch F20 Mask and the AirTouch F20 Mask for Her. This cushion will also work with the standard AirFit F20 and F20 for Her Masks

This cushion is NOT compatible with the SoClean. The cushion must be removed before the rest of the mask is placed in the SoClean.


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Product Features

  • Memory foam cushion

Memory Foam Cushion

The memory foam cushion is specifically-designed to conform to the unique contours of each face. This memory foam cushion is designed to deliver a light breathable fit across a range of therapy pressures. 

What's in the box?

  • One memory foam cushion in selected size


Cleaning Instructions

It is recommended to wipe down the mask daily with our mask wipes. Do not put the cushion inside the SoClean 2, ozone will degrade the memory foam and effect the seal. 

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Albert B.
Works great and last a long time. Albert B., 02/18/2021
walter o
same as albert b walter o, 05/27/2021
Jim S. 08/25/20
Best cushion by far. Not covered by Medicare. Very expensive. Only lasts about a month before foam comes unglued at the bottom. Sell the glue for home repairs would be awesome. Still the best cushion as I am irritated by the other cushions. Jim S. 08/25/20, 08/25/2020
John M
This is the most comfortable mask I have worn. Like many have said, I usually replace it each month. Longer than that and I start to get leaks. But it is very comfortable on my face. I had previously tried nasal pillows and other masks. Because I seem to have a mildly stuffy nose year round this one works great! John M, 04/11/2020
kevin k
I put this in my So Clean every night for a year and seal is fine. I also wash it once a week with mild detergent, rince and let it air dry. Takes a full day to dry but no adverse effects. Best fit and feel of all masks I've tried kevin k, 11/10/2019
Thomas Whelan
I love this mask it is the only one that doesn't leak for me and that doesn't make my face break out. I do need to replace every 2 to 4 weeks but my insurance covers a new one once a month in this design. Thomas Whelan, 08/23/2019
I love this mask it is the only one that doesn't leak for me and that doesn't make my face break out. I do need to replace every 3 to 4 weeks but my insurance covers a new one once a month in this design. Lisa, 02/07/2019
This is my third mask since I began using CPAP in September 2018. I thought I had finally found a mark that didn't spring air leaks all the time, but then the gray foam -- used for less than 2 weeks -- split. Dealer replaced it, but then the second one did the same thing, in the same place. This is at the top center right where it goes over my nose. I've rigged up a temporary fix using a liner, but I'm waiting for the much-anticipated F40, which is supposed to have a gel seal that fixes the problem. Dealer told me all of these were splitting in the same place. BTW, this is NOT a memory foam..which technically would be a high-loss, slow recovery foam. It is a rough textured fast recovery foam. Joy, 11/18/2018
I had high hopes for his mask. I have to use high pressure and i often take my mask of at night due to the tighhtness. I hoped this would help with that. I could not get this to seal at all. I had to get it tighter than the original mask. So whats the point if i have to crank it down tighter. Plus, after a few nights the foam split right at the nose. Now it wont hold any air. Im back to the original which is not all that bad considering. Nick, 10/27/2018
I have used this mask for about a year now, right after they were made available at the VA. It took some getting used to. For one thing, because of the foam, you do not have to tighten it as much, and it does not leave the deep strap marks the other masks I used left. It does take some adjusting to prevent leaking. The first few days, it works okay, but, then you need to tighten it down as the foam shrinks down some from use. I am used to using it now, and know how and when to make the adjustments. By far, it is the best mask that I have used. Phil, 10/06/2018
First mask that seals and is less irritating to my skin. I wish they also made one for the Phillips dreams are full face mask. Laurie, 09/09/2018
tom borck
Leaks on both sides of the nose and is starting to effect my vision. I am a side sleeper but this is the top of the line product and should not matter how I sleep. No one has an answer for this problem. tom borck, 09/05/2018
I have had this for one month now and I love it! It does not leak at all. The cushion is holding up fine, I'm not sure why the others are having it split. So comfortable and quiet. Sandy, 07/29/2018
Leaked horribly, with loud noises and air spurting out everywhere. I have been unable to use it after trying to make it work for about 3 hrs a night for three nights--obviously with no sleep at all. Jack, 07/17/2018
Cushion does not last over 30 days
Tears by the nose and on the bottom poorly constructed and itchy. Cushion does not last over 30 days, 06/29/2018
The cushion lasted 1 week. Comfortable, but the foam at the top split. Would never buy again. kevin, 04/04/2018
It split at the top after a little over a month's use. Although it was comfortable at 1st, I don't like the idea of having to buy a new one every month Chuck, 04/01/2018
Sharon Theisen
It took me almost 2 years to get this face cushions. I finally got one a month ago. It works very well, much better that all the others that the Dr. had prescribed for me. I love that it seals and leaves no red marks/blisters on the bridge of my nose. Sharon Theisen, 02/17/2018
The foam seal keeps splitting at the top of the nose. I bought 2 already and did the same thing after a 3 to 4 weeks of use. Love the feel of it, but not going to keep buying it every month! Kevin, 02/01/2018
My husband has always fought to wear his CPAP but with this mask he is comfortable! The only downside is that the memory foam can tear away from the piece if you pull it off rough like he does. The first one split and the second one is ripping . However’comfort and fit is a priority so that it’s worn... Lucie, 01/04/2018
best mask so far the only thing that could of been more foam is at the bridge of nose paul, 12/01/2017
This is my first time to ever use a CPAP and this mask. It has been a learning process but the mask seems to be a good comfortable fit and look forward to years of comfort and service. Robert, 11/11/2017
Leland Coleman
The best mask I have ever used period. Leland Coleman, 10/14/2017
I have used several different ResMed masks over the past 2 years. The AirTouch is hands down the most comfortable of any of them. No more red marks at the top part of my nose between the eyes. No leaks. Not sure anyone can improve on this mask. Darryl, 10/05/2017
Works real well for me. I wear dentures and all other masks without this cushion leaked a lot. Now I have a better therapy with the F20 in small along with the memory foam. Ruth-Margaret, 09/03/2017
First mask that ever fit my husband and doesn't leak. Anne, 07/27/2017
Leaks. Even when very tightly adjusted. Also, seems tight around the nose. May be better for others. Ted, 06/30/2017
This is the first mask lining that doesn't cause abrasive reaction on the nose. Tried all the other manufactures and they all have problems where the mask come in contact with the ridge of the nose. lynne, 06/13/2017

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