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AirFit F30 Full Face Mask with Headgear

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ResMed | SKU 64100

The ResMed AirFit F30 is a smaller, more modern, full face mask. The cushion was designed to reduce facial marks/irritation and allows users to wear glasses in bed for better comfort. Feel more confident using therapy with a quiet, yet effective mask that leaves you refreshed.


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The AirFit™ F30 Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear was designed to sit low on - and cover less of the face to prevent top-of-the-nose red marks. Plus, this minimal-contact mask is perfect for wearing glasses, sleeping on your side and helping you feel less claustrophobic.


·         Universal Headgear Size

·         UltraCompact Cushion

·         Magnetic Clips

·         Quick Release Elbow with QuietAir

Universal Headgear Size

The headgear contours to every unique face for an accurate, first-time fit. Padding within the headgear also provides extra comfort. 

UltraCompact Cushion

A newly designed cushion delivers a comfortable fit that seals to reduce leakage.

Magnetic Clips

Easy to remove magnetic clips allow you to easily remove and put on the mask when in the dark. 

Quick Release Elbow with QuietAir

The elbow allows users to disconnect and reconnect to therapy easily, while the QuietAir vent diffuses exhalation to create a quiet space. 

*In order to use this mask with the AirMini, please add the AirMini F30 Setup Pack to your cart. 



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Scott Atlanta
I have tried every ResMed mask there is and 2 Evora Masks. This is BY FAR the best mask for me. Perfect fit. Scott Atlanta, 05/04/2023
I am relatively new to CPAP and bought several different masks to give them full tries. I found I require a full face mask to keep my mouth closed. This is the most quiet and comfortable. I love this UNDER the nose compact mask. The F&P Evora Full was only slightly more comfortable to wear, but this one is much quieter and now blowing air. JSOwens, 01/28/2023
robert port
Have it for about 2 years.
Follow the video
Love it.
robert port, 09/28/2022
Way too small , mask and headgear . Why is there no large or XL ? Yuri, 08/21/2022
Love this mask! Finally found a good one Gina, 07/12/2022
Starts out okay, but as night goes on and I toss and turn ( my usual) I get leakage. Matters not how I tighten the straps. Wakes my wife up, who is on BIPAP! Am considering going back to old mask! Chuck, 04/29/2022
Dan McCarthy
Hard to put on. Bad design. Have sore under my nose that really hurts. Seemed to leave bigger marks in my cheeks than other mask. I don’t care if I care wear glasses while using. Dan McCarthy, 07/22/2021
Yes it takes awhile to adjust but once I got it adjusted it didn't leak all night. 90 percent of the masks I have tried in the past wouldn't stop leaking no matter how much I adjusted them... Kevin, 06/26/2021
The headgear is difficult to adjust, it comes too close to my ears and it hurts. I would prefer that sizes were like what I had before, I used medium and didn't have to make so many adjustments every night Connie, 04/18/2021
Why don't they make this in LARGE? Medium is too small but a large would seem to fit my face much better. I like the shorter style, but it needs wider straps and a large size. Mark, 03/26/2021
So far it's my favorite mask. Only been using cpap for about 2 months and this is my favorite mask out if the f-20, phillips dream wear mask which leaks like crazy and a nasal mask. I found if the nose leaks if I pull the part on the side of the nose out and let it snap back that it will seal to my nose better. It fits me ok and works very well for me. Mike, 03/03/2021
Mask Pillow material is veryw eak
It tears very easily after some usage. This is my second mask that has gone bad.Also leaks a lot and wife complains of ait gushing out of the mask Mask Pillow material is veryw eak, 02/08/2021
leaks everywhere
nothing but leaks -- way overpriced - garbage leaks everywhere, 12/17/2020
Switched from the F20. Switched back after a month. Can't stop the leaks especially into your eyes. Ill fitting and uncomfortable. More suitable for an dark ages death mask. Dan, 11/15/2020
I’ve been a CPCP user for about 5 years. I had to switch to this mask because the headgear to my other mask was on backorder with no availability in sight. I don’t like this mask. First I had to wait for the delivery of a flex tube before I could use it. I’m all over the bed and I need the tubing to move with me. I was able to connect my oxygen adapter. The mask hindered my breathing and it accumulates a lot of moisture inside the mask. I solved the hindered breathing issue by clipping a small piece of plastic between the two nostril holes and making it just one opening. I can deal with having to adjust the mask, but I cannot deal with the accumulation of moisture inside the mask. I had to wipe the moisture out the mask every morning. I’ve used the mask maybe 3 times. Brenda, 11/11/2020
This mask is worthless, going on 2 months and I haven't had a full night sleep because the mask leaking and air is shooting in my eye, the magnetic do dads are not holding and have to put them back on, or I'm listening to strange farting noises coming from it. Hate this mask, not worth the money Laurie, 09/22/2020
Wanted to love this mask but I just could not get this to fit if it was comfortable it leaked if it did not leak it hurt my nose . Lee, 09/21/2020
Cath C
I have the small and no matter how tight I set up the straps it keeps leaking air around my nose and waking us all up!! the mask also makes my skin break out on my chin due to the material it is made of. I prefer my mouth gaurd over all of these masks. I have tried two different types now. Cath C, 07/26/2020
I loved the F30 mask! But alas, I had to stop using it due to it reshaping my skull, yes, literally! First, there's not a large size, only small and medium. Why? At 14 pressure setting the non-invasive nasal pillow on my beak leaked until I tightened the top strap. (I've been using cpap for 14+ years so I know a bit about strap useage.) The apparently Federally mandated pitiful strapping is the same as all other masks... too thin, too narrow and totally unyielding... so it dug into my head so hard that it left a prominent ridge in the bone structure of my skull. The strap structure design is pitiful, amateurish. And the medium mask didn't cover the corners of my mouth. I agree with "Out of Breath": "...too expensive mask...", "same mumbo jumbo straps and silicone placement on skin" and "There needs to be a new manner in which sleep apnea is treated!" Because, as much as I liked the open area around my eyes, this thing is pitiful! RayB, 07/24/2020
I had great hopes for this mask but sadly I’m unable to use it, very poor design unable to get good seal causes eyes to dry out. Waste of money. Gail, 07/19/2020
Richard Gill
This mask is very difficult to adjust so that it doesn’t leak. Once I get it to not leak, it is uncomfortable. It moves, when I move and starts leaking again, which causes me to to wake up and have to adjust it again. Not the worst mask I’ve ever had, but close. Richard Gill, 06/27/2020
I'm on night 5 and I find the straps above the ear are too tight to prevent the air leakage you'll get if you move a lot at night. I don't have air leakage when I first put them on but between 2-5am I get a lot of air leakage. I've adjusted the straps, shifted the mask on my face, and there's constant leakage around the nose or mouth where I end up taking off the mask frustrated. I don't know why it works great for the first half of the night and sucks at the end of the night??? Is it the humidity? Is it the oil on my skin? I also have the driest mouth both in the middle of the night and when I wake up in the morning. I've set the humidity to the highest level 6 and that hasn't helped either. I'm shopping for a new mask but I need to know which one is best for a mouth breather. Still shopping... Purpchin65, 06/14/2020
I have used about every mask available. However, being a mouth breather for the most part it limits me. The initial mask was a full face mask with and without the padded cushioning. The sore it wore on the bridge of my nose wore an open sore that took so long to heal and it left a good scar on the bridge. The AF30 that,covers the mouth and fits under the nose bothe wears a sore between the nostrils to the point it bleeds and causes significant pain inside the nostrils from swelling and can even cause pain on the roof of the mouth from the air pressure. I have has to place a band-aid to cushion between the nostrils to help the sore heal between the nostrils, however the band aid placement can block the nostril opening. The air pressure gets so high it can be quite painful and awakens me at times. Inside the nostril opening swells to the point of causing pain. And remains swollen for hours but eventually lessens once the mask is removed. Unfortunately this mask seems to be the only option I can use since I am primarily a mouth breather. The nostril pillows feel the best overall until I fall asleep and my mouth falls open. A chin strap helps this but has to be tightened so much it causes sores and markings on my face that hurt and remain for hours, sometimes days. What a pain in the ass it is having sleep apnea! I hate it. RHJOHNSON, 06/12/2020
I like this mask. I wish that they would put pillows inserts. I think this would help with leaking around the nose and reduce the air drying my eyes Pat, 06/11/2020
F30 Mask
Been working on getting this mask to work. I have a love/hate relationship with it. It feels good at times, finally reread the book and step by step strapping and it stopped the major leaks (but the head strap is not placing correctly and hurts my head), so many straps is a big problem. I have a sleep disorder in addition to sleep apnea and to be awaken repeatedly and having to literally get up to make the adjustments work is a big problem. Still working with it but am so discouraged that good designers can't come up with a better solution than I have seen. I used the pillows first which didn't give me a lot of air, got the full-face F20 and it was good but couldn't stop the leaks and it rubbed my nose raw, and now changing back and forth from the F20 and F30. Best thing I have had so far is the automated pressure from the ResMed machine. That works wonderful. F30 Mask, 06/04/2020
Out of Breath
Why even attempt this outrageously expensive mask? Basically the same mumbo jumbo straps and silicone placement on skin. I highly suggest that if you have a full face that is working, don't even bother with this nonsense! There needs to be a NEW manner in which sleep apnea is treated! There needs to be a machine that records QUALITY of sleep -- the only real way of measuring ANY mask or machine. All the rest is marketing hype. Out of Breath, 05/21/2020
Dave Nilson
I purchased this product hoping that it would be more comfortable than the full face mask that I have been wearing for over 20 years. They offer two sizes, small and medium. I have a rather large head so I purchased the medium size head gear. Unfortunately if you have a large head (5 7/8 hat size) this product is not for you. I have tried to do everything possible to get it to fit, but it is just too small. And once you have used it, they will not take it back.
Perhaps someone will read this and design a head gear that will fit large heads!!
Dave Nilson, 05/19/2020
Tony J
Your nose will be sore at the start until you get used to the mask. The straps are a bit rigged leaving marks on then back of my neck. Need to make this in a large size. Tony J, 05/11/2020
I absolutely HATE this mask. I am a mouth breather so, this is the mask my sleep doctor recommended. It is NOT a good mask for a side sleeper. It LEAKS. The mask has a nasal and mouth cushion but, there is also plastic surrounding the cushion area that cuts into the sides of my nose. The mask only comes in a small or medium size. The cushion opening around the mouth barely fits over my mouth in the medium size and I do not have a large mouth. While sleeping, when I open my mouth, this is were most of the leaking occurs as the opening comes so close to the side edges of my mouth, the mask starts to leak. The back of the headgear strap rests right at the base of my skull, right on my neck. In order to try to adjust the headgear straps to try to get the mask to stop leaking around my mouth, the back/neck strap gets too tight and causes a lot of pressure on my neck. I shouldn't have to tighten the straps to an uncomfortable size in order to try to keep this mask in place and prevent leaks. Straps should fit snug not tight. Not the mask for me. Christine, 04/25/2020
Alberto C.
New to CPAP and have been wearing this mask for about 2 months. I find it comfortable although lately the upper straps are beginning to bruise the tops of my ears. Alberto C., 04/13/2020
I switched to this mask a few months ago after using nostril only masks for years. I have been on CPAP or BiPAP since 1995 using countless masks. The main reason I went back to a full mouth cover was due to mouth breathing and chin straps just not helping much. I like the swivel and quick detachable hose connection. I also enjoy having the magnetic clips for the lower straps. These allow for the mask to be put on and taken off with ease. I found it easy to adjust and mostly have no seal or leak issues using this mask. Another alternative is the variant model of the F30i. Highly recommend either. BO, 04/07/2020
Jeffrey E
Just switched from a Respronics fir life full face mask to this Airfit F30 and I love it. Very comfortable, nice you have it adjusted correctly. I'm a side sleeper so I know how hard it is sometimes to get it right. If you are waking up with your nose or face hurting, it's too tight and needs adjusting. Once mine is on you'd swear it's gonna leak, but once the machine comes on it fills right up. Jeffrey E, 03/25/2020
Nostrils hurt in the morning inside. Mouth area sometimes goes off kilter despite being tight. And if you lose a magnetic clip, forget about it. Those clips are a crucial part of the mask and should NOT be able to come off. They should be adhered to the strap and just slide to adjust, not be able to come right off. Your hair gets caught in the velcro when removing. DF, 02/21/2020
Jeffrey A
I was not able to use this mask due to constant leaks and the design on the upper straps cut into the top of my ears. Maybe a larger size would help. Jeffrey A, 02/10/2020
Good mask, however, the nose part of this mask can be better designed to allow for better airflow. 5 star for mask and mask fit - 2 star for the nose part of it. RobS, 01/21/2020
Margaret A Kirkendall
I have used CPAP since 2005. I have used and tried any number of MASKS. This is the best mask I have ever used-EVER. I would recommend it to anyone.IF anyone has trouble with it--I guarantee you are using the wrong size. Margaret A Kirkendall, 01/11/2020
It felt great at first. Marks up my face and causes bad rashing. I wake up several times in the night due to leaking and I can't even breath through the nose holes which cases me to have to mouth breath. Very unhappy with it! Sharon, 01/01/2020
When first putting on, feels good, however, shortly afterwards the nose "plugs" seem to cut off air requiring mouth breathing ONLY. Having COPD and chronic bronchitis I incur mucus more so than other masks I have used. Nose hurts in the mornings when I get up. Need to frequently "unclip" and adjust nose part for it to again allow air flow. CARL, 12/28/2019
been using this mask for a few weeks now. I find it uncomfortable. I have to tighten it as tight as possible to prevent leakage. The strap that go over the ears cut right into my ears. It also has to be so tight that it hurts my nose. I'm very disappointed. andy, 11/12/2019
Love this mask. Easy placement on the nose and mouth and no adjusting in the middles of the night. Minimal size and still accomplishes what the larger bulkier full face masks do not. Tim, 10/26/2019
I love it, I do not panic like I did with the full face mask. Deb, 10/03/2019
A 5 star mask if nasal holes could be improved. Love to see something similar to nasal pillows which would eliminate most of the leaking, in my opinion. Pumpkin, 09/13/2019
If the mask is comfortable, it leaks. If adjusted to stop leaks, it hurts my nose. Pain is not intense and starts to be felt after about 3 hours of wear. Readjust to alleviate pain and it leaks. The pain is specific to the septum. Just annoying enough to wake you and want to do something about it. Going back to traditional full face. SUSFU, 08/22/2019
Had this at my followup sleep study and it worked perfect. I went to sleep in 15 minutes the first time. The medical supplier accidentally supplied me the wrong mask and gave me a Phillips DreamWear which had less than a 10% fit on my beard. Got the right one and 100% fit on day one. I am very pleased with it. Ron, 07/21/2019
why doesn't this mask come in large size? I use medium but the hostril openings seem small. greg, 07/14/2019
Have been through three months of trying to find a mask that would work for me. My personal research found this mask. Finally convinced my DME to order it for me. Thank goodness I did! This mask is EASY to secure, feels comfortable, does not mark up my face from tightening, does not allow air to blow towards my eyes, and allows me to sleep on my side as I prefer. I agree with another reviewer that the magnets are weak though as I have had a few times when I feel a leak and realize one of the magnetic clasps has come loose. If this weakness is corrected, this is would be a five star rating. You have a homerun here, Resmed, if you strengthen those magnets. Sounds like an easy fix to me and I am looking forward to it. TwoAlaskans, 07/02/2019
This mask is garbage. I have to continuously adjust the mask because it leaks every time you move Kevin, 07/02/2019
I hate this mask, It is the worst one that I ever tried, because the silicone piece that sits against your nostrils is as bad for obstructing your airflow as is the apnea. The Airflow 20 is a much better mask for me. I gave it 2 stars because it is otherwise comfortable and doesn't leak. Trisha, 06/17/2019
This mask saved the day! I have tried at least four other masks to no avail. I have three Air Fit F30's and I always clean the one I am using. I rotate them, so I always have a clean and comfortable fit. Follow the directions on the picture very closely. Barbricka, 06/17/2019
E Bliss
A great mask --comfortable sleeping on sides or back --stays in place-I tried several masks and I think its the best, for me any way no leakage for me like the other mask did on me E Bliss, 05/25/2019
[email protected]
I switched to this mask because my full face mask was killing my nose. Now the strap that goes over my head is leaving marks and my (bald) head is hurting, Has anyone had this problem. I do love the mask. [email protected], 05/23/2019
Roger Faust
I have used 5 masks. This is the best mask seal of any.
However the magnets should be stronger as they come apart during the night.
Because of the magnets my rating is 4.
Roger Faust, 05/10/2019
Jim Eskridge
A little small so you need to watch for leaks. Best mask that I have used and I will purchase another. Jim Eskridge, 04/26/2019
Juan M.
I'm active sleeper, when I woke up or roll over at night the mask Velcro straps are loose with air leaking, the only way they work is if I don't move at night. Juan M., 04/25/2019
I absolutely love this mask! It's easy to use, clean, and sleep with! Lisa, 03/13/2019
Have had issues with different masks but also had problems with this mask. The mask tends to leak if you move your head frequently. I also had an issue with over tightening the mask trying to get the air to stop leaking. Continuing to use it until I can get a new mask. Mike, 03/01/2019
I am a new CPAP user, but listened to many horror stories about finding the right mask before trying to find the right mask. Easy breathe first recommended the DreamWear Full Face mask with headgear, which seemed like it would be comfortable but the design below the nose is so flat that the mask easily shifts laterally and results in the sensation of an uppercut to the nose and a blast of air to the eye by 2 or 3am.

The F30 is essentially the same design as the DreamWear with one major modification that is the entire difference between the mask working and not working. The F30 takes a similar design (covers the mouth and sits below the nose) but rolls the mask up about a 1/2" around the sides of the nose, which eliminates 95% of the lateral slippage I had with the DreamWear mask. I highly recommend this mask if the design is comfortable for you.
Adam, 02/02/2019
Ronald Jordan
Finally a mask that doesn't leak as bad as the ones I have had Ronald Jordan, 11/13/2018
Rollie Stephens
Love it Rollie Stephens, 10/26/2018

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