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Auto-Titrating CPAPs (Also called APAPs, Auto PAPs or Auto CPAPs)

Average Price: $869.00

MSRP Range: $1,389.00 to

Our Price Range: $729.00 to

Your Savings Range: $660.00 to

What are the benefits of upgrading from a standard CPAP to an auto-titrating CPAP?

NO MORE UNCOMFORTABLE NIGHTS IN SLEEP LABS!!! Stop wasting time and money at uncomfortable sleep labs – upgrade to a machine that automatically adjust to your optimal pressure while you sleep.

ADJUST TO OPTIMAL PRESSURE WHILE YOU TOSS AND TURN!!! Your body needs different amounts of pressure in different positions. The wrong pressure will lessen your quality of sleep, increase snoring, and can even wake you up!

WANT FEWER LEAKS? If your pressure is too high, it will break the seal of your mask and cause leaks. An APAP will keep your pressure lower and reduce leaks.

TIRED OF HAVING IRRITATED SINUSES AND THROAT? Higher pressures mean more irritation. By adjusting your pressure when it is higher than needed, an APAP decreases discomfort.

ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE ADAPTING TO YOUR NEW CPAP OR BI-LEVEL? One constant pressure increases physical intolerance to treatment. Try a machine that adapts to your needs to increase comfort while you sleep.

STOP SNORING!!! Too high a pressure can actually increase snoring! A machine that adjusts pressure as needed will minimize snoring.

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