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DreamWear Mask with Headgear

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Respironics (Philips) | SKU 1116680

The DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear is an innovative take on a nasal mask which features an under the nose cushion and a hollow frame in which airflow passes through. The mask is available in varying size configurations to help better fit a wide range of users.

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The DreamWear Nasal Mask is a nasal mask that leaves line of sight open by having a frame structure that rests a cushion below the nostrils instead of covering the entire nose. This is a nasal mask that provides airflow by covering both nostrils.


·         Innovative Frame

·         Open Line of Sight

·         Under the Nose Cushion

·         Multiple Sizes Available

·         Hose Connection at Crown of Head

Innovative Frame

The DreamWear frame is made up of silicone tubing which allows airflow to pass through to the nasal cushion. The frame helps accommodate those that sleep in nearly all positions achieve and maintain proper seal and airflow to the cushion. If one side of the mask frame is closed off by being laid on, the airflow will be directed entirely through the other side to prevent any loss in airflow. Also included are wraps which can be placed on the frame to further help avoid irritation.

Under the Nose Cushion

The DreamWear cushion rests under the nose and provides airflow to both nostrils. The cushion does not cover the nose, helping alleviate sores and irritation on the bridge of the nose.

Open Line of Sight

With the combination of frame and under the nose cushion, the DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask leaves the field of vision open for nighttime reading and TV watching. With fewer points of contact on the face, there is less of a chance of irritation.

Multiple Sizes Available

The DreamWear is available in multiple size configurations to better fit a wide range of users. The frame is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Most users will find the medium frame the best fit. The nasal cushion is available in four sizes: small, medium, medium wide, and large. The frame and cushion sizes are interchangeable so that any size frame can be used with any size cushion.

Hose Connection at Top of Head

The DreamWear has its elbow connection at the top of the head, allowing the CPAP hose to be routed above the user while sleeping to help reduce tug on the mask. If sleeping positions change during the night, the swiveling connection will allow the mask to move freely.

Cleaning Instructions:

Daily: Hand wash the non-fabric parts.

Weekly: Hand wash the fabric parts.

1. Disassemble the mask.

2. Submerge and hand wash the mask in warm water with liquid dishwashing detergent. Ensure there are no air pockets present inside the mask parts while submerged.

3. Rinse thoroughly.

4. Lay the headgear and fabric sleeves flat or line dry. Make sure the entire mask is dry before use. Do not place the fabric parts into a clothes dryer.



Cushion: Silicone/polycarbonate

Frame: Silicone/polycarbonate

Elbow: Polycarbonate

Tubing quick release: Polycarbonate

Headgear: Polyurethane foam, nylon/Spandex

Fabric wraps: Polyester/Spandex

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Craig P.
Absolutely the best mask I've ever used. I always liked the idea of a nasal pillow mask, but couldn't stand the pillows on my nostrils. This gets around that and allows me to have facial hair and still get a good seal. Works great! Craig P., 07/13/2021
Cara E.
I was so excited to try this mask, and ultimately so disappointed. Previously I used only the simple mask which has a nasal pillow. It's so quiet you can not hear yourself breathe. When I updated my machine I thought I would update my mask and try this one. My own breathing was so loud I could never get to sleep! Maybe if this was the first mask I had ever used I could have gotten used to the sound, but after three nights of not sleeping, I drug out my old mask and slept like a baby. Cara E., 08/01/2020
Excelente MAQUINA Hwo, 05/20/2023
Robert C.
I'm a new user and pretty much don't love this mask. Can't seem to get enough air pressure and feel like I'm gasping for air during the first 20 minutes. May try a different type mask like the N20. Robert C., 10/09/2022
DreamWare Mask for woman
Absolutely LOVE it. Very Comfortable. It does not slip , no plugs in nose. You do not hear yourself breathing. I have the connection on top of my head so hair doesn't get mussed too bad. Like that the air goes through the tubing around my face so it doesn't get crunched up around the pillow or sheets therefor I don't wake up in the night. Tootie B. DreamWare Mask for woman, 05/20/2022
Pam L
I really like this mask. Only issue I have it keeps sliding up on my head and Im constantly pulling it down which wakes me up most every night Pam L, 03/17/2022
This is my 3rd mask so far. I really like it. The nose piece is the most comfortable , that I've ever used. The noise is at an acceptable level. The side pads are a good idea so the plastic doesn't make you sweat in warmer weather Mary, 01/14/2022
swift fx
if the diffuser pops off and cant find it. they have no replacements which makes this head gear useless. swift fx, 12/14/2021
Until you replace the headgear with the new style, you will find the appliance constantly slips out of place...this is especially true if you tend to move around during sleep. Once new headgear...with arms, are used, it's a pretty good mask.Two stars as pictured, Five stars with new style headgear, which can be purchased separately, if you have the older mask. Easy to install. NOTE: new shipments of this mask come with the new headgear. STARGAZER, 07/29/2021
I used the previous model and loved it. This new model is also comfortable and innovative. I love the hose hookup at the top, which keeps the hose from tangling, and the quality of the components are first-rate. The thing that keeps it from a five is the nose pillow, which can easily get dislodged during the night. I often wake in the morning and find I've pulled the mask off. BlueArkie, 04/27/2021
Donna R
This is my first time using a CPAP machine with nasal pillow. I was disappointed because the mask keeps riding up the back of my head. I tried putting a pony tail and slip it through the two straps and that sometimes works. I have adjusted the Velcro many times to have the nasal pillow not move. I tried small and medium pillows, but both still slide up. I think I will try the full face mask with the hose on top because it has the extra strap under the ears. Once I get the nasal pillows in the right place, the machine doesn't make any noise, but alas the slipping straps! Donna R, 12/30/2020
Jo Ann
I do not like the new head gear design. I was told it was changed to prevent it moving up. The plastic hurts my head if I sleep on my side and even pinches my ears. The plastic corrector knobs get tangled in my hair. The original design was much better. I would like a section hose connected to the mask like other masks. I had to order a longer hose to compensate and the longer hose isn't as good as the Resmed hose. Jo Ann, 12/08/2020
David Bruni
Great I sleep about 8 to 9 hours a night. David Bruni, 11/03/2020
Had new Dreamwear for a week. No more air leaks, water buildup in hose. Hose on top makes a big difference. Can honestly say having more restful sleep. Tom, 07/26/2020
Best Mask I've ever had
This is the only mask I've ever had that didn't have leakage issues, and it is very comfortable. The only issue I have with it is that the headgear strap on the back of my head keeps riding up and I have to adjust it back down. It would be a big improvement to add a 2nd strap from the back of the head that goes under your ears, like the Dreamwear full face mask has. But I tried the Dreamwear full face mask and it leaked badly, can't use it, lose sleep always adjusting. My AHI is typically zero with this mask! Best Mask I've ever had, 05/22/2020
First CPAP mask supplied to me gave me was claustrophobic & was chafing my skin so I looked for one I could live with & found this online & took picture to my supplier & they found it. If not for this mask could not bear sleeping with CPAP machine. Life saver for me. Fran, 05/07/2020
Maybe ok if you sleep on your back, I sleep on my side and the air line squeezs closed an d shuts down the air flow SKU1116680, 04/23/2020
I was able to wear this mask for about 20 minutes and my wife said's too loud. If you have a spouse that is sound sensitive this isn't the mask for you. JTR, 04/15/2020
Rob King
I have been using this mask for two years now and love it. I not only sleep on my side but sleep on my stomach as well with no issues.

David Daniels, if your nose piece is leaking, it is most likely due to having the wrong size nose piece installed. I had to step up to a medium and loosened my straps. I rarely have any leaking now.
Rob King, 03/28/2020
David Daniels
terrible design, air tube come off the top of your head making it impossible to sleep on your side. Any one who says this is the most comfortable mask ever must have shares in the company. Air tube connecting to mask has no sealing gaskets and leaks constantly no matter the position. The side adjustment has complicated velco attachment that means playing with constantly to try to get the nose piece to stop leaking. Made in China? David Daniels, 03/16/2020
Russell Webber
I've tried many different masks and the Dreamwear Rocks all of them. it allows me to sleep in any position and doesn't get caut in my arms or knocked off because I laid on my side. It is the perfect match and it is soft. Russell Webber, 02/23/2020
Slipping strap in back of head- problem solved
I see many people have trouble with the band in the back of the head gear like me. I solved the problem. I put 2 straps on my headgear in the slots on the left and one on the right side. I crossed them in the back and fastened them under my ears around the headgear. Problem solved. It was very secure, comfortable and didn’t move. Slipping strap in back of head- problem solved, 11/14/2019
This mask is not comfortable. It has my nose sore and chapped. I can’t hardly stand to wear it. I’ve had it for a couple weeks now. Ive had several different ones over the years, this one I don’t think is going to work Mike, 11/09/2019
K S Hong
Bought this mask and I loved the feel but from the moment I started wearing my API Index went from (0 to 1 using the Res-Med Air-fit P-10 Mask) to (3.5 to 5.5 using this Dream Wear Res-Med Mask). This Mask did not work for me and it may need some kind of lateral bracing behind the head to minimize leaks due to head movements during sleep hours,etc.
Wore the mask only 4-5 nights and gave up on it. Not worth the $109
K S Hong, 10/21/2019
DreamWear Mask with Headgear
I have tried many, many mask in the last 7 years and this is by far the most comfortable mask I've ever had.. I highly recommend this DreamWear Mask with headgear DreamWear Mask with Headgear, 10/02/2019
I love this mask. It is so comfortable and I don't have to have something irritating my nose. I believe its the best mask that I have ever used. Used it for 2 weeks now and I sure do enjoy it, it you can say you enjoy anything on your head while you sleep. Linda, 08/03/2019
I like this a lot. Easy to use. The only drawback is the face straps seem to ride up my face during the night leaving me to re-adjust my nose piece. My eyes feel squished by my cheeks! I use a cap for cancer patients on my head to avoid hair breakage. Deb, 07/22/2019
I have used this mask for 3 years. I love it. It did slip up the back of my head. I stopped it from doing it by placing the strap under my hair. I now sleep all night. If you have short hair I guess it would be hard to do. The only drawback is not being able to sleep on my side. I cannot sleep without it! Bonnie, 07/04/2019
Barb Lewis
Love mask but straps ride up
my head, which caused me to wake up and readjust
Straps 😬
Barb Lewis, 07/02/2019
Becky Jo
I have had this a few months, initially I love it...but then it started slipping up the back of my head, so I adjusted it, then it made it too tight, so I get leeks in the nose area, the moisture gets into my laugh lines, now they are all chapped...I love being able to lay my face on the pillow, so I am going to try different things, right now I have to give up therapy to let my bright red smile lines heal. I would love to give this 5 stars...but not now, I will fix this after I quit suffering. Becky Jo, 06/21/2019
Jah Dave
After 20 years, 6 masks, and zero success I finally found a mask I can tolerate. While not perfect, the tube over the head design and non invasive nosepiece are a step in the right direction. As others have stated the strap has a tendency to ride up the back of the neck. My apnea is pretty severe and this mask may just save my life. Jah Dave, 06/11/2019
Darlene Anderson
Pros: The area around the face is very soft and comfortable.The tubing on the top of the head makes it easy to turn in bed. .Cons: The back strap rides up causing the mask to slip out of place. Very noisy when nose piece slips out of place. Darlene Anderson, 05/31/2019
I love that this mask just sits under the nose not in the nostrils. However i find this headgear uncomfortable to wear. They think that having the tubing on top of the head keeps it out of your way. But when you lay down it twists the sides. I find it gets more in my way then any other headgear. Teresa, 05/09/2019
Dianne Luce
This mask did not work for me. Dianne Luce, 04/26/2019
Dream Wear
It slips up at night and the nose piece starts to leak Dream Wear, 04/21/2019
It is a bit noisy if it slips at all. The band around the back of the head slides up when I sleep so I have to wake up and pull it back down. Love the tube at the top of the head though. I have about 5 other masks and this is the best one but could still stand some improvement. Sleepless, 04/07/2019
Edward b
Almost walked away from the entire process after trying 7 or 8 different full face masks. Then the most wonderful young lady at my doctors office suggested I just try the mask I am writing about. I was extremely hesitant as I believed I slept with my mouth open. Bottom line is I am now sleeping better than I have ever slept in my 65 years. This mask is so comfortable it’s like I don’t have a mask on at all. I just cannot express how pleased I am as I can’t get to bed early it !!!!!! Edward b, 04/06/2019
Love the mask, the strap not so much. Sherry, 03/11/2019
Comfortable and love the tube being out of the way, BUT this mask is very NOISY. The air blowing through keeps me awake. Great concept, but need to work on noise factor. cmull, 02/26/2019
Debbie Cox
Worst mask that I've ever had my eyes are all puffy it doesn't fit I never had any problem except mask being too big I've had a pillow before It was wonderful Debbie Cox, 02/21/2019
It's great. When I finally got an ASV, it worked perfectly. Has anyone compared ResMed AirFit™ N30i and Respironics DreamWearMask????? david, 01/30/2019
Stephen Lamberis
I love the dream wear products, the nasal pillow not so much, the full face mask same not much, but for the nasal Cpap mask is awesome, lightweight headgear stays in place the whole entire night, I have been a Cpap user since 2015, Stephen Lamberis, 01/27/2019
LOVE IT! I sleep on my side so this mask is perfect for that. You can watch TV with it on before falling asleep with no obstructions. With other masks, I did not like the tubing that was laying on my chest or getting wrapped up. With this tubing on the top, I just set it back behind my pillow and I am good to go. The nose piece is comfortable. You do not feel like you have a huge piece of equipment on you, which you don't! Great design, easy to clean, not sure how a mask could be designed any better. I see that some people have the issue of the back slipping, get a larger mask and adjust down, no leaks at all or in the middle of the night. Jason, 01/17/2019
Very lightweight and comfortable. Love not having tubing at my neck! Alison, 01/14/2019
The headgear need to be redesigned. It slips up at night and the nose piece starts to leak. I've tried using a hair clip, but that doesn't work. Until they redesign this, I will be trying other masks. Penney, 01/10/2019
Love the mask but have trouble with it slipping off the back of my head and then the whole mask falls off. Have tried tightening it but the it's to small and won't go on. Linda, 01/07/2019
I am new to using a CPAP. It has made an amazing difference in my health and this mask is certainly comfortable. Like other women in some of the reviews, the headgear slips on my hair. I solved the problem whether I put my hair up in pony tail or just divide my hair at the headgear level (part over the gear and part under it), by just using a flat, springy clip on the head gear strap. No more slipping up. Eva, 01/04/2019
The concept is great. The strap design is not! It slides up all night and breaks my already thin hair. . I have to put it in a ponytail which causes more breakage and still doesn’t stop the strap creep! Once the strap moves up the nose piece leaks. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD! Maggie, 12/23/2018
Tod H
I like the DreamWear mask it is best I’ve ever used. It is so light and comfortable and has a very good seal. Tod H, 12/17/2018
Danielle Gardner
I love my dreamwear mask,but being a woman i have found that the head gear is impossible to use. I cant seem to get it to stop riding up while I sleep because my hair is soft and it just wont stay on. They need to redesign the headgear and put another strap lower down towards the neck like the full face headgear is. Other than that I love it. Danielle Gardner, 12/10/2018
I love mine all but for the straps not keeping it in place. I have long hair so I pull it through the two straps and that keeps it in place, but that's not good for my hair. They need to add another strap lower on it. Ruth, 12/09/2018
This is the best mask I've ever used. No hose to drag around when I turn over in my sleep and the nasal pillow is so much more comfortable than previous styles. An added plus is no strap marks across my face in the morning. My only wish is that the same mask would be available for my travel AirMini. Patricia, 11/20/2018
Best mask I have ever used. Hose is out of the way and no more mask Leaks. I did not realize how much more energy I would have during the day by having the full benefit of a mask that fit all night and did not wake me because of fighting the hose. Love love it Kila, 11/03/2018
Best mask I have ever used. Have used several other masks for twenty years. Gary, 10/31/2018
Most comfortable I've ever used. John, 10/23/2018
Susan Brayton
This is a comfortable mask - and more unobtrusive than the others. Only problem is the elastic back creeps up the head at the back, loosening the mask in front, disturbing sleep for readjustment. With any mask, even with low "event" numbers, I never wake up feeling refreshed. Susan Brayton, 10/21/2018
Nasel Mask Irritation
I love the mask but I could do with out the lovely sore I now have right under my noise from the nose piece. The mask is very comfortable, finally a mask that doesn’t leave marks in my face all day, or causes my hair to lay funky in the morning. The tubing is comfy, the straps are great I don’t even break out in my hair line. I picked the under the nose nasal mask because I can’t wear the the nasal cushions as they cause irritation. I am hoping that the irritation from this mask is just temporary, I hate to have to go back to my old mask. Nasel Mask Irritation, 10/07/2018
Best mask ever. I had problems with strap riding up on the back of my head with a medium frame. I changed to a large frame so the section of the frame that goes over the top of my head is longer. This allowed the strap to set lower on the back of my head. Now the strap very seldom ever moves. I still keep the mask snug on my face and usually get a 100% rating. Steve, 09/03/2018
I’ve been on a CPAP about 10 years and have finally found a mask that is very quiet and very comfortable. It took about a week to find the size that works and to get the right seal, but when it did I was amazed!! BTW, no marks on my face! Syble, 09/01/2018
Robert Kellum
I have been using a CPAP for just over 6 years. All that time I had the hard plastic nasal mask. Was in a Pulmonologists office and saw this one on display. The wife urged me to get it as my current mask is noisy. Last night it arrived and tried it out. I have the medium nasal pillow in it and had a little trouble getting it to seal on my face. I figured out the tightness and it works. The wife said it was very quiet. I woke up a couple times, once to adjust the rear strap and another because the hose fitting connection hurts my head. I'm getting a couple Velcro cushions meant for the old style mask headgear and adapting them to fit the top of the new one. I too thought the medium nasal pillow was a bit too big. going to try the small size tonight. Robert Kellum, 08/28/2018
This is my first CPAP and after a week I cannot make this mask work as designed
I have turned the nose piece upside down to make it blow up my nose. I am constantly awake fighting with it. I do get some sleep but it's nothing like what I thought.
Chuck, 08/18/2018
I have had this mask for a year now. The only way this does not leave marks is when you sleep on your back. I sleep on my sides and stomach, rarely on my back. I go to work every day with marks from the straps on my face, sometimes they are still there during lunch. The back slides off several times a night-which drives me crazy. I have always had thin hair: I am a woman in my mid 50's and my hair is getting thinner and this strap moving around probably contributes to some of the hair loss.
I started with the medium, but I had too much leakage-even though it stayed on my head better. I went to the small about 6 months ago: slides off less-but still wake several times a night to fix it. If I tighten it I would have the marks no matter what. The small is tighter on my face so I sometimes wake with a puffiness under the eye on the side I was sleeping. I cannot find the sweet spot where it stays on and is not tight.
Why can't they make these like the oxygen things they put under your nose in the hospital? I cannot use the ones that go over your nose and mouth-I feel trapped.

Please fix the strap slippage.
lovewinterzsnow, 08/03/2018
Great mask
I am really glad to have this mask Great mask, 07/27/2018
I love this mask! All the others regardless of comfort gave me rashes that lasted weeks on my face. The only thing I don't like about this is that the "cheek" straps that go along the side of your face that hold the nose piece are so high up on the cheeks that it ends of feeling like its going to go up to eyes. Would be nice if the design could be made below cheek bone instead. Also, if you are a lady, put your hair in a double folded pony tail and guys do a "man bun" to keep it from sliding up and down in the back. Works great! Rina, 07/09/2018
Dulce S.
I have been using a CPAP since 2004, this has been the most comfortable mask I have used. The straps in the back do slide a bit but the comfort of the mask makes up for it! Dulce S., 05/31/2018
The best mask out there no question! one little problem with the back straps riding up during the night so I tried going back to my "swift" that i wore for years - the nasal pads felt terrible after not having them in for a while. so I decided to fix the problem of the pad by putting one big bobbi pin facing up on one side of the strap and one facing down on the other side - no more problem!! Greg, 03/26/2018
just got one 3 weeks ago it is working very well dose not take a lot of time to adjust Name..., 02/19/2018
I gave up using cpap years ago because the mask and location of the tubing was so user unfriendly. I would pull it off in my sleep. When I went to my PCP for a physical and told her of my poor sleep despite all the suggestions to try. She asked me to try the cpap again. Well the respiratory therapist fitted me with this under the nose nasal mask with the hose on top of my head...I can turn and never notice it. I have used it for 2 weeks and the machine tells me the seal is ok and I have been sleeping much better, I'm up to 7 hours a night!!!! so far. I even put it on if I rest in the afternoon in case I fall asleep. It never leaves a mark on my face. If you can breath through your nose I highly recommend you try this mask! Jan, 02/02/2018
Just started with the DreamWear mask after having problems with nasal pillows and air leakage..................this mask is comfortable, does not leave marks on face but do not like the tubing inlet on top of head,too heavy and pulls down the face mask. The mask is fine, but is too mobile and moves very easily out of alignment on face. I have medium and it is too big,that was ordered for me. Trying the smaller nasal pillow, but not sure if I like it. I need to add 2 L of O2 at night and it makes the swivel gear pull down and adds weight also. Hope I can find something that works for me! neldo, 02/02/2018
I normally use the pillairo nasal mask that uses the air pressure to form a gentle seal around the nostrils rather than stiff nasal pillows pressing on your nostrils. I thought this looked like the same concept. I was very disappointed in how the seal broke with the slightest turn of the head no matter how I adjusted the headgear. So I cut a thin elastic headband in half and tied each end around the solid sections where the nose piece connects to the tube, the band fits around the back of my head at the base of my skull and sits at just the right angle to hold the nasal piece in place with no noticeable pressure It works great now Anya, 01/29/2018
Ed Karges
I have had a Dreamwear since it first came out and I wouldn't have anything else! It is the best CPAP mask I have ever used! Ed Karges, 12/17/2017
Bill Taylor
Wore a Large full face mask and had a hard time sleeping with it. Report showed 8-25 events per hour. Got the Dreamwear and events are now below 1 per hour every night. The medium mask caused several leaks, so went to a small and it stopped all the seal problems. I hate wearing a CPAP at all, but this one allows me to sleep all night without discomfort. Bill Taylor, 12/14/2017
Awesome mask! Compared to three others of various types, this is the best by far. One complaint, the slippage creating air leakage. Side tubes are collapsing under the weight of my head when I sleep on my side on my space age stiffer pillow. Thus possibly creating the leakage? Not sure yet. phil, 11/28/2017
BEST mask ever!!! Yes it collapses if you side sleep but there's more than enough air pressure from the other side to compensate. Its very comfortable. Most of the time I wear it while watching tv prior to sleeping so that there's no adjustment as I fall asleep.There is no other mask that is even close to this comfortable by a mile. I am bald so I do not have the hair issues that some complain about. I love it. drrick1999, 11/28/2017
Dennis Zabawa
I have to downgrade my previous Five Star rating of this product. I have found, as have MANY others (check this out on-line) that the silicone in this product can cause severe skin irritation with prolonged use. The fabric sleeves keep the mask away from your lower face but do nothing for the rest. Philips, PLEASE change the formulation of the silicone parts to make this the perfect mask again!!!! Dennis Zabawa, 11/06/2017
Paul N
I am a 10 year CPAP user, I have been on a 10 year quest to find a mask that wouldnt leak and be comfortable without leaving mask lines. I had just about given up when I saw this mask. I ordered it and was truly excited to try it. My usual leak rate is anywhere from 10lpm to 30 lpm depending on how much i toss and turn. I have used this mask for 5 days, 4 days the leak rate was 0lpm, yes, 0. 1 day was .05lpm. This is the most comfortable mask I have ever worn and in ten years I have worn them all. There are no mask lines on my face when I get up. There is a small issue though, the headgear will not stay put. it sildes to the top of my head. For me this is compensated by laying on my side so my face keeps the mask in place. This is a design flaw and were it not for this, 5 stars certainly, cant do that with the headgear though, they really need to come up with a fix for this. I love this mask so much that I'll figure out a way to fix the issue. Paul N, 10/28/2017
John L
Just got this mask. Been a CPAP patient since 2000. This is, by far, the most comfortable mask and nasal system to date. If you don't need full nose and mouth, this is the best. John L, 10/16/2017
I'd like to add to my previous review that this mask works GREAT with the black metal stand. The stand keeps the hose out of my way while I roll over (which I do many times before falling asleep) and keeps the mask from being tugged on by the hose. I haven't had to adjust the mask once I have it secured, and I haven't experienced any leakage or hair pulling by the mask. Definitely a worthwhile investment. thompske, 10/13/2017
I really like this. The hose doesn't get in my way when I turn over, which I do several times before falling asleep. The nose pillow rests gently up against my nostrils (not in the nostrils) which is comfortable. I've been sleeping very well with this mask. thompske, 10/05/2017
This mask is perfect! I had stopped using my clap because of my mask now I'm scoring a 95 in my therapy! Donna, 10/05/2017
The Dreamwear mask is currently the most user friendly option I have tried. Ron, 09/22/2017
So much lighter and easier to sleep with! Jessie, 09/21/2017
Linda E 9/16/2017
Comfortable, no elephant trunk, easy to sleep, no leaks and I am waking in the morning feeling fully rested! Linda E 9/16/2017, 09/16/2017
Doesn't work any movement and air pillow will go out of alignment you have no air
Wake up adjust straps alighn sleep wakeup do it again.
Steve, 09/07/2017
I am a new CPAP user and love this mask. It took a couple of weeks trying different sized headgear and pillow, but I think I've found the right combo (large frame + med pillow). The smaller size didn't stay on my head, and the pillow didn't provide enough flow. The back band is rubbish though and needs a redesign, as it rides up all night. Other than that, quite pleased. Anna, 09/03/2017
Dennis Zabawa
The BEST mask I have ever used! When I put it on for the first time, it fit perfectly.
And for the first time, in a long time, I was able to get a night's sleep without any air leaks.
Dennis Zabawa, 08/27/2017
Love the mask but the head strap does not last long (3 mo. and has lost its elasticity). Aki, 08/18/2017
Carlyn Rider
I've tried every type of mask - this one, by far, has been the best! Very comfortable to the nose, no markings on the face, hose placement is awesome!! Carlyn Rider, 08/16/2017
I have used the nasal pillow which made my nose sore and j swear it grew. I tried to 1/2 nasal mask but it was too noisy and was in the way and left marks on my face for an hour or more after getting up!. I decided to try this one because it looked softer, comfortable, and would be out of the way. It is! It does leak some when I move or lay on my side but just a slight head lift or a slight hand adjustment solves it. I never have to worry about moving the hose and that is a blessing. It is soft, easy on and easy off. I don't like wearing a mask and often times wouldn't when I was alone, but I wear this anyway and it is great! It did take a couple weeks to adjust to it but now it's fine. Happy, 08/14/2017
Vicky K.
I'm not sure why some of the problems being experienced are the strap riding up during the night from the back. My occidental bone in he back of my head naturally keeps the strap in place all night. I'm wondering if it's a fitting issue with some. It does run large and I immediately ordered the small after running the measurements on this website. You can't just guess to the sizing. Small is perfect fit for me in all respects. I love the dreamwear mask. It is the best mask I've tried in 3 years. Vicky K., 08/11/2017
DO NOT CHANGE THE DESIGN OF THIS MASK. If you want to make an alternate to address complaints of leaks on side or strap slipping up, then make a new mask. But keep this one forever. It's perfect for me and the only mask I can use on my back or both sides. It is wonderful. Nasal pillows destroy my deviated septum nose. The wisp comes close to being a usable nasal mask, but this dream wear is like a revelation in wonderful design. Full face is unusable by me. Not enough pressure to just fill the nose and mask puffing up and leaking out from multiple spots, no matter what mask I try. I do use a mouthpiece designed to keep my mouth shut and prevent chipmunk cheek blow out. Can't stand chin straps or mouth tape. My mouth piece is just sub $400 so expensive but works extremely well with this mask. StephenGunn, 08/10/2017
I have tried the medium and small head gear. Small works best for me. However the back strap will NOT stay in place. All night long I have to wake up to pull it down. When the mask is in place it works wonderful. I have found that if I put my hair in a ponytail and place the strap under it, it stays in place. But I don't like sleeping in a ponytail. It is very comfortable. I like the hose at the top unsteady of my nose. I still have those marks on my face when I get up. I'm having a difficult time deciding if I want to keep it since it won't stay in place. Ann, 08/07/2017
Cecelia Peterson
I have this mask in small. I like the concept and it is comfortable. However, the size small is still too larger to fit under my nose and face properly. Please add a petite size to your selections. I have been periodically checking to see if you have but not yet. Cecelia Peterson, 08/06/2017
Great, if it would stay in place. Cant get comfy when you're adjusting and pulling the back down all night Beth, 08/06/2017
I like the mask but think the nose opening could be smaller and I have the small size. Jerryinky, 08/01/2017
Been using this mask since feb 2017 and I love it. It is light and free. The cushion stays firm under the nose. If it gets off just lift it a bit and on it goes. It is all very soft. You can even have a good night kiss. Rebecca, 08/01/2017
Gary Smith
The only mask I have been able to tolerate for a whole night. The strap does tend to ride up but I still give it a 4. Gary Smith, 07/29/2017
My dreamware mask arrived yesterday. I tried it and it was so much more comfortable than any other mask. I've tried the nasal pillows, full face, and the nasal masks and they were all uncomfortable and noisy and somehow blew too much air into my mouth which would then blow open as I slept. I've had the best sleep since using CPAP. It does make a continuous noise, which is better than the nasal pillow which made a louder noise upon inhalation. This is almost like white noise. It is easier to exhale too. Also easier to clean. I love the connection to the tube being at the top. So much better! It does run large. The lady on the phone suggested the medium, I'm so glad I got the small. I love this mask, I'm going to order a spare. Dinah, 07/09/2017
If you sleep on your back and remain stable over the course of the night, this is likely to be a 5 star solution to you (the top of head mounted swivel is GREAT), however if you turn on your side at all, this is a horrible design as the seal breaks every time you lay on your side. Ron, 07/07/2017
I have had this mask for about 6 months. It is my first CPAP mask. Even though my strap tends to migrate, I get a good seal - under 5 L/min. My AHI tends to be under 1.0. I should say that my machine is set at 10 (10 what, I am not sure). My wife has been having trouble with her mask. Her setting is at a 12, and she complains of short of breathe. She has also lost a lot of weight, and her doctor wants a new study. She currently only gets a few days a month with a good seal, so the AHI is meaningless.

We swapped machine. For my wife, I want her to get a good set of readings. With only that difference in settings, I am getting worse readings. My mask seal is now at 10 - 15, and my AHI is almost a 2....OK, it is low, but it is almost twice what it was.

So, it seems there is a definite link between the pressure and the results with this mask. I like it, and it works for me, but with only a slight increase in pressure, my wife cannot get a good reading.
Jules, 06/16/2017
Wayne Mosley
I've been a c-pap user for 25 years. I been through many masks and a variety of machines. This is the first mask I can truly say works without leaving me tired from all the leaking, dry eyes, bruises and cuts on my face. Now I can get a full nights sleep and I can lay in any position. I'll never go back to any other mask. Wayne Mosley, 06/16/2017
After reading through the reviews, it is obvious that everyone has their own CPAP issues. My issue was that I am a side sleeper, and switch sides a number of times throughout the night. I tried the nose pillows. I hated them, could never get a good seal, and felt that, with continued use, I would have a disfigured nose. Then I moved to various styles of the nose mask (just covering the nose). Every time I repositioned myself in bed, the mask moved and blew the north wind into my eyes. My sleep was constantly interrupted. Needless to say, I was not a very compliant user. If I wanted a good night's sleep, I could NOT use my CPAP. But I knew that that really was not an option, so, after many trials of many masks, I decided to try the Dreamwear mask. The hose on top is what appealed to me. And that is, by far, the best feature. I have the medium size headgear with the small mask. I have an XL size head, and have to tighten the straps quite far, so the reviews stating that it runs large are correct. And the back strap does ride up on your head at night. I find that I do have to pull it down, especially as I shift positions. Finally, it tends to pull my hair a bit on the top of my head, which is concerning since I seem to be thinning there, and need no help to lose more.
I am giving it 4 stars because, even with the issues I described, it is by far the best mask of all the ones I have tried over the past 5 years. I suppose I will always be a very reluctant CPAP user.
Terri, 06/10/2017
This is a great nasal cushion. Soft comfortable. The hose on top of your head makes it so much easier. I never got use to my old cpap mask and gave up. This one was perfect from the beginning. Love it. Deborah, 06/09/2017
I agree with Lou. Mask comfortable BUT strap slips up at night causing leakage and wakes me up multiple times during the night. REDESIGN the strap system so styes in place. You have a half winner ! Barbyboc, 06/09/2017
I have been a cpap user for 7 years and started with the nasal pillows which bothered the inside of nose so I switched to a partial mask. Last week I upgraded my machine and decided to try this mask for the simple reason that the bridge of my nose has a consistent red mark on it from the mask. I have not really had a good nights sleep with it. I love the under the nose cushion bu the headgear has a lot to be desired. The strap creeps up during the night and I am constantly putting it back where it belongs. The hose needs to be connected to the back somehow. I find that if I turn on my side the hose turns and eventually pulls the headgear up. Teri, 06/01/2017
Went back to swift fix after 2 nights, leaks went you turn on side. Great design other than nose piece James, 05/23/2017
Catharine Gunderson
I just saw this ad for this mask and read all of the reviews. Not a middle ground here. I wonder if the problems occur because of having a mask that is too big and therefor has to be tightened a lot, but still doesn't fit right, and therefor loses its suction easily when moving. Another idea that might help is that I know I have to wear a chin strap so that I don't snore and break the seal on my nose pillow mask constantly throughout the night. I used to have my (not a Dream Wear Mask, but a nose pillow mask) back strap slip up during the night and get loose and wake me up. But that was before I started using a chin strap that goes around the back of my head. I tuck the mask strap behind it before velcro closing the chin strap in order to keep the mask strap where I put it. I hope that helps some people. It seems odd that people either love it or hate the Dream Wear Mask, and having a size that is too big might be the problem? I hope to get a mask fitting at the local CPAP place when it is time to change masks. I have to fill In at least one of the starts to get this published, but I have not tried it yet. Catharine Gunderson, 05/22/2017
I love this mask...and hate it as well. The mask is very comfortable and works very well IF I can get it to stay on. The mask itself is fine, but the strap that holds it to my head invariably rides up the back of my head during the night and my mask ends up leaking or completely falls off. Very frustrating because in every other way, this mask is fantastic. Lou, 05/21/2017
Marky Mark
First mask I've used, but I highly recommend it since it was easy to figure out and fit and super comfortable, even for someone that isn't used to wearing anything on their face at night. I think the hose connection being on top of the head is probably the best part. I wasn't aware of the hose during the night at all. Marky Mark, 05/18/2017
John S
This mask has perform very well for me. Much improved over my nose pillows. The hose position is great. I get less wakes with it. John S, 05/17/2017
I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this mask !
I was so anxious for it to come out.
I really liked the idea of hose connect location.
When I got mine I found that first of all the sizing is all wrong.
I've ALWAYS worn a medium headgear.
The medium on this is huge ! I can't even adjust it far enough to fit. I had to use safety pins and go beyond the furthest point.
Then I find that the nose pillow does not stay in place and makes a lot of noise and whistling.
I use the Swift FX and the nasal pillow is great !
I emailed Philips Respironics and told them all about it. They acted concerned then brushed it under the rug.
Bottom line is the design is great, sizing is ridiculous and nose pillow is trash !
I told them that if they would just use the Swift FX pillow on that headgear and correct the sizing issue, it would be the best mask on the market !!!
TW, 05/05/2017
Mike Vestuto
Using the ResMed Airfit P10 have been able to get about 4 hours of Deep Sleep... So, I was excited to switch to DreamWear because of the placement of the hose, which provides clear line of sight to watch Television. After I received the DreamWear, my Deep Sleep was reduced to 2 hours, as the mask does not provide good air seal and keeps slipping off.. Please make new Air Pillow type device, similar to the P10, that can fit on the DreamWear. Mike Vestuto, 05/01/2017
Robert Hill
I have had many masks for my CPAP machine but not one as comfortable as the DreamWear Under the nose nasal mask. The hype said "Won't even know you have it on". It is no hype, it is very true. It is so lightweight and fits so well I DON'T know I have it on. Once adjusted properly it is very quiet also. I sleep so much better I can't believe it. I absolutely love it. I am so glad I bought it. Don't think I will ever find one I like as well. In fact I don't think I will even look. Good price also. Robert Hill, 04/29/2017
Ann, 4/27/17
There are many things I like about this mask which I've worn for about 2 months. The mask itself is comfortable, doesn't leave marks and is very quiet. HOWEVER, designers, please go back to the drawing board and make a better headgear. It absolutely doesn't stay in place so I fiddle with it through the night. Once I hear air escaping, I know the headgear has slipped up and isn't secure. LOVE THE MASK; HATE THE HEADGEAR!!!!! Ann, 4/27/17, 04/27/2017
Floyd Leyba
The fact that the air inlet comes in on the top of the head because it keeps the hose from pushing back into your face all night causing nasal soreness from the in the nose nasal tips. However the Dream Wear nasal piece needs to be thickened up so it does not flutter ad rub against the bottom of the columella leaving it red and sensitive. Can only wear the dreamwear for 2 nights in a row, 2 nights off. THicken it up or mold in a little notch so it rides lower. The back strap gets knotted in my hair Floyd Leyba, 04/24/2017
This is the best mask I have had the pleasure to use. I would recommend this mask to everyone. william, 04/22/2017
BEST mask ever Jiil, 04/13/2017
I have been using this mask for a month. I love it!! I too have used many different mask types during the past 15 years. Prior to the DreamWear mask, I used the Nuance Pro gel mask and liked it except that it left marks on my face at times.. Also the Nuance mask used the nose pillows that fit into each nostril. Therefore, it had a tendency to irritate my nostrils. I am a side sleeper and the new DreamWear mask is perfect for me. Like all masks, It does require getting your nose into proper alignment on the pillow which takes a few tries. However, once you get it situated, it is a Dream; pun is intended. If you just get the proper fit, you too will love it! Best mask I have used thus far. Denise, 04/10/2017
I just got this mask to replace nose pillows. I love it. No more fighting with hose in middle of night. So easy to take off and put on. Finally I'm not hating my c-pap anymore. Bren, 04/04/2017
I have enjoyed this mask for about 3 weeks now. because of back issues, I can only sleep on my back so I cant speak to side sleepers. I love this mask! Previously been using the Dreamweaver ELan, which was pretty good but had too many leaking issues and also (from what I was told) would not hold up to my "SO Clean" cleaning machine (which BTW is the bomb). This new mask is light and also love the fact the the hose isn't stuck to the front of my face. It is also quick on and quick off of your head. After being a CPAP user for over six years...this is my favorite mask so far. Melinda, 04/02/2017
BY FAR the most comfortable mask I've ever tried.. No problem whatsoever keeping this one on all night. TFear, 03/25/2017
I have used every type of mask over the past 13 years. This is my favorite one ever. No tube around my face! No tights straps going around my head and waking up with a headache. Unless another mask turns my eye, this is my forever mask. I am getting ready to order my second one. Cheryl, 03/24/2017
It leaks horribly. You have to tighten it up very tight to make it quit leaking and then it hurts under your nose above your lip and on your cheekbones the rubber part above your head where the hose is connected pulls my hair out constantly and the back keeps​ slipping down all night long. I'm adjusting it all night long and every time, I keep pulling it down my hair just keeps being pulled out because it's made out of rubber. I have to use bobby pins to make it stay in place . The headgear is awful. I'm buying the new one which goes around your ears in hopes that I can alleviate this over the top of your head and around your head business in hopes of stopping my hair breaking off and getting pulled out and the slippage of the headgear. Lynda, 03/13/2017
I wanted to try the DreamWear and did order it last month. I was very disappointed when I used it because I found it very difficult to breathe normally because I, too, felt like I was choking while using it. I have sinus congestion and often breathe through my mouth so the DreamWear mask did not provide a comfortable way to do so. I realize that the full face mask I use gives me a more normal breathing option. Cheryl, 03/13/2017
I've used this mask for about 10 months now. It works fin when I sleep on my stomach but I like to sleep on my side and that where the problem comes in. When I try to sleep on my side the air is cut off on that side of the mask and it becomes loose around my nose allowing air to escape and creating noise. The back straps at times creep up the back of my head allowing the nose pillow to become loose. I usually get 4 to 6 hours of good sleep before I start fighting with the mask to keep it on properly and that's when my apnea episodes increase. I do like the fact that the hose attaches to the top of the head allowing freedom of movement. Lou, 03/01/2017
Scott (from Austin, TX - 44)
Simply awesome design! It fits perfectly - no leaks no complaints. It's so nice to: a. Not wake up with dry eyes (like I did with my previous nose mask),
b. Be able to turn my head and sleep on my side without leaks,
c. Not have a 4-point head strap (this has only 2),
d. Easier and quicker to take off & put on, and
e. Not be embarrassed with the hot babes I take to bed by looking like I'm a ER patient!
Scott (from Austin, TX - 44), 02/27/2017
Reg Vollmer
I have been using this mask for over a year now and I have found that the strap that goes around the back of the head keeps slipping up. If it was designed with a curve in it so that it went further down the back of the head it would work much better. Still a lot better than some that I've used. Reg Vollmer, 02/24/2017
Robby Winfield
Love it works well and good sleep... Robby Winfield, 02/20/2017
Danny M
The design for the nose is terrible. If you move the air leaks. Ig they put nasals pads in it would be great. Danny M, 01/30/2017
the worst thing I've been exposed to =sad orland, 01/29/2017
Hate it. It slides up the back of my head when I lay down. It works great if it would quit sliding up while I sleep, I think I spend more time without the benefit of CPAP than with it. Margo, 01/25/2017
Lori R
I really was looking forward to using this mask and was expecting to love it based on the reviews. Unfortunately my experience did not meet my expectations. The one great thing about this mask is having the tube attach at the top of my head. No more tubing wrapping around my neck as I turn from side to side. Now the list of everything else that was not so great. The mask is LOUD, there are small holes in the connector that connects the mask to the hose. And they make a loud SHHHHHHHH noise. Also the mask has a hole opposite the side that goes over the nose. It also releases air loudly. So the two together make it very loud. Keeps my spouse awake. So, I don't use it. Lori R, 01/13/2017
I hate it! It slides on my hair all the time. I have to try to get clippies to hold it in place at night and still go to sleep holding it on my head. I slides up and off my head everynight. I am ready to stop using my cpap. Chris, 01/13/2017
George D Ballentine
This is the first mask I've tried that when adjusted correctly gives me excellent results as evidenced by my Cpap evaluation stats ( I have a new Resmed Air Sense 10 plus view the "Air View" App on my PC routinely. ) My greatest measurement judge sleeps along side of me each night - my wife, and she is NOT reluctant in the slightest to land slaps on the bed next to me when she detects leakage or snoring.

My ONLY complaint is that I wish they had extended the small, soft, lightweight air tubing further away from the mask as having a heavy hose clamped to the mask atop ones head is uncomfortable and it tends to pull the mask out of of its optimum position too often. I'd have lightweight small tubing extend from a more distant point where you might be able to anchor the big CPAP hose firmly so it couldn't tug on the mask.
George D Ballentine, 01/03/2017
Steven Slagle
I see a lot of users having a problem with their hair. I put mine into a stupid looking "manbun" that I would never wear outside the house. I have no trouble with pulling or slipping. The mask is very comfortable, and works well with no leaking. I strongly recommend it. Steven Slagle, 11/26/2016
Marty S.
This is a godsend. I sleep on my left side, right side and back. I used to wake up in the middle of the night with the air hose wrapped around my neck. I haven't had a problem since I got the dream wear. It also doesn't chafe my nostrils. Marty S., 10/31/2016
Scott D.
This mask is a Game Changer for me! I was simply tired of all the hard plastic hardware smashing my nose and forehead. No leaks for me so far. Very comfortable. I sleep on my side and back, no problems with any leakage. Also no hose in the face anymore! Thank you Phillips you have a winning mask! Scott D., 10/28/2016
I do like it better than the nose pillows however the Dreamwear mask straps pull on my hair which is long and thick when I put it on and take it off. Also the straps slide on my hair when am sleeping. I would like to find something with straps that are made to not slide around and pull and break your hair. fj, 10/22/2016
I JUST ORDERED THIS MASK, SO I CAN'T REVIEW IT JUST YET, BUT I MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP ABOUT THIS: But the back straps keep moving up to the top of my head during the night. This causes everything to get out of alignment plus wakes me up. Even tightened very snug which then smushes my nose up. Maybe the medium is too big.
MOMMY20255, 10/19/2016
James Drewry
It took me a few days to get used to it, but once I did, I found this to be an excellent substitute to the full nasal mask I had been using. It's light, and extremely comfortable. James Drewry, 10/05/2016
This is the best Mask I've ever used. I'm a very restless sleeper turn all night. This mask has been working most every night., 09/26/2016
Rita Reykdal
Wow. Really comfortable. Apparently it isn't for everyone. I LOVE it. Fits like I'm not even wearing a mask. I was worried it wouldn't work for me, it looked too good to be true. I'm so thankful it performs flawlessly for me. Rita Reykdal, 09/21/2016
Victor G
I love the mask, most quiet and comfortable I have had, including my last one, the Swift FX. I like the hose at top of head.
HOWEVER, they say the medium frame fits most... not sure. I am a tall man with small hat size, and find that the medium frame is too big. There is about an extra inch at top of my head.
Victor G, 08/29/2016
I love this mask! I was ready to give up on CPAP treatment and could only keep other masks on for the required 4 hours per night. I am wearing this one over 6 hours most nights and have worn it for 9 hours straight. Arlene, 07/29/2016
Glenda Goodwin
I have dreamwear in a small. It is the best yet I have worn and finally doesn't leave marks on my face!!!! But I need an XS and they don't make one. Please make an XS Headgear!!!!!!! Glenda Goodwin, 07/16/2016
I like the comfort of the cushion and no dry eyes. But the back straps keep moving up to the top of my head during the night. This causes everything to get out of alignment plus wakes me up. Even tightened very snug which then smushes my nose up. Maybe the medium is too big. JT, 07/13/2016
I love this mask. The pillow works really well with no leaks and is so comfortable. Also, like the hose that is attached to the top as it doesn't get in the way. George, 06/19/2016
It took me a couple tries to get the right size frame and cushion, but once I did, it was well worth it. This mask is so comfortable that after a few minutes I barely realize I have it on. I love no longer having a hose pulling at my face all the time and other masks leaking or irritating my skin. This one is AMAZINGLY comfortable, and no leaks. I've even been able to sleep more on my stomach again! I would recommend this to everyone who has to live with a CPAP. Lin, 06/18/2016
I have used my Dreamwear mask for 2 nights now and just wanted to comment about it. It is very comfortable to wear as there is very little pressure anywhere from the mask or headgear. The materials that contact the skin are very soft and almost un-noticeable. There are also no leakage problems even though I sleep on my side and often change sides during the night. This mask is incredibly well designed and I do not know of anything else on the market that is even comparable. Your representative was very helpful in taking the information for my order and very efficeintly and pleasantly explained and processed my medicare claim. I could not be more pleased with the product and process. Thank you. G.K., 06/02/2016
I find I still have to tighten it up to stop leaking and it presses hard on the area between your nose and upper lip. But the worst part is I feel like I am always out of breath. It does not vent your exhaled CO2 sufficiently, so you rebreathe your CO2 and feel constantly short of breath. I can't use it without feeling like I'm suffocating. I have gone back to my Swift FX Pillow system. Brad, 06/02/2016
I like a lot about the mask, particularly the comfy nose piece!!! So much better than nasal pillows! But, I was having trouble with air leaking. I saw that were frame size options and ordered a small. Now have much less air leakage. They should sell the mask with a frame selection option. Many women will probably the smaller frame. Maybe they do now. I do have some issues regarding the hose connector. It hurts the top of my head some. Maybe they should thicken the silicone underneath it to create a cushion. AW, 05/31/2016
I have used this model for about 6 months. At first I thought it was going to be a great improvement over my nose and mouth mask. Its not. It smushes when there is pressure on your cheek one side or the other and not enough air can get out. I gave more of a chance than I should have. Now I use a nose mast that fits me very well,I love it. Dale, 05/22/2016
Leaks a little bit, but is really comfortable. No dry eyes in the morning. I like the hose being on top and out of the way. All in all I'm very pleased with this mask. Marjorie, 04/28/2016
I ordered Dreamwear at the suggestion of my Pneumologist. I have been wearing this one for three months and I really like it. I loses no air and is comfortable. My sleep had improved markedly. Joe, 04/14/2016
Same response as Sophia. It leaks when I turn or just move, even when tightened . Jan, 03/28/2016
I recently switched to the Dreamwear mask and find it does leak when I turn to my side to sleep. If I lie very still on my back I don't find it leaks much but it's hard to only sleep in one position. Sophia, 01/31/2016
This mask is wonderful! It is small, soft, and extremely comfortable. No leaks, no dry eyes, no hose hanging in front of your face. Give it a try! Marji, 01/23/2016
I've used many masks and this is by far the best of all! Comfortable, doesn't leave mask marks or chafe, doesn't bind me up in the tubing, even though I'm a very restless sleeper. It has vastly improved my sleep quality. Kettles, 12/17/2015
Randall Webb
i have been a c-pap user for over 20 years. and tried several different mask and nasal pillows. this is by far the most comfortable and forgiving mask. It is easy to turn from side to side and keep your seal. Randall Webb, 12/10/2015
best mask I've every worn! art, 12/08/2015

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