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BiPAP autoSV Advanced System One Series Bi-Flex with Humidifier, SD Card, and Heated Tube

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Respironics (Philips) | SKU DS960TS

Respironics has yet to release their DreamStation autoSV but ResMed currently has their latest AirCurve ASV available for purchase. 

Please click the following link to view the latest BiPAP ASV

AirCurve 10 ASV with HumidAir and ClimateLineAir

Reference Only

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The Respironics BiPAP Auto SV Advanced Machine with heated humidifier is specifically designed to be the best choice for managing complicated sleep-disordered breathing patients. It combines a number of technologies to recognize and react to changing pressure needs, and it's clinically proven to treat obstructive, central and complex apneas and hypopneas, as well as periodic breathing, such as Cheyne-Stokes respiration. 

How the BiPAP Auto SV Works:
The Philips Respironics BiPAP Auto SV Advanced sleep therapy system delivers optimal therapy for complicated sleep-disordered breathing patients utilizing a multilevel algorithm. On a breath-by-breath basis, the revolutionary algorithm uses Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity to change pressure support, when necessary, to maintain a stable breathing pattern. In addition to this breath-by-breath adjustment of pressure support, the BiPAP Auto SV algorithm also calculates the patient's spontaneous breathing rate and can automatically trigger a breath should the patient have a central apnea event. This algorithm rapidly helps normalize respiration and return the pressure to the minimum required therapy pressure once ventilation has been normalized.
Types of Sleep Apnea Treated:
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
OSA is the absence of airflow due to an occlusion in the upper airway that lasts at least 10 seconds in spite of continual effort to breathe. Severity is measured by the Apnea/Hypopnea Index (AHI) - the number of episodes per hour of sleep.
Central Sleep Apnea
Central Sleep Apnea is a pattern of breathing characterized by a normal deep inspiratory cycle interchanged with complete cessation of breathing. It is typically caused by problems with how the brain controls breathing rather than an occlusion of the airway.
Complex Sleep Apnea
Complex sleep apnea is a condition that occurs when a patient is identified as having OSA, but with the application of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) to eliminate the OSA, the patient develops Central Sleep Apnea. The cause of complex sleep apnea is not known at this time.
The new PR System One BiPAP Auto SV Advanced has the addition of the advanced WhisperSmart technology, designed to make the Flex feature more quiet.
Dramatically reduced rainout with newly improved humidity output.
Automatically determines IPAP and EPAP pressures needed throughout each night.
Maintains optimal comfort for the patient without decreasing effectiveness or safety.
Digital Auto-Trak System with built-in leak detection ensures a breath-by-breath response to a patient?s breathing patterns.
BiPAP Auto SV Advanced machine reacts directly to periods of waning and waxing respiration by providing the appropriate level of therapy depending on the patient?s respiration patterns.
Designed especially for patients with certain diseases or disorders, such as: Congestive Heart Failure patients, or those with Cheyne-Stokes respiration.
Key Specifications:
Machine TypeBiPAP/BiLevel
Brand/Manufacturer:Philips Respironics
Weight:3.37 lbs
Noise Level:7"L x 5.5"W x 4"H
Data Card:Yes
Software Available:Yes
Ramp:0 to 45 minutes (5-minute increments)
Exhalation Relief:Bi-FLEX
Pressure Range:4-25 cm/H2O
Altitude Adjustment:Automatic
Heated Humidifier:Available
Passover Cool Humidifier:Available
110 Voltage:Yes
220 Voltage:Yes
Can Use A Battery:Yes
Integrated Battery:No
Included In Box:BiPAP autoSV Advanced, power suppy and tubing, SD card, carrying case, 2 foam filters, 6ft tubing, patient manual,
Product Condition:New
HCPCS Reimbursement Code:E0471
Prescription Required:Yes

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Dale Martin Jr.
I've been using this Bipap machine for over a month now. It is very quiet at night and the heated tube does not get in my way. I use a nasal pillows mask to minimize the contact with my face. I find that with this machine versus nothing at all or a Cpap machine, that I sleep more soundly and can wake up much easier than before I started the therapy. When I do wake up, the air pressure on exhalation is hardly anything more than my regular breathing. So my body gets used to it during the night. I really like that versus a Cpap machine. The technician was able to get my breathing dialed in so well that I rarely have to fight the machine to exhale and I love that. Plus since it's auto titrating, it doesn't start out at some ridiculous pressure where I have to use the ramp feature. My machine starts out at 5.5, so it is really easy to tolerate while I'm falling asleep. I have the humidifier set at 3 and it uses about a little more than half of the water reservoir each night. I love this machine and the benefits it's bringing to me. I'm sure it is just as good as a comparable ResMed machine! Dale Martin Jr., 10/25/2014

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