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DreamStation Auto CPAP with Humidifier and Heated Tube

Reference OnlyThis item is not available for purchase
Respironics (Philips) | SKU DSX500T11

The all-new DreamStation CPAP system is the result of multiple years of exhaustive research and interviews with sleep apnea sufferers across the globe. The result: a CPAP machine that is custom formulated to tackle the symptoms of sleep apnea and help you sleep. It's the CPAP of your dreams.

Stock up for the year with the DreamStation Supply Kit.

Prescription Required

Have you been previously diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and need a Prescription? We've got you covered. Select CPAPRx from the dropdown below to get a prescription in less than 2 business days!

This device is no longer available for sale. Please look into the new Dreamstation 2!

Reference Only

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Offers a sleek, low-profile design. Its color screen features easy-to-use menus. Features: C-Flex, C-Flex+, A-Flex, SmartRamp, EZ-Start, CPAP-Check, Auto-Trial, Opti-Start, Digital AutoTrak, Advanced event detection, Waveform data.

Among the leading CPAP brands, DreamStation features comprehensive selection of wireless options — including Bluetooth, Cellular and WiFi. (Cellular and WiFi Modules sold separately)

Performance Check— gives you peace of mind by simplifying in-home evaluation and troubleshooting, while confirming every morning that your device was working properly through the night. Provides maintenance alerts and reminders every 30 days.

Supply Kit:

Get set for the year with the DreamStation Supply Kit. Click Here for the Supply Kit. The DreamStation Supply Kit includes a year's supply of filters and tubes for the DreamStation Auto CPAP machine. You can add the supply kit by selecting it in the drop down menu above.


- Auto CPAP detects what pressure you need.
- 18% smaller than the previous model, the System One CPAP, 28% lighter than the System One
- Bluetooth capabilities included
- Cellular and WiFi modules available for purchase so you can send data about your CPAP use to your physician
- You can also connect to the DreamMapper App via Bluetooth to track your use and get tips and help with your CPAP
- Intuitive menu system makes the DreamStation easy to use
- Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness
- Daily progress feedback displays previous 3 nights therapy results to track progress
- Top-mounted hose outlet rotates 180 degrees
- Two step air filtration provides additional filtration of very fine particles
- SD card stores use data (sold separately)
- Detachable humidifier separates so you can travel light
- Water chamber is easy to fill and dishwasher safe
- Noise Level (DreamStation CPAP): 25.8 dB(A); (DreamStation CPAP w/ Humidifier): 27.9 dB(A) with an uncertainty of 2 db(A)

Package Includes:

- DreamStation Auto Machine
- Heated Humidifier
- 6ft Heated Tube
- Reusable filter
- Disposable filter
- 80W power supply and power cord
- Carrying case
- Click Here to view DreamStation User Manual


Interested in learning more about the DreamStation? Click Here to Watch DreamStation Videos


Pressure range:

4 to 20 cm H2O

Flex pressure relief:

0 to 3

Ramp time:

0 to 45 min (5-minute increments)

Starting ramp pressure:

4 cm H2O to CPAP Pressure (CPAP)


Heated humidification: Fixed, Adaptive, Heated Tube modes

Data storage capacity (min):

SD card: > 1 year On-board: <6 months

Altitude compensation:



Reusable pollen; Disposable Ultra-fine

Device controls:

LCD, control dial/push button


2 years (US)


6.2 in L x 7.6 in W x 3.3 in H (w/o humidifier); 11.7 in L x 7.6 in W x 3.3 in H (w/ humidifier)


1.33kg/2.94lbs (w/o humidifier); 1.98kg/4.37lbs (w/humidifier); incl. power supply

Electrical requirements:

100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0-1.0 A


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Dream station user
my only complaint is there's not enough humidification even on the highest level. throat dry's out during the night. Dream station user, 11/16/2020
Love it. Easy to use; quiet; easy to clean. Marty, 06/03/2020
I’ve used this machine for a number of years. I do not find it to be noisy. I shared a hotel room with family recently and they commented that they could not hear the machine. It is more attractive than most CPAP machines I find it easy to travel with as well. AB, 05/11/2020
Much louder than my previous machine. I wake up several times during the night because of air leaks. Would not recommend Dream Station. Karen, 04/16/2020
Hernando Naranjo Valencia
Es la mejor máquina inteligente. Muy silenciosa. La recomiendo 100 por ciento. Hernando Naranjo Valencia, 04/12/2020
Ronnie D
Have one and love it. Much better and more intelligent than the ResMed Ronnie D, 02/25/2020
Scott M
This was my first CPAP machine and it has set the standard. It is nearly silent. The humidifier keeps from drying my mouth out and it is very easy to clean. Scott M, 02/21/2020
Will C
The people giving this machine under 5 stars are just whiny 😫 . This machine is great and the noise level is no problem. Will C, 12/23/2019
Amy L.
I switched to this machine after using an older ResMed for about five years. I actually found this machine to be louder than my old one. The noise is coming from the motor when I exhale it’s like the motor is revving up and down with each breath. Very hard to not hear it and fall asleep. I am going to be switching back to resmed. But I did love that it’s easy to use, the humidifier is nice and easy to clean, and the overall look of the machine. Amy L., 12/09/2019
It was a difficult decision to purchase this one instead of the Airsense 10, but ultimately I went with this one because the humidifier section could be removed to yield a compact section that could be used for travel without the need for a cover req'd by the Airsense when use in this manner. Overall I really like this machine, it far surpasses my old one. However, when the humidifier section is removed the remaining machine becomes much, much louder, too loud in fact. I'm not sure why this occurs but it does. The sound was difficult to tolerate while I was away from home for a week. RJ, 10/21/2019
Shipped quickly. Works great and easy to adjust once I looked up the tutorials on YouTube. Jim, 02/15/2019
It paired with phone but stopped sending data after30 days. Can't reach Phillios to ask why . Other than that this machine is great. Keevin, 02/11/2019
This machine is much, much quieter then my previous machine. I love it! Lynette, 02/07/2019
I have been using this unit since early 2018. It took a few weeks to acclimate myself to CPAP therapy, but I've found that I'm able to sleep through the night comfortably. Kevan, 01/03/2019
Harry T. Fogle, EdD
Dream Station is much louder than I was told it would be. Harry T. Fogle, EdD, 11/16/2018
I have had zero problems with this machine. It is very quiet. As people describe you will be able to hear yourself breath if the hose has not heated up. I recommend that people that sound like "Darth Vader" crank up their hose heat to alleviate the problem. It was easy to pair my phone to the Dream Station and the stats that you receive are informative and things you would like to know such as how long you used it each day, if your mask was worn properly, how many clear & obstructive apneas you had that night along with your total hypopneas. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Nick, 10/05/2018
I bought the dreamstation auto CPAP to replace another machine because the old one started to make annoying noise after only one year. the dreamStation is amazing. it is so quite, easy to operate and easy to see my numbers in the morning. My sleep quality improved dramatically since I started using it. I am extremely happy with this purchase and I have recommended it to my friends and patients. I am a physician by the way. M.Sanad, 09/29/2018
By far the best machine I've ever owned 5 stars hands down BIGWILLIESTYLE, 09/11/2018
Joe S
Just got this thing used it last night sounds like a fog horn. Finally had to turn the darn thing off so we could sleep! The shape of the tube in the tank might be the culprit! It does have a whistle shaped design. I need sleep and quiet leads to sleep so this is not the machine for me! Joe S, 09/01/2018
William Magnuson
This is one of the best CPAP machines ever! My pressure is great and the machine is so quiet that all my wife hears is me breathing like normal. The two filters are nice too. I like the fact I can leave the humidifier at home if I do not need it. Each time you upgrade your machines only get better and better. The machine is smaller, you just got to love new technology. William Magnuson, 07/23/2018
[email protected]
I have this machine for 3 months and it working perfectly especially with one type of masks with magnetics lockers [email protected], 07/15/2018
Pearl Stetson
Very disappointed, I can loudly hear every breath I take and sometimes the pressure is so great that it causes the sides of my mask to bulge in and out.I have gone back to my 11 year old machine. Pearl Stetson, 07/09/2018
I am a first time CPAP user, I have had this now for about 4 months, it is silent and the nose pillows are perfect. If there is a sound coming from the nose, I just do a quick adjustment and it is back to silence. No complaints. Perfect, 07/07/2018
Tim Tinen
So far, so good! I don't have a problem with noise at all. So much better than my old unit--Thanks! Tim Tinen, 06/26/2018
Carlos L.
First off I am new to the sleep therapy world. I have used by machine for almost a month. After two weeks I noticed the breathing noise getting louder. Being that the filter is small I figured maybe its getting louder because the filter is getting clogged and therefor more noise. So I changed the filter and it was quiet again. I love how this machine pairs with your phone to load your sleep stats. Overall I think its pretty awesome. You know what would make this machine pretty awesome? Is if it had an alarm clock. Carlos L., 03/28/2018
At first it was quiet then about a 2 weeks later I can hear myself breathing. It is annoying and keeps me up at night. Need to find another machine. TayMer, 03/01/2018
very very good unit Frank, 02/12/2018
Rebecca F.
I love this machine! Never thought I would say that about a cpap machine! My old one was over 10 years old, very loud and I had problems with getting too much water vapor in my mask and nasal pillow. Wish I had looked into this long time ago! Love heated water and gradual pressure settings. Rebecca F., 02/11/2018
I got this machine it doesn't work as good as the one with the set pressure for me the machine stop and go to much because it trying to adjust for pressure my intake breath is long and cause it to vibrate to much , I have to fill the humidifier twice a night james, 01/25/2018
Richard A
I have this machine and I like it. It has a few problems but not insurmountable when you check with your provider. The noise is probably from your mask. My mask makes a Darth Vader noise IF the vent holes aren't cleaned every other night. Also, remember to clean your filters for proper ventilation. You should change your water EVERY night as bacteria will settle in the humidifier. As for a Bright light problem, I place my unit beside the bed on the floor. Just push it under the bed to eliminate the light and any noise problem and push it under there for daytime storage to be out of the way. I hope that this helps. Richard A, 01/09/2018
Wayne Wilson
This machine is not whisper quiet. I agree with others that it sounds like Darth Vader, also it was hard to go from positive pressure to the flex that almost stops when you exhale. I need my old Fisher Pakal back. Wayne Wilson, 11/19/2017
Don D
Much louder than my ResMed but I really like the auto pressure adjustment. My spouse is not sleeping as well. Don D, 11/07/2017
I just got this machine a month ago, I find it VERY LOUD compared to my old machine. they say it is quit, I think they need to have a hearing test done. wish I had never gotten it. THINK TWICE BEFORE BUYING I agree with Dinah P,.... Darth Vader for sure. Cindy, 11/06/2017
Dinah P
I had this but turned it back in for my old Fisher and Paykel model. I loved how the Dreamstation is so easy to use. Sadly it is horribly loud. I sounded like Darth Vader. My husband, a very deep sleeper started having to go sleep on the couch. So, I went back to the older system. If there was a way for it to be quiet, that would be so great! It seems that the seal is not airtight where the tube connects to the system. Dinah P, 10/04/2017
David Staves
I been using a c-pap machine for 10 years. What an improvement to the dream station. I sleep better than ever. The dream station is very quite. Don't know why I waited to so long to update. David Staves, 09/30/2017
Tom G
It's a good machine. Travels easy and simple to clean. Automatic settings make it easy to set up. Tom G, 08/25/2017
Tom Miles
Amazing product. Has altered my life forever in the most positive way.

Thank you
Tom Miles, 08/24/2017
Michael A Frame
Only problem I have is pressure not high enough, need to know how to get it set up higher to match my other c-pap. Michael A Frame, 05/20/2017
Joe G
I have been using the dream station for a year works very well was having 28 AHI per hour minimum. with this i just checked 1.4 AHI last night. I do have a suggestion thou. The lights are waay to bright with no ability to adjust or simply turn off. Very annoying for spouse when I am early riser and she isn't. Duct tape saved the day but..on a $3000.00 machine the light problem should be fixed. Joe G, 05/12/2017
Great Machine!
Easy to use and keep clean. Very quiet, and the automatic settings works great. Great Machine!, 12/14/2016
Bob Grossman
I am happy with my recent purchase of the Dream Station. The only problem I have is, I set it up to turn on automatically, which it does. I also tried to set it up to turn off automatically when I remove it, but that doesn't want to work. I have to turn it off manually. That doesn't bother me to much. If you have any advice on what I might be doing wrong, I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you. Bob Grossman, 11/02/2016
Joe D
My wife recently got this machine and we had high hopes with the auto sensing system. Unfortunately, we were both disappointed. The unit was set up with a far too high range of pressure and would often max out in the middle of the night due to a tiny mask lead and make it hard for her to breathe. It is also EXTREMELY loud compared to her old unit and my older Philips unit. The water reservoir is small and has to be refilled every other day. We had to finally get the auto-sensing function turned off. It works ok now, but is still about 5 times louder than her old Fisher-Pakel at the same pressure. Joe D, 10/20/2016
Great machine. Auto pressure adjustment has made an incredible improvement in sleep quality. Ray, 08/14/2016
James F
Great Machine ! James F, 07/13/2016
Doug D.
This is an Amazing Unit. Wish I had this one years ago. Doug D., 05/06/2016

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