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AirSense/AirCurve 10 HumidAir Cleanable Tub

Retail Price: $66.00 - You Save 40.91%
ResMed | SKU 37479

Dishwasher safe water chamber all ResMed AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 series machines.

Note: Rubber seal not available for individual purchase

It is recommended to use distilled water in the water tank to prevent hard water buildup and maintain optimal therapy.



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Product Features

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Compatible with AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10

Dishwasher Safe

Dishwasher safe water chamber used as a long lasting replacement to the standard HumidAir tub. The dishwasher safe chamber can disassemble for cleaning and should last beyond 6 months.

Compatible with AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10

The HumidAir Cleanable Tub is compatible with all AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 series machines by Resmed.

**Lid Seal not available for individual purchase

General Information

  • Manufacturer: ResMed
  • Product Family: Air10™
  • Item Type: Accessory
  • Requires RX? No
  • Dishwasher Safe? Yes
  • Capacity: 380mL

Size Specifications

  • Product Length: 5.39 inches
  • Product Width: 5.28 inches
  • Product Height: 4.69 inches

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It leaks! So, I purchased a new chamber and it also leaks! Have about ruined my table. Bad engineering when the seal doesn't work. Doejoe, 08/31/2022
sleep well
I have used the ResMed every night for over four years, consistency, cleaning, and replacing the parts are the key. The equipment (cushion, headgear, hose, filter, and the chamber should be cleaned daily and replaced often for the most effective results. Before my therapy, I had 80 events an hour, I started out at 15 pressure; currently, I'm at 9 pressure, 1.2 events an hour, and my score is high each night 90 - 100. The CPAP machine saved my life, and now I sleep well every night, refreshed in the morning. I hope my experience with CPAP will help. sleep well, 08/13/2022
Going on 4 years with same chamber - never leaked water. My guess is leaks happen when chamber is over-filled, and breating action causes water to pulsate and forces it out at the sea. Less is more in this case. I only fill my chamber about half full each night. I wonder if people experiencing leaks also have water enter into the hose? Daved, 07/12/2022
Rust Problem
I have to replace these every 3 months or so due to rust building up on the metal part of the chamber. Would not buy this unit again if I had a choice. Rust Problem, 07/01/2022
Very poor design. Lacks durability. Getting tub to seal can be an issue that makes a wheezing noise in the middle of the night. Using a cleaning machine such as SoClean is difficult with the poorly designed connections. The ResMed machine itself is excellent but the engineers behind this chamber design must be asleep at the wheel. tom, 06/07/2022
cleanable tub
The tub is too small and runs out halfway through the night then smells like burnt plastic, make the tub bigger. cleanable tub, 06/01/2022
Had 3 leaking humidifier chambers with the square bottom plate. Then I received a chamber with a round bottom plate which is a much better design, no leaks in over 2 years. I recently got a replacement chamber and it has the leaking square bottom plate again. The seams crack between the plastic and metal plate. Dale, 04/10/2022
Not big enough and leaks
I have been using this chamber for four years and suddenly it has developed cracks on both sides and leaks. Plus, it just is not big enough to last through the night! Still the best CPAP machine on the market. I will just have to live with it and buy a replacement chamber when needed. Not big enough and leaks, 08/13/2021
water chamber airsense 10
I hate this thing. It leaks. You have to literally fight with it to get it to release so you can refill it can leak all over
water chamber airsense 10, 04/12/2021
Still using original water tank that came with unit since new, 4 plus years, with no issues. Mike, 02/14/2021
need more water capacity
had it for over 5 years. No problems except that I run out of water every night. Need larger capacity humidifier tub, But I am sure nobody involved in the company ever reads these or really cares what problems we experience, need more water capacity, 02/01/2021
Don P
A lot of customer reviews complain about the humidifier tub leaking. I have the same problem. ResMed engineering should consider a redesign that would move the leaky flange (where the two halves meet) up above the max fill more leaks! Don P, 12/30/2020
I have been using the airsense bi pap for 6 months, love this machine but do agree with others its hard to see water level mark . I also think the tub is cheaply made and wonder how long it will last. I think they should sell a replacement seal since I feel this will be a problem before I may need a new tub. Medicare no longer pays 100% for supplies so gets expensive to replace to often. Diana, 12/12/2020
Still using original chamber that came with unit 6+ years with no problems. Gail, 09/16/2020
Doesn't leak
I've had my Cpap for about 1 year and it doesn't leak. You do need to be careful replacing it into unit once you've filedl the reservoir. It does need to be cleaned weekly, at least. When I fill water to water level it's good for about 3 days. Doesn't leak, 09/15/2020
Still using the original humidifier that came with the unit years ago and have never had a problem with it leaking or running out of water- only complaint I have is max water level mark is a bit hard to see especially in low light Jackeeno, 08/18/2020
Walt in Ohio
I've had this unit almost 2 years. I rinse the water camber every morning and have not had any issues so far. Walt in Ohio, 05/18/2020
Works great, put in dishwasher and it is clean. Allan, 04/14/2020
Bob Ellis
I’ve had my CPAP airsense humidifier and it has never leaked. This is the best CPAP machine I have owned and I’ve been using them for over 25 years. Resumed has steadily improved models every time and this is my 5th unit. One side of the hinge broke last month and I have to replace the unit. That’s the only problem I’ve had with this humidifier over the past five years Bob Ellis, 04/13/2020
The water chamber is easily cracked and began leaking. I have used 3 replacements and each last less than 6 months. plhung, 04/04/2020
Kelly Broussard
Leaks like a sieve. Expensive given the quality. Looking for an alternative Kelly Broussard, 12/28/2019
Junior L Heller
Leak with in a year. this is really bad. Junior L Heller, 12/27/2019
Leaks bad!!! You will need sit it on something that will absorb water. greal, 11/03/2019
Jim Bell
What a surprise to wake up to water all over my night stand and an empty humidifier. Now what resmed? Have to buy another I guess so I can sleep! Jim Bell, 08/27/2019
Matt D
Love mine. Just throw it in the dishwasher. Matt D, 03/21/2019
The worst humidity water chamber I have ever had for my CPAP machine. It leaks and has to be replaced every other month. Lonnieman, 01/22/2019
What a surprise to wake up to water all over my night stand and an empty humidifier. Now what resmed? Have to buy another I guess so I can sleep! Calee, 12/09/2018
Raed bader
I don’t understand why Resmed make small water chamber.? I have an Airsense 10 the water chamber is not big enough it runs out 4 to 5 hrs and I have dry mouth before am it needs a bigger water chamber or at least offer and extra big one for us who need it. I don’t get a good nights sleep because of dry mouth. Raed bader, 12/01/2018
ronald Carson
I have an Airsense 10 the water chamber is not big enough it runs out 4 to 5 hrs and I have dry mouth before am it needs a bigger water chamber or at least offer and extra big one for us who need it. ronald Carson, 11/13/2018
Water chamber cheaply made
I have had this CPAP less than a year and the Chamber already started leaking at the seams. Last CPAP I had the chamber lasted about five years and it was much easier to clean. I was really disappointed in this as I have it setting on a wood surface and it caused the wood to buckle when it leaked because I hadn't realized it leaked until I went to fill out the next night. The rest of the design I love I just think they need to revamp the water chamber and not make it so cheaply Water chamber cheaply made, 10/09/2018
Constantly runs out if water!
Title says it all. It doesn’t hold enough water for me to get a decent nights sleep. Always bone dry in the AM. My previous machine was much better in ths regard! Constantly runs out if water!, 08/12/2018
Leaks terribly John, 08/12/2018
Chamber is good
I order new supplies and my insurance pays for it 100% (Medicare now). My doctor told me 7-8 years ago to get new supplies every 6 months, and why not, it's free! So don't try to use the chamber for years. Chamber is good, 07/12/2018
Poor design
In less then a year I had two that leaked from the seam poor design Poor design, 05/15/2018
Same to me. Leaks after 1 year in same spot. JR, 03/19/2018
Products after 3 months
Totally agree with other reviewers. Poor design, leaks all over. I have never had one fail in 20 years. Products after 3 months, 03/17/2018
I've used bipaps for over 20 years. I have never had a humid chamber tub fail. After using Aircurve 10 chamber, it failed after 7 months of use a started leaking between the plastic and heater plate. I'm disappointed with it failing!!! Dan, 01/14/2018

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