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DreamStation Water Tank

Retail Price: $45.00 - You Save 37.78%
Respironics (Philips) | SKU 1122520

Humidifier chamber or water tank for all Phillips Respironics DreamStation CPAP's and BiPAP's heated humidifiers.

It is recommended to use distilled water in the water tank to prevent hard water buildup and maintain optimal therapy.


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Humidifier chamber or water tank for all Phillips Respironics DreamStation CPAP's and BiPAP's heated humidifiers

General Information

  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Item Type: Accessory
  • Requires RX? No
  • Dishwasher Safe? No
  • Capacity: 325mL

Size Specifications

  • Product Length: 4.5 inches
  • Product Width: 2.25 inches
  • Product Height: 6.75 inches

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Who designs a CPAP that doesn't have enough water to run at least 8 hours? If they can't size a tank properly, what else haven't they designed correctly? Larry, 07/06/2022
Perfect Replacement
I have read all these reviews and the first thing I noticed, those who gave a low rating do not know your chamber. I have been on a CPAP for 12 years and I know how much water to place into the chamber even with my eyes closed. Com'on man.I always order my replacement chambers from this site and have never had any issues on how to fill the chamber, Perfect Replacement, 06/09/2021
I have had this tank for many years now. I used to set it at 3, but moved down to 1. I have not had a problem with the humidity at 1, or the tank running out of water. In fact, I get multiple nights out of a full tank. Brad, 08/06/2019
Jimmie Anderson
Have you come up with a solution to the bigger tank? Jimmie Anderson, 06/20/2019
I haven't had the same experience with the water running out and I have a 4 setting for humidity and typically sleep 5-7 hours. michelle, 06/05/2019
I gave up on capacity and trying to see the fill line and usually overfill the tank. Still run out of water after 5.5 hours. Cleaning this things is a real pain as well. This wil be my last of this design! Rod, 11/17/2018
Ed Pozsony
Same problem as everyone else. Capacity is far from adequate. I get about 5 hours at #3 and then wake with a very dry throat. Was hoping someone had a clever way of adding capacity. Ed Pozsony, 10/17/2018
Don H
got a suggestion take a black magic marker and draw a line over the lines. I fill mine in the machine everyday with no problem, hope it works you all Don H, 06/15/2018
SIE '''''
I AGEEE WITH EVERYONE-trying to see the line thats to show you how much still water your to put in, and if I sleep over 5-hours the still water is all used up. I hope they can come out with some better ideas, and that will work for all of use that have this . SIE ''''', 04/17/2018
Diana Kistner
I agree with others about hard to see filling line, plus it doesnt hold enough water when using the 5 level to get through the night during winter. This is the only one I have used so dont know if there is a better machin out there, havent used for a year yet. Diana Kistner, 03/06/2018
J. G.
the tank is not designed well for all the same reasons mentioned before .plus it is to small and runs out of water for me after about 5 hours and the dryness wakes me up. J. G., 01/27/2018
Horrible tank! Not easy to empty, the curved top keeps water inside, Hard to see fill line. too easy to overfill! jw, 10/31/2017
Joseph Leonard
This is my 3rd machine and this is the worse designed tank ever.It is hard to tell when it is full to the arrows and when filling water gets on the inlet channel and you have to use care not to spill water placing the tank and for a 79 year old man it isnt user friendly. The rest of the machine so far is great.I have used it for 3 months now. Joseph Leonard, 10/04/2017
steve murphy
this water tank is junk cracks on bottom within a week this needs to be corrected or my next machine I will buy some other supplier

We are more than happy to help with that Steve. Please call 866-564-2252 or email [email protected] and we can exchange that for you. I wasn't able to find your order with just your name.
steve murphy, 07/25/2017

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