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CPAP Prescription Package

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If you have been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and use your CPAP, but do not have a current prescription, you can renew your CPAP prescription from one of our licensed physicians in less than 2 business days!

Click here for a detailed overview of the CPAP Prescription Program.

This program is ideal for patients who have used CPAP therapy in the past and are away from home, urgently need supplies, or are in the middle of changing doctors. 

This product is a prescription only. CPAP machines and supplies are sold separately.


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 The Easy Breathe CPAP Prescription Package allows you to get a new CPAP prescription from one of our licensed physicians in less than 2 business days.  It doesn't matter if you're away from home, in between physicians, or don't have time for an office visit, we can help you go from a patient without a prescription to one with a prescription.  This prescription will allow you to purchase any CPAP mask, CPAP machine*, or CPAP supplies you want!

4 EASY Steps:

1. Purchase the CPAP Prescription Package

2. Within 1 business day we will email you a sleep apnea questionnaire.  Simply complete, sign and return electronically (no printing, no faxing is necessary)

3. One of our licensed physicians will review the questionnaire and write a prescription.  We'll notify you as soon as we have your RX

4. Choose your products. Purchase any CPAP mask, CPAP machine, or CPAP supplies


No Prescription = 100% Refund!  

If, for any reason, the physician can't sign a prescription, we will give you a 100% refund.

The CPAP Prescription Package is acceptable for CPAP supply insurance orders.  

We honor the CPAP Prescription Package for all supply insurance orders. However, we are unable to submit insurance claims if there is a CPAP or BiPAP machine in your order. Insurance carriers have a myriad of requirements for proving medical necessity for a machine. Frequently, this list of requirements includes a face-to-face examination by a physician.

If you would like to order from and use your insurance benefits, click here to have an representative check your insurance benefits and contact your doctor for a new prescription.

How to Sign the CPAP Prescription Questionnaire:



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Stephen C.
You get an auto cpap prescription without going to your doctor. Your machine will find the optimum pressure constantly. The main advantage is you do not need another sleep study. Myself and wife who also uses a cpap have went to auto cpap machines. Both of us prefer this than constant pressure. Stephen C., 10/18/2021
Joseph C.
Ronald B.
thumbs-up Ronald B., 03/17/2020
Rufus R.
Thank you Rufus R., 01/13/2020
It was very easy to get a prescription since I had already had one through a Dr years before. I would do it again if and when I need to. Elizabeth, 08/26/2020
Kevin M.
I've used my CPAP for about 10 years. I answered a few questions 100% honestly and the next day I had my CPAP prescription. It couldn't have been easier. I also had a promo code for a free prescription with my Airsense 10 so it didn't even cost me anything. Kevin M., 03/04/2020
Super easy and fast process KinG, 08/26/2019
The prescription package is so simple and quick. Much easier than trying to get an appointment with your doctor. BLove, 08/25/2019
Harry P
The process to obtain a prescription was quick and easy. Answer a few pertinent questions and then submit. Prescription arrived the next day! Harry P, 07/31/2019
The prescription package was easy and quick! I got a prescription within a day. I have been using a CPAP since 2006 and just wanted to get a travel CPAP. This was the perfect solution. I got my Resmed travel machine and love it. Deidre, 07/01/2019
The Prescription Package was easy! After I purchased it I filled out a simple questionnaire that was emailed to me. A day or two later I received an email with my prescription. It was worth the money to have this taken care of so easily. I am now using my AirMini with great results! Pam, 06/18/2019
I am very pleased with my new Air Sense 10 CPAP machine. It replaces and older model and is a lot easier to use and take care of.. I got the prescription package and that saved me the time taking another sleep study. my old machine died and in less than a week i had a new machine. BRUCE MICHALS, 06/12/2019
John Lou
I recently followed the RX procedure and bought an AirSense 10 AutoSet CPAP Machine with HumidAir. It is so simple and effective. I like it. John Lou, 06/08/2019
Used the Rx option because I didn't want to go through sleep study again. I was diagnosed 14 years ago. The DreamStation works like a charm and I am pleased with the entire process. Walt, 05/13/2019
I had a sleep study done in 2011 by a Doctor no longer with my medical group. I was able to get the Date of Service and Doctor's name and now without a visit I am able to order a new CPAP unit. My original CPAP my insurance company wanted over $400 upfront and $60 monthly to get a CPAP via my insurance. Buying the unit directly will pay for itself within a Year. Mike, 01/30/2019
Kristina Riley
I would use easybreathe's prescription package again in a heartbeat. It is that quick and easy to use without the hassle and expense of unnecessary doctor appointments and redone sleep studies. Kristina Riley, 01/30/2019
I had a sleep study done when I was in High School over 16 years ago. My CPAP decided to finally die and I needed to get another one. I ran into so many obstacles with not being able to get my old sleep study results because the facility only retained medical records for the 7 required years. Since I'd been a teen at the time, I hadn't asked for a copy. My current doctor told me I had to do a new sleep study which, after checking with my insurance, would cost around $2500 after them paying their share and then they would cover 80% of the CPAP machine. I didn't have that kind of money, so I did research and found this option. It is the most AMAZINGLY easy process I've ever experienced to get the prescription I needed. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this feature. I paid about $100 for the prescription and around $800 for the perfect CPAP machine instead of $2500 for the sleep study and the insurance rate of $200 for the CPAP. Even without being able to use insurance, this process is so much CHEAPER than going through the insurance company's hoops. I am very pleased with the outcome and will definitely be recommending this service to others. Lisa, 01/24/2019
Anthony Holmes
Super easy! Very happy with the whole process! Thank you! Anthony Holmes, 01/16/2019
I liked the fact I was able to get a prescription on line since I switched doctors and did not want to go through a sleep study test again. It was worth the money as it would have been the same a doctor charged. Marc, 12/28/2018
I have had a CPAP machine for 10 years. I have a Res Med Auto Set 10 but wanted a second one just for travel. I did not have time to go back to my Doctor for an Rx so I ordered it from you. It was quick and easy. I would do again without question. Ron, 12/15/2018
CPAP would not turn on so I needed to replace it quickly. Hadn't visited my doctor in years and knew it would take forever to get in to see him, new sleep study etc. This was a great option. Dave, 12/13/2018
Very ressonable price on your CPAP Prescription Package . Save the time of going to the doctor to get prescription . It was quick and fast to recive a prescription no line. Tod, 11/17/2018
When it came time for a new machine, everywhere I looked, everyone wanted a rx from a Dr. I already had a sleep study down and I know I need clap. Not wanting g to go through everything again, the opportunity to get a new machine without the hassle was great. Answer a few questions and after the review, everything was taken care of. Would definitely recommend this option. FRANK, 10/28/2018
Was very pleased. Everything was perfect. Thank you! Steve, 09/23/2018
Prescription Package
The Prescription Package is the ONLY way to go. I've been through the doctor referral, hospital sleep study, cpap setting study and study after study just to essentially get an air machine with a computer fan and silence baffling.

Don't mistake my over-simplification of the machine. Of course it's more than that, but like everything else the government does,it's way over-done and over-complicated.

Prescription Package, 09/19/2018
what is this for?
It was so easy to get my prescription! I just filled out some questions and they sent me my new machine and head gear within a week. It was packaged very nice and I am loving the quietness of the new machine. what is this for?, 07/14/2018
Edward L Poole Jr
The prescription package worked like a dream. It was very easy and got a great travel CPAP at a great price Edward L Poole Jr, 06/27/2018
As a long time cpap user, I found it easy & hassle free by using Easy Breathe to purchase a new machine at a good price. Gordon, 05/10/2018
Worked great!! Got the dream machine for travel and love it! Thank you for making the process a breeze. Chris, 04/07/2018
Valerie Ruedisueli
I was so surprised how fast and easy it was to get my new machine including the RX package! Usually takes forever calling MD going from front desk to nurse to doctor only to find our before he will ok a new RX. Then including a $50. co pay and waiting a few weeks, with a little luck , I get it. This order Friday New RX Saturday,In mail on Monday. Here on Thursday! WOW! Valerie Ruedisueli, 02/24/2018
As advertised. Quicker and easier than I would have guessed. All customer support and service was superb throughout the entire process. Victor, 02/21/2018
gene green
very good company to deal with gene green, 02/04/2018
I am very pleased with the RX feature. I had a cpap procedure completed 11 years ago and even though I still have the prescription all cpap companies needed a current RX. That meant I would have to go through the whole procedure again. Thanks for this feature it made all the difference. Garry, 01/26/2018
Worked great! Otherwise, I would have had to drive a long distance to see Drs. & get what I already knew I needed. Saved a lot of time and money. Thanks Easy Breathe! Love my new cpap. Sandi, 11/29/2017
This was the easiest and most convenient way to get my prescription.It was actually cheaper than taking off of work and going back to my ENT so that he could get his copay to write a stupid prescription to replace my broken machine. If you figure your time off without pay and fuel cost as well as the co-pay then it's much cheaper and I was able to get my replacement machine much quicker as I would have had to wait a few weeks to be able to take a day off from work. Great service period!!! Terry, 10/15/2017
I was diagnosed with sleep apnea 15 years ago. I am on my second CPAP machine but I have to unplug it to turn it off. My Doctor wanted me to another sleep study before prescribing a replacement machine, I decided to take advantage of the prescription package. It was quick and easy and I received my new Auto set CPAP machine in about a week and a half. Thank you Easy Breathe. Russ, 09/23/2017
Michael I
I've had sleep apnea since I was younger. I'm just genetically predisposed to snoring. I was diagnosed years ago and had a machine since 2006. After 10 years I decided to investigate the new technology. My healthcare provider wanted a whole new sleep study which was to me unnecessary and a waste of my precious time. I was able to get the Prescription Package. This was fast and very easy. I got the newest, state of the art machine in a couple of days. And boy am I glad I did. It is truly amazing and I now sleep like I haven't in years. I can track everything on my phone and I am happier than ever. It's nice to know I made a great decision. Michael I, 09/11/2017
Donna Sue Unger
I am so glad they offered the CPAP prescription package. In these complicated times, it was so nice to have an easy way to get my RX prescription. Donna Sue Unger, 08/17/2017
I didn't know what to expect when I ordered the prescription package with a new cpap but it was very easy. They sent me a form to fill out and the only difficult part was looking back through my paperwork to find the date of my original sleep apnea study and diagnosis. I emailed the completed form back and it was approved after being reviewed by a physician. I am thrilled to have a prescription good for 8 years at EasyBreathe. I had purchased masks here before but this is the first time I have needed a prescription. I am completely satisfied with the process. SLS, 08/14/2017
It was so easy to get a valid prescription. The entire process took less than 2 hours. Highly recommended John, 06/01/2017
I was so happy to get a prescription that didn't require me to renew it yearly. What a cost saver for people like me who's insurance has a high deductible and doesn't pay for this. Thanks so much! JJH, 05/19/2017
Michael A Frame
Great service for anybody, only problem I see is machine may not be set to proper settings. Michael A Frame, 05/13/2017
Received prescription quickly and was able to place order soon after.
Wonderful service. Thank you!
GK, 04/20/2017
Due to my company changing insurance companies almost every year we constantly have to change docs and you can imagine what that does to medical records trails! I didn't want the hassle of another sleep study and since I have a high deductible insurance I would have paid for everything out of pocket anyway. I purchased and received my prescription with no problems and placed the order for my new auto-CPAP and mask - all accomplished and delivered in about 2 weeks. Much better than dealing with insurance and being restricted on the machine and mask I was authorized to get. I would highly recommend this route to anyone that can use it and I was impressed that they actually offer good customer service which is rare these days. I was even given a discount code to use when I placed my equipment order online. rmj, 03/03/2017
Getting the CPAP through Easybreathe was simple straight forward and hassle free. I really enjoy dealing with this group. Also the prices are much cheaper for the same quality. Will continue to deal with Easybreathe. Thank you for providing this service.

PS. Much cheaper and simpler than Medicare and Health insurance.
David, 03/01/2017
Barry N Link
I moved from Chicago 3 years ago. The sleep doctor I had would not write a new prescription since I had not seen her in the last year. I saw a sleep doctor her in Ft Myers 2 years ago but he retired and never did a sleep study. Cannot order a new CPAP machine without a prescription. A real catch 22. The prescription program was a solution that was very simple. Thank you. Barry N Link, 02/20/2017
John L.
Finding myself suddenly without any health coverage to replace a broken cpap, these folks made it quick and easy to replace the unit, without having to start over with another sleep study. Thanks!!! John L., 02/19/2017
I thought when I purchased the prescription package it was going to be a slam dunk process...not quite...First try..signed up for the package but didn't hear anything..called after a couple of weeks to find out they had misspelled Hotmail so never received the questionnaire...second try...they sent me incorrect form..they sent the one for people that already had a CPAP machine...third try..they sent the correct form..I filled it out and sent it back...hadn't heard anything so I called...They said their software screwed up so they never received it and they would resend...fourth try...sent incorrect form gain....fith try..finally sent correct form and they did receive my completed questionnaire back...needless to say I haven't been impressed with their process so far..hope the actual purchasing & delivery of the equipment goes much smoother...only gave them one star cause couldn't go below that...

Dear Dave,

We are so sorry to hear you had a difficult experience. We sincerely apologize for the many mistakes. I assure you this is not normally how this process goes and we will be looking into the different issues and make sure the are prevented in the future. We would be happy to refund the CPAP Prescription Package cost and give you 15% off your future order. Please just get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. Again, we're so sorry for the poor quality of your experience as we will do whatever we can to make this right for you.
Dave, 02/17/2017
Ken Wright
I have been usinf the S9 for years and it seemed to stop a couple of times. I was happy with rhe CPAP S9, so I ordered another one. I needed a new RX so I order the package with the new RX. It was a godsend as I did not have to go to another sleep study. Ken Wright, 02/13/2017
Worked with several times now including using their prescription package and getting a new BiPAP machine. Simple, easy process and great follow-up support when I picked the wrong machine requiring my order to be adjusted. Great people and a great company that I will continue using for supplies. JJ, 01/23/2017
Finally took advantage of the Prescription Package to upgrade my worn out CPAP machine. My machine was still in use, albeit it was several years old, noisy, and not very user friendly. I moved outside of the County where I was originally diagnosed, and not only was it inconvenient to try to see the DR (long commute), in addition to my 10 hour work day, but I had not been happy with recent changes made at their facility. I was so happy to find an alternate resource that allowed me to upgrade my machine and purchase additional needs. I am very pleased with and their expedient customer service! My only complaint.... WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO MAKE USE OF THEIR SCRIPT PKG?!?! MM, 01/01/2017
I have used c-pap for over 10 years. Needed to replace old machine. Insurance wanted another sleep study. All I had to do was contact customer service about an automatic machine fill out questionnaire machine arrived within the weak and works great without the cost of sleep clinic. Roger, 12/26/2016
W Jackson
Good online support. Order received in a very reasonable time. Products received in good condition. Great for a person that is not going through insurance. W Jackson, 11/24/2016
The 'prescription package' was misleading. I assumed that it would include arrangements to obtain a prescription -- instead what I received was a detailed and very bureaucratic questionnaire that seemed to exclude me from the purchase. The people were nice and refunded my purchase, but it would have been nice to know about the ground rules beforehand. TB, 10/26/2016
If you are a Cpap user, you need to go further than right here. EasyBreathe has you covered from your Rx needs, to your Cpap device, mask, tubes, and filters. Never worry again. They got you covered! Alyce, 10/14/2016
James Drewry
I was looking at a real emergency (for me); my humidifier had broken, and my mask was damaged. I was looking at the next week with very little sleep (and what sleep I get wouldn't be comfortable). Easybreathe was able to expedite a prescription, and ship me not only a new humidifier, but a new mask (Dreamwear, which I like a LOT better than my old mask!). The process to get the prescription was very easy. Great customer service, and fast delivery. James Drewry, 10/12/2016
My doctor only has hours from 8-5 M-F. I don't work local so it would cause me to miss work and I get paid by the hour. This was easy and convenient for me. JHS, 09/29/2016
The prescription package saved me over $2500. The previous Dr. wanted me to do a whole new sleep study even though it is obvious from the data in my old cpap that it is working well. Thank you for providing this service. Both me and my wife got new CPAP machines as a result, so the actual savings were over $5000 on the prescriptions alone, add the savings of the CPAP machine itself, I saved a lot of money. The new machines work like a dream, we are very pleased! LS, 09/21/2016
Pam D
Fast and easy., and best of all - no return trips to a specialist with high co-pays!
Pam D, 08/24/2016
I love my new DreamWear nasal trough like mask. No piece to go inside of nose. It is light weight and very comfortable to wear .I am sleeping better as my old mask was very old. Leona, 08/12/2016
Peter D.
Bought CPAP for Florida condo. Easiest process which included the prescription.
Great price along with customer follow up. I would recommend purchasing the SoClean cleaning device, as it has made a huge difference in the cleaning process.
Peter D., 07/28/2016
Ordered on Saturday & had everything by the following Friday, order was shipped correctly and everything was in working condition. I replaced an old CPAP I had had since 1999 and can already feel the difference in my sleeping pattern plus the mask I ordered and headgear is the most comfortable fitting of any I've ever used. Robert, 07/27/2016
The CPAP Prescription program was a breeze. They make it completely user friendly and I recommend it highly. They deliver, end of story. Dave, 07/26/2016
Great service and product. Needed machine and prescription quickly for an upcoming trip. Bought it by phone. Your reps were terrific. Rick, 07/26/2016
Great product very convenient. Awesome choices Rpierce, 07/14/2016
Great experience, as always. The prescription package is a simple form with a few basic questions. It was easy to complete, easy to submit, and hardly any wait time before we were a go. Bruce, 07/13/2016
After using CPAP for years and going thru process very pleased to use the easy breathe process, about hour and half in my case. I travel some so a big bonus. Happy to skip being infected by sick patients in my EENT waiting room after waiting for weeks for appt. James, 07/07/2016
I purchased CPAP pack and a new CPAP. After being apprehensive about the price, I decided to take the plunge. I received the package for free due to a special offer; and received my new CPAP about a week later and started using the same night. It is so much smaller than previous model. My CPAP rx was over 5 years old and my physician had retired. This was so much easier than finding a new physician and possibly having to do another sleep study and in the end way cheaper. Thank Easy Breathe. Larry, 07/07/2016
Tom D
This was greatest way to achieve my goals. A new Z1Auto and Masks without all the Doctors, Sleep Studies & Insurance Hassles. Obviously my needs were met with the most hassle free experience. Thank God your program exist. Tom D, 07/05/2016
After fighting with the supplier that had my Rx to get a new machine, they would not give it to me and were forcing me to go through the whole study again. (they give the study and sell the high priced machines, go figure) One call and everything was taken care of, overnight shipping too. Cheaper than using my insurance. Well worth it. Thanks guys. Tim, 06/23/2016
Richard Sayles
Very displeased to be told only after committing the hundred dollars for the package that insurance would not apply. I did get a refund of the cost of package but feel it's unfair to withhold disclosure of no insurance until after initial commitment. Richard Sayles, 06/19/2016
Bill L
Easy to deal with and good prices. A little slow shipping, but not terrible. Customer service is excellent. Bill L, 06/03/2016
Richard Morales
Thank you for helping me sleep better. My mask was broken and I had not slept in days you guys really helped me. Richard Morales, 05/29/2016
Your prescription service is great! Wasn't looking forward to the inconvenience and time spent in another sleep study. Your service is fast and convenient. Well worth the investment. Rick, 05/27/2016
Using the prescription service was quick and easy. Much quicker than trying to get my prescription information from back East since it was about 5 years old and I had switched primary care physicians for my sleep apnea stuff. And probably saved me a few bucks since the physician charged an arm and a leg the last time I visited. Dennis, 04/19/2016
Prescription service was great. Quick turnaround to get the materials I needed saved the day. Mutiple moves made getting my original prescription information almost impossible and this service came through big time Rich, 01/04/2016
The prescription package was extremely simple and easy to use. I am greatly impressed by how fast and hassle-free the process was! JC, 01/02/2016
Maria Rojas
I was very pleased with the customer service experience with Easy Breathe, both on the phone and on the online chat service. Very knowledgeable people, patient and willing to help me find the right equipment for my mom, who is out of the country and I needed to make sure that whatever was shipped was exactly what she needed. It was and she and I can't be happier. Thank you for making this purchase so easy for me and for giving me peace of mind during all the process. Maria Rojas, 01/02/2016
Haven't slept this good in a long time ever since I got my new machine from you guys thanks for the fast service Kevin, 12/31/2015
Simple and quick. They delivered what was ordered at a reasonable price. Tom, 12/31/2015
Although the prescription package saved a few dollars on equip; I was not aware that it didn't qualify to submit to my insurance. I purchased because I felt it was easier to deal with an online company than the supplier that holds my prescription. Overall it really wasn't a necessary purchase and I would not recommend anyone to buy it. Gary, 12/31/2015
Prescription package saved me from another horror show stay at the sleep clinic. Got my ResMed Auto Sense 10 and mask promptly and it's working extremely well.
Highly recommended!
Rob, 12/31/2015
William Lafferty
Was looking for a travel CPAP machine and had decided to get the Z1 auto but needed a script. Your on line prescription service solved the problem. William Lafferty, 12/31/2015
Obtaining my CPAP prescription was so convenient and easy. I could not ask for an easier process. Cristin, 12/31/2015
Very convenient and got exactly what I needed. It was way easier than dealing with all the BS from my insurance company and med supplier. I think getting supplies online is cheaper than my copay, coinsurance, and deductible. The nice thing would be if I could get a hard copy of my script for travel (you never know how nitpicky TSA will be).

Hi Lindsey,

Send an email to [email protected] and we can email you a copy to print or mail you a hard copy. Thanks for your feedback!

Easy Breathe
Lindsey, 12/30/2015
R. B.
This is a great service for anybody. R. B., 12/30/2015
Gary M
I am very satisfied with the support package. Gary M, 12/30/2015
Very pleased with the prescription package and the Z Auto pap machine I purchased here as well. Great service! Linda, 12/14/2015
Received my Cpap prescription with no hassles. Mary, 12/13/2015
Very convenient ! If you want to save time (or even money) this package would work. Geno, 12/13/2015
Worked great, on line support and phone help great!!!!!IMPRESSED. Did what they said they would do. NG, 11/21/2014

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