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CPAP Tubing - Gray

$13.99 to $15.99
Retail Price: $35.00 - You Save 54.31%
Sunset Healthcare Solutions | SKU: TUB06

This standard tubing is compatible with most machines and masks. Looking for a non-standard tube size? This tube can vary in length from 18 inches to up to 10 feet.

Recommended replacement schedule: Once every 3 months.

The more you buy...
Qty Price (per unit)
1 $15.99
2 - 3 $14.99
4+ $13.99
... the more you save!


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This 6-foot tube is 19 mm in diameter with 22 mm rubber ends. It is standardized to fit with most CPAP and BiLevel machines. It is recommended to replace your tubing every 3 months to maintain optimal function and avoid infection.

Looking for a non-standard tube size? We have a complete selection of CPAP tubes beyond the standard 6-foot 22mm tube:

18 inches
2 feet
4 feet
6 feet
7 feet
8 feet
9 feet
10 feet



You should clean your tube daily with warm water and mild soap. Position one end of the tube directly under a faucet to rinse thoroughly after using soap. After cleaning, it is best to let the tube dry completely. Our CPAP Tube cleaning brush will help make sure that your tubing is clean and avoid dirt and mold buildup inside the tube.

Gary Brown
I love the fact that you can get tubing in different lengths. I have the 8 foot tubing and the added length makes my sleep night much more comforting. I am not constantly moving tubing around during the night. The extra length allows me to move around without worrying about moving the tubing. I highly recommend this tubing especially the ones that are longer. I might even try a 10 foot one in the future, but I am totally happy with the 8 foot one that I currently have and use nightly.....Thank-You for allowing me to comment on one of your products. Easy Breath is a wonderful place to get any and all of your C-PAP or Vi-PAP supplies and ANYTHING you order comes quickly, and is ALWAYS sealed and clean...It is a GREAT place!!!!!!! I HIGHLY recommend Easy Breath to Anyone looking for not only supplies, but NEW machines as well and they work with your insurance(s) so you don't have to fill out anything......GREAT JOB!!! Gary Brown, 10/06/2014


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