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DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced with Humidifier

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Respironics (Philips) | SKU DSX520H11C

The DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP delivers full comfort and advanced features for CPAP therapy in a compact machine. It detects your breathing and automatically adjusts pressure while giving you humidification to provide you with a comfortable night of sleep.


The DreamStation 2 is on BACKORDER. This will be in stock for shipment in 2-4 months.

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Product Features:

  • Compact Design
  • Easy-to-Use Touchscreen
  • Ramp Plus
  • Integrated Humidifier

Compact Design

The DreamStation 2 boasts a small footprint as it is 29% smaller and 2.5% lighter than its predecessor (DreamStation). The size and shape makes it a great option for both home use and travel.

Easy-To-Use Touchscreen

Easily access and adjust comfort settings at the touch of a finger on the vibrant touchscreen. 

Ramp Plus

Great for those that are uncomfortable falling asleep to higher pressures, Ramp Plus allows control over the ramp pressure. Specify the pressure you'd like the machine to provide during the ramp period, and when it completes it will start normal therapy pressures. If an event occurs during the ramp period that requires higher pressure, the machine will increase automatically.

Integrated Humidifier

Unlike other full sized CPAP machines, this machine comes with a more compact humidifier. 

What's in the Box?

  • Auto-Adjusting CPAP Machine
  • Integrated Heated Humidifier
  • Water Chamber
  • Standard Tube Included (Heated Tube available separately)
  • Power Supply and Cord
  • Travel Bag/Carrying Case
  • Disposable Filter
  • User Manual

Product Specifications:

Weight Machine with Water Chamber: 2.29 lbs

Dimensions Machine with Water Chamber (inches): 10.78 L x 6.24 W x 3.34 H

Machine Sound Level: 27 dB(A)

Machine Warranty: 2 Years

Patient Weight: Greater than 66 lbs

Cleaning Instructions

The chamber should be taken apart and hand washed weekly using warm water and a mild detergent. It should be rinsed well and allowed to air dry out of direct sunlight. The chamber should not be washed in a dishwasher or washing machine. The hose should be washed in the same manner and allowed to completely dry out of direct sunlight. The exterior of the machine should be wiped down with a dry cloth.

Travel Instructions

When using your device on an airplane, make sure the water tub is completely empty and inserted into your device. Do not use your device with water in the tub during air travel to avoid the risk of water inhalation and spillage during turbulence. Ensure humidification is turned off. Ensure Airplane Mode is enabled.

Add a Product Review

My replacement Dream Station 2 arrived ready to use. Works well but the design is not good. Joining other reviewers in disliking the water reservoir which is awkward to handle, hard to refill and virtually useless. I have used a Cpap for twenty years and rely on it. I am quite deaf so the opinion of other family members is that it is too noisy. I would like a little longer hose and a swivel connection. mwf, 01/28/2023
Received as part of the Dreamstation recall. Works wonderfully, but remember, a "more compact humidifier" means a lower capacity humidifier. Keith, 11/21/2022
A quick www search will tell you what users think of this product. It does the job, but the water tank is definitely going to break with routine use. The design is “planned obsolescence” at its finest. Also the 1x1.5 inch touch screen is not user friendly. It’s too small to see at night, and it’s VERY hard to use. It’s small size and poor touch screen result in 3 to 5 presses to get it to respond. A larger, more responsive screen on the side (rather than the top) would be easier to see when laying down. This screen requires you to sit up, put on glasses, and poke it repeatedly to use.

The Bluetooth application is also less than useful. It is slow to connect, and doesn’t offer more info than the tiny watch-sized display panel.

I’d like to see a greater degree of flex settings as well.

On the positive side, it is small, and quite. The tubing is long enough. I can’t comment on the heater since I don’t have that option.
Nube, 10/25/2022
I received my Dream Station 2 in exchange for my old machine. It was ready to go right out of the box. The only thing I find difficult is opening the lid to put water in the humidifier ,I'm always afraid I'm going to break it. Pj, 10/16/2022
replacement for recalled dream station . leaves afunny taste and smell. and louder. ds, 06/10/2022
Harry Fogle
The DreamStation 2 is a true upgrade from previous version. Highly recommend this machine. Harry Fogle, 05/02/2022
This was a replacement for the recalled Dream Station. Pros: Very quiet and relatively easy to clean. I like that the humidifier reservoir comes apart for easy cleaning . Cons: Hose detachment from machine is difficult. Water level mark on reservoir is hard to read and the machine display screen can’t be seen while lying down. TJH, 03/27/2022
Sad User
This is the replacement for the dreamstation that was recalled due to cancer causing insulation. The new machine is terrible. Water chamber difficult to clean.
Lid to water chamber held in place by two plastic hooks. I have been a c pap
user for 15 years and this is the worse machine I have ever used. It gave me
headaches. I have gone back to an old machine.
Sad User, 01/30/2022
Received Dream Station 2 in exchange for old machine. Works well easy to use out of the box. Only needed to make a couple of changes. BJ, 12/25/2021
Dream Station2auto
Have been using a CPap for 20 years. Got a Dream Station2 Auto after the recall last summer. It is vastly inferior to the Philips C Paps I have had in the past. Very disappointed. Dream Station2auto, 12/22/2021
Crappy Design
Overall I like the machine. It's a bit smaller than my Phillips machine that had the recall and it's quieter. However, there are 2 areas that are horrible with this new machine. Where you hook your hose on this new machine is stationary and doesn't swivel like the old machine. And OMG, I do not know who designed the water container, but it's awful. With the old machine, it was very simple, lift the lid, the container was right there and easy to lift out and put back. With the new machine, you have to delicately slide the entire water container off the machine, trying not to spill the water. Then the lid has to be taken completely off (it's not on a hinge), fill the water container, try to get the lid back on correctly, then try to correctly seat the water container and slide it back onto the machine without spilling the water, which is pretty close to impossible. Very poor design and I can only guess that this was in their rush to replace their other cancer causing CPAP units that so many of us were using. Crappy Design, 11/02/2021

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