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DreamWear Full Face Mask with Headgear

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Respironics (Philips) | SKU 1133380

With the freedom and comfort of DreamWear Full Face, you can sleep how you want. DreamWear’s innovative design prevents red marks, discomfort, and irritation on the nose bridge. This mask allows you to wear glasses, read, or watch TV before bed due to its unobstructed view.


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Product Features 

  • Freedom of Movement  
  • Under the nose Full Face cushion  
  • Open Design   
  • Soft Flexible Frame  
  • Modular Design for More Options  

Freedom of Movement  

The DreamWear mask is the only full face mask on the market with the tubing connection at the crown of the head. This allows you to sleep comfortably in any position.   

Under the nose full face cushion  

Innovative design avoids sensitive areas on the bridge of the nose  

Open Design  

Wear glasses, read and watch TV before bed. The open design of the DreamWear provides an unobstructed field of vision. 

Soft Flexible Frame

The Frame is made of a light, flexible material designed for comfort. Unique design allows airflow through the frame to help patients sleep comfortably. 

Modular Design for More Options

Easily switch between full face, nasal and gel pillow cushions. 

What's in the Box?  

  • Frame 
  • Elbow Connector
  • Full Face Cushion 
  • Headgear with Magnetic Clips


Mask frame is interchangeable with full face, nasal, and gel pillows.   


Silicone, Polycarbonate, Polyurethane foam, Nylon, Spandex, Polyester

Other Specifications

  • Sound Level: 17dBA
  • Operating Pressure: 4-30 cm H2O


The DreamWear Full Face Mask follows the same sizing as the DreamWear Nasal Mask. Not sure which size to get? Take a look at our sizing template below!

Sizing Guide for DreamWear Full Face Mask


Cleaning Instructions

To clean your mask please hand wash with warm water and mild detergent. Make sure that you rinse thoroughly and allow the mask to air dry completely before use. The headgear and tubing should be hung up to dry. The DreamWear is safe to use in a CPAP Sanitizer machine (i.e. SoClean 2, or VirtuClean). 

Mask Disassembly 

Please note that the DreamWear full face cushion is tightly attached to the mask frame. In order to dissasemble your mask you will need to squeeze the point of attachment (where the arrows line up) and then pull the frame away from the cushion. The attachment will loosen over time, making it easier to dissaemble the mask in the future. 

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Mask does not maintain seal on movement. Requires a low air setting, and a very tight fit in order to minimize the leaks. One must adjust the mask multiple times during the night. The incoming hose at the top of the head, causes a problem with the side delivery system which means that one cannot sleep on one's side. Unbelievable the amount of money they receive for a badly engineered product. Jennifer, 12/08/2018
The only thing I like about this mask is the tube connection at the top of the head. If you sleep on your back and don't flip at all... this is probably the right mask for you. When you turn your head to the side at all, it disrupts the seal. It WILL make you feel claustrophobic!! I had to pull it off quickly several times because I couldn't catch my breath. I spent good money to wake up and cry every night. Beth, 11/30/2018
I like the mask if it would seal! I even ask dr to turn down air pressure because I thought maybe 22 was to high. but it still leak in more than one spot and I wish they made a better headband cin, 11/26/2018
I am new to CPAP. I am claustrophobic so I tried this mask. I love it compared to the other ones that I tried. It is very light and I feel wonderful. I love that the tube attachment is on the top that allows me to move from side to side freely. I have minimal issues with leaking. My sleep scores have been great! I would not think of getting a different mask. Thanks DreamWear ……. Kay, 10/20/2018
This mask does not work on any level for me. The tube attachment on top of the head is terrible as it gets caught on the headboard. The side tubes sweat on the face and close when you sleep on the side. It is also impossible to keep the mask on under the nose any time I move my upper lip and air is always escaping. Bad
MaryAnn, 10/18/2018
Hard to keep it with a good seal. Might be OK for back sleeper but they said it was good for side sleeper I find that not to be the case. As the air hose comes in at the top of the head it fills the air on each side of your face so as you turn to sleep on your side you’re cutting off the air on that side of the tubing that runs through that side of your face. I fine even with forcing myself to stay on my back I will wake up feeling like I I am suffocating Janelle, 10/16/2018
I'm new to cpap..have to switch to bipap because high pressure. I have try half dozen different mask and this one is the one I choose. I have had to work with it when I first get into bed but I can tell when seal is good. I'm a back sleeper. Only one request a quick release on hose. Mary, 10/04/2018
Best mask i have ever had! Been using cpap for 3 years & this is the first mask that really works for me. Finally feeling better using this mask! Doreen, 10/04/2018
Nothing but problems
Leaks very easily. Would be ok for a back-sleeper who doesn't move much I suppose. My biggest problem is that it doesn't have a check-valve type flap to keep your exhaled breath from going back through the tubing, so you are continually re-breathing your air, making it feel like you are slowly suffocating. Nothing but problems, 09/05/2018
Love the Dreamwear nasal mask, but this face piece does not fit my face right..I take a small nasal pillow but this small mouthpiece leaks around the cheeks, and the med is too big. Cannot seem to get it adjusted right. sheshe, 09/04/2018
A great mask
I really like this one i got it THE DAY it was released about 4 months ago and while it took awhile to get it adjusted right it works well now i did seem fo find that it runs a little on the large side and that may be why some are having problems ive used a large everyrmthing in the past and with this i use the med pieces with no problems A great mask, 08/11/2018
[email protected]
I've had my full face dream wear for about a week now and I just love it!! I can turn over With out my mask interfering with my "turning. Its great!!! I sleep great! [email protected], 08/10/2018
m[email protected]
I find it very difficult to get a comfortable fit to breath out the nose.
I felt constructive and have gone back to an old mask.
Too much adjusting to make it work.
[email protected], 07/29/2018
I was impressed with the hose attaching at the top of the head. The hose did not wrap around my neck. I had a good night's sleep. Mickey, 07/10/2018
I love this product...however, the design makes it so the base of the straps sits at the back of the neck and head and creates sore muscles. My neck is stiff in the mornings and after a few months I have a chronic neck muscles soreness a Dr stiffness. When I went back to my old mask and headgear it resolved. I different sewing for the placement of straps in the back is highly recommended! Tonya, 07/10/2018
Comfortable at first but if you move at all it slips out of place. Also becaus the air tubes run down the side of your face if you lay on the side of your head you’ll hear a high-pitched squeal as the Air tries to flow through the tube. I got NO sleep. Terrible, 05/18/2018

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