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What is our Easy Sleep Apnea
Test Package?*

Our Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package is an EASY solution to see if you have OSA and see if CPAP Therapy is right for you.

The Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package allows you to get tested in the comfort of your own home in the fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost vs. getting tested in a sleep lab.

Our home testing equipment provides you with a clear diagnosis and effective reports that meet American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) definitions for hypopnea scoring guidelines. 

It doesn't matter if you're in between physicians, don't have time for an office visit, or just hate the idea of going to a sleep lab, we can get you a diagnosis and, if medically necessary, a prescription for the CPAP therapy products you need!

The service is $399.99 (compared to an average of $2,835 at sleep labs) and includes an evaluation by a licensed physician, the home sleep test and an interpretation of the test results by a board-certified sleep doctor.

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Four EASY Steps to Getting Your Sleep Apnea Diagnosis
 Easy Sleep Test Package Process


Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package Details



·         Customer purchases the Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package from Easy Breathe


·         Easy Breathe emails Customer a sleep apnea questionnaire by the next business day


·         Customer completes, signs and returns the sleep apnea questionnaire electronically


·         Consulting Physician reviews the questionnaire and determines whether to prescribe a home sleep test for the Customer.  Note: If Consulting Physician does not prescribe a home sleep test for any reason, Easy Breathe will issue a full refund to Customer


·         Home Sleep Test Contractor contacts Customer to give verbal instructions for taking test and ships home sleep test to Customer’s home


·         Customer takes the home sleep test in the comfort of the Customer’s own home


·         Home Sleep Test Contractor provides 24/7 customer service phone support in case the Customer has any questions on taking the home sleep test


·         Customer returns the home sleep test device in a pre-paid return envelope


·         Sleep Doctor reviews home sleep test results and provides written interpretation of the home sleep test results


·         Easy Breathe forwards home sleep test results and the Sleep Doctor’s interpretation of the results to Consulting Physician


·         Consulting Physician determines whether it is medically necessary for the Customer to undergo CPAP Therapy. Based on the results of the Customer's home sleep test, the Consulting Physician, solely at their discretion, may require a phone or video based conversation with the Customer



The entire Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package process takes as little as one week depending on the shipping option chosen for the home sleep test. 


*RESTRICTIONS: This package is only available to individuals located in the continental U.S. between 18 and 65 years of age who are not on oxygen. This package is not available to residents of Texas, due to statutes and regulations that restrict telemedicine relationships.




INSURANCE POLICY:  The Easy Sleep Apnea Test is not billable to insurance. The prescription for equipment obtained through the package cannot be used to bill your supplies through insurance.  If you'd prefer to use your insurance for a home sleep test, please review our Home Sleep Test Rental




Defined Terms Used Above



Home Sleep Test Contractor – Entity contracted with Easy Breathe to provide shipping, fulfillment and interpretation services for home sleep tests


Customer – The individual wishing to purchase the Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package

Consulting Physician – One of Easy Breathe’s licensed U.S. physicians

Sleep Doctor – A licensed physician who is board-certified in Sleep Medicine 

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