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Ultra CPAP Tubing

Easy Breathe | SKU EBTUB

Brighten up your CPAP therapy with the first ever colored CPAP tubes! These non-heated, 6-ft long tubes are universally compatible with all CPAP and BiLevel machines. Reinforced rubber cuffs prevent the cuff from separating from the tube. Made in the USA. 

Available in 6 vibrant colors: Blue
Black, OrangeYellowPurple, and Pink


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 Product Features

  • 6 Colors to Choose From
  • Slimline Tube
  • Increased Durability
  • Lighweight
  • Standard 6-foot Hose
  • Near-Universal Compatibility

6 Colors to Choose From

Bring color into your CPAP Therapy with Ultra CPAP Tubing! Choose your favorite color of our high-performance tubes which come in Orange, Blue, Black, Yellow, Purple, and Pink.


Our ultra-thin slimline tubes are only 15mm in diameter and will ensure that you get the same high-quality performance but with less bulky tubes

Increased Durability

Our Ultra CPAP Tubing is stronger and more durable than ever with reinforced cuffs, so you can worry less about your equipment and more about getting the proper CPAP therapy to keep you going


The new Ultra CPAP Tubing weighs in at just over 3 ounces, making it one of the lightest tubes on the market

Standard 6-foot Hose

The Ultra CPAP Tubes come in the standard length of 6 feet, ensuring that it is easy to use for all CPAP users and their preferred CPAP Machine

Near-Universal Compatibility

The New Ultra CPAP Tubing can be used with your preferred CPAP Machine and Mask, ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to get the highest-quality CPAP tube on the market (exception: cannot be used with ResMed’s AirMini CPAP Machine)



What's In the Box?

  • Slimline CPAP Tube in the color of your choice


This tubing has standard sized 22mm cuffs that are compatible with all CPAP Masks and Machines. 


Slimline Tube - 15mm diameter with 22 mm cuffs. 6ft in length


Free of Latex, Pthalates, BPA and tissues of Animal Origin


Cleaning Instructions

It is recommended to clean your tube daily with warm water and mild soap. Position one end of the tube directly under a faucet to rinse thoroughly after using soap. After rinsing, make sure to let the tube dry completely. Our CPAP Tube Cleaning Brush will help remove dirt and prevent mold buildup inside the tube. 

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David P M.
Simply would not purchase again. Felt it was not worth them money. David P M., 01/04/2021
Cindy M.
Love these colors, brightens up my night. Cindy M., 03/08/2020
Greetings, As a Bi-PaP user for the last 20+ years, I want to agree with Justin and his post below. This is about the most simple, straightforward product that there could be.. It is a colored tube! That’s it!

My only issue:
I was really excited to get a new tube and I was about to order the blue one, when I realized that this product is not compatible with a heated tube CPaP /Bi-PaP (Air-Curve V-auto). Please look into adding the heated tubing option. I will try to be the first one to order one!
Sleepy, 07/10/2022
Justin R
I didn't purchase this product, but I felt it necessary to review it to offset David P M. This is a tube.... And it's colored. I'm not sure what expectations you could possibly have going into this purchase. The price is clearly there, and it's got one function, to be a tube (that also happens to be colored). This person's expectations are mind boggling Justin R, 01/17/2022
I bought the blue tubing. It's great, light-weight, seems slimmer and more flexible. Really good for movement by a busy sleeper, yet firm enough, more than does the job. I am purchasing another. The ends are secure and provides universal fit as promised. Terrific price for excellent quality. Veronica, 04/17/2019

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