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Mirage™ FX Mask with Headgear

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ResMed | SKU 62103

The perfect balance of lightweight design and simplicity, the Mirage™ FX is effortless and effective, for exceptional comfort through the night. With its compact, ultra-light frame and ultra-soft headgear, patients will love its openness and comfort.

To buy this mask without a prescription, please purchase the following items:

Mirage FX Mask System without Headgear ($78.00)

Mirage FX Replacement Headgear ($31.00)


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Noticeably light weight and easy to disassemble for cleaning, the Mirage FX was designed with the user in mind. With fewer contact points, a softer headgear, and a balanced pressure design this mask takes a step forward in comfort.

Only 4 parts. The Mirage FX minimalistic design only has four parts to make cleaning and maintenance easy: the headgear, the frame, the cushion, and the quick-squeeze elbow.

Butterfly Wing Forehead Support. The forehead support is designed to easily flex to the needed position for a better fit. This design also only allows the headgear and not the plastic to come in contact with the skin.

Squeeze-Tab Elbow. This design is a long time coming for CPAP masks. The squeeze-tab elbow makes connecting and disconnecting the hose to the mask a breeze. Just squeeze the sides of the elbow to release the hose. No more worrying about finding the right clips in the middle of the night.

Dual-wall, Spring Air™ Cushion. This cushion is designed to provide even air pressure distribution through all sides in order to reduce pressure points. The cushion also provides extra softness for the bridge of the nose.

Diffused Vent Design. The air vents are designed for quiet and gentle air diffusion to reduce noise and discomfort for a bed partner.

SoftEdge™ Headgear. The headgear is soft to the touch and is designed to help provide a fit through the night.

For Her Version. This mask also comes in a "For Her" version. The Mirage FX for Her Nasal CPAP Mask includes a smaller, pink colored headgear. Choose from size small or standard when purchasing the Mirage FX for Her. The small cushion is not compatible with the frame that fits the standard and wide cushion. Click here to view the Mirage FX For Her Mask with headgear

What's in the Box?




Cushion: Silicone

Nylon Frame: Silicone

Nylon Elbow: Nylon Polypropylene

Thermoplastic Elsatomer Headgear: Nylon / Lycra; Polyurethane Foam


The size Standard Mirage FX does not have any indicating part numbers or letters on the mask. However, the size Wide has a "W" on the cushion. The small cushion is not compatible with the frame that fits the standard and wide cushion.

Where can I find the size?

The size of the nasal cushion is embossed on the bottom of the nasal cushion. The size of the mask frame is indicated with black letters on the left side of the mask frame. The tiny letters are located near the edge of the mask frame.

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Paula Mather
I had tried several masks. This is the best for me. Put it on a was able to sleep all night. Paula Mather, 01/24/2019
During my sleep study, this is the mask I was given to try. I had no problems. When I finally got my own machine I used this mask and on the second night, I slept 8.5 hours. No issues during my sleep, I woke up once to use the restroom then right back to sleep. The next morning I had more energy that I've had in months. Highly recommend this mask. Dennis, 03/14/2018
I have used a lot of masks but this is the "one" for me. It very comfortable and I can easily shift it around when I change positions in bed. I tend to sleep on my side but sometimes I am restless and turn a lot. I don't have problems with leaking or anything with this mask. It doesn't rub or make my face sore at all. Marion, 09/03/2017
The vertical bar own front is a problem for me. I fall asleep more easily watching television. The bar gets in the way of viewing. Plus I wear eyeglasses, and have to remove the mask in order to remove my them to go to sleep. If you are going right to sleep, this mask is okay. Otherwise... Robin, 07/29/2017
Best mask I have used by far. Not to mention, very affordable. Eric, 01/07/2016
butch dockery
I use the mirage fx. Totally love mine. Good fit,and liteweight butch dockery, 04/20/2015
I have tried a number of masks and nasal pillows. The silicon in most irritated my nose. I was given the ResMed Mirage FX at one of my sleep studies. It has been the best product I have used. It is lightweight and easy to wear. I highly recommend this mask. Kevin, 03/12/2014

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