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AirFit F20 Replacement Cushion

ResMed | SKU 63467 63468 63469

Replacement cushion for the AirFit F20 and the AirFit F20 for Her. 

The InfinitySeal™ cushion is specially-designed to adapt to different facial features and sleep positions throughout the night, while providing a reliable seal.


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Gary S.
this is the most unconfortable cushion i've had i thought it was the same memoryfoam cushion that i purchased with the headgear i used one last night i had to remove it and use the memory foam cushion byer beware Gary S., 06/06/2020
Kathleen S.
Great fit Kathleen S., 02/26/2020
I have used the F20 for over 4 years, when I first started I was on cpap and had a lot of leakage. I was switched to bipap a 2 years ago and the leakage isn't as much of a problem because the exhale pressure is less so you aren't pushing the cushion away from your face. I have never had a cushion to tear. Diana, 05/22/2022
Todd O.
First of all it does NOT seal in all sleeping positions. And after a couple weeks of use, it becomes so loose that it is hard to get a good seal. But most of all it is way over priced. Perfect example of price gouging. Todd O., 10/30/2019
Use it with a cloth cover
I have been using the AirFit F 20 for almost a year.
I use it with a cloth cover which helps the snugness and comfort. It also seems to keep it in good shape. No tears
Use it with a cloth cover, 08/23/2019
I'm not yet at the 3 week mark, and my mask has torn already near the nose. It looks like a common theme in these reviews. Comfort isn't bad, but $54 every 3 weeks is going to be an issue. Dave, 10/09/2018
I have used the Airfit F20 and mine tore a few weeks after use. I tried the one with the foam cushion and it tore at well. The mask does not work if it has a leak. Mine tore near the nose area. These definitely need to be made stronger to last longer. At $54-$59 a piece, you would expect a better quality. NIck, 03/26/2018
K Lilley
Loving the new CPAP
However, the laytex that surrounds the cushion is very delicate at the bridge of your nose (no cushion at that part, only the laytex).
Be careful yours doesn't tear!
K Lilley, 02/26/2018
Love it, very comfortable Gerry, 12/28/2017
My first one ripped after 6 weeks- the silicone mask worked great until the rip. Hope it was a defective part and not a standard problem for future parts Cheryl, 11/14/2017
I was hoping this mask would be better than the last one I had. Very disappointed leaked more than the other one. Unless you have it strapped so tight to your face that it hurts, it will leak and make flapping noises all night. Laura, 11/09/2017
The Airfit F20 Cushion works great for me. I have tried all other full face cushions that are available and they leaked air under my eyelids and around other areas of the cushions. I move around a lot while asleep and sleep on both sides as well as my back. I am a mouth-breather and have to use a full mask. I am very grateful that I now get a good night's rest. Joe, 02/08/2017

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