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Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow Mask with Headgear

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Fisher & Paykel | SKU 400421

Weighing in as one of our lightest nasal pillow masks, the F&P Pilairo Q is light on the patient and big on performance. The clever design integrates a new self-inflating AirPillow Seal and minimalist headgear. As a result, the patient experiences freedom of movement coupled with stability they can trust. A new adjustable headgear is included with this mask system.


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Product Features:

  • AirPillow Seal
  • Multiple Headgear Options
  • Q Cover
  • Simple, Lightweight Frame

AirPillow Seal

Unlike traditional nasal pillows, the AirPillow Seal is 3D contoured with fine Variable Thickness Silicone (VTS), self-inflating to create an effective yet gentle double seal into and around the nose.  This AirPillow Seal is highly flexible and able to move in any direction without compromising the seal.

Multiple Headgear Options

This mask assembly comes with two different headgear styles: stretchwise and adjustable.  The minimal stretchwise headgear automatically adjusts to the wearer for a quick and easy fit, while the adjustable headgear is designed to fit a greater range of head sizes and enables sizing adjustment to your own personal preferences. 

Q Cover

The Q Cover on the Pilairo Q mask uses a diffuser filter system to vent exhaled air while still remaining quiet and preventing draft on you or your partner.  

Simple, Lightweight Frame

This low-profile frame is stable, durable, and small, and ensures a clear line of sight so you can comfortably read or watch TV before you sleep.  The delivery tube is lightweight and flexible, designed to minimize pressure and reduce mask pull. 

What’s in the Box?

  • Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow Mask without Headgear
  • AirPillow Seal
  • Pilairo Q Stretchwise Headgear
  • Pilairo Q Adjustable Headgear
  • Q Elbow Cover and Diffuser
  • 5 Extra Diffuser Filters

Product Specifications:

Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel

Mask Release Year: 2012

Quick-Release Headgear: Yes

Quick-Release Swivel: Yes

Magnets: No

Weight of Mask Assembly: 1.83 ounces (52 grams)


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Had the Resmed nasal pillows before my insurance switched to this product. I liked the idea of it inflating around your nose to be fitted but always had irritation around my nostril. Also the hose is shorter and the fitting is heavier which makes it pull at the mask then dislodging it. Rob, 12/29/2018
I liked the mask, the problem with it is during the night it comes apart the nose piece comes off of the frame. You have to keep pushing the nose part down around the frame to tighten it up or it would come completely apart then you have to wake up put it back together and then go back to sleep and this became annoying. David, 11/13/2018
I love this mask! I have one for the house and one for the camper and when I travel. It is quiet and fits well. It moves around with you when turning in bed without dislodging (once it is adjusted properly). The pillows fit well to my nose and do not irritate it. Once it is stretched a bit, the pillow will come away from the frame and leak as well as the headgear will need to be readjusted. I find that when it has stretched to these points, it is well beyond when it should have been replaced. I have no trouble wearing this mask all night without issue. It is extremely quiet and the standard by which I judge all the other masks I have tried. I keep coming back to this mask as it works well, is quiet and is comfortable. Jeff, 10/29/2018
Love love love this mask!
Owned now for 3 years.... love it. Highly recommend it! No sizing issues to mess with and has two strap/head options. Love love love this mask!, 05/04/2018
I have ben using cpacs for many years and this mask for 3 years. I like it very much. Don't think there's anything newer that's better. Doris, 12/28/2017
This mask just does not work for me. The mask is too big and does not stay on properly. Furthermore the nose piece is angled in such a way that the air flow is poor JMP, 07/17/2017
strap is way to close to the eyes steve, 06/23/2017
Really like this mask! no marks, no noisy leaks, KAREN RHINEHART, 04/22/2017
I really like this pillow mask, but after awhile, it starts leaking between the frame and the pillow and is quite annoying. Have to keep pushing the pillow down on to the frame around the mounting hole. I'm on this site now giving this review as I look for something else. This would be a 5 star device if it wasn't for this problem, and this is after 4 years of various CPAP masks. Name..., 01/18/2017
When I saw a picture of this mask, I thought it was exactly what I needed. The nasal pillows on my current mask were leaking. This looked very comfortable. I ordered it. Well, the hose is about half the length of the hose on my other mask. Because of this, the weight of the hose on the CPAP machine pulls the mask hose to the right, as I am lying flat. This is very uncomfortable. It also causes the nasal pillows to shift to the right, causing leakage. I have worn the mask twice and my nose is sore when I take it off. I am going to call the sleep center to see if the hose can be replaced with a longer hose. If not, sadly, I'll have to return it and hope I can find something that fits me better. Sandy, 01/24/2016
I like it but nose got irritated and sore.I used it with Phillips with humidifier.I'll try again if I get my new Resmed Airsense 10 with humidifier and heated hose. Mark, 09/17/2015
I have been using this for 2 wks and absolutely love it! Have been on cpap for 6 yrs and have tried at least 8 different masks. The Swift FX was the best until now and this has been far superior for me. As a female, I hated the way others slipped on my hair and the strap on top of my head, not to mention the marks on my face which were present hours after arising! I was even beginning to have hair loss on top. I only use the single strap, so nothing goes on top of my head. There is no slippage, no air leaks, no clips or velcro for adjustment, no air noise. It is almost perfect. My only suggestion for FP would be a slightly longer and more flexible hose. Lightweight and minimalist. Just slip it on and sleep. I am sleeping better and saves me time in the AM because my hair is not flattened. None of the others I have used can hold a candle to this one. Judy, 07/28/2014
I have been using this air pillow mask for a few months now. I use the single strap head gear, it avoids hair disruption, a big plus for women. It is very comfortable, no things hitting your forehead or cheeks. I highly recommend it. Annie, 05/30/2014

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