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Portable Outlet UPS CPAP Battery

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Portable Outlet | SKU CAP10082

The Portable Outlet Uninterruptable Power Supply and CPAP Battery prevents blackouts from interrupting CPAP treatment without the need for any CPAP machine adapters. Plug the Portable Outlet into any wall outlet and connect your CPAP machine. Should a power outage occur, your CPAP machine will seamlessly continue without any interruptions.


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Product Features:

No Adapters Needed

TSA and FAA Compliant for Air Travel

Compatible with CPAP and BIPAP machines

No Adapters Needed

You won't need to be a master electrician to use this battery pack. There are no cables, cords, adapters, or inverters required to connect to your CPAP machine. The battery pack converts the power stored in the battery into convenient AC outlet power. Just plug in!

TSA and FAA Compliant for Air Travel

It meets all the requirements set by the FAA for lithium-ion batteries, so go ahead and get some shut-eye. Arrive at your destination rested and ready to go! The Portable Outlet accepts domestic and international input voltages and outputs power at 110 volts. If you are travelling internationally, you will need an outlet travel adapter.

Compatible with CPAP and BIPAP machines

This device has been tested with CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP machines and can power these devices without issues. Because it creates outlet power, you can safely plug in even the most power-hungry devices and enjoy decent run times.


Run Times:

Run times will vary depending on your CPAP settings.

  • On average, battery runs Auto CPAPs: 8-10 hours with an unheated tube, 4-15cmH2O pressure, and passover humidifier.
  • On average, battery runs BiPAPs: 7-9 hours with an unheated tube, 10/15cmH2O pressure, and passover humidifier.


Keep in mind:

  • Heated humidification can reduce battery life by up to 60%.
  • Travel CPAPs typically get 50% more battery life.
  • Using both heated tubing and heated humidification can reduce battery life by up to 75%.
  • Maximize battery life by turning OFF your heated tube and heated humidifier. Also check for mask leaks.
  • Plug one battery into another to double the battery life.


Please view the chart below for some examples.

MachinePressureHumidifier SettingRun Time
AirSense 1015Off7.5 hours
AirSense 1015On - Level 46.5 hours
AirMini15None14 hours
Dreamstation Go15None8 hours






What’s in the Box?

Portable Outlet CPAP Battery

AC Power Supply (Battery Charger)

USB to Micro USB Cable

Carrying Bag

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 5.375 in wide x 9 in long x 1.5 in tall

Weight: 2.875 pounds

Charging Time: Roughly 4 hours

Battery Capacity: 159Wh

Battery Lifetime: 500 Charge Cycles

AC Output: 110v AC 60hz/100w

Input Voltage: 110v to 240v Input Voltage

USB Ports: 2 Standard USB Ports

USB Port Voltage: 5 Volts / 2.1 Amps

TSA / FAA Compliant: Yes.

Working Temperature: 14°F - 113°F

Charging Temperature: 32°F - 113°F

Warranty: 1 year

How to Charge the Battery:

1. Slide the "AC Output Switch" to the OFF positions and plug the included cord into the DC Input Port.

2. Plug the power supply into an outlet.

3. The device will start charging.

Tips for Improving Battery Run Times:

Even though this device is able to accommodate a CPAP machine and humidifier, using both at the same time will reduce the run times of the battery. For best results, consider using the machine without the humidifier. This will reduce the power demands on the battery and give a better overall runtime.

As stated before, using a CPAP machine at a higher elevation can impact battery run times. This is because at higher altitudes the air is thinner, and the machine has to work harder to get to the correct pressure. Because the machine is working harder, it's using the battery much more quickly than at sea level.

Higher therapy pressures also lead to lower run times. If your pressure is typically above 15, you may get less time than advertised. For the run times published by the manufacturer, these were created assuming a pressure of 15. Higher pressures than 15 will lead to lower than expected run time.


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How will this work with every device? My cpap machine has a 3 prong grounded outlet which I'm assuming most machines do. I use the air Sense 10 which is a widely used machine and I wouldn't be able to plug in my machine without one of those 3 prong to 2 prong adaptors. Not sure why they wouldn't have just made it 3 prong outlet. Vaughn, 03/15/2021
Doing a fine job 9 hrs+ Surcouf, 10/31/2019

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