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Premium CPAP Hose Brush

Choice One Medical | SKU SUPERSCRUB

The 4-foot-long CPAP Hose Brush was designed to gently clean your CPAP tubing and reduce the chance of growing mold or algae. The brush is made with soft nylon bristles that are flexible to fit slim or standard hoses.


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How to Use:

1. Straighten hose brush by unwinding and maintaining a hold on both ends. Once unwound, hang the brush. 
2. Wash the CPAP tube with mild detergent and luke warm water. 
3. Keeping the tube as striaght as possible, gently work brush back and forth in short stroles gradually working inside the tube. Repeat n both sides of the tube. When done cleaning thoroughly, rinse the tube with a stream of cool water. 
4. Hang CPAP hose to dry.


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I’ve used CPAP for about 25 years and every year like clockwork I’d get diagnosed with upper respiratory infection, sometimes twice a year. I would rinse out my CPAP humidifier every morning and wash my nose pillow. The hose, about three or four times a year! My thought was that the hose was dry and probably didn’t trap anything that could harm me. Besides I would typically replace the hose once a year and finally; how the heck would I wash it anyway, vinegar solution? Yuk!

I got tired of getting sick with URI so I bought the cleaning machine that I heard advertised on the radio. It uses an ion generator or something like that. Damn, it stunk after using it so I returned it and bought this brush kit. Using clear liquid detergent from the grocery store I began washing alternate sets of hoses on a weekly basis in my bathroom lavatory. It’s been 2 years since I’ve had a URI! Call me ignorant but WOW what a difference.

I alternate hoses weekly, hanging the one I washed in my closet over the clothes rod, same with this brush. CPAP has been great for me and now with a little discipline washing my hose, head gear and humidifier reservoir I’m free of URI! Try it!
constance, 09/19/2019

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