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Quattro™ FX Replacement Headgear

Retail Price: $68.20 - You Save 50.15%
ResMed | SKU 61734

Replacement headgear for the Quattro FX Full Face CPAP mask. Does not include headgear clips.

Headgear clips are NOT included with headgear.


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Product Features

  • Multiple Sizes

Multiple Sizes

All Quattro FX Masks come stadard with the size Medium/Standard headgear, but you can interchange the small and large sizes for a more custom fit. 

What's in the Box?

  • One Quattro FX headgear in the selected size


Headgear: Nylon / Spandex; Open cell Polyurethane; Polycaprolactam (Polyamide Family); Rayon acetate satin. This product does not contain latex, PVC ro DEHP materials.

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Stretches out of shape, velcro stops holding. Irritates my scalp from time to time. Too expensive for what it is.

But, it's strap that fits my mask, and experimenting with different masks is WAY too expensive. Not sure why $10 worth of injected molded plastic, silicone, and neoprene rubber costs so much. Oh well, it goes towards my $3000 annual deductible that I never seem to meet.
Troy, 02/16/2019
Matt D
Yeah this works well for me. Been using it (Med) for 5 years now, I tried the Amara View for awhile(Med, then tried Large) but couldn't get used to it, just didn't fit right so went back to the Quattro. I have found that if you you wash it once a month and get the oils off, the velcro works much better. I'm thankful every day for my CPAP and gear. It saved my life. Matt D, 03/08/2018
Have same issues as others. Velcro gives out, and straps stretch out of shape. My insurance replaces them every 6 months but sometimes they don't last that long. jAY, 02/09/2016
The issue that I have is that the hook portion is not long enough. Over time, as the straps stretch, the hook portion rides over the loop section and there is not enough hooks left to supply a decent adjustment.
As for the price of the straps, I doubt there is %5.00 worth of material and time in the manufacture of this piece, yet the charge is outrageous.
Don, 02/07/2016
The velcro lasts about two months before it starts to slip IF you don't take the headgear off, or adjust the tightness. Once the velcro starts to fail, it's done.
Comfort wise, it is fine. The clips also hole well.
I have no reference as to if other headgear works better.

Ill give it a four star, due to the velcro strap area failure after a few readjustments.
Frank, 02/16/2015
Fred Monger
This headgear works very well when properly adjusted. it is easy to get on and off and comfortable. Some drawbacks are: the seal is supposed to be 'inflated' by your bipap pressure, but that doesn't always work well as your face moves during sleep. Over a period of several months of daily use, the strap over the top of the head will create a 'dent' in your head - even when tightness is properly adjusted to prevent leaks. I would like to see Resmed design a new style strap that will more evenly distribute the force. Also, the velcro adjustment straps start to fail after a few adjustments - the 'hook' portion is fine, but the rough surface of the strap that the 'hook' is supposed to stick to gets too smooth for the 'hook' portion to stay on. - for this reason, plan on new headgear every few months. Fred Monger, 02/15/2015

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