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AirFit N30i Mask with Headgear

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ResMed | SKU 63800

The ResMed AirFit N30i Mask with Headgear provides comfort and simplicity in a new lightweight design. Designed with comfort in mind, the SpringFit frame ensures a personalized fit and the top-of-the-head tube attachment allows freedom of movement during sleep.

Small, Medium, Small Wide Cushions Included. Click here for cushion sizing guide.


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The AirFit N30i Nasal Mask was designed with maximum comfort in mind with a new minimal design eliminating irritation on the nose bridge. The unique frame allows the user to watch TV or wear glasses righ before going to bed. 


·         Top-of-the-head Tube 

·         Curved Nasal Cradle

·         SpringFit Frame

·         Minimal Design


Top-of-the-head Tube 

The AirFit N30i mask features a frame that holds your CPAP tube on the top of your head rather than in front of your nose. This allows you to move freely during therapy without any disruption caused by a tube moving across your body, making your sleep more comfortable. 

Curved Nasal Cradle

This mask features a cradle cushion that covers less of your face than a traditional nasal mask and sits discreetly under your nose, not in it.

SpringFit Frame

Designed with the user in mind, the SpringFit frame is an innovative design that provides a stable, personalized fit. 

Minimal Design

To increase comfort, the mask was created to minimize parts covering the face. The AirFit N30i leaves your face clear so you can wear glasses to read or watch TV before going to bed. 

his mask is not compatible with the AirMini.

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Mary L R.
Leaves marks on Faace and air blows on your when you sleep Not a good fit slips around Mary L R., 05/31/2020
This is a great mask. It does leave marks more than other masks, but with the new redesigned cushions, you can't tell anything is even on your nose if it's adjusted properly. The only time this gets in the way is when I turn over in my sleep sometimes the headgear gets tangled up slightly and I have to manually turn the hose at the insertion point on the headgear. I cannot say enough good things about the redesigned nasal cushions: they are simply amazing! Very quiet, and like I said, feels like you are breathing from nostrils that have no cushion/mask. southerndoc, 02/25/2022
Ron E.
I've tried all other nasal pillow & nasal masks. I find the AirFit n30i to be the BEST over all fit with less slippage and leaking. Ron E., 01/03/2022
Love the top hose. My hair tangles up in the head gear and pulls....afraid I am going to have bald spots from it. Slides off when I turn and completely stops airflow. Does not work for me. Mona, 12/15/2021
Craig Dunford
by far the best mask I have ever used. Good job folks! works every time. never slips off. doesn't matter what position I'm in. Craig Dunford, 06/18/2021
I'm still new to using a CPAP (5 months) and it is starting to work. The back strip is my problem. I have long hair - it slips around. I can't sleep on my side without it coming loose and making a ton of noise that wakes up my husband. If I tighten it, I can't exale. Irene, 03/19/2021
This is the best mask that I have used!!! I love the top of the head tube. And, my daily sleep scores are improved dramatically. I highly recommend it. Nancy, 10/10/2020
Brian G
The most awesome mask I have ever used. No matter what position I move to, it stays sealed and does the job. Brian G, 08/13/2020
Been using this for a couple of months now and I am fairly happy with it. I like the house on top of head but find it can cause the mask to slip out of place when sleeping causing +10 or more events per hour throughout the night. But the nose pillows are so much more comfortable than the old AirFit P10 and when all works which is far more often than not, there is nothing better than to see 4 and under events per hour for the night. TomF, 04/30/2020
I tried this for 3 weeks because I wanted it to work SO BAD (I'm a side sleeper). I was exhausted by the end and HATED it for all 3 weeks. Terrence @EasyBreathe was extremely helpful with the purchase AND the return. Sherrirbgr, 04/06/2020
Air fit N30i mask and pillow
I have noticed that my mask fits good and it rather quiet while I am sitting up. When I lay down, the combination of the air going through the mask makes a lot of noise. If I lay on my side, my mask moves and it sounds like a lot of air escaping. I am using it but it is TOO LOUD for me. Air fit N30i mask and pillow, 01/06/2020
Felt great initially, but then made my nose sore above my upper lip. Flich, 10/12/2019
I have used this for many years. I LOVE it!!! The hose going above my head is a real plus. I have one of those clip on lamps on my headboard. When I loop the hose over that I never have a problem with it waking me when I turn over. I can not STAND anything in my nose so the cushion under my nose is perfect. Mine also has the little wraps you put around the mask part over your face so it does not leave lines on your face. Sometimes it makes a little noise, but just position it better and it stops. This is a real breakthrough I think, compared to the bulky hard masks in the past. I’ve used masks for 26 years and this is by far the best for me. Keep up the good work!!!! AirFitN30i, 09/21/2019
Not quite user friendly!
Mask fit was very tricky for me, and eventually, I gave up. Not quite user friendly!, 09/08/2019
If you can used to the hard plastic Cushions under your nose this is a nice mask (I could not). The small cushion's fit was just ok, but a bit noisy. The mask is certainly worth a try. ResMed does make decent products. David, 08/15/2019
This thing rubbed and made the top of my head sore. Stephen, 08/04/2019
Love the hose on top. Comfortable but wake many times during the night because the lower strap slides up off my head and unseals the mask. Very frustrating. I would love to see this with an additional lower strap. LMcKenzie, 07/07/2019
Bruce Felstein
I’ve used many different masks in the 20 years of using CPAPs. The N30i is the first to not needing adjustment at all during the night. It's the first time that I had no events at all during the night. And it's extremely comfortable. I don't even realize that I'm wearing it. Bruce Felstein, 05/31/2019
Gary Berry
Best of 5 nasal pillow head gear assemblies I've worn in 11 years of CPAP use. I love not getting the hose wrapped around my body and the nasal pillow is the softest, most comfortable I’ve ever worn. Took me 1.5 days to deduce exhaust hose went directly to headgear with no smaller connector hose. Gary Berry, 03/15/2019
I tried to make this mask work for me. After two months and multiple nights of struggling to get air from nasal pillow. I am tired of the inconsistent performance of this mask. Love the top mounted hose design! Very dissatisfied and tired, from trying to make this mask work. DRob, 03/10/2019
So much more comfortable
I purchased this recently and immediately realized deeper sleep patterns without waking up and moving a hose. The cushion is extremely comfortable and I am very pleased. I bought it about 3 months ago. The only downside I can even mention is the air movement is slightly louder than my last mask. But the benefits completely outweigh this one negative comment. So much more comfortable, 03/08/2019
I've been using a CPAP machine for almost 9 months and have using the Philips Respironics Nasal Mask with the nasal cushions. I found the Respironics mask the best overall fit for me, but I didn't like the way that I had to keep adjusting the nasal cushions multiple times per night in order to keep a good seal. I also felt that at times my airflow was restricted depending on the positioning of the cushion on my nose. Plus the sound of my breath through the tubes was sometimes annoying for both me and my wife. I had heard about the Airfit N30i and the pictures looked similar to what I had, so I decided it was worth a try to see if it fit better. What a great decision! The 'standard' size with medium cushion fits me perfectly - no more restrictive air flow. I haven't had to re-adjust the cushion during the night, and the airflow noises are considerably quieter. Do I recommend this? A resounding "YES!" I'm very happy that this device if finally available in the US. DKevin, 03/04/2019

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