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Ruby Style Adjustable Chinstrap

Sunset Healthcare Solutions | SKU CS007-ADJ

  • Super soft materials for extra comfort
  • Quality Construction: Stitched, not glued
  • Fully Adjustable

*Chinstraps will not treat snoring or Obstructive Sleep Apnea without a CPAP mask and machine*

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  • Super soft materials for extra comfort
  • Quality Construction: Sitched, not glued
  • Fully Adjustable

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This one hurts my jaw because the material is not as flexible as the previous version. Just would’ve been nice to know they were changing because I would have ordered dozens of the old chin straps. Joe, 03/23/2021
I have tried about five different styles of chin straps....the ONLY one that works is the Ruby Red... Others slip off during the night or are not strong enough to keep my mouth closed -- causing me to wake up during the night with a dry mouth. The Ruby Red allows me to sleep with my mouth closed all night. I replace it about every 6 months even though Medicare only allows Health Equipment company to send other, pitiful chin straps. LadyBug, 01/31/2021
Not a universal fit. There is no sizing options this is more like a petite or child sized strap. It doesn't even touch together at back of my head with my hair pulled up into ponytail on top of head! Hubby had to help me get it hooked but it put so much pressure on TMJ plus cut off facial circulation gave me headache and left red marks on face/chin where stitching is. All in only 5 minutes. Horrible to wear. Rating: -5 stars not4me, 11/05/2020
the velcro wore out withing the 1st month,it would not stick to the chinstrap and soon later the velcro sewing came undone so now I am constantly replacing the velcro. Barbria, 09/11/2020
I don't understand these poor reviews. I have had none of these problems. It works well and I usually get about 6 months use before I replace it. All chinstraps will stretch out in time; this one's no different. I've used others but always come back to this one. Teedoff, 08/08/2019
Cheap, Fell apart after first hand washing. Cary, 03/19/2019
Horrible, what else is left to say...DON'T BUY Horrible, 05/19/2018
Lyle Brigle
Would work great but terrible design & construction. Sewn together at stress points. came apart in a week. lining came apart after first hand washing. Lyle Brigle, 10/13/2017
Worked great at first but then the Velcro doesn't stick in place after the first mild hand-washing. Neoprene separates from cloth after only 3 months of use. Dominic, 01/07/2017

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