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S9 AutoSet™

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ResMed | SKU 36005

This machine has been discontinued. 

For a superior night's sleep, we recommend the AirSense 10 Auto CPAP. 

Reference Only

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The S9 AutoSet series of Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) machines have long been designed to maximize comfort while providing minimal therapy pressures at the optimal moment. ResMed builds upon the AutoSet Advantage algorithm and incorporates EPR with Easy-Breathe technology in a new post modern shell.



Please visit the S9 AutoSet with H5i and ClimateLine Tubing product bundle to take full advantage of Climate Control Technology.

The S9 Series aesthetics are a complete redesign with new features:

Key Product Features

  • Intuitive Design
  • Mask-Fit System
  • Climate Control Technology
  • SlimLine Tubing AutoSet with Easy-Breathe Technology
  • Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT)
  • Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR)
  • 24dBA Sound Level
  • On-Display Advanced Data Reporting
  • Warm-Up Indicator
  • Flip-top lid design (Optional)
  • Dishwasher Safe, High Volume Water Chamber

Mask-Fit System

ResMed has incorporated a simple and effective tool for help with proper mask fitting. The Mask-Fit system allows users to preset a mask type, tailoring the S9 CPAP therapy to a particular mask style: (Nasal, Pillows, Full Face) Once set, the Mask-Fit system runs a 3 minute seal integrity test, prior to therapy treatment. After 3 minutes, a Mask-Fit icon appears (a green or red smiley face). If the smiley face is red, adjustments are necessary until the smiley face turns green, then therapy will begin.

Climate Control Technology ( OPTIONAL)

Humidification is managed through a combination of the S9 machine, H5i humidifier and (Optional) ClimateLine heated tubing. There are five sensors throughout the system that monitor ambient temperature and patient airflow:

  • Flow Sensor in S9 Series machine
  • Heater Plate Sensor
  • Ambient Temperature Sensor on H5i
  • Humidity Sensor on H5i
  • Mask Temperature Sensor Built into the ClimateLine Tubing

SlimLine and (Optional) ClimateLine Tubing

The S9 Series CPAP machines come standard with the ResMed SlimLine Tubing. The small diameter air tube is ultra-light, flexible and provides a unique alternative to bulky, generic 6 foot hoses. If you already own a tube wrap, ResMed also offers a Standard Hose.

The (Optional) ClimateLine Tubing has an internal heated coil and mask temperature sensor that helps manage rainout throughout the hose. Climate Control algorithms measure temperatures inside and outside to help prevent condensation from forming inside the tube. The heated tubing has a built-in mask temperature sensor to detect relative humidity at the mask. The (Optional) ClimateLine Tubing can also use the SlimLine Tubing Wrap to achieve total control of rainout.

Enhanced AutoSet Advantage

ResMed's AutoSet Advantage is the answer to providing 'just what you need, when you need it'. Pressure needs vary throughout the night. These variations depend on how deep the user is sleeping, body position, and other daily factors that can affect therapy levels. AutoSet Advantage effectively minimizes therapy and helps lower pressure-related side effects, like mouth-breathing and nasal dryness. The AutoSet Advantage has always provided a strong defense against a main types of sleeping events: (Flow Limitations, Snoring, Obstructive Apneas) The Enhanced AutoSet Advantage now detects and responds to open events using an event responsive Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT). A different event response is generated when an open airway event is encountered.

AutoSet Algorithm

The AutoSet algorithm measures flow limitations such as snoring and apneas on a breath-by-breath basis. Therapy begins at a minimal pressure. When the user's airflow shows signs of flow limitation, the AutoSet algorithm gently increases pressure based on the intensity and duration of the event. Once the event clears, pressures gradually decrease over a 20 minute time frame. Flow limitation occurs as the upper airway begins to collapse, before snoring and apneas are detected. By gradually increasing therapy pressure, the AutoSet algorithm reacts preemptively, resulting in lower average treatment pressures.

For example, as you sleep on your side, pressures will stay at a minimum because your airway is open. Turning on your back can collapse the airway and the AutoSet algorithm will increase the pressure. The AutoSet algorithm recognizes other conditions like sinus colds or allergies, which restrict nasal airflow. The AutoSet Advantage will increase treatment pressure accordingly, for whatever flow limitation may occur.

AutoSet with Easy-Breathe Technology

The S9 AutoSet uses Easy-Breathe Technology along with expiratory pressure relief (EPR) to make breathing through an APAP feel natural. At the onset of a flow limitation, the AutoSet algorithm responds with an increase of therapy pressure based on the degree of airflow restriction. Easy-Breathe technology aids in smoothing the pressure waveform during pressure increase. The process imitates normal respiration and ultimately makes breathing more comfortable than traditional CPAP machines. Easy-Breathe allows the user to receive the lowest pressure necessary to keep the airway open. As an added benefit, Easy-Breathe allows the S9 Series to operate at 24dBA when set to 10cm of pressure from a distance of one meter. ResMed also managed to reduce the overall conducted noise that typically travels from the machine, through the tubing, and at the mask.



Product Specifications


Pressure 4 to 20 cm H2O

Ramp Time 0 to 45 min. (5-min. increments)

Starting Ramp Pressure 4 to min pressure

Dimensions 6"x5.5"x3.25"

Weight 1.79lbs

Filters Pollen or Hypoallergenic

Sound level 24 dBA

Operating Altitude Sea level to 8500' (2591 m)

SlimLine Air Tubing Flexible plastic, 1.83m, 15mm inner diameter

Optional ClimateLine Tubing Length 78 inches

Optional ClimateLine MAX Tubing Length 75 inches

Housing construction Flame retardant thermoplastic

Device Set-Up Push Dial

Humidification Optional Integrated Heated Humidifier or Pass-over Humidifier

DC Power Only use DC Converter by ResMed for DC input or damage may occur.

Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer

90W power supply 

  • Unit input range 100-240V, 50-60Hz,
  • Nominal for aircraft use 110V, 400Hz
  • Typical power consumption 70W (80VA)
  • Maximum power consumption 110W (120VA)

Data Storage Capacity

  • Display: 365 days summary data (up to 500 events per session.)
  • SD Memory Card: 365 days summary data and 30 days and 7 nights detailed data

Aircraft use

These S9 devices comply with US FFC Part 15, Class B requirements if no external data cables are used.

Max Exposure Heat for Machine

Machine should not be exposed to heat greater than 140 degrees Fahrenheit


S9 AutoSet Welcome Guide (PDF)


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My only complaint is the subpar carrying bag for this model. Some genius, wanting to save money no doubt, designed an outside pocket that closes with 2 flimsy Velcro patches instead of a zipper like the bag for the S8. I have had supplies fall out regularly on air flights. Really crappy bag. Declan, 12/22/2016
I love my machine it is so easy to use compared to my old monster. I even found that replacement parts are available for quick repais the baggage people dropped my unit and cracked the humidifier unit lid was able to find the replacement lid very cheaply and fast. Great machine RESMED curt2056, 04/14/2015
I had an old OLD machine for years. After using the S9, my sleep has improved more than I could have imagined! I can usually find something wrong with a product, but NOT this one! Scott, 09/24/2014
Review... Name..., 08/31/2014
I agree with comments from "Name" and "cant breath". My new S9 replaces a CPAP with old technology which I used for over 4 yrs. The S9 helps me to sleep so much better. Great engineering! Thank you ResMed ! Lloyd, 08/30/2014
I have used this unit for a year or two. It is easy to use, travel with and control humidity. Only glitch has been a strange whistle on expiration that hasn't been present on earlier CPAP units from Easy Breathe. Perhaps it is only my machine. My wife has noticed this also. I was unable to get answer or resolution of this issue. burt, 08/27/2014
Tom Thomson
Sure, it looks small and light, which it is; EXCEPT for the huge and heavy power block and cord. But it works like a charm. won't leave town without it! Tom Thomson, 08/05/2014
cant breath
just traded in my old monster for this 1 so far I like it alot no getting to used to it time good to go from the 1st night! cant breath, 06/29/2014
A very livable machine that I have used for the last year. The quality is excellent with little downtime for learning to live with the thing. It is more or less, plug -n- play, with minimally invasive affect...easy to keep maintained as well as clean too. Name..., 02/14/2014
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