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S9 AutoSet™ with H5i™ Humidifier and Climate Control Kit

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ResMed | SKU 36025

This machine has been discontinued. 

For a superior night's sleep, we recommend the AirSense 10 Auto CPAP. 


Reference Only

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The S9 AutoSet series of Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) machines have long been designed to maximize comfort while providing minimal therapy pressures at the optimal moment. ResMed builds upon the AutoSet Advantage algorithm and incorporates EPR with Easy-Breathe technology in a new post modern shell.

This bundle comes with the H5i Heated Humidifier and the ClimateLine Tubing.

The S9 Series aesthetics are a complete redesign with new features:


Key Product Features

  • Intuitive Design
  • Mask-Fit System
  • Climate Control Technology
  • SlimLine Tubing AutoSet with Easy-Breathe Technology
  • Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT)
  • Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR)
  • 24dBA Sound Level
  • On-Display Advanced Data Reporting
  • Warm-Up Indicator
  • Flip-top lid design (Optional)
  • Dishwasher Safe, High Volume Water Chamber


Mask-Fit System

ResMed has incorporated a simple and effective tool for help with proper mask fitting. The Mask-Fit system allows users to preset a mask type, tailoring the S9 CPAP therapy to a particular mask style: (Nasal, Pillows, Full Face) Once set, the Mask-Fit system runs a 3 minute seal integrity test, prior to therapy treatment. After 3 minutes, a Mask-Fit icon appears (a green or red smiley face). If the smiley face is red, adjustments are necessary until the smiley face turns green, then therapy will begin.


Climate Control Technology

Humidification is managed through a combination of the S9 machine, H5i humidifier and (Optional) ClimateLine heated tubing. There are five sensors throughout the system that monitor ambient temperature and patient airflow:

  • Flow Sensor in S9 Series machine
  • Heater Plate Sensor
  • Ambient Temperature Sensor on H5i
  • Humidity Sensor on H5i
  • Mask Temperature Sensor Built into the ClimateLine Tubing

SlimLine and (Optional) ClimateLine Tubing

The S9 Series CPAP machines come standard with the ResMed SlimLine Tubing. The small diameter air tube is ultra-light, flexible and provides a unique alternative to bulky, generic 6 foot hoses. If you already own a tube wrap, ResMed also offers a Standard Hose.

The (Optional) ClimateLine Tubing has an internal heated coil and mask temperature sensor that helps manage rainout throughout the hose. Climate Control algorithms measure temperatures inside and outside to help prevent condensation from forming inside the tube. The heated tubing has a built-in mask temperature sensor to detect relative humidity at the mask. The (Optional) ClimateLine Tubing can also use the SlimLine Tubing Wrap to achieve total control of rainout.


Enhanced AutoSet Advantage

ResMed's AutoSet Advantage is the answer to providing 'just what you need, when you need it'. Pressure needs vary throughout the night. These variations depend on how deep the user is sleeping, body position, and other daily factors that can affect therapy levels. AutoSet Advantage effectively minimizes therapy and helps lower pressure-related side effects, like mouth-breathing and nasal dryness. The AutoSet Advantage has always provided a strong defense against a main types of sleeping events: (Flow Limitations, Snoring, Obstructive Apneas) The Enhanced AutoSet Advantage now detects and responds to open events using an event responsive Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT). A different event response is generated when an open airway event is encountered.


AutoSet Algorithm

The AutoSet algorithm measures flow limitations such as snoring and apneas on a breath-by-breath basis. Therapy begins at a minimal pressure. When the user's airflow shows signs of flow limitation, the AutoSet algorithm gently increases pressure based on the intensity and duration of the event. Once the event clears, pressures gradually decrease over a 20 minute time frame. Flow limitation occurs as the upper airway begins to collapse, before snoring and apneas are detected. By gradually increasing therapy pressure, the AutoSet algorithm reacts preemptively, resulting in lower average treatment pressures.

For example, as you sleep on your side, pressures will stay at a minimum because your airway is open. Turning on your back can collapse the airway and the AutoSet algorithm will increase the pressure. The AutoSet algorithm recognizes other conditions like sinus colds or allergies, which restrict nasal airflow. The AutoSet Advantage will increase treatment pressure accordingly, for whatever flow limitation may occur.


AutoSet with Easy-Breathe Technology

The S9 AutoSet uses Easy-Breathe Technology along with expiratory pressure relief (EPR) to make breathing through an APAP feel natural. At the onset of a flow limitation, the AutoSet algorithm responds with an increase of therapy pressure based on the degree of airflow restriction. Easy-Breathe technology aids in smoothing the pressure waveform during pressure increase. The process imitates normal respiration and ultimately makes breathing more comfortable than traditional CPAP machines. Easy-Breathe allows the user to receive the lowest pressure necessary to keep the airway open. As an added benefit, Easy-Breathe allows the S9 Series to operate at 24dBA when set to 10cm of pressure from a distance of one meter. ResMed also managed to reduce the overall conducted noise that typically travels from the machine, through the tubing, and at the mask.


This Product Includes

  • H5i Heated Humidifier with Climate Control
  • Standard Water Chamber  


Product Specifications 

Pressure Range: 4 to 20 cm H2O


Maximum Heater Plate Temperature 149 deg F (65 deg C)

Temperature Cut-Out 165 deg F (74 deg C)

Maximum Gas Temperature =< 105 deg F ( =< 41 deg C)


Dimensions (H x W x D)

Chamber and Docking Station 6" x 5.7" x 3.4" (153 mm x 145 mm x 86 mm)



Docking Station and Unfilled Sealed Water Chamber 670 g (1.48 lb).

Docking Station and Unfilled Cleanable Tub 770 g (1.7 lb).


Power Supply Input Range

100-240V, 50/60Hz; 110V, 400Hz; 2.5A < 140 VA (110 W) (maximum power consumption).

Maximum heater element power: 90 Watts.


Optional ClimateLine Tubing Lengths:

ClimateLine Tubing: 78 inches

Optional ClimateLine MAX Tubing: 75 inches


Housing Construction

Docking Station: Flame retardant engineering thermoplastic, plated cast aluminum.

Sealed Water chamber: Injection molded plastic, aluminum and thermoplastic elastomer.

Cleanable Tub: Injection molded plastic, stainless steel and silicone seal.

Water capacity to maximum fill line: 380 mL


Environmental Conditions

Operating Temperature: +41 deg F to +95 deg F

Operating Humidity: 10-95% non-condensing

Storage and Transport Temperature: -4 deg F to +140 deg F

Storage and Transport Humidity: 10-95% non-condensing


IEC 60601-1 Classification

Class II (double insulation)

Type CF


Electromagnetic Compatibility

Product complies with all applicable electromagnetic compatibility requirements (EMC) according to IEC60601-1-2, for residential commercial and light industry environments.

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Carroll Simmons
This is my second CPAP machine and I like my first one WAY more. My first one held enough water for two nights; this second one doesn't even come close. Sometimes I run out of water even during one night. I hate this one. I have hardly used it and it already doesn't work. I have no idea why. It probably burned out one of those nights I ran out of water during a 9-hour sleep. Carroll Simmons, 02/08/2017
John R
I have had this CPAP for over 3 years. I've never had a problem with it. Fantastic and it has been a life sleep. I was averaging 89 apneas an hour with durations ranging from 17 seconds to 1 minute 15 seconds. I was constantly tired or in a haze. I am not understating it by saying that this product saved my life. It is easy to use, reliable and very well made. Pricey, but I wouldn't get any other. Well worth it. John R, 10/14/2016
My Medicare & supplemental insurance paid about TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to Allina for this unit, while I paid deductable of well over $1500. No wonder med insurance is so high. LEL, 10/13/2015
Lewis Collins
This is my second ResMed CPAP. I love this one. AutoPAP is the way to go. I wish they made a wood grain skin for the machine. The silver color is an eye sore on my bedside table, and I don't want a college or NFL skin on my machine. I have the back of the unit facing me at night due to the tubing connection location at the rear. Even with a nice skin, it's ugly. I still love it. Lewis Collins, 08/02/2014
I have always used a different website to buy my supplies, but while looking to purchase a new machine (the s9 with H5i), I stumbled across this site and saw the skins which I have never seen before. Being an avid fan of a particular team, combined with the very competitive price, I gave them a call. Admittedly, I couldn't find them much info on this company, but after speaking with the sales rep, who was unbelievably patient and helpful, I decided to give them a try. She contacted my insurance company, answered all of my questions, and worked it out so that I could get my new resmed s9 the next day with the skin pre applied. It arrived as promised, and I used it last night for the first time. All I can say is WOW! My old machine was a CPAP set at a very high pressure that made it a nightmare to use, and resulted in me using it infrequently. This machine is unbelievably comfortable and adjusts to my real time needs (which is significantly different than my old machine's setting). Additionally, combined with a simple download called SleepyHead, I can see a ton of specific information about my sleep events that will allow me to make some minor but specific adjustments should improve my outcomes even more.

In summation, fantastic customer service and a great machine. All that's left is to buy a new mask (the info I got from my download gave me an idea for a different style mask). I hope this helps if you are undecided and good luck to you.
Mitchell, 04/12/2014
This was the single most magnificent purchase I've ever made. Before purchasing the S9 I was up 6 times a night. I used to think I had to wake up and go to the bathroom throughout the night, but after being diagnosed with sleep apnea I discovered that it was all an illusion, my sleep apnea was what was waking me up. I used a regular CPAP before and I would still wake up as my pressures changed throughout the night, but now since switching to the S9 Autoset the technology has been magnificent. I have no idea what they did to improve it but however the technology works, it's allowed my pressures to change on the setting of the machine and I have not waken up in the middle of the night since I've started using the machine, except when my dogs jump on the bed barking at 5am when the wife forgets to close the office door at night and lets them into the house that early.

I was iffy about the cost, but after copious hours of research, I couldn't find a lower price then the prices easybreathe offers, and their representatives really care about you and your needs. This machine is absolutely the best bang for your buck! The sleep I'm getting today, I would have been fine paying double.
Chadwick, 02/13/2014

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