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AirTouch F20 Memory Foam Mask with Headgear

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ResMed | SKU 63000

 ResMed’s softest mask ever, the AirTouch™ F20 is the very first to feature the revolutionary ResMed UltraSoft™ memory foam cushion. Conforming to the unique contours of each face, this memory foam cushion is designed to deliver a light, breathable fit across a range of therapy pressures.

To buy this mask without a prescription, please purchase the following items: 

AirTouch F20 Full Face Mask without Headgear

AirTouch F20 Replacement Headgear


This cushion is NOT compatible with the SoClean. The cushion must be removed before the rest of the mask is placed in the SoClean


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Memory Foam Cushion

The UltraSoft memory foam cushion is the softest cushion ever created by ResMed, designed for exceptional comfort.

Magnetic Headgear Clips

Quickly and easily guide the headgear to the frame.

Quick Release Elbow

Makes it simple to disconnect from tubing when getting up during the night.

Plush Headgear

Specifically designed for extra softness and stability.

Soft and Flexible Frame

Sits underneath the eyes and adapts to different facial types, while integrated padding adds softness.

Included in package

Cleaning Instructions

The cushion should be wiped down daily with non-alcoholic wipes and replaced after 30 days. The rest of the mask should be washed weekly in warm water with a mild soap. Lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight.

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The Air F-20 is the best I've ever used. Tried several in the 20 Years I have been using a CPap. The major problem with this mask is you have to use a disenfect spray cleaner made to clean baby products, because you can't wash the foam with water.also after 3-4 weeks or less the foam tears at the bridge of the nose. They could if they wanted to make a little bit stronger foam, but they want to sell you one every month! Problem is my Medicare Insurance only pays once a month! So I have to heavily tape the bridge of my nose to seal where it's torn and wait 10 days for a new one! Rick, 08/13/2020
The best ,feels so much better .TY I had to try . I need a x small please start making them . PAMELA, 09/25/2019
I haven't ever found a full face mask I like. Part of this is that I'm deeply inset from bridge of nose to my eyes and high cheeks; most mask are prone to leak. I found the mask slightly tougher to clean of facial oils. Given these things, I use a silicone bridge across my nose down towards my mouth. This protects my skin, and helps the mask seal better. The memory foal does wear out or breakdown between six to eight weeks, which means it must be replaced regularly and the replacement cost is pricey. The mask is also slightly heavier than silicone mask. Given these factors, the mask is the most comfortable of any full face mask I've tried. It is my "go-to" mask at the moment. I use my mask on a Trilogy; during the day, i use a P-10 nasal pillow. Larry, 07/10/2019
Most comfortable mask by far. Starts breaking down after about 4 weeks and is pretty well done for by 6 weeks. I have a higher I & EPAP and that may cause earlier wear out. I wish the materials were more durable. Definitely a step in the right direction. Don't know if I could go back to the AirFit. 3rdMarDiv, 06/25/2019
Rob H.
I've had this one for 2 months now... I love it... much better than the silicone... its comfortable, I dont get leaks but it does ride up on the nose a bit... but its the best one ive had so far... yes you will get some noise if you put the blankets up to your mouth area... I'm sold... Rob H., 08/11/2018
Marvin R Mckown
What a joke, can't clean the mask without it coming apart! Wasn't impressed at all. Should have lasted more than a few days. Iam very careful about cleaning my equipment, this is not an easy mask to clean! Marvin R Mckown, 07/14/2018
[email protected]
this is the most ill fitting mask that I have every purchased and if I could I would ask for a leaks from top and sides and is impossible to adjust... makes squealing sound with small leaks...don't waist your money on this one.. the worst ever [email protected], 06/18/2018
Best mask ever!
This is the best mask I have tried. I have a small nose and chubby checks. The small is perfect for me. No more cold air blowing into my eyes all night long, no more mask liners or nose pads or bandaids. Yes, I have strap marks on my checks when I wake up in the morning, but I also sleep on my side, so my cheek is pressed against the pillow and straps all night. The seal is so much better than with all of the other full face masks I have tried. So happy I tried this mask. Best mask ever!, 05/10/2018
I have had many masks through the years. I started with nasal, but they would irritate my nose and I'd skip nights. I changed to full mask and have had quite a few different ones and currently have this one. I wear a small and it still feels big and it leaks much of the time making all kinds of noise. It does ride up the nose too. I also have my straps tight to the point that it leaves marks across my cheeks. I've had others with the cushion as well with the same results. I can't sleep without it so I just keep on using the mask hoping that they come out with a full mask that might fit better with a lot less leakage. Marsha, 03/07/2018
I'm new to the CPAP crowd. I received a mask from my doctor and it had silicone to try and make a seal. I had nothing but problems with it. If I moved even a little it would start to leak especially after I went to sleep and the CPAP machine ramped up to it's high pressure. I found this on line and it just made sense that memory foam would make a good seal. I purchased one and was sleeping soundly the first night. The memory foam makes a good seal and it feels soft on my face. I'm a full mouth breather all night and I've had no problems with keeping the seal. If I do get a little leak I open and close my mouth and it usually resets the seal against my face. I took the box with me to my doctor and had him change my prescription over to this and have been happy ever since. Robert, 02/18/2018
I just switched to this mask and love not having as much leakage as I had with the spimplus one, yes there is still leakage and as others have mentioned it does ride up on the bridge of my nose. I notice most of the leakage comes from where the hose connects to the mask, plus if a blanket comes the connection there is more noise which makes you think it is leaking. I love the softness and it does fit my face better than the other 3 have tried. Diana, 01/21/2018
tony n
this mask wounded my nose... i got talked into it because my local dealer didn't have my normal mask in stock, so i tried the "new and improved" Soft Touch... what a mistake... even with the so-call nose guard gel cushion (gecko?), the mask bruised and injured my nose badly. I was weeks healing. once i ordered my Quattro FX online, and started wearing that again, all was back to normal. DO NOT USE THIS unless you get a FULL REFUND guarantee... and invest in several colloid healing bandages, you will need them for your nose..... tony n, 01/09/2018
I'v tried six other masks. They either leak or cause the bridge of my nose to break-out. This is the most comfortable and non-leaking mask i own. Carl, 12/28/2017
Jim Hoy
Can't speak highly enough of this mask. The regular masks were causing rashes or open wounds on my face. I guess an allergy to the silicon? I don't know. I was about to give up on CPAP entirely when this mask came out. Now I have no problems. The mask does ride up the nose a bit, and seal is not perfect. But I rarely have problems to be honest. It takes a while for the cushion foam to dry too. But if you have problems with your skin and a CPAP mask, this is your solution. Jim Hoy, 12/01/2017
This mask DOES LEAK. I have the size Small and have the headgear straps pulled so tight that they are almost cutting open my skin. If I loosen them, more & noisy leaking. It rides up my nose and the top of it presses up against the inside edges of my eyes. Still waking up with both mask and strap marks on my face. The medium and large cushions were way too big. I've already tried several other style masks. Dawn, 11/25/2017
I was so excited to get this mask because the F&P Simplus my Dr. prescribed was causing MAJOR, painful dents on the bridge of my nose (with medical sponge tape and two bandaids on to stop the marks). The mask feels great...although Medium is actually smaller than a standard medium. The only issue I have with this mask is, during the night, if I turn my head too far to the side (while sleeping on my back), and the seal is broken, it is a pain the the ass the stop leaks. I use mask liners to stop leaks, and even that doesn't help. David, 08/25/2017
Brian wood
Mask is soft and no leaks at my high bipap pressures, I switched from the simplus and have been very happy with the mask Brian wood, 08/02/2017

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