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Amara Full Face Mask with Headgear

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Respironics (Philips) | SKU 1090226

When it's right, it just clicks. The uncomplicated easy-to-fit full-face mask with a simple "one-click" cushion.

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Philips Respironics expands on the Amara Full Face CPAP Mask line by offering gel and silicone cushion options. The lightweight frame and headgear are compatible with all sizes and types of Amara cushion making the Amara a versatile choice for full face mask users.


Gel or Silicone Dual Wall Cushion Options

The Amara Full Face Mask is available in four sizes with a gel or silicone cushion. Both cushion types offer a dual wall design which provides a comfortable, stable seal.

The silicone cushion offers a more traditional seal. As the air flows to the mask the thin outer silicone flap of the cushion seals against the face while the inner wall supports and stabilizes the mask position. The gel cushion features the comfort and contoured fit for which gel is known. The outer gel flap conforms to the user's face while the thicker inner wall molds to the face to support and stabilize the seal.

All size cushions in both gel and silicone are compatible with the Amara frame and headgear. The cushion snaps on and off the frame easily for cleaning and changing cushions.

Lightweight Materials

The Amara is an option for those who want a full face mask that is lighter than traditional designs. The mask frame and elbow are made of lightweight material.

Daily cleaning is quick and simple. The cushion seal is attached to a clear, one piece shell omitting the need to fit a cushion onto a mask frame. The cushion shell is removed and replaced with a single click onto the mask frame and elbow assembly.

Adjustable Forehead Support

The Amara forehead support features a fine-glide button which allows the forehead support depth to be easily adjusted by small increments to create the best seal possible.

Quiet Exhalation Ports

The Amara features Philips Respirionics micro exhalation ports found in previous masks. The number and size of the ports allows for quiet operation and directs airflow away from the user and bed partners.

Headgear, Frame & Cushion Sizes

The Amara headgear is sized to provide optimal fit and seal of the mask. Amara size Petite and Small come packaged with Reduced Size or "RS" headgear. Medium and Large Amara masks come packaged with original size headgear.

The Amara Full Face Mask comes with the Reduced Size or "RS" frame. The original silicone Amara was available in two frame sizes: Regular and Reduced Size.

  • The Reduced Size frame for the Amara fits all size silicone and gel cushions.
  • Both the Reduced Size and Regular frame from the original Amara fits all sizes of silicone and gel cushions.
  • To check if the frame is Reduced Size, look for the letters "RS" printed under the headgear clip area.

Included in package:

Video Tutorial

* This mask is only effective when used in conjunction with a CPAP/BiLevel machine


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Roy Krebs
Takes the expected time to get used to this mask, but it's comfortable and satisfactory. Doesn't leak. Have used it for 3 months, sleeping 9+ hours nightly. Suspend the tube over my head so that strain is reduced to zero. Quite satisfied! Roy Krebs, 01/26/2017
Jeff Brzezinski
I spent a lot of time browsing masks before choosing the Amara. I thought the wide-spaced straps and adjustment features would help ensure a good fit. I was also swayed by the Phillips brand name. When it arrived I was impressed by the quality plastics used in the general construction. The strap however is made of flimsy, spandex-like material, and the hook&loop fastener ends do not grip as well as conventional Velcro. The silicone-gel seal is soft and flexible, but much more delicate than it needs to be. Are these parts made poorly on purpose, to necessitate the recommended frequent replacement? I think, for the price, they could be made to be much more durable.
In operation, the mask initially seals well, but sometime during the gel edge will invariably fold out somewhere along the seal, causing a leak. It does not matter if you adjust for a loose, medium, or tight fit. There will be a leak sometime during the night when your machine needs to increase pressure. I have tried different "angles" by adjusting the Opti-Grab* at the forehead pad. The design flaw of this part is that having the contact pad at the forehead is too far removed from the mask edge. I can see what they were trying for, but it's just not as efficient as having the top straps at the top of the mask itself. As you adjust the angle to put more, or less, pressure near the bridge of the nose, the forehead pad can get very uncomfortable. But even that would be tolerable if it maintained a seal. Over a few weeks I have tried all the recommendations for a better fit, but the pressurized air will find the spot with the least contact and it will leak. I strongly recommend you avoid similar frustrations and do not buy this mask. Go for one with four straps on the mask itself.

* Apologies for the reference to the movie "The Jerk."
Jeff Brzezinski, 01/03/2017

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