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Amara View Mask with Headgear

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Respironics (Philips) | SKU 1090623

The Amara View's incredible under the nose design makes it the only full face mask that won't cause red marks on the bridge of your nose when compared to other Full Face Masks. Amara View is also the smallest, lightest and has the widest field of vision of all leading full face masks. It's easy to wear glasses, read, watch TV, and use a computer or tablet before falling asleep.

Prescription Required. To purchase this mask without a prescription, please purchase the following items:

Amara View Mask System without Headgear- $133

Amara View Headgear- $36



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Amara View has no bulky cushion or frame in front of your face and eyes, features soft and comfortable fabric straps and has quick release tabs for easy on and off. Unlike most full face masks, Amara View's cushion size is determined by measuring the depth of the nose using the simple sizing gauge. It features Intuitive fitting adjustments and should fit loosely and comfortably.

Included in package:


Frame/hub: Polycarbonate

Cushion: Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)

Elbow: Polycarbonate

Frame: Polycarbonate

Swivel: Polycarbonate

Entrainment Valve Diaphragm: Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)

15mm Tubing: Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer

Headgear Clip: Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer

Quick Release Feature: Polyoxymethylene (Acetal)

Headgear: Polyurethane, Nylon-Lycra


How to Fit the Amara View


* This mask is only effective when used in conjunction with a CPAP/BiLevel machine


Warning: Magnetic clips with a field strength of less than 400 mT are used in the mask.* With the exception of the devices identified in the contraindication, ensure that the mask is kept at least 6 inches (approx. 15 cm) away from any other medical implants or medical devices that can be impacted by the magnetic fields to avoid possible effects from localized magnetic fields. This includes household members, caregivers, and bed partners that may be in close vicinity to patients that use the masks.

*The application of Philips Respironics’ magnetic headgear clips and straps - according to the previous, as well as the current updated instructions and labeling - complies with the guidelines from the International Commission of Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), as well as the ISO 14117:2019-09 standard, for use of magnetic elements in proximity of implanted medical devices.

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Mandy S.
Beware, The strap velcro fails after 6 months, will not hold and the mask split at the seams! Mandy S., 02/27/2020
Stephen Gerrard
I’ve been using a cpap for a decade now or so and this is my favorite mask to date. It’s very comfortable. Much better than a full faced strapped to your whole face. I toss and turn all night and this thing stays put. It doesn’t matter if my face has whiskers or a full on beard it doesn’t leak. I haven’t read any reviews nor do I care. This was recommended by my nurse and I couldn’t be happier. My insurance replaces my mask and headset every three months all I have to do is clean it every day with nonalcoholic wipes. Stephen Gerrard, 06/22/2022
I have been sleeping with CPAP since 1995, been an Registered Respiratory Therapist since 1980, been a Registered Polysomnographer since 2005 and for me this has been the best mask ever! TJ, 07/12/2020
Martin H
I have been using a CPAP for 12 years now and this mask for 4 years now. Once it is properly adjusted, it works really well... The weak point is the headgear. After a while the velcro starts loosing it hold, and the adjustment suffers. Rating 4-stars w/ new headgear -- 2 stars w/ old headgear Martin H, 04/22/2020
Bob R
I have used just about al types of masks over the past 15+ years and have found the AMARA to be the most comfortable and reliable to staying place with very few leaks. Yes, any time you put any mask over your nose and mouth to breath you will always have problems. All you have to do is ask anyone whose job is to wear a mask! Bob R, 12/30/2019
Grace W
I've been using it for around 2 years. I wake up with my eyes totally dried and need to use artificial tears at least 4 times a day as prescribed by Retina Doctor. The holes that let the air escape just about in the bridge of your nose goes directly to your eyes, and when you sleep it's impossible to control that issue. Your eyes are NOT totally closed at sleep and that's what happen. For old people with eye issues it's very annoying Grace W, 09/18/2019
Mask slides up into mouth, and largest size isn't wide enough.
All masks are basically worthless
frazzled, 08/14/2019
I do not understand the poor reviews. This mask is fabulous. WHEN PROPERLY ADJUSTED, this mask basically inflates and it is that pressure that holds it to your face. It is super comfortable and leaves no red marks or pressure marks, as my previous full face mask did. I would recommend this mask to anybody who needs a full face mask. Dan, 07/13/2019
Mark K
When I get the perfect fit this mask works very well but that is the problem...getting the perfect fit. It's frustrating at times, waking up from the leaks, the flimsy plastic peace for the air holes and the headgear. It's hit or miss each time to make adjustments and getting back to the perfect fit.

Tweaking this mask to make it a bit bigger, replace the plastic piece with the air holes and headgear it would end up being a much better product overall.
Mark K, 04/25/2019
Alan B.
I started on a Bi-pap in 1999 and have always required full face masks that caused red marks/bumps from latex allergies or simple contact abrasion on my forehead or the bridge of my nose. That's the trouble that mouth breathers go through in the search for comfort. I got this little gem at my last sleep study in Nov.18 and it has really helped me but you HAVE to determine which size you need... for me it's a large because I am a big guy and all of my masks have been large in the past. I still swap out for a full face every 3rd or 4th day to give the end of my nose a break because this little guy can put some pressure on the end of your nose when you get it set if you have an average size honker. I still like it better than any other that I've tried and they also make an excellent Amara Full Face mask that is great with NO red mark causing pressure points and an adjustable forehead brace that actually works! Alan B., 02/25/2019
Ivie Fowller
I have used this mask for 3 months now the Velcro straps could be better but over all good mask for me. Ivie Fowller, 02/06/2019
The velcro is to short! And after 3 months the velcro will not stick anymore. Jim, 01/15/2019
after using the mask for a few months it might jus be the worst mask i've ever used, i now have dimples at the edge of my mouth, sores on the inside of my lower lip, it wakes me up about 6 or 7 times a night because it slides up and inside my mouth. i had to stop using it so i could get a whole nights sleep. james, 12/13/2018
I just got this mask. It's well made, and very adjustable, BUT...the statement it won't cause red marks or irritation on the bridge of your nose is just wrong. It is killing my nose. I've worked as best as I can to loosen the straps as much as possible without allowing leaks, but no matter, it "traps the tip of your nose and bends it downward, causing pretty significant irritation. Maybe if you have a very small nose it will not be bothersome for you. After 4 nights, I'm trying a bandaid across the bridge of my nose. If that doesn't work, I will have to replace it. John, 11/04/2018
I had a mask that just covered the nose, I discovered later on that I was a mouth breather and would have a sore throat. I needed a full face mask...hated the idea but had to do something. I chose the Amara View because it looked as if it gave me the most facial freedom. Now I watched the video several times until I learned the way to get a good fit and how to use the mask. That really is the secret I believe to getting comfortable. I slept very well, if felt like I had a window open and was getting a nice breeze, relaxed and fell asleep. I hated the thought of giving up the mask that just covered my nose, but the lack of rest and sore throat made it a need....and now I discover that hey I like this one better, it does give a good nights rest. Just be sure to watch the video, and practice to get a good fit, not too tight and not too loose..thats the trick. Becky, 09/16/2018
Mask User
This is my 2nd round with this mask. I've tried others, however there were always issues. I find this mask very comfortable. It does leak sometimes, however, I just re-adjust it and I'm good to go. I stopped using this mask because my nose kept breaking out (zits on your nose is not a good look). I'm hoping this time will be different. Mask User, 07/10/2018
I have been on C-pap for 20 years the masks are getting smaller and smaller but yet they called full face, I do not like they at all they fit my face properly, I like the delta full face for which I can not get any longer so I am forced to use MICKY MOUSE one. Kevin, 05/15/2018
This was a very welcome change to the other full face masks I have tried. I have to admit I fought air leaks at first but once you have it right, it is the most stable and comfortable mask I have owned. Only two things keeping this from 5 stars: the nose cushion does occasionally block your ability to breath through your nose. Takes an adjustment but it seems the opening could be a little bigger. If I had a backup, I would try making the opening bigger myself. Secondly, and this applies to most masks out there, I am a big guy. This mask just suffices in size. A bit bigger would be PERFECT. Please consider an extra-large in this model. Lee, 02/23/2018
Grant Corley
After 2 1/2 months use of 4 different masks & a CPAP machine I was ready to "Throw in the Towel" even though I was a severe sleep apnea case. My Dr. recommended a BPAP machine & some type of mask that would not tear up the bridge of my nose & yet still work. The recommendation of a friend & my supplier, we tried an Amara View mask. It is not perfect, but it usually works very well, is comfortable, quiet & I do not wake up w the bridge of my nose being all bloody. I still have the scars on my nose from the "Over the Nose" masks. It may be a bit difficult to get it adjusted just right, but a little time of trial & error we have it working well. It has certainly helped me get better rest & I have no intention of giving up on the machine & mask. Grant Corley, 01/31/2018
I have tried many different masks over the years, and this is my keeper! It is very comfortable, fits under the nose and over the mouth since I am a mouth breather at times. I get a good fit, minimal leaks and a good nights sleep! Elice, 12/28/2017
I love the concept, but like all masks the problem is in the fit. None of the mask vendors give enough information to make an informed decision. I have a small face, have allergies, and toss and turn - so not the "prime" market. The head gear for this was way bigger than my head so very difficult to adjust. Finally got it right but the mask would burp air out to the sides which would wake me up. I couldn't get it to stop unless I turned off CPAP, took everything off and started all over. Renee has some great ideas for improvements, but Philips/Respironics really need to look at what facial dimensions they are targeting the masks for and not just where your nose is. Liz, 12/15/2017
Bob V.
I was a little hesitant to get this mask after reading the reviews however I have been using it for three weeks now and it is working well for me. It fits right , is as comfortable as it could be for a full face mask and has stopped the mask leak alerts I was getting on my new Resmed Airsense 10 CPAP machine. I highly recommend it if it fits you right. Bob V., 12/14/2017
I first was given a nose mask and chin strap, then one that covered my mouth and nose, but had a plastic bar going up to my forehead. Went to my pulmonary appt. discussed things and they gave this one to me to try. It is the BOMB.. Love it!! So much freedom. I wear a small and if it leaks when I put it on. All I have to do is move the soft insert a bit. Billie, 11/29/2017
This is the worst made mask I have ever used. It leaks, you can't breathe out of the flimsy nose "slot". Thatbis all it is. A slot that younare supposed to draw air from but can't. Bad, Bad, Bad product! Dave, 11/24/2017
Terrible results with this. I feel like it is just money thrown away. No matter how I adjusted or how tight or loose I had it, it leaked, blowing air into my eyes all night... I went back to my old full mask after three days. Gary, 11/17/2017
Dave B
Don't waste your money on this. I tried the Medium mask and head gear first and it leaked no matter how I adjusted the straps so I returned it ( I had to pay shipping) and ordered the large mask and head gear and again no matter how I positioned the straps it leaks around the nose blowing up into the eyes which is VERY annoying! also very loud. I'll just take the $169.00 + loss and go back to my old full face mask. It looked good on line but the functionality of this mask doesn't work! I had to rate 1 star but if possible to give no or minus stars I would have. Dave B, 11/16/2017
I have used CPAP masks since 1994 and have used a wide variety of them. I saw the Amara View mask online and thought that it would be the “end all” mask. There was nothing across the bridge of the nose and a full-face mask. It looked great. But, that was the only great thing about it.
It leaked easily, and while trying to reposition it on my face, the bottom strap would disconnect and was difficult to re-connect. The “hook” type connector for the straps is worst I have every used or seen. I have used the Quatro mask for a couple of years and the strap connectors are similar to those found on belly straps on back packs and the harness on back-pack garden sprayers. They connect securely and easily.
This mask has turned out to be very painful to use is a couple of ways. CPAP masks are to promote sleep by making sure that you do not wake often due to not breathing. However, this mask leaks so easily that IT wakes you from noise of the leaking. But the truly painful part of this mask is the membrane that rests on the cartilage of the nose between the nostrils, and it really hurts. Also, the mask barely covers the corners of my mouth.
The first night I used the Amara mask was trying, but I figured that since the mask was new and I should just push through it and next night would be better. Wrong! After just three hours, I had fussed with it numerous times for leaking and my nose was very sore, I went back to my Quatro.
If I could, I would give this mask a MINUS 5, but will have to settle for one star.
RichD, 11/07/2017
This mask works great, no red marks, is comfortable, and no claustrophobic feeling that a full mask gives. The major downside and flaw in the design is the vents at the top of the mask cause air to blow straight up, thus drying my forehead. If you get this mask, use moisturizer on your forehead. Brock, 10/10/2017
Cynthia LaRochelle
This is the best mask. Very comfy and easy to maintain and clean. I like to read before lights out and it doesn't interfere with my glasses. Fits well I have the small size and no noise or whistles. Thank you to whoever made this type. Cynthia LaRochelle, 10/06/2017
I like the Amara View mask....I just wish they would make the cushion out of memory foam instead of latex!!!!!!... the latex irritates my skin a bit. Rick, 09/19/2017
Happy Sleeper
I have struggled with full face mask leaking, slipping, and cutting in to my nose. I had tried every single mask that they had at the Pulmonary Doctor's office. I went there twice to be fitted. When all else failed, the assistance said "hear, try this one. I usually do not recommend it but I don't know what else to do." Well, it fit with no leaks. She told me to take it home and try it out for a week. Ok, so the air blew it to my eyes. It did that with the other full face masks. However, a quick and easy fix, I now use a slumber mask. I could not do that with the other full face masks. The air would just blow up under the slumber mask and still reach my eyes. Now I sleep great. I can sleep on my back again. I don't even notice the mask anymore.

As far as my numbers, I have seen a decrease.
Happy Sleeper, 08/10/2017
Great mask, feel as if it's not on. Now, if I can only get my BRAND NEW Cpap to not turn off when I have apnea. Duh! Works opposite of what it's supposed to. Giani, 07/25/2017
Whether you love or hate this mask is a hit-or-miss proposition. Since it does not cover over the nose, the the nasal vent sits under your nose holes, and as your PAP blows, the nasal vent seals up around your nose holes (kinda like a ballooning effect). IF you get it to set perfectly, you are golden (then minimal blow up into your eyes). If not, you feel like the balloon effect is too tight (blocking) or too loose (air blows up your forehead). I had one night of good and others of too much or not enough. It was not consistent enough for me, so I exchanged it. But try it. The nose bridge and forehead clearance is wonderful, especially for nighttime readers. It may suit you. Mary, 07/14/2017
This mask works better than the nasal mask I had been using, I like that I can read when wearing it. It does seem to slip at night which I think is a headgear problem. I find that there is less noise or leaks when lying on my side Linda, 06/17/2017
The mask is great to wear and won't shift as much when you're on your side sleeping. It's comfortable to wear and is very easy to read a book or look on your phone. I would have given this mask a 5 star review except the hose that comes with the mask makes a whistling noise at times. If you don't position the hose a certain way it could keep you awake if you're sensitive to noises before falling a sleep. So I give it 4 stars instead. They need to design the connecting hose to the tubing better. Jonathan, 06/11/2017
horrible. just horrible. I'd rather die of sleep apnea than put this mask back on. jessebo, 06/09/2017
This mask did not work for me. It blew up into my eyes and air leak around the top and that is with the small size. Tried three different times. Frustrating! Nita, 05/31/2017
Amara View was great as a low profile full-face mask. It really checked a lot of the boxes for me - easy to put on/remove, easy viewing of tv, books, etc. and generally very well constructed. Like other reviewers, however, I found it to not fit as snug as I would have liked. I double and triple-checked how tight I had it adjusted, and it still moved around my face as I lay on my side and changed sleeping positions normally. I have since changed to the Air Fit N20 with a separate chin strap. The AirFit has a very malleable nose piece, which moves with me and does not allow air to escape. Maybe other reviewers have found the Amara View to be the perfect mask, but I think it is just not right for me. Andrew, 05/27/2017
After struggling with just a nose mask (two different styles) I got this mask and find it more comfortable and also is giving me better results. I am a mouth breather and was having trouble with the other styles having air blow out my mouth if I opened it up while asleep. This Amara View mask allows me to open my mouth and still get the benefit of my Bi-pap equipment. Not having to insert those nose tubes is much more comfortable with the Amara View. I am having good success so I will continue to use it. RJD, 05/12/2017
Bob Ambs
Bad allergic reaction. Bad congestion and cold symptoms after 1 use. Will try to use it again. Bob Ambs, 05/02/2017
I have been so unhappy with the full face mask that came with my ResMed cpap machine. I would keep waking up with cold, cold eyes and have to keep wiping the tears out of the mask. I got this mask and it fits further down on my face - and I LOVE IT! Rolla, 04/21/2017
Love the fit, but the air exits at the top hitting my eye lashes/lids. Very irritating Douglas, 04/04/2017
This is a great concept but needed more thought before production. It is a little hard to fit around the nose. But the true issue is the vent holes on top. They apparently were not thinking when they did the drilling as the way the holes are it automatically blows air right back into your eyes. after first night I woke up and eyes were swollen to. I was so anxious to come and give a 5 star rating but it couldn't happen. Hopefully a re-design will come soon. Craig, 03/29/2017
Dale Hibbard
I need full face because of problems breathing thru my nose. Other masks made the bridge of my nose sore and would have leaking up into my eyes. With the Amera View I have a better seal does not leak makes for better nights sleep and does not leave my nose sore. My best mask so far. Dale Hibbard, 03/27/2017
Fausto Montes
I really like this product. it is unbelievable how much I can sleep and we'll rested. I recommended 100% Fausto Montes, 02/26/2017
straps are to narrow cut in the scalp and face, need to be wider paul, 02/24/2017
James Sills
I was a bit unhappy with the headgear. I'd like it to have clips or inserts so that adjustment isn't needed every time you put it on. It's also a bit noisy compared to a full face mask, but I am going to try and get comfortable putting it on. I hope my wife puts up with the noise of every breath I take. James Sills, 02/17/2017
Tried this mask for a few weeks and was most uncomfortable mask. It would not stay in place and leaked badly.

Every user has a different face. For me, this did not work at all.
Mike, 02/07/2017
DITTO "Renee"

I believe mask fit, is key for consistent patient use and needed compliance to achieve the needed benefit. ...
*Suggestions for improvement.
1. Open the radius of the mask frame, slightly -
a) The frame creates uncomfortable pressure on prominent cheekbones
b) Frame caused sharp pain cheekbone area just above teeth of upper jaw.
c) Went from M to L and it helped some due to padding location.
- This helped some
- Major issue frame needs to be widened minimum 1/4" L&R of center.
2. The air vents upward tends to dry out eyes.
a) Should vent at the side at or below R&L of centerline

If these 2 issues were resolved it would be spot on.
Jeff, 02/03/2017
I believe mask fit, is key for consistent patient use and needed compliance to achieve the needed benefit. I began with a CPAP in 2006 and progressed to an ASV in 2015. Over time I have used several different makes and designs of masks, both nasal and full face. A poor fitting mask, guarantees a non-compliant patient.

This mask is by far the best mask I have ever used. I have 2 suggestions for improvement.
1) open the radius of the mask frame, slightly -
> currently the frame creates uncomfortable pressure on prominent
I currently must wear a Large mask. My nose is not large, but the frame was
causing pain by digging into my cheekbones, so I increased the size.
The cushion around my nose barely fits, because it is too large.

2) the air vent tends to draft and dry out my eyes.

If these 2 issues were resolved I would give a 5th star...and it would be PERFECT!!
Renee, 01/29/2017
I really liked this mask at first...but then my numbers started going up. The plastic is really hard against your cheek bone towards the tip of your nose. The worst part of it was feeling like I was suffocating because the hole under the nose felt like it wasn't big enough or was collapsing. I had high hopes but I don't like it. Fixing to order a replacement for a old mask that may not be wonderful but it doesn't leak and I can breath! Deborah, 11/26/2016
The Amara View is my go to mask now. If you get the right cushion size and adjust the head gear correctly, I have a goatee and I still get an 99% airtight fit. when it does leak a little I simply readjust it and it seals right back. It is by far the smallest, lightest with the largest field of vision of any full face mask. I'm not a big fan of Phillips Resperonics of old, but they hit a home run with the Amara View. I also own a Resmed Quattro FX and a RespCare Hybrid. I don't switch off very often now that I have been using the Amara View for about 2 months. I LOVE THIS MASK! Tony, 11/17/2016
I'm still getting used to the new mask after 3 years using the Qualtro full mask. It appears to be functioning okay. I'm trying to be patient with a new style of mask, figure out how to adjust the straps for a comfortable fit and the soreness under my nose instead of on the bridge of the nose. Henry, 11/14/2016
great mask, sometimes noisy but fits well Kim, 10/28/2016
Richard Calvi
I tried the Amara view mask for three nights and liked everything about it except I could not get it to seal properly without leaking air around the edges. The leaking air made so much noise it forced my wife to seek a quieter location so she could get some sleep herself. I am very pleased with the easy breathe company. They are very courteous and professional and really know the meaning of customer service. I hope to continue to do business with them and wish I could get the Amara View mask to seal for me. Richard Calvi, 10/25/2016
Comfort and no leaks is what i was looking for. And thats exactly what i got with the Amara View mask. Easy to get a seal and less AHI episodes would be the improvements gained after changing to Amara View. I had used a different hybrid mask that had nasal pillows and covered the mouth. It was difficult to keep a seal with that one.
Well pleased with Amara View.
Bobby, 10/19/2016
I love the mask, but they sent me a hose that don't fit my machine. Judy, 10/18/2016
I've tried so many different masks that I couldn't use because they made me claustrophobic. This mask has not and I've use my machine more in the past two weeks that I have in the past two years I'd recommend it to anyone Jim, 10/17/2016
I found this mask to be uncomfortable and leaked severely around the nose causing my machine to ramp up pressure to the max. i did not even make it through 1 night before switching back to my current mask. Don, 10/15/2016
Oh, this mask is sooo close. The nose part fit perfectly for me. It helps to have a flat under nose. If you have a very pointy or up turned nose this is probably not for you. The only problem is the mouth hole. It is too small, especially in the up/down direction. I've always been a mouth breather (allergies) and during the night tend to open my mouth wide. When I do, the mask is not long enough to stay on my chin and slips into my mouth resting on my lower teeth. Oddly enough, it still seals well against my lower lip. But it wakes me up when this happens. Dear Respironics, please make a version of this mask about 3/4 inches longer !!!!! Brian, 10/07/2016
Mask felt the most comfortable of all that I have tried. But the first night had nothing but leaks. Pulled the straps so tight it took over n hour for the marks to go away. Insurance companies are a joke because you only get about 5 minutes to try on a mask in a very controlled environment. YouTube instructions are a joke as they do not address leaks at the eyes. Now I have to purchase a mask and hope that some day my insurance company will stop only thinking of them selves and really allow people to try a mask before locking us into one.

We're sorry to hear that you were frustrated with your old provider. We do offer many masks with a risk free trial. We also have a Mask Guarantee you can purchase to ensure you get a full refund in case you don't like your mask. We also offer 100% store credit on all masks. We make it easy for you to try masks until you find one that works for you.
Kenn, 09/21/2016
over 15 yrs have tried every mask none work. fit of headgear vs mask is always unsuitable. on this amara the air blows into my eyes most annoying, straps push area under my eyes up so I get puffiness. lower straps w/o a flannel cover DIG into the area around my carotid. painful and makes a stiff neck. awaken several times to adjust mask. the bottom of the mask generally ends up IN my mouth, then I am mouth breathing and mouth dry as GOBI desert. tighten straps to the point of getting marks on face alleviates that problem but then I look like Godzilla. can't wait till ins allows for new mask but who knows what I'll find then. solution would be to use 3d printer to make mask to fit individual, like the dentist can craft your tooth crown on a 3d printer, or make a new hand, etc. AD, 09/02/2016
Shauna K.
I have a lot of trouble with air leaking so I pull the headgear tight and I do get the red marks on the bridge of my nose. Shauna K., 08/22/2016
I have fought mask after mask, having leaks in all other types of mask, especially full coverage. This mask took care of all those problems. Use to only get 3 maybe 4 hours on my machine. With this mask easily 6/7 hours a night every night. Very easy to adjust, once you get it perfect, its like the best night sleep ever. It doesn't disappoint, LOVE THIS S MASK! Dan, 06/11/2016
Chuck Klingelhofer
I am just getting by with the large mask. It barely covers my mouth. How about working on an extra large mask? Chuck Klingelhofer, 05/24/2016
Finally! This mask is very comfortable? It alleviates the pressure on the bridge of my nose. It doesn't leave marks on my face. I'm thrilled that I found this mask and now look forward to a comfy nights sleep. I have been wrestling with having to sleep with a mask and have struggled for years, at the same time needing it desperately. So you can understand how grateful I really am! Kristine, 03/22/2016
Love this mask! Very little leaks and easily adjusted. So comfortable too. Love that I can wear my glasses with it. Very lightweight as well. Kathy, 01/11/2016
James Toscano
James Toscano, 01/08/2016
This is by far the best mask, very comfortable to wear, easy to see over and it is very light. It don't get in the way when sleeping and it is very quiet. Ed, 09/29/2015
I found this mask comfortable to wear. I had minimal redness and strap marks on my face in the mornings. I have been using a nasal pillow mask, but when my allergies plugged my nose, I requested a full mask. I had two problems. First, the vent holes cause a loud whistling noise at high pressure. This was only a problem if I woke up in the middle of the night. Second, and more important, my scores were going down. I was previously having 2-4 episodes per hour, but this increases to 16 and more with this mask. Jim, 09/13/2015

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