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SleepWeaver Anew Mask System

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Circadiance's newest all-cloth, non-allergenic mask, the SleepWeaver® Anew™ is especially designed for people who tend to breathe through their mouths and for those who have latex or silicone alleriges. The cloth is that is used is the same material used to make winter ski clothing (polyester, nylon, and elastane).   

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The SleepWeaver Anew features a dual interface design that seals around both the nose and the mouth, with only soft cloth touching the skin. Unlike the hard plastic masks made by other manufacturers, Circadiance soft cloth technology allows the skin to breathe, without moisture accumulating between the mask and the user’s skin.

The unique loose fit provides added comfort and eliminates strap marks, and the open-face headgear design accommodates eyeglasses and allows virtually unrestricted vision. All Circadiance masks allow for a greater variety of sleep positions. The mask is available in three sizes.

SleepWeaver Anew Quick Fit Tips from Circadiance LLC on Vimeo.

Included in package

  • Full face cloth mask
  • Headgear
  • Informational CD
  • Instructional Booklet

* This mask is only effective when used in conjunction with a CPAP/BiLevel machine

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couldn't get it to seal
tried everything
too bad..good idea
GLEN M., 03/19/2020
absolutely the worst mask I've ever tried. No matter what I did I could not get it to seal. If I got it to seal around my upper lip it would leak at the top of my cheeks. If I got it to seal at the top of my cheeks it would leak down by my chin. If you can figure out a way to sleep with your head suspended off of a pillow then you might be able to get it to seal. if you sleep standing up you might be able to get it to seal. It didn't matter if I shaved or if I had a beard going it just would not seal.
I am a VA patient so I get my CPAP through them. I only get 2 masks a year. The first one broke 2 weeks into using it. So now I'm down to one mask for the next 11 months.
Waldo, 01/29/2019
Got this mask for my husband because it is marketed as a great mask for men with full beards. Well I received this mask and we tried several times to get it to seal. It never would sealcorrectly. It’s also suppose to be lighter than conventional mask,but it’s not. It also appears to be a pain to clean. His sleep Dr. threw it in the trash. James, 10/12/2018
Beth in Oregon
I have been using the Anew for about half or more of the time I have been using a C-Pap, and I love it, I switch suppliers when they stop supplying it to me. My only problem has been when I was once supplied with a size Small, when I need a Regular, or would try a large... Beth in Oregon, 07/29/2018
Bought this could not get it to seal. Bill, 06/16/2018
Dan in Ohio
Didn't work for me It leaks and I put it on the way it tells you. When you lay on your side the swivel that the tube connects to presses against my lips. Still try it might work for you. Didn't for me Dan in Ohio, 05/08/2018
Debi in Murphys
Can not get a good seal, waste of money. Debi in Murphys, 09/12/2017
Sleepless in the Southwest
LOOKS great, but... with a beard (very short and trimmed) it just would not seal no matter how much wiggling/adjusting/shifting/tugging was done... the tube is not featherweight by any means... cleaning it is more labor intensive than other types... and worst of all the emergency valve opened multiple times through the night and NOT because my machine lost power... oh, it also caused pressure irritation above my upper lip but below my nose. Returning it. (One good thing about this mask is that it makes the difficulty I had with my previous mask seem inconsequential, and I'm now going back to using that one.) Sleepless in the Southwest, 08/23/2017
Craig H
Worst mask I have ever tried. Very disappointed. Absolutely could not get it to seal. Craig H, 07/31/2017
Larry Joseph
Love this mask. I am an active sleeper, always twisting and turning, and this mask stays right with me. Has never come loose or given me any concerns. Plus, if you have an itch, no need to loosen mask and then readjust, the mask is pliable which is also great when I sleep on on my side or stomach. Larry Joseph, 06/25/2017
This mask was a nightmare! Looks like it is an incredible mask, especially for those with a beard. I couldn't get this mask to stop leaking. Also it's much harder to maintain than the current hybrid mask I went back to using. Great idea for comfort, but needs a lot of design tweeking. J.Smith, 06/17/2017
I love this mask, particularly when I have had dental work. The trick to the fit is to turn your cpap on at full pressure and wiggle your nose and mouth as if your nose was itching. Adjust straps. Use the featherweight tubing to attach the mask to the main hose. It really makes a difference too. I'm at a pressure around 14 -18, in case anyone wonders. Edith, 05/03/2016
Karen in Washington State
I had a difficult time with this mask. The nose opening caused an irritation under my nostrils. I will be returning this mask. Karen in Washington State, 12/18/2015
Mike Holcomb In Huntsville Alabama
Sleep Weaver Anew Circadiance It does what they claim, however it blew full pressure (what ever that was 6-25) straight into my nose and dried my sinus. The "quick disconnect" connections need improvement but perhaps it was intended the mask and headgear be replaced every 3-4 months or as soon as your insurance will pay for it. Mike Holcomb In Huntsville Alabama, 10/20/2015
Marcy in Texas
Nightmare to seal. Had to practically sleep on my face to hold it in place without it being so tight it cut into my head. Marcy in Texas, 10/02/2015
David in Long Beach
I alternate this one with the Èlan nasal (also by Circadiance). LOVE these masks and can't imagine ever going back to a hard plastic mask. David in Long Beach, 11/19/2014

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