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DreamWear Mask Fit Pack with Headgear

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Respironics (Philips) | SKU 1116700

The DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear - Fit Pack (All Cushions Included with Medium Frame) by Philips Respironics is an innovative mask that uses a tubelike frame to deliver airflow directly to the nasal cushion. The CPAP hose connects at the top of the head allowing for a minimalistic design that limits contact with the face. This Fit Pack includes all sizes of nasal cushion and the medium frame which will fit most users.



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The DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear - Fit Pack (All Cushions Included with Medium Frame) is a minimal contact mask designed to help accommodate users of multiple sleeping positions. This is a nasal mask that delivers therapy by covering both nostrils.


·         Innovative Tubelike Frame

·         Minimal Contact Design

·         Multiple Cushions Included

·         Hose Connection at Top of Head

·         Fabric Wraps Included

Innovative Tubelike Frame

The DreamWear CPAP Mask frame is designed to allow airflow to pass through it to reach the nasal cushion. The frame is a single piece with connections for the hose elbow, headgear, and nasal cushion. If one side of the frame is closed by being laid on, the airflow can pass entirely through the other side without negatively affecting therapy pressure. The medium frame is included with this fit pack, but is available in other sizes for separate purchase if needed. The DreamWear frames and cushions are interchangeable, so any size frame will fit any size cushion.

Minimal Contact Design

The DreamWear Mask features a cushion that rests under the nose and seals both nostrils without needing to cover the entire nose. This helps alleviate discomfort and irritation on the bridge of the nose that more traditional masks can cause. The design leaves line of sight open for reading and TV watching before bed.

Multiple Cushions Included

The DreamWear Fit Pack includes all four sizes of DreamWear nasal cushions: small, medium, medium wide, and large. Any size cushion will fit any size frame, so once the desired fit is found, replacements in only the desired size can be purchased. This fit pack includes the medium frame which will fit most users.

Hose Connection at Top of Head

The Dreamwear frame is designed with the elbow at the crown of the head, allowing the hose to be routed above the user for optimal comfort. This design will help alleviate tug on the front of the mask enabling a more stable seal during the night. The elbow is free to swivel inside the connection to help active sleepers maintain proper placement of the mask as sleeping positions change.

Fabric Wraps Included

The DreamWear includes two fabric wraps which feature hook and loop fasteners for quick and easy placement on the mask frame. The wraps are intended to be placed on the cheek portion of the frame to increase comfort and further help alleviate irritation.


Cleaning Instructions:

Daily: Hand wash the non-fabric parts.

Weekly: Hand wash the fabric parts.

1. Disassemble the mask.

2. Submerge and hand wash the mask in warm water with liquid dishwashing detergent. Ensure there are no air pockets present inside the mask parts while submerged.

3. Rinse thoroughly.

4. Lay the headgear and fabric sleeves flat or line dry. Make sure the entire mask is dry before use. Do not place the fabric parts into a clothes dryer.


Cushion: Silicone/polycarbonate

Frame: Silicone/polycarbonate

Elbow: Polycarbonate

Tubing quick release: Polycarbonate

Headgear: Polyurethane foam, nylon/Spandex

Fabric wraps: Polyester/Spandex

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Finally I found a mask that works for me. I have bad sinus problems/ and this mask is easy to wear, easy to take off, and VERY comfortable. MF, 03/07/2022
Beth M.
This is the “BEST” Cpap mask that I’ve ever worn.
You barely know that you’re wearing one.
Soft against your face, no lines upon waking, great fit & I have experienced little to no air leakage throughout the night..
Beth M., 05/26/2020
Orville Price
It’s been a wonderful find no more mask marks Easy setup easy to put on and off Orville Price, 08/05/2019
B Lamkin
It is by far the most comfortable mask that I have ever worn and that's saying a lot after almost 20 years of using a CPAP. You must make sure that you are using the correct size nasal cushion and that the head strap is fitting snuggly and there will be minimal air leakage. Been wearing this mask since they came out. B Lamkin, 06/17/2019
too much leakage, The "Dreamstation" machine just ramps up and dumps more air than I need and air is blowing out and wakes me up. Steve, 01/11/2019
Terry Filice
No other masks worked for me. I'd take it off. Dream wear nasal made a big difference. I even have a mustache. Been wearing for years. Terry Filice, 12/22/2018
Love many aspects of this mask — sleep on stomach, ability to read, top of head tubing, giving my nose a break, BUT it would leak whenever I moved. Took a large wisp mask and used with and problem solved! Pat, 10/20/2018
Actually, I am not crazy about this mask. I've tried several and this one is one of the more uncomfortable, and because I move about a lot in my sleep, this mask kind of gets in the way. And it doesn't keep a great seal. Some of the less intricate masks do a better job of both fit and comfort. David, 10/04/2018
I have used a few different masks over the years, but this dreamwear nasal mask is the best of all of them. It is so comfortable, and with no annoying air leaks based upon sleeping position. I would highly recommend this to everyone.

Also, Easy Breathe is great to work with. Great products and pricing, and amazing service!
Bert, 09/10/2018
I've tried several mask over the times that I used the CPAP. I used the machine on and off because of the mask. Could not find a comfortable one. I felt claustrophobic with some of them. Last mask had nasal pillows but hurt my nostrils. So I decided to try the Dream Wear nasal mask. I really love it. There has been a few mornings (like 3 or 4 in the past 2years) that I received a bad breathing rating on my machine due to leakage. The back tape does ride up once in awhile but doesn't bother me enough to want to change back to the other masks. I just love this mask! Lyn, 08/14/2018
Best Mask I've Used
This is the best mask I've worn. It doesn't stretch my nostrils, leave marks on my face, irritate my skin, or leak. Best Mask I've Used, 06/26/2018
This is the best mask I have ever worn. Everything about it is great except the strap on the back. It does not stay down on the back of my head. I wish it could be re-designed. Paula, 05/04/2018
I love this mask. I tried all the other types of masks available without success. I have a top plate denture which I do not wear to bed. Because of the lack of the top teeth, the nasal pillows, and every other mask will not stay on my face. The hose connection always pulled them off. With this Dreamwear mask, the hose connection on the top actually helps the mask stay in place. It is comfortable and leaves very slight impressions on your face instead of those huge hideous marks left by other masks. I had one problem with the mask, which was common with all masks I tried. I have very thin hair and the headgear always slid up and off. I solved this by putting my hair up in a messy bun with a fabric covered scrunchie and the scrunchie holds the headgear in place. Now it really is the perfect mask for me! Catherine, 04/22/2018
This is the best mask that I have tried so far. I started with the "Darth Vader" style mask and after it caused mt face to break out I went with the nose pillows, which was a vast improvement over the old mask. The pillows soon started to cause rash problems with my nose so when the "Dream Weaver" came out I bought one and so far, in my opinion, it is the best so far. John, 01/28/2018
I have been wearing a cpap for 20 years. This mask is amazing. I show 0% mask leakage on my data logging machine every day. No need to loosen and tighten straps every time I put it on and take it off. The top of the head hose placement is perfect for me. Dual exhausts never blow in my face. Easy to clean, comfort like I have never experienced and not expensive to maintain. I could go on. Just try one. Nothing to loose and if not for you return it. Rick, 01/21/2018
I love it. Love the top connection, the no-mark headgear, and the molded pillow. nj, 01/14/2018
I am new, two months of CPAP therapy and have been struggling to find a mask that will not leak. I am an active sleeper rotating from back to stomach to side and was getting tangled up in the hose and displacing the FFM mask. Thew Dreamwear with Cushion is the most comfortable mask I have tried. I especially like the hose connection at the top of my head. Only issue I have - and nothing to do with the Dreamwear is mouth leaks. I am trying cervical brace and waiting for chin strap because I really want to control mouth leaks to use this great product. Hope Respironics will develop a top hose connection FFM too. Oscar, 12/11/2017
Purchased this mask several months ago. I prefer a nasal mask. I find this mask very comfortable to sleep with. Joel, 11/20/2017
Dennis Z
This is the BEST fitting mask I have ever used, hands down! Dennis Z, 09/27/2017
I really like the mask. It is very comfortable and I like the new view, I can see the T.V. without going crosseyed. I do hate the Dreamstation machine I bought though, it is very noisey, can't even use it. Made the mistake of not buying the return plan, now I'm stuck. Troy, 09/24/2017
Was pulled in by the hope this was the best delivery mask week into nightly use has revealed issues that cause me to go back to my old mask. My issues include audible air passage along face tubes and annoying air leaks that make it more difficult to get to sleep.....mask slips and breaks seal during the night.... strap adjustment do not remedy. The tubing being on top of the head while unique is actually more cumbersome than direct connection to either my full face or my nasal mask. None are "perfect"....this one has proved to be totally inadequate for me. In my opinion I was dazzled with technology and ad hype which resulted in wasting my money in an attempt to find a better mask. JJ, 09/15/2017
This is the best mask to ever come around for me. All the others were awful and when I wear anything over my mouth and nose, I feel I'm smothering. The other mask I was using left a permanent crease on my nose and face. I don't freeze from air blowing on me at night now because air hole is on top. I can sleep anyway I want. It so quick to put on and off and no messing with trying to get the pillows in my nose to close up right. There were times before I spent literally 15-20 minutes getting my previous mask adjusted only to have to get up for something right after. I hated it. I can take this on and off so easily. It is easy to hang on my bed post also! The comfort is wonderful! I have very sensitive skin so the only problem I have once in a while when it's very hot and I get sweaty is under my nose it gets a little sore. I just use Neosporin and it's gone. It's so easy though to just lift it up slightly and the air will dry off that area so it won't hurt. I had to get a small frame because the medium was just too big and the top laid on my pillow and would block the air hole. The small sits on my head as it's suppose to. Someone said they didn't like it not staying on the back of their head. Mine rides up also so I put my hair in between and it keeps it where it's suppose to be. I was only using my previous mask as little as the 4 hours that was required and my AHI was just barely under 4. (My insurance won't pay if I go over 4.) Now I am using it on average 7.5 hours at less than 1 AHI and never missing a night. I know my DR will be very pleased this time. I've been using it now a little over 9 months. My husband was just diagnosed with sleep apnea and his doctor gave him several masks to try out and he finally decided on the Dream Wear mask also! It's so important to find the right mask because my husband has resisted getting a sleep study done for years because of seeing my struggles and he developed bigeminy and they traced it to sleep apnea. WE are both happy sleepers now! DianeC, 09/09/2017
I have tried numerous styles of CPAP head gear and the Dream Wear mask is by far the most comfortable and most easily adapted mask that I have found. The key to wearing any mask is finding one that is both comfortable and effective, and this one does the trick. There is the appropriate amount of fresh air, under pressure that keeps you from "mouth breathing" and the comfort cannot be beat. I sleep through the night soooo much more than before. I would recommend this to anyone who has trouble with the "claustrophobic" feeling or the "freeze out" feeling that so many mask make you endure. Andrew, 09/01/2017
Robert B
Over the years of using mask for sleep apnea, I have used a number of types of masks and I have found the DreamWear mask has been the best. It is very light and very comfortable and I do not have the leakages that I had with all the others. This is an excellent mask. Robert B, 08/14/2017
Ken Dawson
I'm sorry to say this mask did not work for me. It leaked and kept on waking me up.

Ken Dawson
Ken Dawson, 07/20/2017
shauna byroads
The mask does not seal adequately around my nose. shauna byroads, 06/09/2017
I have worn the full mask for several years and when my doctor told me I could try the nasal mask I looked and looked and read all the reviews and decided to give this Dream Wear Nasal Mask a try. The design of it looked great as having the hose on the top of my head away from my head seemed awesome. I have been using this mask for 7 months now and I truly love it!!! I sleep so great with it. Comfortable as can be. No more red marks on my face from the full mask. It is a dream come true! Definitely worth trying if you are skeptical. But it is really great!! Highly recommend. Donna, 06/03/2017
Ron Braverman
I have had a CPAP machine for many years, over 10. Several different machines over the years. I've maybe had 20/25 different masks over the years. Never wore for more then 1 night. I knew my sleep apnea was not good for my health but the masks that I've had were worse. This new DreamWear mask is amazing. I have now used for over 3 weeks. Every night. Better rested, better sleep, better health. Ron Braverman, 05/23/2017
Nick Lee
it took me a while to get used to this. The key is to place the place the side tubes directly below the cheekbone, as to minimize pain in the nose. Once I got that, it was super comfortable, This mask does not have a bunch of straps, so that's super cool Nick Lee, 05/23/2017
I have been using this device now for about 9 months. " The best " I would recommend this product to anyone. You will be pleased that you chose this device. I have been using a cpap now for 10 years and this head gear is the best I have purchased. Don't wait, get one now! Thanks Phillips! Larry, 05/21/2017
It is so much more comfortable than nasal pillows! I thought the top positioned tube would bother me, as I have always have had it at the base, but it has not been a problem at all. The fact that it swivels makes it so adjustable to my position in bed. Julie, 05/05/2017
I must be the only one who didn't like the mask. I found it very uncomfortable and returned it. I have since ordered another style mask from easybreathe. Phillip, 05/02/2017
I really like this mask. The only drawback is the head gear, the strap on the back of my head always creeps up . I first got a size medium, then a small. They both do the same thing. But I like the fact that the nasal pillow just sits on the outside of my nose and I'm willing up put up with the headgear issue. Kathie, 04/19/2017
I love the mask. The best I've tried so far. I just wish it came with a chin strap as my mouth falls open when I sleep and I wake up. If you sleep with your mouth closed it's the best I've ever seen. Ed, 04/11/2017
Mark Huff
I honestly don't like it like I thought I would. The mask cut me under my nose. The mask leaks and you can hear it at night.
I do like the hose being on top though as it is easier to sleep.
Mark Huff, 03/20/2017
This new mask is uncomfortable for me. I purchased the largest one offered yet it pulled against my nose and leaks. I have been trying to find a mask that is comfortable for years. I have been using the Mirage active for years and the only problem wit it is it leaves marks on both sides of my nose which is a telling sign to everyone familiar with Cpap therapy that I am receiving therapy.....James 3/19/2017 James, 03/19/2017
Joe H
After learning to properly place the nose on the mask it is working great. One will have o experiment some to get it right. Joe H, 03/18/2017
I love the vent at the crown of the head! Now I don't freeze my husband with a constant wind! Michelle, 03/11/2017
I love this mask! Very lightweight and so comfortable. No more leaks, red marks all over my face and adjusting all night. This mask is worth every penny! Jessie, 03/08/2017
Great product.. This mask fits perfectly, even moving around from side to side during sleep it never moves.. I was tired of paying outrageous costs through the company my insurance deals with.. the prices through easy breathe were reasonable and they offer a 30 day guarantee. Judy, 02/12/2017
So far so Great! I am very happy with my purchase of this product. No more strap lines on my face and the mask seals great so far. It takes a little adjusting to get use to the hose being on top of your head rather than hanging off the front of your face but now it is fine. I would recommend this product if you are tired of facial lines being left by a more traditional mask headgear. Mitch, 02/08/2017
Great idea not having nasal pillows, much more comfortable then previous top selling nasal mask. Steve, 02/08/2017
Mary Katherine
I love my new mask. It is easy to put on in the dark. This is important because I have to go to the restroom at night. It is very quiet. It fits my face without irritation. I really like the micro fiber covers that fit the cheek area because they can be removed and washed. The nose piece fits tightly without stretching my nostrils. This mask is very superior to all others I have tried. Mary Katherine, 01/29/2017
Mary D
I have struggled for years because I could never find it comfortable mask that works for side sleepers. I usually get my supplies from the VA, but they do not do business with your company. I decided to risk my own money and ordered one. I LOVE IT!!! The only thing that took some getting used to was the bit of air that escapes and the sound, but I got used to it. I do believe however the strap that goes around the back of your head be redesigned to keep it from riding up and be a more secure fit around the back of your head. I fixed that problem by putting on a bandana over my head once I had the mask on. I am taking the mask to the VA on my next appointment hoping that they will now stock these. Best part is there was hardly any pressure on your nose or face which is a problem with all of the types of masks for side sleepers, and you have the hose coming from the top of your head is ingenious I am sleeping well for the first time in years! Mary D, 01/14/2017
Randy T.
The swivel tube on top of the head is way better than having the tube laying on my chest.Much more freedom while sleeping without rolling over on the tube.My face does not have marks from the mask and the adjustments keep the air flow tight on my nose.This is my favorite mask so far. Randy T., 01/05/2017
Absolutely the BEST and MOST COMFORTABLE. Fits well, no strap marks on my face, allows for a great nights sleep, and is an all around dream. Wish I'd known about it before. Aileen, 01/04/2017
Works great when I first go to bed on my back, but (and I switch sides to back a lot) when I'm on my right or left side, it leaks like hell. I've tried tightening the straps, but it still does it. If you sleep only on your back, this is for you.Otherwise I wouldn't get one. Brian, 12/15/2016
Johnny Ross
The headgear and mask are working fine. Johnny Ross, 12/09/2016
Its been the best money i have ever spent i simply enjoy most times i honestly can't tell i got a mask on am able to sleep any angle and still get a pleasurable sleep. Thanks a lot... Mike, 11/29/2016
This mask is comfortable, but it comes off during my sleep. How can I keep it on?

Hi Stephanie,

You may need a smaller frame (generally medium, but we are finding small works on a larger number than anticipated).

The other suggestion is to make sure when laying down that the part where the tube connects is on the top of your head. If it is not located on the top of the head it can slip forward or backwards.

Lastly would be to make sure the headgear (back of the head straps) is snug and on the crown of the head.
Stephanie, 11/29/2016
Deborah Riley
I really had trouble using anything that rested on my face mainly because it got too hot. So for years I used the Breeze gear that came down over the top of my head. But the metal headgear would always get bent over time. This mask is exceptional and although it rests slightly on my cheeks, it is not hot at all. I love it!!!!! Deborah Riley, 11/28/2016
I like this mask, but the strap rides up the back of my head.! I have to use hair clips to keep the back strap in place. Name..., 11/25/2016
Mary Eudy
My pillow nasal mask is awesome. So comfortable and
Easy to work with. I am glad I made the change my husband loves it way more it does not wake him up at night.
Mary Eudy, 11/24/2016
I love how comfortable it is and doesn't make my nose sore like some of the nose pillows do. However, I hate the noise and that I have to constantly adjust it if I turn to my side. If you are a back sleeper it is perfect and really comfortable. Tammy, 11/17/2016
Connie Sheridan
I am delighted with the mask itself, the straps not so much. They tend to slip and come apart during the night. Connie Sheridan, 11/01/2016
Jim M
This mask would be perfect if it came with nasal pillows. I tried the mask, and had a had time making it seal to my nose. It leaked continuously, when I sinched it up to seal correctly it was to tight and uncomfortable. I love the design and think it was well thought out. The upward exhaust is perfect, please consider the same design with nasal pillows. I have the swift fx , and dislike the exhaust blowing in my wife's face. It makes for a restless night. Jim M, 10/30/2016
Been using DreamWear mask for about 2 weeks and am quite happy with it. The hose connection at the top prevents dragging the hose when changing sides...definitely a plus for side sleepers like me. The under nose mask is much more comfortable than nasal pillows and was very easy to adjust to the change. By far the best headgear / cpap solution I've used. Bill, 10/20/2016
Greg H.
A lot more comfortable than my old mask. At times I don't even realize that I'm wearing it. I still need to figure out the right amount of tension on the adjusting straps that will carry me through the night. I found that towards the end of my sleep cycle the mask moves slightly and I have to adjust it around to prevent excessive air leaks. Other than that, I think this mask would be my favorite by far. Greg H., 10/16/2016
Ron M.
After 20 + years of sleep apnea this has been so far the most comfortable mask to date for me love it............ Ron M., 10/15/2016
Don Ferrara
Great product.Great seller. Good service and fair prices. Don Ferrara, 10/12/2016
Bob R.
It took me almost 2 years to get comfortable with the CPAP in general, I tried all different types of masks. I finally got comfortable with a nose pillow mask earlier this year. When I saw this mask, I thought it would be the best thing. It did fit well and felt comfortable but I found I kept waking up all through the night with the hissing sound coming out on the mask at the tip of my nose. I only tried it for 4 days, then went back to my original nose pillow. One of these days, I'll try it again, maybe I need more time with it. Bob R., 10/07/2016
Overall, this mask is comfortable and so much easier to wear while watching TV just before I fall asleep. I do find that the air shooting straight up into my nostrils is very drying even with a humidifier. And like any mask, it can leak, which is always annoying. I'm glad to have this innovative mask simply because after 16 years, I've recently hit a patch that has made me want to throw my mask through the window. The Dreamwear mask has turned that around for me.YAY!! Suz, 10/01/2016
I had been using a mask that covered my nose and it had worked pretty well except when I rolled on my side where it leaked air and woke me up. It bothered my eyes and hurt the top of my nose even with a nose pad but i thought that was the best I could do. This new one is more comfortable, it doesn't block my vision, is doesn't hurt my nose, and it's much better when I roll over on my side. The trick seems to be getting the right size, head gear and nose pad, and adjusting the tension for a fit that isn't too tight or too loose. That took me a few nights. This is a big improvement over my last mask. Rus, 09/28/2016
I was only diagnosed earlier in 2016 and this was the first (and only) mask I have used and I am very happy with it and feel no need to search for anything else. It is perfect for me because I am predominantly a side sleeper but I also toss and turn a lot and never have problems with getting tangled up with the hose. It is quiet and is so light weight! Beth, 09/28/2016
Switched to the DreamWear Mask about 3 months ago. As a side-sleeper it is so much better and quieter than my previous mask. It is more comfortable and I have far fewer problems with the mask staying in place when I move during sleep. I really like the hose coming off the top of the head frame. I don't have to fuss with it being in the "right place" as it's positioning does not affect the DreamWear mask fit. I wake up even more refreshed in the morning - which surprised me. D.Mark, 09/20/2016
I found the wearing of the dream mask a pleasure. After over 30 years of the nasal pillows, this was comfortable, easy transition and I really like the top of the head air supply connection. Job well done! Billy, 09/19/2016
I have mixed feelings about my purchase. At 1st I was really excited when I received my mask. It was light weight, it was easy to take off and on.
However I noticed that it would leak air in the night and wake me up. I checked my book and determined I ordered the wrong size. Easy Breath was awesome about replacing. The shipping on the 2nd mask took a little longer to receive. When I got it is had the same problem as before. I tried several nights adjusting it constantly with no luck. My wife also said it made a lot more noise then my previous mask. I contacted easy breath again. They are replacing it again no questions asked. This time I'm going with the same mask I've used for years. It's also a respirontics, the true blue. In my opinion it is the best. The only thing is its not as light weight hence the reason to make a change. Each person is different so this mask might be perfect for you. Just wasn't for me. I'm giving the mask 3 stars. But Easy breath. They get 5.
Chris, 09/16/2016
Don't like it going back to my nasal pillows. Too noisy and it rides up the hose ends up almost on my neck and not top of head the only way to stop is to tighten too much it hurts. Margaret, 09/07/2016
Dream Wear is the most confortable mask I have every use. Rafael, 09/07/2016
Quite a positive difference from the traditional nasal pillow setup. Side sleeping and movement is a breeze with this mask. Definitely recommend,. Richard, 07/30/2016
So far, so good. For people like me, who can't tolerate standard nasal pillows, yet were tired of waking up with a red nose from the over-the-nose type masks, the Dream Wear is a perfect match. It is super light, super comfortable, and best of all, no more red nose! One other cool feature is that I can now read with my mask on. No visual obstructions like all the other masks I've used. Bruce, 07/13/2016
Linda McMullen
I love it! Much more comfortable than the "vintage" masks! Linda McMullen, 07/07/2016
So far not working for me. Like design but had to tighten to stop leaks that rubbed sore spot under nose. The air is loud as it travels down both sides of mask but I was hoping to get used to it. Went back to my old nasal pillow mask. CPAP purchased is wonderful. James, 07/07/2016
Mark K
I'm new to the CPAP experience, but I decided to order a mask that was unobtrusive and still delivered the same results as a traditional mask. I relied on earlier reviews listed above, and I have not been disappointed. Once the mask straps are adjusted, the mask positions itself correctly every time with very little leakage. Mark K, 05/23/2016
I am loving this new mask. It fits so much better and more comfortable than the nasal air pillow masks I had been using. No marks on my face no sore nostrils! RD, 05/16/2016
David Charles Walker
Far and away the best, most comfortable, mask I've ever had. You're hardly even aware you're wearing a mask at all. David Charles Walker, 05/13/2016
Mike D
The head gear was really comfortable and the nose pillows were like silky and easy to handle. Unfortunately, it was far too noisy for my personal comfort. If you can handle the excessive noise, you will be happy with the comfort. Mike D, 05/12/2016
Rickey B
I really like the mask, as it is easy on and off. I would recommend it. Rickey B, 05/11/2016
James Gilchrist
I sleep on my side and it leaks a lot and the noise of the leakage wakes me up. It needs built in nasal pieces to stop the leakage.Also the headband does not fit securely and rides up. I would give this a D-. I am going back to the basic nasal pillows. How do I get my money back?

Hello James, I'm sorry this mask didn't work out for you. Just give us a call at 866-564-2252 or send an email to [email protected] to start the return process.
James Gilchrist, 05/10/2016
I almost never sleep on my back so I always woke up with "mask marks" on my face that sometimes took hours to go away. No "mask marks" with this one! I feel more confident going in public in the morning! Was worried when I first tried it on that the medium wouldn't fit (I have a big skull, I guess, and thick hair). Some sort of measuring guidelines would be nice when ordering. Recommend this mask! Brenda, 05/09/2016
There is a lot to like here. I especially like the tube coming off the top which makes turning over work much better. Ditto for the low profile. However, for me it was way to noisy. It vents air from the top and the nose area. It is easy to twist while sleeping which makes it even louder. The headgear is ill designed and to wash the unit in the morning the headgear has to be detached by unthreading the velcro. You then need to rethread and completely readjust each night. Howardn, 05/06/2016
I was happy to finally have a mask that didn't feel as though I had my face in a vise. I like the tube on top of my head since I do turn a lot during the night. However, the tube seems to leak air even though I secured it tightly. Also, there is air seepage if the mask moves away from my nose. But it is so much better that the other "full" mask I previously had. Clarann, 04/28/2016
I have been using the DreamWear mask for 4 months, and I love it. It's the first mask I have used that allows me to sleep on my side and stomach. I can say you have to have it adjusted properly, if its to tight it will leak and if its to loose it will move when you roll. But once you get it fitting properly its a dream. Joe, 04/27/2016
I love the pivoting hose connector on top and the supple feel of the frame and under nose pad. Very comfortable to wear and fits nicely..... However, the nose pad keeps sliding out from under my nose. I'm a side sleeper and I toss / turn a bit through the night. (it's not good for a person like that) If they could make a version w/ nasal pillows to help keep secure under nose ... 5+ STARS! So reluctantly, I have to return and get a the old Res-Med nasal pillow frame. Jim, 04/26/2016
Tim C.
This mask is a dream. worn it for two nights now, super comfortable, easy to clean. Very happy with this purchase. Tim C., 04/25/2016
The mask does not seal adequately around my nose. I have been careful selecting the size. Bill, 04/24/2016
I've had my DreamWear mask and headgear for a couple of weeks. It is so much easier to change sleep positions because I don't have to worry about tubing overhead. The mask also doesn't cause the skin around my nostrils to dry out and hurt like it did with the nasal pillow, lou, 04/23/2016
Tom M.
The Dream Wear mask is comfortable, the soft pliable material fits nicely under the nose and surrounds your head like a pillow, for a side sleeper it is a dream having it vent through the top and the hose out of the way so that you are not constantly pulling it around. However, it you move around or are a turner in bed this product is not for you, even with the added comfort of the pads on the side, the product tends to slide out from under your nose leaving you to adjust it back after a good round of turning about. Tom M., 04/23/2016
Well engineered with the extreme great nasal fit having precise air delivery with harness comfort including side sleeping is important and required for long term usage... WC, 04/22/2016
Just got my "Dream Weaver" so I haven't had a a of use yet. But. Can tell you the following, it's the most comfortable device I have every used. I have tried two types of full masks and one nasal pillow. The masks where the worst, the pillows actually protruded in the nostril and all we unpleasant.
The Dream Wever is confortable, fits under the nose and keeps the hose out of you face free from tangling. I wish I started with this one.
Ray, 04/19/2016
I have been pulling off my masks for a few years now as I find them uncomfortable. The mask was too confining and leaked as I am a side sleeper. The nasal one left my nose sore. Finally a mask that works for me. It does not leak for a side sleeper and is a bar under your nose instead of for the nostrils. It is very comfortable. Art, 04/18/2016
LouAnn B
Was having trouble with my ful face was causing blisters on my face.This super soft nasal one has been wonderful! I was concerned at first an open mouth would be an issue but with the correct pressure nasally I have had no problems at all. This mask is a gods sent! LouAnn B, 04/13/2016
after years of failed attempts, i am thrilled with this mask. it is almost like not wearing one. i love that the tube is at the top of my head as i do not hear the annoying plastic noise when i move. such wonderful engineering. thank you. liz, 03/22/2016

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