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Brevida Mask with Headgear

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Fisher & Paykel | SKU BRE1SA

The Fisher & Paykel Brevida™ Nasal Pillow Mask with Headgear is designed to be minimal, comfortable and secure. The headgear is a single strap with velcro adjustments. The innovative AirPillow™ inflates to form a gentle and effective seal in and around your nose. The washable diffuser muffles air coming out of the mask vents, providing for a quiet experience for you and your bed partner. 

There are 2 sizes available: Extra Small-Small and Medium-Large.


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The Fisher & Paykel Brevida™ Nasal Pillow Mask with Headgear is designed to be minimal, comfortable and secure. The headgear is a single strap with velcro adjustments. The innovative AirPillow™ inflates to form a gentle and effective seal in and around your nose. The washable diffuser muffles air coming out of the mask vents, providing for a quiet experience for you and your bed partner. 


  • Adjustable Headgear
  • Versatile AirPillow™ Seal with stabilizing side supports 
  • Extra-thin, soft seal
  • VisiBlue™
  • Washable Diffuser

Adjustable Headgear:

  • Simple, adjustable headgear to deliver an individual fit and designed to stay in place during sleep.
  • Velcro adjustments.
  • Stretchwise material helps the headgear to maintain its shape, even after repeated use. 
  • Notches on the headgear to help you keep track of what size works best for you.

AirPillow™ Nasal Pillows:

  • The sealing region is made of extra-thin (0.25 mm) soft silicone to provide a gentle seal.
  • Versatile pillow geometry fits a wide range of nostril sizes.
  • Side supports designed to reduce the likelihood of  the seal dislodging during sleep. 



  • VisiBlue highlights are blue color cues incorporated into the key mask components, which assist patients with mask use,

orientation, disassembly and re-assembly.

Washable Diffuser: 

  • The diffuser - which reduces noise and draft - is now washable and reusable.

Included in Package:

  • Mask with one seal in your choice of size XS-S or M-L
  • Headgear

*This mask is only effective when used in conjunction with a CPAP/BiLevel machine.


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Lawrence C.
very comfortable and I have been a Cpap user for over25 years Lawrence C., 03/28/2021
Love this mask. Silence is golden. I’ve used multiple nasal pillow masks over the years. I like the hose on top of the head for ease of turning over at night. However, that usually leads to an air leak, and noise. I find the new Brevida mask inflates around my nose creating a good fit. My husband likes the silence as well. JulzG, 03/08/2023
John D
This mask is awesome! It seals to your nose and stays in place. It is also very comfortable. I've been using a CPAP for a long time and this beats every mask I have ever had. John D, 05/19/2022
Cheap Plastic
For as much as we pay for these masks, you would think the companies could make them from something other than cheap, breakable plastic. After spending $37 for a replacement strap, a piece broke off here the strap clips onto the mask. Now totally useless and out goes another hundred some bucks for a cheaply-made mask. Cheap Plastic, 05/13/2022
HW McClure
I’ve used CPAPS over 20 years . This is a very good mask if worn correctly . If you put it on upside down , you’ll have a bad experiance . If you don’t have electricity , you’ll have a bad experiance . A too loose or too tight fit , you’ll have a bad experiance . If you plug the air supply tube in your ass instead of the CPAP machine …………..
Just follow the instructions and enjoy your night sleep !!!!!!!
HW McClure, 12/10/2021
Jay Lefever
Worst mask I ever tried. Leaks like crazy during the night and you will get no sleep. Very poor design. Jay Lefever, 05/03/2021
Save you're money.
This mask seals up when you first put it on,but once air pressure ramps up it leaks badly, it doesn't matter if you tighten or loosen straps,once air ramps up, it leaks.
Chris, 01/08/2021
Really like this mask the nasal pillow is so comfortable Tim, 10/25/2020
I like this mask. Tried full face and could not adapt. This one is as comfortable as one could be. But the diffuser tends to fall off during the night and the result is windstorm in my face. Sometimes, it is hard to find the diffuser. Also the elastic headgear is not all it should be. Too loose. Brevida, 09/14/2020
Horrible mask! Kept coming off at night, then couldn't figure top or bottom in the dark. Leaked air all night and when I tightend it, it chafed my nose john, 06/22/2020
The salesman recommended the Brevida with my Airsense 10 CPAP machine. I experienced lots of leak problems. I replaced with Resmed AirFit P10, problem solved. I would not recommend Brevida. Steve, 06/07/2020
Don't waste your money, Not good at all it leaks you have to keep moving it around on your nose at night so you get a good air flow so sorry I bought it........ Lynn, 04/16/2020
I have found this mask to seal the best around my nose of the masks I have tried. Suggest you mark a top for fitting it to the nose guard. I have asked my distributer to get the larger size so I can compare them. Wash silicon piece daily. Clean guard, hoses, and water chamber weekly in my Sleep 8 seems to work well. Haven't had it long enough to see if silicone deterates faster than my former elane mask. It does fit much better and my husband said he has not heard it in the night. Defuse is part of elbow. It gets cleaned in Sleep8 Bobbie, 02/20/2020
Everett lewis
Very comfortable mask and when adjusted its great. But it falls out constantly. Worst results on my res med machine. Shame since it is comfortable, tried multiple tightness, but horrible results. Just too easy to shift and create bad air leakage. Into mask#9 on Monday. Wish I could find the right one Everett lewis, 01/05/2020
The mask doesn't work very well. It starts out great but as the air pressure builds it leaks and keeps me awake. I tried a variety of adjustments but nothing helps or works. I love the pillow design but this maks was miserable and I am retruing it. Tim, 12/15/2019
I have used this mask for over 2 years, if I could switch to something else, I would.I'm a stomach sleeper, I do like the swivel but that is where it stops!

The nasal pillow itself wears down quick, it seems to wear down faster after washing it a few times a week. This causes air leakage which is annoying having to constantly readjust.

Luckily I get 5 of these every 3 months from my medical supply but I replace them once a month.
Denny, 12/02/2019
I received this mask a week ago and I've already switched back to my cheap ($64) nasal mask. The reason is the excessive air leakage due to the very thin and flimsy nasal tubes that extend from the cushion. Unless you get the air flowing and manage to get them to slip into the nostrils smoothly, the cushion leaks air every time you move around. I'm going to try applying some silicon lube to make the fit better, but I'm not optimistic. Also, the cushion inexplicably caused some discomfort around my right nostril, even though I haven't over-tightened the straps.

Also, the one strap does not keep the mask effectively in place. Please produce a two-strap solution that has a strap over the top of the head.
Mike, 11/11/2019
It was impossible for me to fit it around my head with the 2 straps and not have a strap hurting my ears. Brevida, 10/29/2019
I’m a side sleeper and it generally works well for that. However it does leak some and that can be unsettling. If you move around a lot you can expect more leakage. I’m a male with short hair and the straps work for me-longer hair would not work. Art, 10/17/2019
I ordered this mask in Jan 2019. I give it 5 stars for creating a better seal around my nose than my ResMed nasal pillows. I get much better sleep with Brevida.

However, I give the single strap headgear a big fat zero! The creators apparently never had anyone with thick or long hair try it out. I dearly miss the single strap over the top of my head and another around the back - it made for a much more stable night. If I could use the strap from my old mask with this one, it'd be damn near perfect!

Finally, the diffuser piece that clips on below the nasal pillows is great, however, I've already lost the tiny piece, so I fight with the tubing to keep it from blowing in may face all night. That needs a fix, please!
WV, 05/21/2019
After 20 years, best mask I've owned..!! Boomer, 04/09/2019
Brevida Mask
I have probably tried 5 different masks and this is the only one that I can wear all night. It is so light weight and quiet you hardly know you have it on. Brevida Mask, 04/08/2019
I have tried many masks and this has become my go to mask. However, I have found that the majority of the time the diffuser-outlet swivels 180 degrees (which seems to be the comfortable mask fit position), but it blows air right at my mouth. Wish manufacturer would address this issue. Brevida, 04/06/2019
I have this new Brevida mask. I have had it about three weeks, but I am having trouble with it leaking air during the night after I fall asleep! I have tried tightening the straps and everything but nothing seems to work! Is this not the right mask for me? I used to use a full mask. Carol, 03/24/2019
Comfortable and efficient. (It does leak a bit of air around the ball-joint connection.) KevanRO, 03/01/2019
Chotto Cat
This worked better for me than my previous mask which was the AirFit P10. I find it much easier to breath naturally with this one. The material is weird and it kinda floats right in front of your nose. I tend to shift positions a lot though and if you don't have ample hose space it will come off center pretty easily and leak. Chotto Cat, 02/28/2019
Wow, so quiet and comfortable. I am very happy with this mask wasn’t sure I would like it but I do Kim, 01/29/2019
Harry T. Fogle
The material of the Brevida Mask is too soft, thus leaks frequently. The elastic does not hold up on the headgear as I would expect for the cost. Harry T. Fogle, 12/30/2018
I love this mask. The seal is great and feels good on my face. Andrea, 12/26/2018
The swivel connector on the mask does not swivel easily making it difficult to turn from side to side, which caused mask to leak. Janet, 12/18/2018
It is a functional mask that I find it to be much noisier than my Pilario Q mask. The swivel connector on the mask to the hose is very rough and does not move smoothly which causes the mask to either hold your head back from turning at night or dislodges the mask and leaks. Jeff, 10/29/2018
Harry T. Fogle, EdD
Quality fit and comfortable. Harry T. Fogle, EdD, 10/28/2018
Rafael Guzman
I would give it a 5 star but they need to make a large/extra Large one I used it for 3 days and the tip of my nose was sore and hurt for a few hours. I like the design just make it for a bigger nose. Rafael Guzman, 10/26/2018
Dennis D. Meyer
This mask is by far the best I have ever used! Dennis D. Meyer, 07/14/2018
Lori Venstrom
I have used nasal pillows for 10 years, 4-5 kinds including the gel one. The airfit hurt my nostrils so much, woke me with air leaks and gave me a headache so bad I didn't know what I'd do. The Brevida is a miracle for me! It doesn't hurt my nose at all, soft and barely noticeable to my wear. It doesn't wake me with airleaks, and without the air blowing out the vent I am able to cuddle with my husband. I am 100% CPAP dependent and this one is life changing for me....the only reason I am writing a review is that I want others to experience how much more comfortable and pleasant this product is to use. Don't give up on CPAP until you try this mask! Lori Venstrom, 05/08/2018
I didn’t think anything would be better than the Airfit, but this one is. JB, 02/21/2018
I've been using CPAP for years and this mask is the one that agrees with me the best. The feel of the nasal pillows is very similar to the airfit. What makes this mask superior is the extra seal around the nose. I get absolutely ZERO airleaks, even when I keep the headgear as loose as possible. I'm happy with this mask and will definitely get me another one. Ada, 02/08/2018
This is the best mask I've had over the last 25 years and believe me I have tried them all. No more leaks no more noise. comfortable and I fall asleep faster then ever. Will be buying another set for my RV . Steve, 01/17/2018
This is by far the BEST nasal pillows mask I have tried - I actually was worried I would not be a candidate for any mask at all. This one is the most comfortable of any I have tried. The head gear slips some, but it is well worth tolerating for a mask this comfortable! Way to go Fisher & Paykel. Vicki, 11/08/2017
I love this Brevida mask. It is so comfortable. I am a side sleeper and this mask is perfect because no matter which way I sleep I do not break the seal and wake up. I had a mask previously that had the air coming through tubing on the side of my face and it would wake me up sleeping on my side because the seal would break. It is small and very Quiet and so very Comfortable. I was so glad that my representative had the newest mask for me. This one is highly recommended by me.. especially if you are a side sleeper! Caron, 09/07/2017
this mask is super quiet. I can barely hear the air flowing in. The only thing is that it's a bit difficult getting used to the nasal pillows. make sure you get the right size to fit with your nose. Nick, 05/23/2017

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