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AirFit F30 Full Face Mask without Headgear

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ResMed | SKU 64155 64156

The ResMed AirFit F30 is a smaller, more modern, full face mask. The cushion was designed to reduce facial marks/irritation and allows users to wear glasses in bed for better comfort. Feel more confident using therapy with a quiet, yet effective mask that leaves you refreshed. 

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The AirFit™ F30 Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear was designed to sit low on - and cover less of the face to prevent top-of-the-nose red marks. Plus, this minimal-contact mask is perfect for wearing glasses, sleeping on your side and helping you feel less claustrophobic.


·         Universal Headgear Size

·         UltraCompact Cushion

·         Magnetic Clips

·         Quick Release Elbow with QuietAir

Universal Headgear Size

The headgear contours to every unique face for an accurate, first-time fit. Padding within the headgear also provides extra comfort. 

UltraCompact Cushion

A newly designed cushion delivers a comfortable fit that seals to reduce leakage.

Magnetic Clips

Easy to remove magnetic clips allow you to easily remove and put on the mask when in the dark. 

Quick Release Elbow with QuietAir

The elbow allows users to disconnect and reconnect to therapy easily, while the QuietAir vent diffuses exhalation to create a quiet space.

In order to use this mask with the Airmini, please add the AirMini F30 Setup Pack to your cart.

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John F.
It looks a fit really nice. But as soon as my machine raise the pressure above 9 it started a whistling noise you could hear in the next room! I’m going to try to return it. John F., 12/02/2020
William M.
The face and nose piece is too small William M., 05/04/2020
Mark H.
leaky and hurt my nose Mark H., 11/02/2019
Ruth L.
I have a small face and nose and this does not create a seal around my nose. is comfortable around my mouth area without pressure on my nasolabial folds. Ruth L., 05/27/2019
Bernie V.
I hate this mask. I have been a full face mask user for 10 years and this is by far the most frustrating mask I have tried. The head gear is uncomfortable, the 2 piece mask comes apart and is hard to get back together. Bernie V., 05/14/2019
Steven S.
Nice, tight seal and easy to adjust. I would buy this again. Steven S., 03/30/2019
Don R
This mask is amazing!
So amazing, I made a video review!
Don R, 04/10/2020
Don R.
LOVE this mask!
I think many negative reviews are coming from people not adjusting the straps correctly.
If you get it too tight, it's going to hurt your nose, too loose, and it'll leak.
You have to adjust it whit the machine on and sitting up.
Get it to when the mask just seals, no tighter.
When you lay down, it will seal correctly.
I love the vent design, and that I can quickly disconnect the hose to go potty at night without having to take the mask off.
It's also VERY easy to clean!
My old Fisher & Paykel Forma mask, while it was a good mask for many years, was very cumbersome and a hassle to clean.
It also took a long time to get over the claustrophobic feeling, because of its design.
This mask is like a breath of fresh air! It's so light, and easy to use, I'll never go back!
Like I said before, I think many negative reviews are due to improper head strap adjustment, especially some who complain of the strap being uncomfortable.
To me, the straps are very comfortable, and fit my head perfectly.
CPAP masks are a personal thing, I know, because I went through 5 before settling on the Fisher & Paykel Forma.
To me, this mask is a HUGE leap forward in CPAP full face mask technology!
Don R., 03/31/2020
Very comfortable. Best mask I have ever owned. Needs a pad on the metal headgear bracket. wayne, 09/07/2019
Tom B
I love this mask, all except for the face marks in the morning. It is the most comfortable I have used to date. Tom B, 06/02/2019

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