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SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

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So Clean, Inc. | SKU SC1200

The SoClean 2 is an automated CPAP equipment cleaner and sanitizer. The SoClean 2 uses activated oxygen to clean and sanitize, killing 99.9% of CPAP bacteria, germs, and other pathogens.

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The SoClean 2 has been discontinued. A great alternative option to the SoClean 2 is the Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner. To view the Sleep8, please click here.

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  • Protects your health
  • Destroys 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mold
  • Supports a wide range of mask types
  • Completely automated
  • Time-saving operation
  • No water or messy chemicals



  • No equipment disassembly 
  • Small footprint
  • New sleek design
  • Front clock and display
  • Status indicator lights
  • Right or left hose insertion option
  • Easy filter cartridge system
  • Automatic safety shut-off


Product Guide



What's in the Box? 

Size Specifications

Weight - 7lbs 

Dimensions - 11 x 11 x 12 in


The SoClean 2 has a 2 year warranty. 


Please note that the SoClean 2 is not compatible with the Respironics FitLife Mask or the AirTouch Memory Foam Cushion. If you are using the AirTouch F20 Mask, please remove the memory foam cushion before placing the mask inside the SoClean 2. 

How Does the SoClean 2 Work? 

The SoClean 2 uses safe and natural activated oxygen to thoroughly and effortlessly sanitize your entire CPAP/BiPAP system. Activated Oxygen is created when a third atom of oxygen combines with the two-atom oxygen molecule that makes up the air we breathe.  This new molecule has the ability to destroy organic matter such as mold, viruses, and bacteria.  This active ingredient pumps through your CPAP/BiPAP equipment, sanitizing along the way.  A special filter then converts the activated oxygen back into the air we breathe. This filter lasts approximately 6 months, and many customers buy an extra filter to save on shipping costs. 

 To Prevent an Unpleasant Odor

If you experience an unpleasant odor after using the SoClean, try using the SoClean on your CPAP equipment several hours before you use your CPAP machine. Make sure that (1) your CPAP tubing is connected to your CPAP machine and (2) if your machine has a humidifier, your adapter (a humidifier top cover with a small black tube) is securely attached to your humidifier chamber before starting the SoClean cycle.To help the odor go away faster, you may also increase the cleaning time to 11 minutes for a few weeks and then decrease the time back to 7 minutes. You can also run your CPAP for 10 minutes to allow air to blow out of your hose before using it for therapy. These steps will help the odor to decrease faster.

To Prevent Yellowing

Be sure to wipe down your silicone mask cushion before putting it into the SoClean. Facial oils on your cushion may react with the ozone used by the SoClean to produce a yellow residue. This yellow discoloration is not harmful and it does not degrade your cushion, but it is aesthetically unpleasing. The SoClean will oxidize/sanitize any organic residue on the mask, but an inert (and sometimes yellowish colored) material residue may be left behind. Wash the mask out well with the pre-wash or with fragrance-free dish soap. It may seem as if the plastic is yellowing, but the yellow color is caused by a fine film of facial oil residue.

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pete d.
fedx sucks the driver was to dam last to ask for directions so now I have to wait more days but you guys are great. thanks for undersdanding pete d., 10/15/2019
Sharon G.
This machine makes CPAP using possible for me. I couldn't stand the thought of trying to clean all the equipment daily. I've used it for several years; always use their filters. Wouldn't be without my So Clean 2! Sharon G., 11/30/2021
My So Clean works great but it cannot be used with the Phillips CPAP machine due to to it degrading parts in the Dream Station which has been recalled. I have used it for 4 years but now from what I understand Phillips will void you warranty if you use So Clean. Sure wish they would have told me that before I spent $300 on a So Clean. This is the reason why I gave a low rating. I feel like the So Clean company was not transparent regarding this. sad, 10/31/2021
great product while it lasts.
the option to have an option to keep your equipment clean. I was thrilled with my first so clean, but have now had to replace it twice. that cost combined with the replacement parts makes this an unreasonable expense for me. Next time I'll try another product and hope it is more reliable. great product while it lasts., 09/09/2021
Stephen Anderson
User for more than five years, I drop my mask and headgear in, No evidence of yellowing or cloth deterioration noticed. Wonder what will US lazy folks dow with Phillips-Respironics masks and CPAT (s) device that want to sell their UV system and doubletalk the Ozone method. Which I like and trust.
Love the system and would buy another if it ever stops working
Stephen Anderson, 12/19/2020
Kenneth Leon Lonsinger
I'm not terrified to use my cpap anymore! In fact I look forward to using my cpap every night. I had stop using my cpap. I was tired of sinus infections. But not anymore! Kenneth Leon Lonsinger, 04/13/2020
I have had the So Clean for a few years now. While I like the convenience and ease of use for cleaning the mask and hose, I have noticed an issue with using it. It has a tendency to discolor and break down the material of the mask cushion that seals it to your face, adding to the expense of using a CPAP. I guess its a trade off, more time hand cleaning a mask versus put it in the machine and let it do the work for you. Monica, 03/15/2020
After I started using SoClean 2 on my nose mask, my nose began turning red after several months. Then I started getting dry patches and cracking. Eventually it became painful to wear mask. Beware, the ozone in this machine may be too strong. I followed all directions conscientiously. Beware. jaclk, 02/10/2020
CPAP user for three yrs; SoClean user for 6 months.Cannot believe the difference. Convenience factor vs hand washing was expected - and worth the price alone, but since using the SoClean, I'm sleeping longer, not getting up as much, and my events average is lower. JDC, 07/09/2019
Nevie Edmondson
A must have, it cleans great no sinus infections just clean and fresh mask and easy to use. Nevie Edmondson, 04/24/2019
Todd Tuckey
I bought the original So-Clean well over two years ago now. Although it works fine and continues to work, after a year, the top lid clip to hold it closed broke. It was flimsy and very thin at best and the lid would be closed and open just once a day. I called and they said it was outside the warranty. I now put my CPap machine on top of it to hold it closed. This was hardly mishandled and perhaps after 400 uses it was broken. Would not recommend this since there are now other choices for different brands now and when this finally fails, I will buy from a different manufacturer. Todd Tuckey, 04/02/2019
B Novella
I have been a Cpap user for the past 8 years. I had repeated sinus infections each year. I purchased a new cpap machine this past Oct.2018 and I also purchased a So-Clean machine. As of today12/28/2018 I have not had one infection. I work with small children and assumed that my infections were coming from them. Well I'm still working with children and no infections to date.. I am a true believer of the So-Clean machine. It's so easy to use and It is refreshing to know that it is as clean as it can be. It does give off a smell in the beginning but it does subside. You won't be sorry if you purchase this device. I used my HSA money to buy it to. So happy I did. B Novella, 12/28/2018
David Germeroth
I have been using the SoClean 2 system for five months and I love it. I love the fact that it cleans my whole BIPAP sytem without having to break anything down. I have a humidifier in my system and all I do is fill the tank back up to the level line then insert my mask into the SoClean chamber and turn it on. Yes, it is noisy, but I don't stay in the room with it so who cares! It's only noisy for two minutes. Yes there is an ozone smell but it goes away quickly. It sure beats tearing everything apart and washing it everyday like they tell you, which I never did as often as I should have. David Germeroth, 12/27/2018
john A
This great, too we couldn't get this sooner . Thanks for helping the Vets. john A, 12/25/2018
Bob Carter
I have to trust that it sanitizes but I know that it does not keep my cpap clean. I have been using the SoClean for 2 years. In that time I have found algae in the hoses and the humidifier. Don’t be fooled you will still have to wash these items frequently. I still use my unit daily to sanitize the unit but to keep it clean I still wash it at least weekly. I think it is a good product however I feel the advertisements are misleading. Bob Carter, 11/07/2018
Ditto on other comments about no longer suffering from sinus infections, CPAP helps me sleep and SOCLEAN helps keep me healthy. So easy to use - sanitized each night. Worth the price!! Sweet Dreams McCorkle, 10/15/2018
Stan Monroe
I have been using my SoClean 2 for about 2 years now, and I find it to be wonderful. The odor most folks mention can easily be avoided by turning your CPAP Machine on for about 10 or 15 seconds before putting your mask on. I don't find the odor to be offensive overall, and it sure beats washing every component weekly! I wash my tank with soap and water about once every two months and it looks like new again. I really like my machine, and I would recommend it to anyone. Actually, two of my brothers own one and they are both happy with their machine as well. Stan Monroe, 10/15/2018
Vince Lorenzo
I was having nasal issues and sinus infections all the time.I happened to come across this ad for the Soclean machine.I have to tell you this is the best cleaner EVER!No more sinus infections and no more doctor visits.You can feel the difference the very first use! No joke! I recommend this machine for anyone with a c-pap.I would give it six stars if I could! Vince Lorenzo, 10/11/2018
Matt Carr
A. It's very noisy. Very noisy.
B. After I use it, there is always an odor. It does not go away, even when following the recommended steps: wash before first use, increase operating time to 11 minutes, run air through CPAP for 10 minutes after using.

Is that odor a sign that I'm breathing something harmful?
Should I remove the strap before putting the mask in the machine?
Should I empty the humidifier chamber before running the SoClean?

I love the idea of this machine and really want it to work for me, but so far I can't say I'm happy with the actual results.
Matt Carr, 10/07/2018
Works great!!
I purchased my soclean 9 months ago and it has performed flawlessly since. I even take it camping with me. I would purchase this again. Works great!!, 09/21/2018
Harry Archer
The best machine I have ever bought. Just the peace of mind that the CPAP Machine is clean and germ free helps me and my son-in-law sleep better. I use it to also clean his machine. Harry Archer, 08/25/2018
They really should not say it is a cleaner and sanitizer. It does sanitize, but it does not clean anything. If you use this item for a month, and never clean out your mask, look at what is in your mask after a month. There will be skin oils, dead skin, etc. built up on the bottom of your mask. All of the germs in this sediment may be dead, but the gunk remains. So, it is solely a sanitizer and not a cleaner at all. Greenmantis, 08/22/2018
This machine is the best. Don't wait to buy it. Get it now and be happy Tom, 07/21/2018
Dan Jackson
I have had my CPAP cleaner 1 week. Yes the smell leaves much to be desired, BUT, I have been getting REM deep sleep for the first time in years. And it began the first night! I find that allowing the machine to run a few minutes before wearing the mask reduces the odor. Dan Jackson, 07/11/2018
Patty Shedden - Spouse of a Physician- AWESOME
My husband and I are both CPAP users, so I am the CPAP cleaner as well. Since getting him the SoClean, he has taken over cleaning his CPAP and Mask and it thoroughly gets clean, sanitized within minutes. My only regret, I wish I had purchased 2 units and that I had purchased this SoClean Unit when they first came out. I cannot wait to tell my Sleep Specialist how much we love it. I highly recommend this Unit to every patient and it is approved by the FDA. Hello!
AND please stay complaint in using your CPAP, its not just for sleep. My cardiologist stresses the use of your CPAP. It literally saved my life from a stroke and a heart attack. I am the now proud owner of 4 Platinum Chromium Coronary Stents. For goodness sakes, wear your CPAP.
Patty Shedden - Spouse of a Physician- AWESOME, 04/08/2018
Can't get much easier
Very simple to use. Run first thing in the morning helps reduce odor. O3 is highly unstable and the risk of inhalation is not a concern. Can't get much easier, 03/27/2018
Mark Demler
the first couple times the smell was strong kept cleaning it every day and it got way better haven't had a sinus prob. sense Mark Demler, 02/07/2018
V.E. Chambers
Makes daily cleaning very simple and ensures CPAP is ready to go when I'm ready to fall asleep. V.E. Chambers, 01/27/2018
The smell of the mask is awful after the cleaning. The hose does not emit this horrible smell. I will use this machine only for cleaning the hose not the mask. Pretty expensive device to clean hoses. Grant, 12/19/2017
Rodney Smith
I have found it a lot easier that having to wash by hand and it is well worth the investment, God Bless Rodney Smith, 12/15/2017
Fantastic. I was not sure that this would be of any value, but the change between last fall/winter and this has been dramatic. I have only been sick once instead of constantly fighting off colds. This was especially surprising since Hurricane Harvey left mold all over town and I am allergic to mold. Liz, 12/15/2017
Bought this 1 1/2 yrs ago, didn't work when I received it, was sent a new one promptly. 2nd one worked. I can live with the smell, but rarely have used it tried to use it 3 months ago, again, doesn't work. Was offered to return for "repair" for $75... Waste of money in my opinion, money pit. Cathy, 10/12/2017
greg walden
the 5s way out number the 1-2s I will get one soon greg walden, 10/06/2017
Mal Strickland
Using a Systen One AutoSV devcie. Purchased a SoClean device and within a week the air tube failed and the flapper value in mask started making a noise so loud that I could not sleep at night. Contacted mfg of System One device and was informed that they had several complaints of the SOClean device causing tube and mask failures. In fact the cushion on the mask had started turning yellow. Had to replace mask and tube. Returned my SoClean device,. Mal Strickland, 10/01/2017
Albert Judd
I brought this machine from easy breathe and within 6 months the machine stop working. So Clean support service is awful. When I told them that the monitor lights were on, I was told,oh you need a new filter that I brought. When that didn't work I was,told oh well, the guarantee is for 30 days,ONLY. I should have read the Amazon reviews

I''m sorry to hear SoClean was unable to help you. There is a one year warranty that we would be happy to honor if your SoClean is broken. Please call us at 866-564-2252 and we'd be happy to get that replaced for you.
Albert Judd, 09/24/2017
William - Dreamwear Mask
I have the Respronics Dreamwear Mask which I like alot. I notice when placing it in the SoClean2 machine it tends to kink. The design of the mask is very plyable no hard plastic at all. I am concerned that when it kinks the oxygen air is not completely blowing through it and sanitizing thoroughly. William - Dreamwear Mask, 09/24/2017
Kevin Synnestvedt
This machine has been wonderful for me. Just a couple of quick steps and my CPAP is completely ready for the next use.There is peace of mind in knowing that the SoClean 2 can accomplish easily without question the type of cleaning that used to take me a lot of time and even then when I was finished I still was never sure that I got everything completely clean. Now I just put in the mask, push the button and come back later when it is completed. Peace of mind in a machine! Well worth the price! Kevin Synnestvedt, 09/21/2017
SoClean works well, but...
SoClean does a thorough job cleaning bacterial materials from the hose and water holder and there is no need to empty the water from the holder. It does a good job cleaning hoses and mask, but the idea that it takes only minutes and you just drop in the mask is not entirely accurate. Like most advertisements it glosses over the inconveniences.
First the cleaning cycle is VERY loud and while only 7 minutes the flush time to clear the ozone from the hose is 2 HOURS and it still leaves a very strong ozone smell.
The second misleading aspect of the advertisement is that you simply drop the hose with the mask attached in. In fact, the process yellows the mask making it very unsightly and the head gear needs to be removed as the ozone will ruin the cloth material. Definitely not just drop it in.
Those misleading aspects aside, I am pleased with it and would recommend it.
SoClean works well, but..., 09/20/2017
Tricia Rogers
My husband is the CPAP user, so naturally I am the CPAP cleaner😊. What a pain it is to clean the mask & tubing. Very time consuming, and not really certain how clean everything is getting, considering you are breathing all of this in. And his mask often was smelly. I could smell the odors laying next to him and it was very unpleasant.
Came across the So Clean machine. I felt I had to give this concept a try..And I am so pleased that I did. Worth the price.What a wonderful product. Some asy to use. The So Clean had excellent directions. It was not too difficult to put together. Although the CPAP with a humidifier chamber is a little more complicated to hook up to the So Clean.But again what a difference this cleansing process makes. It saves you so much time & gives you peace of mind that it is sanitized properly.
The best part no more smelly mask!
Tricia Rogers, 09/17/2017
Gilbert Cross
I could not get mine to work. I kept getting an error message about a pressure leak. I have a humidifier so had to use the extra attachment. I suggest caution if you use a humidifier. You could be out $300.00!

Hi Gilbert, I'm sorry the SoClean didn't work for you. Please give us a call and we'd be happy to troubleshoot the machine with you. I'm sure we can get it hooked up correctly. You can also take advantage of the money back guarantee. Just let us know and we will give you a refund.
Gilbert Cross, 09/04/2017
Jeff Westfall
The filters you have to buy are a rip off. No way they should have to cost $30 a piece Jeff Westfall, 08/30/2017
So far, so good. I really like that I do not have to do much to keep the mask clean.I have only just begun to use the cleaner on a regular basis and so far it does what it's supposed to do. Here's hoping for continued ease and effectiveness. OWL, 08/26/2017
Dave T
It is very easy to set up, Ijust put my mask in every morning and close the top the timer turns it on and it is clean, ready to use that night. Dave T, 08/19/2017
Mary Strathdee
I agonized about spending the money for this but so glad I did. I do not notice any bad smell. Just love my So Clean. Mary Strathdee, 08/18/2017
I really like my SoClean. It is super easy to use and I feel confident that it is doing the job. Unfortunately, I hate the smell! I let my CPAP blow for a few minutes to help dissipate it a little, but it is still very much present. Even so, I love how easy it is to use. It is somewhat expensive and a bit like a jet taking off when it is running (I'd estimate 60-100 Db), but it is well worth it to avoid washing out the hoses and mask every day and spending the time to make sure everything is dry and ready to reassemble. If I had to do that everyday, I'm sure I would kick into lazy some days as I rush to get to work and it wouldn't be as clean. Name..., 08/17/2017
I LOVE IT! MARK, 08/17/2017
Richie K.
I love this machine. Make sure you buy extra cartridges. The plastic tab which locks the top in the closed position broke on my machine. Be careful closing the top. Other than the broke tab, I wouldn't use my CPAP because of respiratory issues from the old method of cleaning. Richie K., 08/17/2017
Reese LeGuerrier, Ponte Vedra, Florida
SoClean is easy to use and the added bonus is that it also cleans the water reservoir. My mask smells 'disinfected' and clean. I'm very happy with this machine. Reese LeGuerrier, Ponte Vedra, Florida, 08/16/2017
Ray Lusky
This is a great machine and every CPAP user should have one, beats hand cleaning every day with soap and water. Thank you for the So Clean Machine, it make life easier for us CPAP users. Ray Lusky, 08/16/2017
Greg Forman
I have been using my SoClean for several weeks. I find it to be effective and easy to use. Great addition to my getting a rested and great night of sleep. Greg Forman, 08/15/2017
tom allen
I have become a more faithful cpap happier user using the SoClean mask/tube and humidifier cleaner system. No more alcohol, shot water, soap, hydrogen peroxide and mouth wash. Just a simple wipe and periodic replacement of filters and headband does the trick. Well designed, quiet unless during its noisy 10 minute start-up cleaning cycle, Thanks tom allen, 08/14/2017
Rocky Barra
Been using it a week --- Very pleased. I feel "safe" with So Clean Rocky Barra, 08/14/2017
Robert H
I've had my unit for a little over 2 wks. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the SoClean. Even though I live in a dry climate and had been cleaning my CPAP on a weekly basis, I had been developing a cough and some lung congestion. I figured, what the H and bought it. In a 2 week period I average a 2 hr longer utilization time of wearing the CPAP and my cough and lung congestion is gone. It even smells better. I was getting positive results in 2 days. What more can I say, the SoClean is almost magical. Robert H, 08/14/2017
Bob Smith
While I use the DeVilbiss Intelli PAP and enjoy the SoClean very much for it's cleaning ability I still have just a little work to get the small tube into my humidifier. With that little fact aside I do use my SoClean every day. Bob Smith, 08/14/2017
Some Name
First machine acted like it worked but it NEVER worked. Ended up with pneumonia. They replaced it for free. Now after much research it is clear that one must clean one's tubes and everything else with soap and warm water just as often as before the purchase of the SoClean! Some Name, 08/14/2017
K. Carroll
I received my SoClean 2 about a Month ago.
I'm very happy that my CPAP mask and hoses are getting cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis, as opposed to the whenever I had the time and the inclination basis (which wasn't very often).

I am glad to hear and see that they have and seemingly actively honor the one year warranty and do hope the machine lasts for more than one year.

So far I can and do wholeheartedly support and endorse this product.
Thanks SoClean.
K. Carroll, 08/01/2017
Lori Berry
I love how easy it is to keep my mask clean. I just throw it in the machine in the morning and it's clean when I need it again. The only negative thing (and it's very minor) is the smell of the ionizer when putting the mask back on at night. It's not a terrible smell and it goes away quickly, I just don't particularly like the smell. Lori Berry, 07/24/2017
A friend suggested that I buy a SoClean machine for my 82-year-old mom who has been using a CPAP for over 20 years. I was leery, mainly because of the price, but today I am so glad that I made this purchase and I would do it again and again; I would do almost anything to keep her from getting sick again. She was in the hospital 4 times in 2016 with various upper respiratory infections, asthma and emphysema related illnesses. In early December 2016 I did buy her a SoClean2 machine and she started using it. It is now July 11, 2017, 7 months later, and since she started using the SoClean2 daily she has not had a SINGLE head cold or any sort of upper respiratory distress problem. Not a single one and for her this has been unheard of for many years. She and I both believe whole heartedly that the SoClean2 machine is what has made the tremendous difference in her respiratory health. Dale, 07/11/2017
Prior to purchasing the SoClean machine I was less than diligent in cleaning my mask. I didn't realize the adverse effect until I started using the SoClean machine. It has made a world of difference and has cleared up the constant congestion that I was waking up to which until now I attributed to sinus issuers. I stronglt recommend that if you have a CPAP machine the SoClean sanitzer is a necessity. RALPH F. BARONE, 07/10/2017
richard m giles
I purchased a SoClean, it worked for about 5 months and has not worked since ,to me it was a waste of $

Hello Richard,

I'm sorry your SoClean stopped working. It does have a one year warranty and we'd be happy to replace it for you. Please get in touch with us. It is an easy process.
richard m giles, 07/07/2017
Ed Haile
Great investment! Set up was very simple (once I broke down & read the instructions!) Takes about 30 seconds each morning & again that evening. Smell is no big deal & is gone after a few minutes. Very glad I bought one for myself & also got one for my son. Ed Haile, 07/01/2017
Devin Cutler
I know there are a lot of good reviews for this product, but I will give you my experience. I also recommend you check out the Amazon reviews, as they include a lot of people with my experience.

I bought my unit in October of 2015. In December of 2015 the pump stopped working. Since it was under warranty, SoClean sent me a shipping label and I sent it in and it was repaired free of charge.

Fast forward to June of 2017 and, again, the pump stopped working and the latch on the lid broke (this latch is crucial to the working of the machine, in fact, it won't even start unless it is latched shut). I call their customer service, and this time they want $75 to fix the latch and an undisclosed amount to repair the pump once they have a look at it.

No thanks. It is clear from my experience and Amazon that these units have very dicey pumps...and the latch is also a weak spot.
Devin Cutler, 06/15/2017
The So Clean is what you need if you use a cpap. I am confident that whenever I use my machine I am using it germ free. I recommended it to others and they were glad to have found out about this device. Ernest, 06/10/2017
Ric Hardy
My wife and I both use CPAPs and are very happy with our So Clean. Personally I have been concerned about the so called "filters" on the CPAP machine. Really, a piece of foam to clean the air before it's injected into your lungs, and if you stay at a hotel--Yuck! My wife also deals with seasonal allergies and I see a morning differenced since using the So Clean. Her morning cough is much improved, and she feels a lot less congested. I too feel less congested and attribute these improvements to the So Clean. It is about time we take the CPAC to the next level, cleaning the inside of the machine along with the daily cleaning of the mask. We believe our money was well spent! Ric Hardy, 06/07/2017
Isaac L.
I notice a significant difference since I began using the SoClean 2. I don't have any congestion when I wake up I can breath so much better. I always felt that even though I cleaned and change the nasal pillows my sinuses were never clear. I feel so much better now. Thank you Isaac L., 06/07/2017
Patti Phillips
I love my SoClean machine. I am pretty germophobic due to a medical condition and I knew cleaning by hand was not getting my machine clean enough. Also, my mask always smelled like the last thing that was cooked in the house (LOL). SoClean is so easy! I know my equipment is clean and I have less chance of infection AND no more smells. I highly recommend it! Patti Phillips, 05/27/2017
Bobby Hussey
I bought the CPAP because I got tired of washing it by hand. However when I use the machine and go to put it on at night it has the worst odor and some nights I just have to take it off and sleep without it. Sometimes it even makes my mouth so dry. Is there anything I can do about the smell it leaves in the mask when I use the machine. Bobby Hussey, 05/24/2017
Rich C
This is a great product and the money I spent on this was some of the best I've spent in a long time. This makes caring for your CPAP so easy. Very pleased with the SoClean 2 and would never go back to the old way of caring for my CPAP. Rich C, 05/23/2017
Linda Harmon
After a bacteria lung infection, I felt this machine to clean my equipment was a must have . I have to say, I felt it was very expensive but after seeing how clean my equipment got and only have to replace the filter every 6 months, it is worth every penny for a clean system every night you use it !! Priceless and a must have for anyone who has a cpap machine and masks !!! Linda Harmon, 05/23/2017
Walter Schievelbein
I bought my So Clean over a year ago and the sinus infections that were a common occurrence have disappeared! I am so impressed that my secretary at work has purchased one and when my 32 year old son was diagnosed with sleep apnea,! I immediately bought him a So Clean too! Love this machine! Walter Schievelbein, 05/23/2017
The So Clean is the best and easiest device to use for cleaning your complete system, I have been using it now for a year and would recommend this to anyone who has a cpap. It does seen to be a little expensive but worth every dollar, Don't wait get one. Larry, 05/21/2017
Works well and easy. I am completely satisfied and feel that I definitely got my moneys worth. Michael, 05/19/2017
Kevin Castleberry
The SoClean 2 is an amazing device. Any mask and hose combination will fit. It can be setup to operate once each day for 7 minutes, that's it. You still must occasionally wash your CPAP parts since this device only sanitizes your equipment. Kevin Castleberry, 05/16/2017
William Sasman
Sure is great to have one. Makes it much easier on a old person as me. Before getting this I had to have someone wash it for me. I believe all should have one. William Sasman, 05/08/2017
Bob Brennan
SoClean 2 is easy to set up and use. It gives me peace of mind that harmful germs are elininated from my CPAP machine Bob Brennan, 05/01/2017
I love this. It works great and worth every penny. I no longer get sinus infections and have always cleaned my mask , hoses and humidifier daily. This is a game changer for me. Denise, 04/29/2017
Brian Bouvier
I am a believer! I couldn't seem to keep up with manually cleaning my machine and often, the cleaners would put me into a sneezing fit. It got to the point where I couldn't think about using my machine. Now, it's like having a small miracle occur. No effort to clean? What more can you ask for? With a slight odor? Who cares?? I just have to put my mask and hose in the machine and it does the rest. No allergic reactions, no manual cleaning, no negatives to speak of. I can wear it every night without worry leading to much more positive results. Worth every penny...and then some. Brian Bouvier, 04/20/2017
This is the best purchase I have made in a long time. It wasn't the easiest product to setup and get attached with the written instructions but with a technician's help I was able to get done. However, I find it so easy to use. I know I never cleaned my CPAP on the recommended schedule so I feel 100% better now knowing that it is clean and sanitary every night. Melodius, 04/19/2017
Vicki Knoth
I've had my So Clean for a couple of weeks. Why did I wait so long? I hated cleaning my bipap machine and would put it off. I had developed a croupy cough but didn't really feel sick. Since using the So Clean my cough is gone. Makes me wonder what I had been breathing! Don't wait because it's so simple! The clean smell does not bother me at all. Vicki Knoth, 04/18/2017
Ernie S
So far, other than a slight chlorine smell, it seems to work ok. However, I called Resmed and asked about the SoClean2. They said that they recommend cleaning with warm soapy water. When I pushed them, they said they didn't recommend using the SoCean, that it might discolor the mask or break down the lining of the hoses. I asked if it could break down the seals in the motor (as someone on Amazon claimed). He said no. I told him I had already bought a SoClean. He recommended only using it once a week. Ernie S, 04/18/2017
Randy Prine
Cleaning the hose and mask was such a pain. With the SoClean machine it is so easy I throw the mask in close the lid and let the timer take care of it. The smell is a strong clean smell, so as I'm getting ready to get into bed I turn it on for about a minute before I put it on. Randy Prine, 04/16/2017
I recently purchased the SoClean. after ten years of forgetting to clean my CPAP daily or even weekly this made it really simple. Easy to use everything was straight forward. The only problem you could have is it is and needs to be large to hold your mask so space could be an issue. I put mind in the bottom of my night stand Michael, 04/13/2017
I recently purchased the SoClean 2 unit as an investment in my future health. I'm sure I'm not the only person who after using their CPAP machine found cleaning a burden and time consuming. I often left it for longer periods of time than recommended and while worried still didn't take the time to fully clean all aspects of the unit,tubing and other items. The SoClean2 machine adds a peace of mind I didn't have previously. I appreciate that as well as the clean smell each night. I use my unit every day even while traveling so it's worth the investment. Pat, 04/12/2017
John S
I didn't clean my headgear as often as I should, so I feel better, and safer when I use the cleaning machine. Ozone is a great cleaner. John S, 04/11/2017
Ron Day
This machine does not last. I would highly suggest not purchasing it. Customer service is null and void when you have issues. I purchased one - it failed after 4 months - purchased another - and the same. DO NOT purchase these machines.

I'm sorry you're SoCleans didn't work out for you. The SoClean does have a 1 year warranty so if you'd like to replace you most recent machine, you can do so at no cost. I wasn't able to find our order for a the SoClean but if you just get in touch with us we can sort that out. We'd also be able to help you troubleshoot your machine. We are open 6 days a week and are happy to help.
Ron Day, 04/08/2017
Rich Ward
I have been using a CPAP for over 20 years. The one obvious chore is cleaning the equipment and keeping it clean. I saw the ad for the SoClean and decided to give it a try. I am so happy I did take the action and buy the SoClean. Maybe the name should be Easy Clean.
As the old saw goes, "Put your money where your mouth is." Wel,l I did exactly that. I live in two cities and after 4 months of satisfaction I spent the money and bought the second one for our second home so I don't have to transport it back and forth..
In my book the SoClean rates up there with the Automated CPAP machine for convenience and health for CPAP users.
Rich Ward, 03/23/2017
Gary Cady
Received my SoClean 2 recently and so far so good. I like how you don't have to take every thing apart to clean. Hope it lasts me forever. Gary Cady, 03/23/2017
Billy Wagster
I have used my CPAP cleaner every day since it arrived. It is easy to set up and a pure delight to use. I feel it cleans my mask and equipment better than I can and I feel I breath and sleep better knowing I have a properly clean and sanitized mask. Billy Wagster, 03/23/2017
This is a lot easier than doing it all by hand. Only have had the unit a couple weeks, pricey but worth it in my opinion John, 03/20/2017
Hated cleaning the cpap and since I got this it's so easy and can breath better Kelly, 03/19/2017
Tina C E
I love the confidence the SoClean 2 gives me, knowing my CPAP equipment is sanitized! But, after about 12 days ofusing it, I keep getting an error now, instead of it starting the cleaning process. I fiddled with it for a long time yesterday to see if the hose or other side plug was not right. Had to reset the coick everytime I tried the manual start and got the error. Finally, it ran the cleaning cycle. Today, I'm getting the same error! I need it to work! At this rate, I might ge better off just hand washing my CPAP stuff every day. Bummer! Tina C E, 03/18/2017
Seems to work fine, slight smell in beginning, now beter rick, 03/17/2017
David Noyes
I have been on CPAP for 27 years now. I have been pretty good about cleaning my CPAP at least once a week and when I get sick I clean it even more often. However, I am now 78 and cleaning my CPAP had become a real drag on my energy. So, I am very happy someone invented this machine. I do not mind the odor at all! David Noyes, 03/06/2017
Ken Schick
The EasyBreathe is a pretty simply machine to operate and I really like the results it produces. My nasal pillows smell clean and fresh to me after the daily cleaning. Ken Schick, 02/14/2017
Mark Bachman
Happy with it so far no sinus problems since started using .also sleeping better Mark Bachman, 02/14/2017
Kevin Thomas
Best investment I've made in a long time. I only wish I'd made this purchase earlier. I sleep so much better now because I'm not breathing in dirty air all night long. Thanks SoClean. Kevin Thomas, 02/13/2017
Robert Anderson
I am very pleased with the SoClean 2. I wasn't cleaning my equipment daily before and now when I put my gear on, I know it is clean and free from harmful mold and bacteria. The peace of mind is worth the money spent. I'll bet you don't take the time to clean your hose and mask daily but with the SoClean 2 it is so easy. I recommend this product to all users. Robert Anderson, 02/10/2017
Great product.... Aussie, 01/30/2017
Dave L
Not sure, it does leave a very disgusting odor in the mask, I rotate the gel liner in the mask after cleaning. This rotating seems to get rid of the odor in the mask . It is easy to use, but after the odor problem, my wife decided that she does not want a machine to clean her cpap. Dave L, 01/27/2017
Obviously I have no way of knowing if it truly is sanitizing my apparatus but assuming it is I like it. The one thing I sould like to see though is make it heavier so I can open the lid with one hand, and not have to hold it to unlatch. John, 01/25/2017
Bob Campbell
Works Great! No problem with anything. Bob Campbell, 01/21/2017
I have been a CPAP user for about twelve years now. I always hated cleaning my mask and hose.So I finally researched the So Clean and purchased one.I have used the So Clean machine for a month now. I love the ease of cleaning everything all at once. This has truly been worth the investment. My allergies, and sinus issues are much better.My equipment also smells much better. Jimmy, 01/17/2017
I was excited to purchase this item. The shipping was right on time and I was able to utilize a discount code. The assembly was a little confusing but I just went on YouTube to figure out how to set it up-which ended up being easy. Anyhow, I used this product for a week. The concept is great but unfortunately I could not tolerate the ozone scent on my masks/hoses.I woke up feeling dizzy and had a lingering headache. I tried to let my CPAP machine blow air through it to get rid of it, but it did not work. I hate that I have to send it back and pay for shipping but if you can tolerate the scent then go for it. Otherwise, just manually cleanse your supplies... Brandi, 01/17/2017
Dan F
Great unit. I have an Ozone air cleaner in my house so going to the So Clean unit was an easy decision for me. Works great Love it. Dan F, 01/15/2017
Romie S Brown Sr
I was very negligent on cleaning my CPAP hose and mask and I always wondered why I could never get rid of my colds. In fact, I think I only cleaned my hose once in a year and I'm not sure I did a very good job at that. Now every day at 11:00 my whole CPAP gets cleaned and my colds have disappeared!! Romie S Brown Sr, 01/11/2017
It's a great product. Well made. Sanitizing is very important. The ozone smell when you put on the mask goes away in seconds, and it assures you that the machine is working. It's actually a nice looking addition to the night table. It is worth the cost to keep you healthy. Paul, 01/04/2017
Diane Kukulski
Totally enjoy this SoClean machine to clean my cpap equipment. It feels clean after the process is complete and I have no longer the congestion I was previously experiencing before with general cleaning of equipment. I highly recommend this product to all cpap users. Diane Kukulski, 12/19/2016
John Tirpack
After cleaning my CPAP unit for the past four years, my wife said I finally did something smart. Unit is dream come true. Would recommend to all users. John Tirpack, 12/18/2016
Jack Penkala
Bought on Black Friday, so maybe all the disclaimers were not present - but didn't know that since I don't use a humidifier I have to wait for an adaptor. So I'm stuck wish washing until the adaptor gets here, if it ever does. Jack Penkala, 12/16/2016
Karen West
Very easy to use Karen West, 12/16/2016
Walter H. Smith Jr.
I'm so happy with my SoClean 2. Thank you so much on the advertisement on it. Walter H. Smith Jr., 12/12/2016
L Thomas
I didn't think I needed anything to clean with
Until I cleaned it for the first time. So much
Hassle this is so good. Just pop it in and turn it on
Every day and have peace of mind it's clean and germ
L Thomas, 12/12/2016
I have an external heated humidifier, and I thought the setup would be difficult. But it was very easy. I am very happy with the SoClean - just have to put the mask in the chamber, close it and fill up the humidifier chamber. I have it set to clean at the same time each day and have been very happy with it. judy5916, 12/11/2016
Linda Bye
What a wonderful machine! My congested feeling and scratchy voice has disappeared after just 2 weeks using this product! So nice to put on my mask at night and inhale fresh clean air. I recommend it for anyone one with a CPAP machine! It's nice to not have to fuss and worry over bacteria in my machine, and that the air is sanitized. Easy to use. Wish I would have gotten one earlier! Linda Bye, 12/09/2016
Alex (Bigbadbarrios)
I have to admit, it has made a world of difference. I used to use my CPAP infrequently as after a few days and lack of time to clean, the CPAP was in less than optimal condition. With fear of getting sick due to bacterial (or something worse) growing in the machine it would lye dormant until it could get cleaned and the cycle would start again. With the SoClean, that is now a thing of the past. It does a really thorough job every time. Now I get away with weekly cleanings and in the meantime I have SoClean 2 to do it's job daily. Great sleep again for me and my wife. Alex (Bigbadbarrios), 12/06/2016
David Parker
Cleaning my cpap mask was such an aggravating experience, it didn't get done often. The So Clean system takes all the trouble with cleaning away. Iove it and recommend it. David Parker, 12/04/2016
Darren Miller
I love the ease of the So Clean machine just put the mask in and hose in the notch the machine does the rest. I like the fact it doesn't have any unpleasant oder actually it make the air kinda have a crisp clean scent.I would recommend this to anyone. I would say if you use a cpap this machine is a must have. Darren Miller, 12/02/2016
Robert Weiss
Since acquiring my SoClean machine I have complete confidence and peace of mind that my CPAP equipment is sterilized . Best of all it has saved me all the time and effort expended previously to keep my equipment cleaned. Robert Weiss, 12/01/2016
I like it, I don't have to worry about not be clean I just stick it in the SoClean in the mornings then when I get ready for bed at night it is ready to use. Robert, 12/01/2016
Thomas Clouston
Dave Gibson
This is an amazing machine! It does an important job that hard to do. The SoClean machine takes care of critical sanitizing that I can easily forget or neglect. The way it's taken care of so well and so throughly is worth a lot to me. Dave Gibson, 11/27/2016
Mimi Brown
So Clean 2 is a great machine to keep your cpap clean.It is well worth the money,just for the clean.It is louder now and I am having to deal with that(it is the other lid I have to use because of the humidifier).So not sleeping very well because of the noise,but I have a clean machine. Mimi Brown, 11/24/2016
It's easy enough. I bought it because I was just not doing a good job cleaning my CPAP. However, as others have reported, it leaves a very noxious odor. It goes away after a few days, so now I run it once a week and put up with the smell for a couple of days. I considered sending it back but my wife threw away the boxes. Guess I'll keep it. Better than nothing. Peter, 11/20/2016
Charlie D
I had gotten tired of cleaning with soap and water and vinegar, so it is really nice to have "somebody else" clean it for me. Now if you will just provide a more washable chin strap not made with foam! Charlie D, 11/19/2016
I am not the CPAP user but I bought the SoClean because I became the person who cleaned the CPAP! It has made my life much easier. Easy to use which I like. Set it up first thing in the morning and that's it until the next morning. Marilynn, 11/19/2016
Laura Downs
I just happened to run into a ad on my computer about the SoClean as I had never heard of it before. Decided to check it out and glad I did. It was on sale and I got it because I really don't clean my machine as much as I should; I really like it and after the first time using I really don't notice smell as I let it run a little be fore I use it after cleaning. So far I am a happy camper. recommend it. Laura Downs, 11/15/2016
It took awhile to read through the materials and to connect the adapter to my ResMed Air Sense10, but afterward the difference is amazing! The system is so clean and using my CPAP is now much more pleasant! Only problem is what to do when I travel for business the system is too large to pack and carry on a plane. But I am so impressed with the difference the SoClean makes in my system. BTW, my physician also sells them in his office and we had a good discussion about SoClean when I visited for my annual exam! DAlcorn, 11/15/2016
Bill B.
I am a huge fan of the SoClean system of cleaning my mask every day. It is so easy to use and I have had no hygiene issues since starting to use SoClean. It makes keeping your equipment clean a snap. Don't know how I lived without it. Bill B., 11/15/2016
Jeff Lee
The SoClean 2 is very easy to use and I could tell how fresh it smelled and was sanitized immediately after first use. Jeff Lee, 11/15/2016
I wanted the SoClean 2 for a long time, but the price seemed just out of my range and so I told myself that cleaning my CPAP myself wasn't so burdensome. I waited for the special additional discount and when it was offered, I immediately took advantage of it and bought it. Now that I have it, and know how great it is, I wish that I had not waited so long. It is so easy to use and it works so well. It saves me so much time. I used to spend hours each week cleaning the various parts because if I failed to do so, I would get congestion and a slight respiratory cough and that worried me. Now, it cleans itself and I never get that feeling or congestion. I love my SoClean 2 and recommend to all thst you not delay in getting one for yourself! What a fine product! Name..., 11/15/2016
Jeff Vazquez
I cannot rate this product. I have my So Clean 2 but I cannot use it. I have a machine that is not compatable with the hose connector of the So Clean. Even an adaptor will not fit it. If So Clean would have made the connector on the hose from the So Clean out of rubber instead of plastic, it would have fit. Right now, the flaired design of the connector prevents it from pressing all the way in to my connection on my cpap machine. I have a Respironics Remstar series M with heated humidifier. I called EasyBreathe customer service. They said my machine is a bit out of date. I am in the process of trying to get a new cpap machine. If I cannot get a new one, I will have to return the So Clean 2

I'm sorry to hear about your trouble connect your M-Series machine to your SoClean. The SoClean 2 is actually compatible with your machine so I think this is just a matter of miscommunication on our part. Please give us a call and we can help you get your CPAP set up or we can have the SoClean manufacturer call you.
Jeff Vazquez, 11/11/2016
Rebecca Perdue
Love the ease in cleaning my CPAP machine. Thank you. Rebecca Perdue, 11/10/2016
Robert Adams
Let me start off by saying that I'm not a huge fan of CPAP therapy in general - I have been begrudgingly using the AirSense 10 Autoset with HumidAir and ClimateLineAir Tube since June of this year. Turns out you don't have to just use the machine - you actually have to clean it too! I purchased the SoClean 2 to solve this problem and voila! My machine is clean and the process/aesthetics of the SoClean makes CPAP therapy a little less terrible - and even tolerable. You simply put your mask into the SoClean, set a timer and walk away. It starts up with red lights and pumps the activated oxygen through your machine. Then the lights turn yellow (I'm assuming it's resting...) and finally green lights let you know that your mask is clean and ready to use. I absolutely love the SoClean 2 and would highly recommend it to anyone using a CPAP machine. Robert Adams, 11/07/2016
Susan Robinson
I feel so excited that I won. It is the greatist thing since the invention of the c-pap itself. So easy to use and I now feel confident that my mask and tubes are sanitary. Please if you own a cpap please purchase this product it will be one of the best thing you ever purchase. Susan Robinson, 11/04/2016
J. Hansen
Not an Inexpensive investment, but well worth it. Very nice not having to spend time cleaning the mask every day. Simple and so much better for your overall health. J. Hansen, 11/04/2016
After contemplating on the sanitizer for awhile, I finally purchased it. It was the best decision I've made. I just wished I had done it sooner. Nice knowing I'm breathing in nice clean air. Cheryl, 11/02/2016
Kyle W Wooten
Been a CPAP user for over 2 years now. And this is a really fast and easy way to fully clean a machine to the nth degree. I have been using the SOCLEAN2 and it is really close to magic. Cleaning air is something sci-fi. Tis great.
Kyle W Wooten, 11/01/2016
Rena Stock
I have been a CPAP user for 5 years and while I have not always been as good as I should be about cleaning it, luckily I have never gotten an infection. Cleaning the parts by hand is time consuming so when I heard about the SoClean machine, I decided to try it. I needed an "adapter" for my ResMed machine which I was worried would be hard to attach but actually it turned out to just be a replacement water compartment with a hole for a narrow tube that is attached to the SoClean machine. Piece of cake to assemble and use. I don't mind the smell at all; it smells like chlorine to me. Even though I have never gotten sick from using my CPAP machine, I am happy to have a convenient and more sanitary way to clean it. Rena Stock, 11/01/2016
Theresa Halliday
Best Buy I have made in a long time. Being a nurse, I was concerned about the length of time it was taking the tubing to dry here in hot humid south Florida and the potential growth of bacteria during the drying process. No longer! Place tubing & mask in the So Clean & it does the work for me! Theresa Halliday, 11/01/2016
This is so much better than having to clean and dry the mask & hose.
I have not used it yet in the winter when the humidifier is in use but
I'm sure it will work the same. Smells sanitary when pulled out of cleaner.
Only down side is the unit is pretty loud when in use.
JJ, 11/01/2016
I have had this machine for about 2 weeks and use it almost every day. It was easy to set up and easy to program. It only takes 7 noisy minutes to clean the mask, hose, and humidifier well. The literature says it may leave a funny smell in the mask but I only noticed that once. There is no visual difference after cleaning but using the machine is much more convenient than washing the mask every day and as a nurse, I feel better about germs growing in the parts. 4 stars only because of the noise. Chris, 11/01/2016
All I can say is that I love it bud, 10/25/2016
Joseph Schwab
I only have sanitizer for a couple of weeks but I noticed right away the fresh clean air coming out of the mask. I also noticed the when I'm on the chat line that everyone I chat with is the most helpful and courteous. I can't say enough about it. And I have recommended it to friends of mine with c pap machines. I love it. :) Joseph Schwab, 10/25/2016
Charles Wetterman
To make it easy, I support all of the above 4 START reviews, this is the best!!!!! Charles Wetterman, 10/19/2016
John Stevenson
Overall, the SoClean2 has been good. It works as advertised as far the cleaning goes; however, the lid on the humidifier chamber does not seal completely. My wife and I were awakened repeatedly by the whistling sound it made while the CPAP machine made while it was on. The work-around was to replace the lid with the old one. So, everyday I have to switch lids, new one for cleaning, old one for sleeping. Other than that, unit works fine. John Stevenson, 10/19/2016
Terry Bush
I have had my Soclean for over a year now. I bought it because I was one of those people who hardly ever cleaned there mask, hose or anything. Then I saw an article on the dangers of it and started to research what was the best way of handling it. That is how I came across Soclean 2. So simple, so easy just put your mask into the chamber and close the lid. when you need it that night it clean and ready for use. Terry Bush, 10/17/2016
Love it. It beats spending a half hour or more cleaning my BiPAP every day. The smell of a clean machine is so refreshing, too. Carolyn, 10/15/2016
Patricia Caporina
This is for my husband and we find it easy to use...And when you are 78 yrs old, that is important!!!! Patricia Caporina, 10/12/2016
James Drewry
Got a SoClean 2 unit a few days ago. Very easy to set up, and I really like that I no longer have to think about breaking down my CPAP setup for cleaning. It seems to do a great job. Would definitely recommend. James Drewry, 10/12/2016
Dick Pinto
I have had the SoClean for a month and find the system works very efficiently. It completely cleans everything superbly. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Dick Pinto, 10/08/2016
John Vierthaler
Excellent product. Easy to use and I like the clean smell when I first put the mask on. I don't think its my imagination but I believe that I am experiencing less nasal congestion since first using the product about a month ago. John Vierthaler, 10/05/2016
Vicki Haynes
I love the so clean machine. It works great and cleans my equipment so easily. Even the home medical company told me they are fantastic machines and highly recommended. I'm a happy customer Vicki Haynes, 10/05/2016
Phil C.
I have my SoClean for less than a month now. I love it. I have been on CPAP since late June 2016. I have severe sleep apnea. It is well worth the money. So easy to use. Easy to order, delivered on time UPS ground, they email you the tracking number with your order confirmation, Excellent packaging, Excellent instructions. Some folks have complained about an oder they needed to get use to. One reviewer even said it smelled like a swimming pool. I did not have any order. Not sure what they are talking about. And I did not even bother with the pre wash upon the first usage.

My CPAP therapist advised me to wash my mask and short hose daily in Blue Dawn, ‘not’ antibacterial soap. Wash the long hose in the shower. Well no way was I going to wash it in the shower, I chose to wash it in the kitchen sink in Blue Dawn. Problem being that after each washing, which was done by 7 am daily, the hoses would never completely air dry. The Wisp or Nasal Pillow would. I started with a Wisp. I couldn’t stand that so I got a Nasal Pillow and love it as well.

Interesting thing when walking out from my 3 month follow up appointment, I met another new CPAP user on his way out from his appointment. He had not heard of SoClean so I recommended it to him. He said his doctor and therapist told him to wash all his equipment in ‘antibacterial soap’. Just the opposite of what I was told. The doctor is in the same group.

Back in July I purchased the AirFit P10 Mask System on line at my own expense for $99 and free shipping. This is another EasyBreath product. I love it as well. Even with a chin strap. I started with the ‘wisp’. I could not stand it. In fact I would not use CPAP if that was the only option and take my chances. I am on MC, which is why I purchased this myself. I found out later you have in either the first 60 or 90 days the option to make a mask change at no cost. But I opted to pay for the P10 myself.

I purchased SoClean on the special for $299 plus I opted for the ResMed AirSense 10 adapter which is required for my machine, I added extra filter for $30 and the 2 year extended warranty for $49 for a total of $398 less a $44.85 discount = $353.15. Again I recommend it Highly! Enjoy!
Phil C., 09/22/2016
Rick Lane
The so clean saves a lot of time cleaning everything by hand. Rick Lane, 09/06/2016
Robert Verity
The So Clean is terrific. I never knew such a product was on the market until I saw it on the way Breathe Website. Neither my Doctor or the local company that supply me my equipment ever mentioned it. I had been hand washing every couple of weeks. I am a cpap user fro about 4 years and was starting to get infections in my nose. When I saw the ad for this device I was ready to try it. I have had it now for a couple of months, followed the easy set up, and put it in the device every day. I really can feel and see the difference in a truly clean mask, hose, and all connections. Great product. Robert Verity, 09/06/2016
Kathy Pace
I was so excited to find the Soclean 2 Cleaner. I had inquired on how to clean my CPAP machine from my prior supplier. They told me "Oh, your machine looks pretty good. You should see how much mold is in other patients." That grossed me out and I felt even worse knowing that I couldn't get it cleaned properly. Then I happened upon Easy Breathe site. The customer service reps were great to work with answering any questions I had and making sure I had the correct adapters needed for my machine. I have been using the Soclean every day since I received it. I love it. You can smell the freshness when you go to use your CPAP after the cleaning. It is also extremely easy to use. Just drop the mask in, close it, and forget about it. Highly recommend. Kathy Pace, 08/17/2016
Donna Weigel
I have worked as a Respiratory Therapist for years taking cultures on our equipment. Unless it has been sterilized it is far from clean buy just washing it alone. And lets be honest, at home we aren't cleaning our CPAP every day like we should.
This is so easy to use and sanitized every day! No more sinus infections or viruses. I LOVE this machine and am very grateful to have it at home to use. There is no smell after, just a clean smell. Make sure you finish the whole cycle and the light turns green, then its done. Worth every penny!!
Donna Weigel, 08/12/2016
Laura A
Purchased a SoClean2 due to being a nurse and a CPAP user I was concerned about the possibility of mold, bacteria or fungal growth due to the moist environment. I also know that there is much discussion on ozone disinfection in healthcare applications so when I researched the SoClean2 product, it made sense and knew I had to try it. I am very happy with the unit and the ease of use. I did have some issue with the odor, but have found that if I take it out of unit before bedtime and give it a little air thru the CPAP, it decreases that smell and really is fresh every time I put my nasal pillows on. Really simplified my care routine for my CPAP and equipment. It is pricey, but not as pricey as getting a sinus infection or respiratory infection! In that regard, it is worth it. Smart design and simple to use. Highly recommend! Laura A, 08/12/2016
Robert gilroy
This is the 3rd so-clean I've had in a year.they quit sanitizing ,so I'm not very happy with the performance of the machine.this is the last chance on this is.if it quits I'm done using these machines. Robert gilroy, 08/11/2016
I am very pleased with the So Clean2 and it is very easy to set up and use. I watched on-line videos to see how to set it up and after that it was so simple. I put my So Clean2 away after each use because it only takes a minute to get it out for use again. After placing the hose and nostril pillows (or mask) in the unit and starting it to run I walk away and forget about if for the rest of the day. Since I have the ResMed 10 machine, I also have the exchangeable cover for the humidifier water tank, so when I exchange the cover for cleaning, I place the used cover in the So Clean2 unit as well so it also gets cleaned along with everything else. After cleaning everything I can smell the difference and sense the difference and feel much better about using clean equipment. Very glad I purchased it. Richard, 08/07/2016
Sandra Kallas
Area to set time should be higher on machine and should have larger numbers. It is very flimsy, I am afraid it will break any day. We have had three blackouts and it was uncomfortable crouching down to reset the time. I enjoy not having to soak and wash my hoses and mask. With improvement to set the time, I would definitely recommend the SoClean. Also the smell after cleaning is very strong. Sandra Kallas, 07/23/2016
Great system. I feel confident that I am using a clean machine as a result of purchasing this system. It is expensive but I think it does a great job. My mask and hose smell clean and fresh every night now which is an added benefit! Steve, 07/19/2016
Carlos Santos
I was admitted into the hospital due to a respiratory infection and purchase the unit after finding that I wasn't cleaning the tubing properly. Since then it took some getting used to but about after 10 days of usage I began to feel the difference. Would recommend for purchase if you prefer an easy solution to keeping your equipment clean. Would like to know if filters come in a non-scent version? Carlos Santos, 07/06/2016
Paul Ferris
While i like the convenience of not having to hand wash every night, I am very disappointed in the sales rep selling me a heated tube only to find out it will not work with the cleaner and sanitizer. Paul Ferris, 07/05/2016
Brad Drayton
I have had my SoClean for a couple of months now and I have found it very easy to use. I have a much less allergy and sinus problems than before. I highly recommend the SoClean. Just put the mask in upon rising and it cleans automatically ... ready for another peaceful night. Brad Drayton, 06/30/2016
Laura A
I purchased the So Clean machine and have been very pleased with it. It eliminates the constant washing and sterilizing the equipment. I use it everyday and I have been able to do other things while it is cleaning. Laura A, 06/23/2016
Mark B
Only had it for a few weeks but so far it's great. Easy to use. Clening all the parts weekly was a total hassle and as soon as I saw this product and read the reviews I bought it. Although I do agree with some of the other reviews that it does create a wierd smell after the 2hr's not that bad and imo easily tolerable for the massive amount of work this machine saves you along with the piece of mind knowing your equipment is always clean. It's very simple to use as well. Good buy. Mark B, 06/22/2016
I have the SoClean 2 and the Heated hose adapter for AirSense 10. Being a nurse, I realize the potential for respiratory infections using CPAP. The SoClean is so easy and I am on a schedule every morning to clean all of my CPAP equipment so I know I stay healthy! I highly recommend the SoClean 2. It is a time saver and very convenient and well worth the investment. Renee, 06/19/2016
I just recently purchased the so-clean 2 and it a breeze to setup. If you have a heated hose like I do than you will need to buy an adapter. Great product and its easy to use. Slight odor after cleaning but not an issue. Paul, 06/06/2016
Robin Carl
I love the fact that my mask, tubing and water chamber are clean everyday since receiving my So Clean 2. I use it everyday! The mask does have a distinct odor after being cleaned, but I've gotten used to it. The only problem I have is my mask has totally discolored since using the So Clean 2. But I LOVE knowing it's all clean everyday! Robin Carl, 06/06/2016
Daniel Martino
your ordering system is lacking questions on what type of system do you currently own? I ordered my SoCLean2 on May 26, 2016. Because the question was not asked I have still not been able to use my SoClean2 unit because I have a Dream Station unit and the correct connected was not added I am still waiting for the correct connection to be delivered. Today is June 5th, 2016.

Dear Daniel,

I'm sorry for the delay. The adapter was shipped on 6/2 and will arrive in 2-6 business days. I will check on the order today, but it may take until 6/9 to arrive.
Daniel Martino, 06/05/2016
Just got my CPAP SoClean, so far so good! Makes cleaning a lot easier and a lot faster. Taking time to get used to the smell of clean. Matthew, 06/02/2016
I have had the CPAP for almost a year and was reluctantly taking it apart and hand cleaning the parts every day (well, every few days...OK once a week). With the SoClean 2 , I keep it on the night stand next to the CPAP and when I get up each morning just drop the mask attached to the tubing and CPAP in the cleaner. It is set to begin cleaning at 10 when I am out. The mask/tube stays in the clean environment until the next use and smells clean and free of any mildew. Name..., 05/30/2016
Susan L.
This was a great investment
I've had my SoClean almost a year now. I haven't had one single respiratory infection since I've been using this. Before SoClean, I had several infections each year. It does give off a strange scent, but I've gotten used to it. It's worth it!
Susan L., 05/30/2016
I developed a sinus infection because I was lax in cleaning my equipment. I ordered new tubing, nose pillows(I use the pillows instead of a mask) and head gear. It seems to be helping but I am going to give it a little more time before I make a final review. It certainly is easy to operate. Question-after the 2 hour sanitizing period is over, is it all right to leave the equipment in the in the SoClean until later in the day?

Hello Ted,

Yes, you can leave the equipment in the SoClean until you are ready to use it again.
Ted, 05/23/2016
Otis Sanders
I have been using the CPAP system about 12 are 13 years and have purchase many things for the system. By for the SoClean2 is the best purchase I have ever made for my CPAP. I do encourage a CPAP user to get this for your system. I use to have to clean my CPAP very often, but now I don't even check to often. I'm very please with my SoClean2, after using your mask has a little smell but durable. The system out wait the smell. Otis Sanders, 05/21/2016
Kathleen Doring
The worst part of being on a CPAP is cleaning, and it is so absolutely necessary, but I just don't get the time. Masks are getting smaller and less cumbersome, but there is still the cleaning. This takes care of it very nicely. There is an odor, but not offensive. All I do to eliminate that is to take the mask out of the SoClean and let the CPAP blow through it for a little while. No problem. Kathleen Doring, 05/11/2016
Deanna M Coleman
I have been using a CPAP machine for over 25 years and was never one to clean on a regular basis. Thank you for providing me the ease of cleaning and not have to worry about mold. However, I too do like the smell when I first get it out and put it on to sleep. I will try the suggestions that I have read in earlier reviews. Thank you for making my life easier. Deanna M Coleman, 05/10/2016
Hank Savoy
As one of those people who kind of would forget to clean my CPAP equipment, this has been the best thing since sliced bread. I work nites when I get up I put everything in the SoClean, turn it on and know when I get home my equipment is ready to go. Worth every penny, knowing I have clean equipment. Hank Savoy, 05/09/2016
It took a while to read through all of the materials for familiarity and set-up. I found that the reservoir is a little small for my CPAP headgear which is a hard-shell Puritan Bennett nasal pillow CPAP. I have to disengage the shell into 2 pieces to barely fit it into the reservour. Otherwise it works very well and automatically cleans during mid-day so that I do not have to remember to turn it on. I would recommend it, but it is expensive. A.S.Bloom, 05/06/2016
Leigh Corbett
I was always worried about what I was breathing deep into my lungs, but now I have the SoClean2 and I love it! No more worries about making myself sick. Would highly recommend using this product. Easy to set up and use too. Leigh Corbett, 05/05/2016
I had been looking at the SoClean2 for quite a while, but it was too pricey. After having severe bouts of a dry cough, I decided it was worth a try when it went on sale. The first night, I slept till 2:00p.m.!! My cough has gone and I sleep great knowing my air is clean. B.J., 05/03/2016
Rick Milam
Go to Youtube to figure this Genius Out. It absolutely Fantastic!!!

Thank you.
Rick Milam
Rick Milam, 05/02/2016
Eric Dufur
With just a little bit of effort when you get up, storing away your mask into a unit where it will sterilize and be ready when you return is about as easy and worry free as it gets. For those who had concerns with smell, that is why there is a timer setting. Set it to turn on when you aren't around. Eric Dufur, 04/26/2016
joshua boyd
Easy setup, saves me time in the morning. I handwash once a week and no bad effects joshua boyd, 04/25/2016
Carolyn W. Reis
What a great idea the SoClean 2 is. When the doctor told me that I would need to use a BiPAP machine (for the rest of my life) the prospect of cleaning it was not a happy one. When I read about the SoClean 2 I knew it the right answer. Once it is finished cleaning it smells so nice. And I love knowing only clean air is going into my lungs every day. I love it and tell everyone who needs to use a CPAP or BiPAP to get one. Carolyn W. Reis, 04/25/2016
Mike Triantafellou
Love my SoClean after just a week of use ( 0ver ten year CPAP user) I never ever cleaned my mask and tubing more than once every couple months until I noticed mold! Bought the SoClean and I can't describe how fresh everything feels and how I wake up without the cough. Easy to use and I strongly recommend if you are not cleaning your mask , tubing and humidifier chamber regularly Mike Triantafellou, 04/24/2016
Kevin Kiilgus
I have been thinking of getting the SoClean for some time, but just never did it. Finally, the pain of cleaning my CPAP convinced me. I love it! The smell that some complain about is not bad at all - in fact I enjoy it - it makes me feel like I am breathing clean air - like the air outside after a good rain. Very satisfied and would encourage anyone who hates cleaning their CPAP as much as I did to consider it. Kevin Kiilgus, 04/23/2016
David Gonyeau
I have been a CPAP user for 12 years. I have never liked having to use this equipment, but the SoClean2 has made it so much easier for me to keep my equipment clean and safe for my use. Once it is set up, nothing is easier to use than this. I also love my Dreamwear mask it has made my using CPAP a lot more bearable and it works very well for a back sleeper. David Gonyeau, 04/22/2016
Love, love, love my SoClean!!!!!!!! It is the most awesome machine! I love not having to wash my CPAP mask and hose by hand. I would recommend this machine to anyone! Thanks!!!!!!! Susan, 04/21/2016
Ron Cram
I just got mine and so far so good, I hope the filters do not cost an arm and a leg or this may not have been the best idea, from a economic perspective. Ron Cram, 04/21/2016
Jon Rupert
I am very satisfied with the SoClean. It is easy to use & clean & I can tell the difference. Jon Rupert, 04/21/2016
I have been using my Soclean2 for about two weeks. What a time saver! Get up drop my mask in the Soclean and I'm done. It's great. Steve, 04/17/2016
S Lamblaack
Hate the residual smell. While it doesn't take long (maybe 10 to 15 minutes) for it to dissipate, it's obnoxious and not easy to get use to. Isn't there anything you can do with that? Your ads say that it is a light clean smell. Wrong. Nothing light about it. I am one who cleaned my machine on a regular basis but "sanitizing" appealed to me. I like the idea and the ease of SoClean, but the smell is hard to take. I was also surprised about the noise it makes while starting up. Probably won't use it every night.


I'm sorry you are having issues with your SoClean. I recommend using it in the morning, The equipment needs to be left in the SoClean 2 for 2 hours after the SoClean 2 stops running. You are probably already doing this but I wanted to be sure.

Sometimes you may experience a strong odor after running the SoClean for the first time. This is a byproduct of the oxidation of the old materials that may have been used to clean your CPAP equipment in the past such as vinegar or scented soaps. It may also occur when a new piece of CPAP equipment is introduced to the SoClean for the first time. The odor will decrease with time. To help the odor go away faster you may increase the cleaning time to 11 minutes for a few weeks and then decrease the time back to 7 minutes. You can also run your CPAP for 10 minutes before using. These steps will help the odor to decrease quicker.
S Lamblaack, 04/10/2016
I did a little research before buying the SoClean. I thought it was legit and the reviews were good. I must add my compliments for a great product, as well.

Prior to using SoClean, I was terrible about cleaning my CPAP Hose and mask. The water reservoir often looked cloudy even after washing. Today, after awakening, I just place the (still attached) headgear in the SoClean, refill the water chamber, and know the system will be clean and sanitized when I'm ready to go to sleep that night. The Ozone smell resembles an indoor swimming pool and I barely notice it after a few minutes; in truth I'm reassured the SoClean did its job.

No more respiratory health concerns!
Mike, 04/08/2016
John Rogers
Hate cleaning CPAP. Love dropping in the SoClean2 and doing nothing. I personally like the smell it leaves (same type of smell as the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze). I've only used it about a week, but couldn't be happier at this point. Extremely convenient. John Rogers, 04/08/2016
I don't usually write reviews but felt compelled to for this machine. It is EXTRAORDINARY. I am very sensitive to smells, and allergic to molds and mildew. I travel frequently, and have to take the CPAP with me. I hate it, but I can't get a good night's sleep without it, if you know what I mean. Upon visiting tropical locales (in this last case, Cancun, Mexico) the CPAP always comes home with a mildew smell that I can't get rid of to save my life. I would replace the filter, the tubing and the mask, and clean and soak the water holder for the humidifier in bleach and water and still can't get rid of the smell. The smell typically would last 3-4 weeks before it was undetectable. A previous visit resulted in a respiratory infection that lingered for weeks. After my most recent visit I came home to the same smell and decided I'd have to try this machine, as skeptical as I was, and ordered it. It was delivered quickly, and I put the mask in it as described (it took a while to figure out how to connect it, but finally figured it out). When I took the mask out, I immediately put it on and tried it. There was not a HINT of mildew or mold, and I am EXTREMELY sensitive to that odor. It had a smell, but not chemical (there are no chemicals or any type of additive put into the machine) It smelled like the air after a lightning storm. I can only assume it was the ozone produced by the machine. It wasn't disagreeable, and at any rate it dissipated fairly quickly. My only regret is that I didn't get this device when I first heard about it a year or so ago. It works better than I had hoped. Great product. Not cheap, but worth every penny to me. J.R., 04/08/2016
Arnold Sheer
I am sure if I could have used the so clean machine I would have been happy.
However my fit life full mask will not fit in the cleaning chamber. I returned the machine. The sales agent should have told me so clean does not make a product for full face all could have been avoided.

Dear Arnold, I am so sorry your mask didn't fit. It is actually the only mask that is not compatible with the SoClean 2. All other masks do fit. I realize this doesn't help you now, but I do want other customers to be informed. I'd be happy to offer 15% off your next order the inconvenience, just send an email to [email protected] to get a coupon code.
Arnold Sheer, 04/07/2016
Linda Krough
I'm using my So clean 2 every day. It really does a great job of cleaning my system without having to disassemble the whole thing. Just take the hose off the face mask, put in the mask and put the hose in the special hole and start the SoClean2. My CPAP looks very clean and smells clean after it's cleaned. I feel confident that it kills all the "crud" that could be in my system. Linda Krough, 04/07/2016
William B
Total misrepresentation of what the product does. I was thrilled to buy a product that would clean my hoses without all the washing. First thing in the instruction book to do... wash your hoses. Hello?????????

Hi William,

I'm sorry you're dissatisfied with the SoClean 2. You only need to wash equipment the first time you use it with the SoClean. It does cut down on washing overall, but you are correct in that you do have to wash it at first and also wipe down your mask. There is a 30 day money back guarantee so please get in touch with us if you'd like to return your SoClean.
William B, 02/17/2016
Dave Williams
I've had my SoClean2 for 3 months and love it! BUT, when I ordered the new filter kit, I installed it and it does not have that clean outdoor clothes line smell that I like so much. Trying now to get a response. Dave Williams, 02/15/2016
I have a SoClean but I really wonder how good it is at killing germs and if there are any unhealthy side affects using ozone. Everyone seems to say how clean their gear is. How do they know? Are they taking the manufactures word for it or have they had swab tests done to see if it is really clean. Just wondering.

Hi Carl,

Thanks for the feedback. The manufacturer posted some lab results and you can view them at

In response to your other question, activated oxygen, also called ozone or O3 occurs in nature. It is produced and used commercially in applications for sanitizing produce, waste and drinking water. The SoClean is designed to keep the activated oxygen enclosed in your CPAP equipment and the secure chamber. And, when the sanitizing process is complete, the ozone turns back into regular oxygen.
Carl, 02/13/2016
Rob Hoffman
Might work fine...I don't know as the included instructions are VERY incomplete and NO instructions at all were sent with the AirSense 10 heated hose adapter. I have no idea how to set it up...lousy documentation.

Dear Rob,
I'm sorry the instructions aren't complete. I will email you some videos on how to set it up. We will do whatever we can to help you with your SoClean and make sure you're happy with your purchase.
Rob Hoffman, 01/22/2016
I have been using the SoClean 2 and find it to be a marvelous compliment to my CPAP unit. It truly makes the cleaning process easy and uncomplicated. Rarely is anything "as simple as 1-2-3", but this is the exception. Plug it in, (if necessary) fit your adapter, drop your mask and headgear in the unit, turn it on and go watch TV until it finishes the sanitizing process.

The only advice I'd share is that users take a minute or two to at least pre-wipe their masks to "clean 'em up" prior using the SoClean unit: your mask "look" cleaner after they've be sanitized.

So my recommendation is that every CPAP user should definitely invest in the SoClean. It's worth every penny!
RevJC, 01/22/2016
Linda H from Colorado
I've had the CPAP cleaner for about two months now. It's awesome. It's so easy to use. I have it set to clean at 10 am every morning. If I forget to put the mask in before then, I just click the Manual button when I do. I love the fact that the mask is sanitized daily. I highly recommend this product! Linda H from Colorado, 01/22/2016
My machine was used for less than 6 months and quit cleaning. It still ran but did not produce any air for the cleaning.Being a mechanic, I took it apart to find the diaphram on the air pump in pieces. I spent $300 for this thing to run 6 months. No one has any parts to fix it. Save your money.


I'm so sorry you're disappointed with your SoClean. Your machine is still under a one year warranty and can be replaced at no cost to you. Please send your contact info to [email protected] and we can get it touch with you and get your SoClean replaced.
Dietrich, 01/19/2016
Chris Jolly
I have been using a CPAP for well beyond 10 years and never had a proper cleaning routine and always worried about that. Very happy to have found this product to make me feel better about cleaning. As many users have stated above there is a "odor" that comes from the unit while running and does leave this "odor" on the mask when removed. It is really hard to get used to but I have found that I just do not clean it everyday. The ONLY reason I gave this 4 stars is due to the odor. I wish they could somehow resolve this but doubtful due to the process. Great product though and it does make me feel better knowing I have a better cleaning routine for my mask and tubing. Chris Jolly, 01/15/2016
Doyle Pitner
I like how easy it is to use and it does seem to get it sanitized but I do not like the odor it leaves on the mask and hose. I still have to clean the mask after each use to lessen the smell to a tolerable level. Leaves a very strong chlorine smell which I could not tolerate without hand cleaning the mask first. Doyle Pitner, 12/26/2015
Good product George, 12/18/2015
Dave Strausbaugh
Like the So Clean...for cleaning the hidden inner works of the machine..where it can't be reached. Dave Strausbaugh, 12/17/2015
Terry Filice
WOW. The day's of waking up with that runny nose sometimes are history. It's so easy to use. I even feel better knowing that it's as clean as you can get it. Highly recommended. Terry Filice, 12/16/2015
Barb Boyer
This machine is the best thing since sliced bread! What a time saver! I have a tendency to procrastinate and that means that sometimes my mask didn't get cleaned as often as it should. Now, I don't have to worry about it...just pop it into the machine and turn it on! I love this SoClean machine! Barb Boyer, 12/16/2015
Bill M
I have had my So Clean 2 for about 3 months now and I am very happy I invested the money for it. The clean sweet smell when I put my CPAP mask on is nice, The ease of keep everything clean is great and best of all I feel better ... less sniffles, headaches and colds. I have recommended this to a friend and my brother-in-law and they love. Thanks for the opportunity of purchasing my So Clean 2. Bill M, 12/16/2015
John G
As a 10+ years CPAP user, I've been delighted with the SoClean 2 purchase. It has made cleaning a breeze. Can't think of not using this device. The CPAP mask stays clean and fresh. I did have to purchase the adapter for my water reservoir after the fact so make sure your machine is compatible. John G, 12/15/2015
I use my machine everyday. Mask and hose Come out fresh and clean. Dennis, 12/15/2015
Debra A.
I had never heard of the SoClean until I saw an ad for it on Facebook.. I investigated it and asked questions and put it off for a while. But the more I thought about how much cleaner and easier cleaning my cpap would be I took the plunge and I am SOOO glad I did. It used to seem like it took forever to wash, hang and dry the tubing etc. This is a wonderful product and I have spread the word to anyone that I know that has a cpap. After I bought an adapter to use with my Resmed machine it was all a go and I have used it for several months now and absolutely love it. The fresh clean smell every night is great and you know all the cracks and crevices have been cleaned. It also has to be healthier for your lungs. Thank you for this product!! Get the word out to everyone!!! Debra A., 12/15/2015
Jim in Grand Rapids, MI
I am kind of a germaphobe. I have had my cpap for about 6 months and always kept it cleaned. I have had the SoClean for about a month or more, and now I no longer worry about germs growing in my cpap. Jim in Grand Rapids, MI, 12/15/2015
All seems to be working well. For me, having cleaned before using vinegar on occasion, I am hoping the cleaning is working. Y'all would do well disguising the odor with something more pleasant. However, it is easy to get used to.
Great to have it happen automatically with ease of placing mask & headgear in unit every morning.
Jim, 12/15/2015
I wish using the CPAP was as easy and pleasant as cleaning it has become.
The So Clean has saved me countless hours. No more climbing into bed thinking that I should have cleaned my CPAP today. Now it is sanitized every day at a cost of about 30 seconds a day. Fifteen seconds to pop it into the So Clean and fifteen seconds to take it out.
The only down side to the So Clean is the smell. Some days the sweet smell can be pretty overwhelming. Taking it out of the machine and allowing it to air is of some help, but it doesn't completely do the job.
Overall, the So Clean is a winner.
MLL, 12/15/2015
Gary Wolf
I was one who did little cleaning of the CPAP. At least I would use a mask wipe to wipe the face grease from the mask. I saw an ad for the SoClean and thought it was a joke, but I still bought it from all of the reviews that sounded so positive. I did a little more search for reviews from other sources, and found all of the response's to be good. So as leary as I was I still spent the money on the SoClean. Some have complained of the smell after the cleaning is done, but I kid of like the smell and almost look forward to putting it on. Would I buy it again ? Yes without a doubt. At least I know I am breathing clean air now ! Gary Wolf, 12/15/2015
love this so easy don't have to take the time the old way just put it in and the machine does the rest clean every nite it's clean for me..thinking about buying the travel version hope it goes on sale soon. melanie, 12/15/2015
Bill & Lil Klein
just started using it took me to long to find out I need to change the cover to different cover. But seems to work now and is very nice Bill & Lil Klein, 12/15/2015
William Garland,
For the past six months since purchasing the so clean I have been very pleased with it and was disappointed when it began to malfunction. I called the service department and left a message which was returned the same evening . A technician analyzed my problem over the phone and I received a shipping label to send it back within two days. I hope it comes back soon since I am pleased with its convenience . William Garland,, 12/15/2015
Love it! Money well spent! FIVE STAR!!! Jeff, 12/14/2015
Steve Anctil
Best thing I have ever bought for my CPAP machine! And the people here stand behind their product. They are the best! Steve Anctil, 12/14/2015
This is the best thing I could've ever bought Colleen, 12/14/2015
Jeff S
I bought the SoClean 2 because I got tired of cleaning all of the pieces of my CPAP system everyday. I'm glad that I got it. Jeff S, 12/14/2015
Lorin VV
I like it as I have not had to manually wash all my gear as often, I am working nearly every day and don't have the time for cleaning CPAP gear, I have to say it was a reasonable price on this site, I still do a manual wash every now and then, but this has been a time saver. Have noticed some yellowing in the facial plastic of the mask since using this machine, but I think it's due to the VA only allowing a mask change every 6 months. Lorin VV, 12/14/2015
Jeff wall
It's the best thing ever I love it so simple to use Jeff wall, 12/14/2015
Tim Sanders
The SoClean 2 works fully automatically, there is virtually nothing to do, but put the mask in the container. Everything after that is handled by the machine. There is no need to worry about germs as the machine takes care of that. Any smell is from the ozone used to clean the CPAP device. Tim Sanders, 12/14/2015
Bobby W
I am very happy with my SO CLEAN. I used to hate to clean my CPAP, and neglected to clean it properly. Now all I do is put the mask in the SO CLEAN machine and forget about it. I do unplug my CPAP every morning, before the machine sanitizes my CPAP. I found that the SO CLEAN machine would activate the CPAP. When I go to bed I just plug the CPAP in the wall. Great product! Bobby W, 12/14/2015
M. Tow
Product is wonderful, just put the mask head gear with hose attached in to the unit , it is set for auto clean at 10 am each day! Remove at night, your ready to go! Smells nice. Note I still wipe the face cushion off every day before inserting in machine. P.s my lungs feel better, it seems. enjoy I am.. M. Tow, 12/14/2015
Chris Dubois
I love the CPAP cleaner, so easy to use Chris Dubois, 12/14/2015
Danny L Todd
I am very pleased with the soClean. It couldn't be more simple to use.
It is far better than washing the cpap equipment on a continual basis.

I have no regrets about choosing to turn my cpap cleaning issues
over to the soClean solution.
Danny L Todd, 12/14/2015
Bill K.
I have been using the SoClean 2 for several months and it is great. The only negative is you must use the cleaning solution before cleaning mask/tubing. I forgot about the silicone seal in my humidifier, and it turned a slight tan color, no harm though. It is best to let the tubing/mask and humidifier air out for awhile after the process. Bill K., 12/14/2015
Frank Tiley
I have only been using a CPAP machine for just under a year now. I already knew about all the cleaning I would be doing. I bought the SoClean 2 and even after the first night I was very impressed with it! I slept better with a cpap but since I have been cleaning it with the SoClean 2 I sleep even better! I feel so much more rested in the morning. There is also very little cleaning involved. Keep replacing the filters when they need to be and that's it. I am a very Happy Customer!!! Frank Tiley, 12/14/2015
I am very satisfied with my So Clean machine. It is easy to use and has keep my BiPAP refreshingly clean! When I used the machine the first time I was amazed at how clean and fresh my mask and reservoir water were. I had been washing my mask and cleaning the reservoir by washing it by hand - and the tubing too, so the So Clean has made every thing easier. I am very satisfied with my So Clean! Randy, 12/14/2015
This CPAP cleaner is the only way to go, I just pop my cap in it after I wake up and it automatically cleans it at a factory preset time of 10 am...or if I forget to put it in there, just push the manual clean button and I'm good to go ! I got so tired of daily washing and dryING of it I QUIT USING IT ! Buy it is so worth it ! ! Darlene, 12/14/2015
Rick Taylor
I've only had mine about a week. It does have a slight odor at night, not nasty, but goes away after a few minutes use. I don't know about yellowing yet but I've had problems with masks having a white residue in them when stored. Sometimes I don't make the 10 AM time but still put it in and run it manually. I didn't really want to wash the heated hose for the AutoSense 10 Bipap. I still haven't, letting the SoClean clean it. I've used the soap cleaner once on the mask so far. 6 months for the filter and backflow valve is not very long being it is $30 to replace. So, still some maintaince required. So far, all seems ok and I would recommend it so far. I don't really know how you can tell how well it is cleaning? We use a whole house ultri violet light system in the central furnace which helps clean the air. Rick Taylor, 12/14/2015
Joe Territo
It is great knowing there a better way to keep the equipment clean and sanitized very easy Joe Territo, 12/14/2015
art hayes
what a great device!!! Usually when I travel for a few days I leave it at home (too bulky for travel) and I feel NAKED without it!

I would recomend it to ALL CPAP users.
art hayes, 12/14/2015
Wes Bell
It works great I love it! Wes Bell, 12/14/2015
Maureen Klopotoski
I love the convenience of the so-clean. I have not had any of the problems of sinus infections and respiratory infections that i had last year at this time and i feel the so-clean has been instrumental in that. So worth the money. Maureen Klopotoski, 12/14/2015
Perry Sheppard
The SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner & sanitizer was just as it was advertised and well-worth the investment. Very versatile to use with or without a humidifier, fast and efficient process, automated or manual. I recommend all CPAP users to invest in this system, especially if you have a habit of not cleaning your equipment on a regular basis as recommended. I feel so much more confident and safer from potential infections from contaminated CPAP equipment/supplies. Setup and usage is very simple. I highly recommend use of this product! Perry Sheppard, 12/14/2015
Jeff F
This is the best investment I've made in a long time. I hated cleaning my pap equipment. Seemed as though I only thought about the cleaning at bedtime, when it was time to put the mask on. The SoClean takes away that forgetfulness with it's automatic timer. You can smell the clean. So glad I tried it. Jeff F, 12/14/2015
Karen Renfrow
Don't like at all! The very strong smell it produces in the mask after it runs is more that I can stand! I tried what it says to do--run it and let it air out and I did this many times for as long as 5 minutes. The smell never went away! I forced myself to use my cpap and woke up with a nose bleed. I cleaned everything I could with the included pre wash-- didn't help. I used the cleaning machine for several weeks with my cpap, but gave up. Headaches, nosebleeds and even my hair began smelling like the air SoClean produces!!! I then tried to remove the adapter lid and replace it with my original equipment and it doesn't work that way anymore--it leaks air! So I use my adapted cpap and don't use the SoClean. So I'm out the $200-plus for SoClean AND if I want to return my cpap to its original state, I'll be out more--perhaps thousands. Karen Renfrow, 12/14/2015
Bonnie Basom
The SoClean 2 is a wonderful product for serious CPAP users. It is quick and easy to use daily (although I had an initial hold up getting it set up because I needed an adaptor for it to be compatible with my brand of CPAP, and I had to special order that). It gives me peace of mind to know it is really cleaned and sanitized, and the fact it starts and ends automatically absolves me of the need to think about it. The only thing I don't care for is the odor left behind after the cycle is finished. It reminds me a little of chlorine. However, to remedy this, I turn on the CPAP and let it run for 5 minutes which reduces the smell enough to allow me to wear my mask without any discomfort. Bonnie Basom, 12/14/2015
Callie Johnson
I ask my husband the other night what was his best purchase he had made this year 2015 with his hard earned money. I told him mine was my SoClean system. I love this sanitizing machine for my CPAP equipment! I use the nose nasal piece and have not had a sore nose since I used my SoClean system. I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to feel like they are using a germ free, sanitize, product that carries air into their respiratory system! Callie Johnson, 12/14/2015
My So Clean emits a disturbing odor as it is running and when I put my mask on at night that same funky odor is still there. WHY IS THAT? Katie, 12/14/2015
Brenda Wilson
Love this CPAP cleaner! Easy to use. Quick. No problems! Brenda Wilson, 12/14/2015
Tammy S
I am so glad I purchased the SoClean 2. It does a fantastic job in sanitizing mine and my husband's CPAP mask and machines. It is so much easier than trying to wash it all by hand and much more sanitary. Definitely worth the price. We love it! Tammy S, 12/14/2015
I was getting infections at least once a month when I was prescribe this machine but since I had it ZERO infections. (sinus/bronchitis)
thank you for such an amazing machine.. will recommend this to anyone using a cpap machine
5 stars
motoxer762, 10/09/2015
Susan martz
My first year I had cpap. I usually I washed them once week.2nd year I become frastution I got terrible sinuses
Often not well. I asked Dr issue with cpap he send me sleep study think pressure cause too much. Reduced pressure which fine but again sinus grrr. So online issue looked up cpap and sinus go so clean. I called them questions. I brought last October 2014. Since almost 7 months awesome no plm with my sinuses great. I'm think about second ones for travel bag later.
Susan martz, 05/03/2015
Tad Hoddick
Adding the SoClean 2 to my Respironics humidified CPAP system has literally increased my overall quality of life. Prior to getting it, my CPAP would slam every bug that came through our household hard core into my lungs, resulting in countless rounds with Pneumonia and Bronchitis. I have not had either since adding my cleaning machine. It definitely freaks out the dogs, midmorning, when it does its thing, but I would not give it up for anything. I am WAY more healthy. Tad Hoddick, 03/16/2015
I was so sick (literally sometimes!) and tired of the whole cleaning routine. The bacteria in the hose never seemed to get completely cleaned out. It seemed like my machine and hose smelled musty most of the time between cleanings. And I don't mind the smell of vinegar, but it isn't the most pleasant smell to have to tolerate all night every night, either.
Since getting the SoClean 2 I have the pleasure of a clean machine which to me smells exactly like bed linen that is dried outside in the sun! It is a double blessing because even when I did dry my linens on the line, I couldn't smell it anymore with my CPAP mask on.
I have not had any sinus infections since getting the SoClean 2! This just confirms that the bacteria in my CPAP and hose was making me ill!
Marilyn, 02/16/2015
Donald Hansen
I have had to use CPAP machines for the last 30 years and what a pain it has been to always try to make time to clean it. Since getting the SO CLEAN machine a couple of months ago it is something I've realy enjoyed. I followed the instructions on how to prepare my equipment for the sanitizer and now I just let the SO CLEAN unit do its thing and no more worries about it being clean. Donald Hansen, 02/13/2015
David in Long Beach
I use this all the time and love it. Since I've ended up using the Circadiance cloth masks which can NOT be used with the SoClean system, this sanitizes just my machine, humidifier, and hoses. The cloth mask must still be washed by hand since ozone would break down the cloth fabric. David in Long Beach, 11/19/2014
breathing better in PA
I've had the unit for 2 weeks now and the mask and tubing just seem so much cleaner/fresher! The best price I've seen is here at, though prices on the accessories are a bit better at other suppliers. For ease of use, 5 stars There is a slight scent to the treated mask/hose, I found it pleasant but others might not -- in that case, you let your mask set out in normal air for a while after cleaning (so I've read). breathing better in PA, 05/27/2014
Gregory. J
I think this SO CLEAN is one of the best things to happen for CPAP users. I could tell the difference immediately after the first use. Gregory. J, 05/05/2014
Just got it and love it. Expensive but worth it for the ease of cleaning. Vicky, 05/03/2014
paul aimis
the smell is awful paul aimis, 04/18/2014
Jessica Cormier - Better Rest Solutions
Thank you for your concern. Please be assured that ozone has been used as a safe and effective sanitizer for many years. The SoClean is designed to take advantage of the benefits of ozone oxidation and yet in a way that no ozone is inhaled. Users are completely safe. We do want to thank you for taking the time to post a comment. If you have any more questions please feel free to email: [email protected] Jessica Cormier - Better Rest Solutions, 04/10/2014
Joe Sedona
Activated Oxygen = Ozone...
Good at high altitude to block out UV radiation... not so great in your lungs.
Joe Sedona, 04/01/2014
Beth Reynolds
My husband is a CPAP user, so naturally I'm the CPAP cleaner! I can't tell you how much time I have spent cleaning his CPAP machine because I worry so much about the bacteria growing inside it. I know that if I don't clean it, he won't because frankly, it is a pain. Since getting the SoClean, I can rest easy knowing that he's breathing in sanitized air through his mask at night. He hasn't been getting sick anymore, now I know the cause was his dirty CPAP. It's so easy even my husband can do it :) I highly recommend this product! Beth Reynolds, 02/13/2014

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