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Slim CPAP Tubing - 6ft

Retail Price: $39.99 - You Save 40.01%

6ft Slim CPAP Tubing with 22mm Cuffs. Smooth interior and corrugated exterior for excellent flexibility and unrestricted interior flow characteristics.


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6ft Slim CPAP Tube with 22mm Cuffs

  • Compares to ResMed SlimLine Tube and Z1 SlimStyle Tube
  • Smaller diameter tube is lighter, more flexible and less bulky than standard CPAP Tubes
  • Weighs less than a standard 6ft tube so it works well with smaller, lightweight masks
  • 22mm cuffs are easy to grip to remove the hose from the device
  • Tubing cuff is injection molded directly onto the corrugated tube for added durability
  • Low memory to avoid kinks
  • Latex-free, BPA free

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Slim CPAP Tubing - 6ft
This tubing cracks very easily around the corrugated areas after only a few cleaning with means I have to buy additional tubing that my insurance will not coverage. This is not the first time it has happen.So know I will buy one of the more expensive hoses and hope that I don't have the same problem. Slim CPAP Tubing - 6ft, 03/04/2021
This hose is not a good product. The bends in the hose you see in the product pictures DO NOT RELAX. I have had this hose several months. After weekly washings in hot water the hose retains the 80% of the stiff BENDS. I have to be very specific how I reattach the hose back to my machine as the BENDS that remain in this hose make it difficult to use. I thought the hose would relax over time - with use and washing in hot water. It has NOT. I would give 1/4 star if allowed. Jon, 10/01/2020
the hose ends are Heavy and awkward...defeats the 'light weight' feature. VeeTee, 07/26/2020
I echo Harold and So so. My hose cracked just below the end that connects to the unit. Initially, I could not understand why I woke up intermittently with shortness of breath. After two nights, I had my unit checked. No issues were identified. I did a close inspection of my CPAP and noticed the hose's crack, which could not be repaired. I resorted to using my old hose. Paula, 09/17/2016
I like the light weight and flexibility of the hose. But after using it for about 1 1/2 weeks I noticed a crack near the end of the hose next to the cuff. Since the crack was so close to the cuff I couldn't fix it so I had to use my old hose. Harold, 08/26/2016
So so
As far as the lightweight design etc. it works wonderful and is a huge improvement from my old standard hose. Major problem I had was it cracked early on (nothing some electric tape couldn't fix) and didn't realize the problem was there for a few days. So so, 05/17/2016

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