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Swift FX Bella Pink Replacement Headgear Loops

Retail Price: $55.00 - You Save 25.45%
ResMed | SKU 61581

The Swift FX Bella Headgear Loops are a great addition to the ResMed product line because they allow for enhanced freedom. The Swift FX Bella is a great option for anyone who has ever struggled with using CPAP masks because of the discomfort from traditional headgear.

This package includes 2 individual loops (shown in picture). 


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The Swift™ FX Bella Headgear Loops are a great addition to the ResMed product line because they allow for enhanced freedom. The Swift™ FX Bella is a great option for anyone who has ever struggled with using CPAP masks because of the discomfort from traditional headgear. The loops that fit behind your ears accommodate for different hairstyles as well as providing the least invasive mask on the market. This is a great option for side sleepers too!

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Sharon M.
I had high hopes for these headgear loops. As others have mentioned, it really digs into the back of your ears. I liked that the design was less invasive than others, but unfortunately, it's not as functional as it should/could be. Sharon M., 07/21/2021
Mary East
I love the Bella NasaPillow Mask...How can I get the large loops for my headgear...I order from Resmed and they send my XS..S..M sizes only in a pack...Tired of paying for headgear supplies and can't get the size that fits more comfortable to me..Medium size is just a little to tight.. Mary East, 08/28/2020
judi champlin
I have been using these for about 4 of the 6 years I've been using the cpap. LOVE them, no marks on face at all and GREAT for side sleepers!!! Would give you 15 stars if I could!! Would order a case of these if I could afford it!!! judi champlin, 10/22/2018
Jeannie Martin
Ive been using these for about 3-4 years now. They are absolutely wonderful! The other masks with the headgear made me feel like I was smothering. But with these I feel relaxed. I'm a side sleeper and they're great. I'd recommend these to anyone. My daughter needs a cpap and I've recommended these to her. I'm so glad that I have these now they've made my use of the cpap so much easier!! Jeannie Martin, 01/11/2017
Linda Harrison
I have been using te Bella behind the ear style for about three years and would recommend this to anyone. With other styles, periodically would feel clostrophobic, but this style is freeing. Linda Harrison, 11/23/2016
Ginger Byrd
I tried the normal headgear with my nose pillows, but hated the marks in my hear upon waking. Then I tried these behind the ear straps. At first it hurt the skin behind my ears, but I just kept adjusting it and soon I was happy again. This is the best invention! I would give it 10 stars if I could! Ginger Byrd, 09/27/2015
Nancy Griffith
Best idea since sliced bread. I have struggled with the straps for 7 years. They have left indentions not only in my hair, but head as well. I'm finicky about my hair and every morning I could not get the permanent waves out. Anyway, the silicon that goes around the back of the ear does take getting use to. It took my ears about a week to get use to them, and now it's marvelous. My head and hair looks normal and no more impressions on face. Thank you for the new invention. Nancy Griffith, 04/21/2015
Jeanne O'Byrne
Great idea,probably fashioned using the simple style for oxygen masks. Their behind the ear tubing is far more comfy because of the plastic tubing. The silicon strap on the Bella cuts into the skin behind the ear . No complaints re the the use of silicon because it is stretchier than plastic but it should be a tubing not a strap.
What I like about it though is the simplicity ,no strap head ,no marks on face and good fit.
Jeanne O'Byrne, 02/17/2014

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