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Swift™ FX Bella Pink Mask with Headgear

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ResMed | SKU 61560

The Swift FX Bella offers a design that reinforces a sense of freedom, with more choices for customized fit and personal comfort, so you can look and feel more like yourself.

To buy this mask without a prescription, please purchase the following items:

Swift FX Mask System without Headgear

Swift FX Bella Pink Replacement Headgear Loops

Swift FX Bella Gray also available here.


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The Swift FX Bella is the newest model to the ResMed FX family of products. Already one of the least invasive masks available, the Swift FX Bella reinforces a sense of freedom for CPAP users. The Swift FX Bella offers more freedom and flexibility than ever before, thanks to the versatility in headgear choices. This nasal pillow style mask is all about customized fit and personal comfort. For the first time you have two different ways to wear the mask using the exclusive Swift™ FX Bella loops. The Bella loops accommodate different hairstyles and make for a truly personalized fit.

Key Features:

Stylish. Who says you can’t accessorize with your CPAP mask? The Swift FX Bella doesn’t just feel comfortable — it looks great, too.

Flexible. The Swift FX Bella’s loops mean achieving the perfect fit is easier than ever. It’s also snug enough to let you freely move around while sleeping.

Comfortable. Customized especially for women, with soft edges that comfortably meet the contours of your face.

Easy to use. The Bella’s loops also make it easy to pop on and off. No hassles, and no learning curve.

Reliability. Like all ResMed masks, the Bella offers the latest technology in sleep apnea therapy. That means you can sleep soundly knowing you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your day.

* This mask is only effective when used in conjunction with a CPAP/BiLevel machine

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I couldn't be happier with this mask! What a welcome change from the clunky one that they sent me home with the first time. I have long hair and couldn't tolerate having it bunched up and tangled at night. Just like a couple of the reviewers here have stated, I had some difficulty with the stress created for the sensitive skin around my ears. I searched all over the internet and couldn't find a commercial solution, such as the cute pink pads that cushion my cheeks with this mask. After a couple of weeks of frustration, I remembered using hair "scrunchies" to pad my dogs " elbows" when he got older.Strange connection - I know! I bought the larger size scrunchies and cut them at the seam, then removed the elastic. It's not easy at first, but I then threaded the plastic ear bands from the mask through the mutilated scrunchie. This is so much kinder to that sensitive skin. They are made of knit cotton. I wash the scrunchies each time I clean my mask. I actually have several pair so that I can change them often. This is working fantastically for me! Hope that this can help! Sandy, 01/12/2019
I agree with Jeanneane. On the plus side, the mask is extremely comfortable. The nasal pillows (extra small) are great. The mask does not shift during sleep, so I do not have to do readjustments during the night. The downside is I, too, have developed a sensitive skin rash where the plastic loops fit behind the ears. If this issue could be resolved, I would continue to use this mask. Although, I can't wear this mask, I do not hesitate to give it a 5-star rating. Paulette, 08/10/2017
Kimberly Johns
I recently went through a sleep study and, of course, the end result was I needed a c pap machine. I knew what I didn't want so I went on line to find something easier to wear and more comfortable than the usual masks. That's when I found the Bella. On the day of my fitting, I took a copy of the Bella advertisement and, luckily they had one. I love this mask (you can't really call it a mask). It is so soft and comfortable and the best thing is that there really is no head gear. You just slip very soft ear pieces around your ears. Two small, pillows go to your nose. For me, the Bella is a wonderful discovery. Kimberly Johns, 07/21/2017
I have been using this mask for several years and really love it. Now I'm having the same problems as Jeanneane. I don't know what has changed, the straps or my body. I know this style at one time came with the option of a head piece or behind the ear. Cecelia, 04/20/2017
I really like this mask, the most comfortable one I have had after 20 years of C Pap use. HOWEVER, I can no longer wear it because the plastic that goes behind the ears give my sensitive skin a rash. I've tried putting cotton balls under the plastic, tried wrapping cotton material around it, etc. Nothing stays on. I wish they made a cotton type cover of some type for my sensitive skin. Because it is so comfortable, I gave it 4 stars even though I can't wear it. When I did wear it ... five days ... it was wonderful. If I could get some kind of cotton cover, I would have given it 5 stars. Jeanneane, 03/24/2016
Feels very comfortable, however, I could not get it to stay in position no matter what I did. After staying awake struggling for three hours with trying to adjust it to stay put, I pulled it off and put my awful full face mask back on. Wasted my money. Maybe it will fit better for you. J.T, 09/05/2014
Love love LOVE it. I had given up on using a CPAP because it was so uncomfortable, even using a nasal pillow. I tend to switch side at night because of muscular pain issues. This product glide right along with you - I don't even notice it. With the other methods, I would feel bound up or tangled by the far I'm up to four hours of uninterrupted sleep, which is phenomenal. I know this will increase as I get more used to it. Can't say enough good things about the freedom it provides. LMDewsen, 03/11/2014
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