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Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine

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Human Design Medical | SKU HD60-1007

The Z1 Auto is an Auto CPAP machine that actually adapts to your breathing requirements thousands of times per night. By reacting to your requirements- rather than just delivering one constant pressure- the Z1 Auto delivers therapy at lower overall pressures and delivers a better, more natural breathing experience. 

Reference Only

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The FDA testing revealed a sound level of 26dB using the standard testing methods although we have heard of slightly louder results from users.

Extremely light. Only 10.4 oz.

The Z1 Auto is the lightest auto-cpap machine available anywhere. At only 10 ounces it is a great travel machine.

Optional integrated battery.

The Z1™ Auto CPAP has an optional integrated battery system that we call the PowerShell™. It delivers a full night of cord-free power on a fully-charged battery.

Free mobile app for data and remote control.

The Z1 Auto CPAP is data-capable and records all information on events and compliance. Download the free Nitelog™ mobile app for iOS and Android and sync directly to your device with Bluetooth®. Review your data or share it with your doctor directly from the app. Nitelog™ can also serve as a remote control for your Z1 Auto.



Package Contents
-Fabric Carry Pouch with Drawstring
-4 Foot Slim Style Tube
-2 Disposable Filters (1 Installed)
-Tube Adapter
-AC Power Supply and Power Cord
-Micro USB Cable
-HME (Heat Moisture Exchange Unit)

Note that the HMEs are certified for 7 days of use but environmental conditions may affect your experience. If you are using an HME and feel that it is no longer working we recommend that you switch to a new one.

Operating Modes:
CPAP with Ramp
Auto-Adjusting CPAP
Auto-Adjusting CPAP with Ramp
Available Pressures: 4 - 20 cmH2O

Pressures Setting Increments: 0.5 cmH2O

Ramp: 0 - 45 Minutes

Z-Breathe Settings: 1, 2, or 3 Available in both APAP & CPAP Modes. (1 = Gentle,

2 = Moderate, 3 = Maximum Drop in Pressure at Exhalation)

Z1 Machine Warranty: 3 Years


 Product Specifications
Device Dimensions: 6.48 in L x 3.3 in W x 2.02 in H ( 16.46cm x 8.38cm x 5.13cm)
NOT Compatible with Supplemental Oxygen
Device Weight: 10 oz
Power Cord Length: 6 ft
Power Supply Cord Length: 47 in
Power Brick Dimensions: 3 3/4 in L x 1 3/4 in W x 1 1/4 in
Weight of Power Supply (Without Cord): 0.4 lbs (6.34 oz)
Weight of Power Supply With Cord: 0.6 lbs (9.41 oz)
Dimensions of Flat Fabric Carry Pouch with Drawstring: 15.25 in L x 10 in W
30 W AC Supply Input Range: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
European Voltage Usage: Yes, Outlet Adapters Required
Typical Power Consumption: 20W (30VA)
Maximum Power Consumption: 35W (70VA)
Operating Sound Level: 26 dBA

Powershell Information:

PowerShell Dimensions Alone: 6"x 4.25" x 3"

PowerShell with Battery and Attached Shuttle and Lanyard: 16.9 ounces

Battery Pack Content: Lithium Ion

Battery with Attached Shuttle Weight: Approximately 9.8 ounces

Battery & Attached Shuttle Dimensions: 4 in L x 3.75 in W x 1.5 in H (With Battery Shuttle)

Battery Capacity: 45 Wh (Watt-hours)

Battery Voltage: 14.4V (Volts)

Estimated Run Time: Manufacturer tests showed the Overnight Battery included with the PowerShell powered the Z1 CPAP Machine set to a pressure of 14cmH2O for 8 hours of use. Actual battery run time will vary based on machine pressure, machine settings, and personal breathing, with a manufacturer reported maximum run time of 14 hours. Manufacturer reports the battery will deliver at least a "full night." Manufacturer defines "full night" as 4 hours. Replacement battery modules are available for purchase.

Battery Operating Temperature Range: 41 to 95 degree Fahrenheit (5 to 35 degree Celsius)


Estimated Charge Time of Battery If Fully Drained: Up to 8 Hours



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Silver Bullet
I bought this for travel only (Using my larger CPAP at home). It worked pretty well while it was functional. Over the course of several years, I probably used it 50 to 60 nights. Then it quit working totally - Error code #33: "over pressure". I called the company & they would not do anything to fix the problem. Awfully expensive machine for just a few uses. Silver Bullet, 02/22/2022
Kevin J Withers
this machine is loud. very loud Must be a better machine out there Kevin J Withers, 05/16/2019
This is a very expensive machine health insurance does not cover; and it chokes me with a min. pressure. Why call it "Auto" when the pressure will only adjust when the mask is off. Noisy, Yes, very noisy. But with a min. pressure of 4, I get no rest. I need a min. of 10. Why do you make is SO hard or impossible to adjust. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY!, 05/13/2018
ok, but the auto leak detect compensation is flawed. If your mask becomes slightly ajar, it'll go into leak mode. It will not go back to normal. In practice this means when the mask is back in place ... it'll blow so hard that the mask seals around your face will start buzzing and wake both you and your partner
up. You then have to turn the unit off and back on again. This can happen several times a night.
david, 06/06/2017
I also have a problem with the Ramp up setting and find it unstable. It wakes me up at 3 am WITH 20 psi BLASTING the mask off may face, I started at 4.5. I do not find the noise that bad when compared with my old one. But the lack of control over the settings is very frustrating. dwsco, 01/08/2017
Its very compact and easy to travel with. Though it's rated at exactly the same db as my home unit, it's noticeably noisier, and the voice upon exhale is much more than my home unit (using the same head gear and nose pillows). The supplied 4-ft cable is too short, so recommend buying a longer hose. The humidifier doesn't seem to help much, and replacing the container every few days is costly and one more thing to remember (especially on a trip). MES227, 10/21/2016
It is great for travel, but I find it to be too noisy. Also the hose is too short. Cheryl, 09/14/2016
george balfour md
I had a different travel machine. It worked but with some difficulty getting it to start. I bought one of these machines. It is much better. It is small, light, works easily quite. If you need to sleep on a airplane, or travel light this is the right purchase. george balfour md, 09/04/2016
Mike ONeal
It is a bit noisy, but I understand that there is a muffler that may cut down on the noise. The noise seems to be coming from the breathing tube and not the machine itself. It may have to much pressure. Mike ONeal, 08/11/2016
Mike Bullard
First the bad news. I had two initial frustrations right out of the box. When I bought it I was not told that the moisture exchange system requires an extra operation expense and an annoying nose do bob. The instructions said to change the filter daily at $6 a pop, making $1800 a year! They tell me I can get by weekly but that's still too much not to tell a buyer up front.

Also, I could not use it because of the absurd initial ramp setting that kept me oxygen deprived until I went to sleep. The instructions once again had the same old CPAP saw to "see your health care provider" to change the ramp settings. As a retired professional, quite active, with several degrees it makes me furious that the industry wants to treat me like a senile invalid. My local "health care provider," a poorly trained young respiratory therapist, knew nothing about living for a while in Quito, Ecuador at 10,000 feet or off-grid in the Adirondacks powering with a modified sine wave inverter. I have a right to manage my body and the equipment I own and it is insulting that the industry withholds pertinent information from owners. Also, when I'm in a remote African village for two months I won't be able to run down to the local respiratory/sleep clinic to change a setting.

Okay, now for the good news. The reason I don't buy my equipment from a "local health care provider" is because when I ask Easy Breathe staff, to a person, they either give me a real answer or promptly get me one. You can be proud of every employee. Only four stars for the instrument but 5 as usual for Easy Breathe whose owner I see personally answering these reviews. Your staff they treat your many products like tools for intelligent people. Thank you. Waits are reasonable, they speak Medicare and insurance like their primary language.

Okay, the moisture exchanger filter is still not a great deal but I mark that up to a manufacturer's inadequate promotional material. What impressed me again was that, when I asked, your rep took the time to find me the medical provider's instructions so I could set my own ramp and other settings and to email it to me while we talked. My life got a little better when I found your company.

I find the z1 quite nice to carry and not nearly as loud as I expected from the reviews. A bit surprising to have the sound modulate frequency as I breathe, but I've found I can put myself to sleep making tunes by varying my breathing. I've been working at water intake to hydrate my body and watching the humidity and learning when I can do without the humidifier. I wish the battery lasted longer for places with intermittent electrical power but I think the small unit will be better than others, so I'll be looking into a solar charging system. By the way, I see it will work with 240 V AC but will it also be okay with modified sine wave? Also, the manufacturer says it delivers therapy "with overall lower pressure." Nice selling point, but is it possible to get some reading literature so I can understand what that means in centimeters of water pressure at sea level etc.?

Have a nice day. I had a nice night.
Mike Bullard, 08/04/2016
I've only used it once, so far so good. Bernard, 08/02/2016
Don Smith
It takes a little getting used to as the sound is different that the standard CPAP machine (ResMed) that I now use. After a few trials I went back to the ResMed and my wife asked me to switch back to the Z1. I have the unit near the floor so there is little noise from the unit. The Breathe system mask that I use does have a light whine to it but I became accustomed to it in a few days and now prefer using the Z1. My only concern is the lack of humidity. The small disposal unit that lasts 7 days is expensive considering it was not advertised as such in the marketing materials. I'd like to see better pricing on the humidity in-line capsules. I do use the muffler as well and was told I cannot use both at the same time (again not noted in the marketing materials). I have decided to keep the unit and use for our trips, now THAT will be a great convenience in packing. I hope future tech improvements will be passed on to your existing and recent customers. Don Smith, 06/01/2016
I received this last week from EB along with the Swift FX Nasal Pillow. I purchase this as a "travel" unit since I'm close to retirement and plan to do a lot of airline trips. I previously used a bi-pap machine, but my choice was to check it as baggage and hope the Samsonite gorilla doesn't destroy or lose it, or bring it as my only carry on. I've been using the Z-1 Auto for the last week and it's taken me two nights to adjust to the "auto" part, but I absolutely love it. I have noticed a bit of noise with it, but being hard of hearing helps....and it doesn't seem to disturb my wife. My only disappointment is the Swift FX nasal pillow as I tend to wake up with a sore nose.... I switched back to my old mask and everything works extremely well now. I like the Nitelog software that I have downloaded to my iPhone and iPod and it useful for spotting trends. Overall, with the exception of the mask, great purchase and the EB folks were great to deal with. JimK, 05/19/2016
This is a GREAT travel unit. I see a lot of complaints about the noise and I really don't get it. I have had my Z1 for about 6 months and taken on a dozen or so trips so I have used it a lot. It of course has more noise than my home machine but it is not bad at all, and if you get the muffler it helps. I look at the trade off for a little louder machine but so awesome to travel with. The noise that it does make is more like "white" noise and doesn't keep me up or wake me up and I am a very light sleeper. Great as a travel unit but still like my home machine for every day use. Jess, 05/12/2016
The Z1 is okay. I have had it about 1 month. From the first day I have been sleeping better. However this unit does not have a humidifier. Being a mouth breather this can be painful to wake up with you tongue so dry.

It is not nearly as loud as others say. It is much more quiet than my old machine. It is also a great size for travel. I fly 6+ times a month and it is not an issue.
JDobbs, 05/09/2016
Very disappointed in product, returned. Was not able to use controls. MGW, 05/04/2016
Noisy, no humidifier, big (hard to travel with). Jordan, 05/01/2016
The Z1 is very "okay." We travel a lot, and the size is so much easier for airports. But as others have said, the noise is a problem, and the vibration is enough to keep me from sleeping. But the Q-tube muffler does take care of the vibration, and a longer (6 foot) tube does help get it further away from you so it's not as loud. I give a 5 on service, though. The unit they sent me didn't work, and they replaced it quickly. So now I have one that works, but it's just not as peaceful as my bigger home unit. Robin, 04/18/2016
I'm on my 30 day free trial right now and I love the small size of the machine but it is a little too noisy for me and it kept me awake. I called HDM and spoke to Jess and was told they would extend my trial a few more days but that I should order the $35 muffler for it. I have ordered the muffler from easy breathe but have not received it yet. I will report back once I try it with the muffler. I do not travel a lot but do not want to haul my larger machine when I do travel, so it is a rather expensive purchase for the small amount of use it will get and my insurance will not cover it. I do hope the muffler helps. pennyz, 04/18/2016
Donald Hill
I have used the Z! Auto Travel CPAP daily, since receiving it. It appears to work as advertised. I may need to increase the pressure, slightly. It feels like is am straining to inhale. I have already used it for travel, and it was nice not to have take my previous bulky and heavy CPAP.

Donald G, Hill
Donald Hill, 04/17/2016
I'm waiting for a response from HDM (the manufacturer) and haven't heard back from them after EasyBreathe said they would contact them with my unit's need for repair or replacement. It has been giving me a warning message that it's overheating and then shuts down. It doesn't feel warm to the touch. Turns off before it has fully ramped up. Have owned it 3 months, used it only 4 times. Would give it zero stars if I could.

Dear RH,

I'm so sorry for the delay. I will follow up with HDM immediately and will work to get you a replacement as soon as possible.
RH, 01/23/2016
The noise from this thing is really as bad as others are saying and worse. Without question the worst high-dollar purchase I have made in years. It would be going back if I had not let go of the box, which was foolish of me. I couldn't imagine any product being so horribly unusable. I am really grumpy this morning because I just failed completely to sleep again on a trip due to excessive noise, enough to bother me and my partner. Its so bad that I decided I would suffer the apnea rather than use it.. which makes it worse than useless. An expensive horrid piece of noisy garbage. (In addition to these functional complaints, easybreathe shipped it to me with an incorrect lower limit set - ignoring my prescription. my first bad experience with them.) DO NOT BUY DanC, 01/18/2016
I bought one for myself and my wife, we love both units for all the traveling we do. The only problem we have had is the unit shuts off by itself in the middle of the night ? ? With that said, we haven't had that problem recently. We haven't experenced any of the noise problems others have complained about. But overall, we love the units. My insurance didnt cover any of the cost, but am still very happy we my purchases. Merrill, 01/17/2016
Barry Garlitz
I have only used it about 6 nights so far, but will take it with me for a one week trip to Mexico in February and three weeks to Madrid later on. It has been easier to use and sleep with than the ResMed 10 auto that I normally use at home. Barry Garlitz, 01/16/2016
Michael Jones
Like many of the other reviews, i agree that the unit is noisy. Even with the inline humidity dongle, my sinuses are drying out at night. The light weight is great and the auto-scaling of air pressures works well. I travel on airplanes a lot so having a small unit that I can pack in my carry on suitcase and take through security easily is a big benefit. It's loud enough that it does wake me up at night. Michael Jones, 01/15/2016
Scott Wischoffer
I like the size and weight of the machine; it's very easy to travel with and goes through security with less hassle. However, it's very loud compared to my ResMed R9 home unit so I only use it when I traveling alone. My wife says it sounds like someone's vacuuming in the next room. Scott Wischoffer, 01/15/2016
Andrew Przlomski
The size is very nice. This however is off set by the excessive noise of the machine and the mask. I have purchased the muffler but as of yet have not used it. I PAID FOR THE MUFFLER AND I SEE SOME REVIEWERS GOT IT FREE

Hi Andrew,

I will refund your muffler order and I hope that you will consider updating your review once you have tried the muffler.
Andrew Przlomski, 01/15/2016
Compact size and low weight are excellent. An option should be offered for a smaller and more compact electrical converter box - the one supplied is cheap and uses old technology. I know a world class company who can do that.

The system is too noisy (even with the in line muffler) for daily home use. But for travel, I can handle it. Overall, given the price, I expected a higher level of quality experience from this innovative company. Looking forward to the next generation!
Stuart, 01/15/2016
I am not happy with the high pitch noise, makes it hard too sleep. I would appreciate some assistance. Love the portability of the unit. The unit needs a compact padding for travel for protection of the del ate unit Thea, 01/15/2016
Extremely noisey annoying to my wife.
Great size but need to figure. A way to make it quitter and battery pack more cost effective
Ollie, 01/15/2016
I purchased this machine for travel and it is very small for travel. It is so noisy I could not sleep even 1 night with it, cost me over $800 and when I tried to return, easy would only give me half of my money back only toward another machine. Tried the muffler also but didn't help. Do not buy without researching it.

Hi Don,

I'm so sorry to hear that. We can offer you a 100% store credit for a CPAP or a 50% refund because we aren't able to resell opened machines. It seems as though you were misinformed and I am sorry for that as well. If you would still like a 100% store credit please email [email protected]
Don, 01/05/2016
I would return it if I could. It is a high pitch wining sound plus another when you breath. If there is fix please let us know. If you stand behind this product help us upgrade to a model that works.

- Hi Bruce, send an email with your full name to [email protected] and we can send you the Q-Tube inline muffler that cuts the noise produced by the Z1 free of charge.
Bruce, 12/28/2015
Love it. I use it without the humidifier canister. I bought a 6 foot slim/15mm tube because the 4ft was not long enough for me. There is no whine or other annoying noise. My wife does not hear the unit. My wife does not feel the exhale. I have it on the nightstand. No setup necessary but changes are super easy to do. There is a feature called Z-breathe exhalation relief. It works so well that there is no need to use the ramp time. Just put your mask on and press 1 button. In case it matters to anyone, I use the Fitlife mask. Jeff, 05/31/2015
The current version is a bit too noisy. It has an annoying momentary whining sound. This is so annoying that other reviewers on CPAP forums have returned them. I have found that this noise is acceptable if the unit is placed near the floor well below the level of the mattress. It also has another annoying noise from the mask that appears to be transmitted through the tubing. I have eliminated this noise by placing a humidifier canister inline. This diffuses the sound. The manufacturer has indicated that they will soon release a fix for these noises. Prior to purchasing this unit I'd wait until this fix has been verified to remedy these issues. Lakeranger, 03/29/2015
This is a very compact unit that is the perfect size for tavelling. Unfortunately it has some issues that may prevent some from getting it. First and foremost is the annoying noise from both the blower and the mask. The blower has a loud whine during exhalation - it is only for a second but it is very annoying and may prevent a restful sleep. I found the noise to be acceptable if the blower is placed near the floor well below the level of the mattress. The mask ( I use the Swift FX nasal pillow) also develops an annoying noise, which I found to be almost eliminated by running the tubing through a container such as a humidifier. According to the manufacturer a fix for these issues is in the works. I'd wait until a fix is made until I'd purchase this CPAP. Right now I cannot recommend this unit. Lakeranger, 03/20/2015

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