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Z1 DC Mobile Adapter

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Human Design Medical | SKU HD60-6030

Enables the Z1 to be powered by a standard 12V vehicle outlet/cigarette lighter. This adapter CANNOT be used to charge the Z1 Power Module or Battery from a vehicle outlet.

Reference Only

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Product Specifications:


Weight of DC Power Cord for Z1 CPAP Machines: 3 oz


Overall Length: 72 inches Tip to Tip

Cord Length: 66 inches - Cord Only

Voltage: 12 Volts Fuse (Included) 5 Amp

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Get a generic car charger with a 5.5x2.1mm barrel connector instead. This charger just provides unregulated power straight from the cigarette lighter, so a generic travel charger with a barrel connector would work exactly the same. The barrel connector has to have a 5.5mm sleeve with a 2.1mm inner pin (known as a 5.5x2.1mm connector). Make sure to get one with a 5 amp fuse, since that is what the official HDM/Breas car charger uses. Some generic chargers are only rated for a 3 amp fuse, so watch out for this.

I tested a generic travel charger with my Z2 Auto travel CPAP and it powered up and ran perfectly, both with the engine running (providing the machine ~14.1V of power) and with the engine off and the car in accessory mode (providing ~13.5V). I also bench tested the Z2 Auto with an AC to DC converter which provided a steady ~12.7V. The CPAP still powered on and ran perfectly.

The AC adapter included with the Z2 CPAP provides 15V/2A of power, but like most companies it seems HDM/Breas designed the machine to work within a range of voltages, since the official HDM travel charger provides unregulated power straight from the cigarette lighter, the same as any generic travel charger would. My machine certainly didn't mind running on as little as 12.7V or as much as 15V.
Alex, 05/09/2021

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