Introducing the

World's Smallest CPAP

The next time you leave Virginia to travel to any destination, you won't worry about extra baggage fees or the headache of lugging around cumbersome CPAP equipment.

With the ResMed AirMini, less is more. The AirMini is the world's smallest CPAP Machine, meaning it's the perfect travel partner for any business trip, vacation, flight, and more.

ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP


How is the AirMini able to be so small? Other CPAP machines require a large water chamber to provide humidification. The AirMini, however, is revolutionary as it features the HumidX and HumidX Plus, a waterless humidification system that removes the need for a cumbersome water chamber.

Smartphone Compatible. Change your machine settings and view your usage through the AirMini mobile app for iOS or Android phones.

Unparalleled Size. The AirMini is the smallest and lightest travel CPAP machine available, weighing just 11 ounces.

Do you care about conveniently monitoring and tracking your CPAP therapy? Yes, I Do

What Mask Type Do You Prefer?

Click here if you prefer a nasal pillow style mask

Nasal Pillow

Best for those who tend to breathe with their nose, but prefer the most minimal mask and streamlined headgear.

Click here if you prefer a nasal cushion style mask

Nasal Cushion

Best for those who tend to breathe with their nose but do not find nasal pillows comfortable.

Click here if you prefer a full-face style mask

Full Face

Best for those who tend to breathe with their mouth. This mask will provide full coverage to ensure you get the best sleep.

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