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Check Your Insurance Coverage Today

Many people make the mistake of trying to navigate the medical coverage process alone. Only 5.1% of CPAP users searching for sleep apnea products actually visit this page to seek our help, which means that most are not receiving the coverage they are owed.

Why are you better off using our free, no-obligation service? Because easybreathe is the only e-commerce service in the United States that has been able to solve a complex problem — billing insurance for your CPAP supplies.

Our insurance specialists continually research the ins and outs of medical insurance companies to ensure that you are not only covered, but that you pay the lowest out-of-pocket amount possible. With the advantage that our knowledge and experience provides, your supplies could end up being zero cost to you!

All you need to do is submit your contact information, and an easybreathe insurance specialist will immediately begin the process.

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