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AirFit P10 Headgear Assembly

$31.00    Sale: $28.00
ResMed | SKU 62935

This is the adjustable headgear assembly for AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask only.

This elastic adjustable headgear provides a snug fit without snaps or velcro. It is recommended to replace your headgear every six months or as needed.

This is a component part for the AirFit P10 Mask system. To obtain the complete system, you also need the following: AirFit P10 Mask System Without Headgear.


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  • QuickFit™ Elastic Adjustable Headgear

QuickFit™ Elastic Adjustable Headgear

The QuickFit™ adjustable headgear promotes a good fit without the need of Velcro tabs or clips. The elastic fabric headgear is designed to fit snugly. The split back straps can be widened apart for a looser fit or narrowed together for a tighter fit. The AirFit™ P10 features a gray and blue headgear. The gray side is worn facing out, with the blue side facing in.

Assembling the AirFit P10

What's in the Box? 

  • AirFit P10 Adjustable Headgear Assembly 


This adjustable headgear is to be used in conjunction with the AirFit P10 Mask without Headgear. It is not compatible with any other full face, nasal, or nasal pillow mask. 


20% Elastane, 80% Polyamide


  • Length: 19.25 inches
  • Width: 0.75 inches


The AirFit P10 Adjustable Headgear Assembly is one size fits all. The AirFit P10 Headgear Assembly only differs in color, it is the same length and width as the pink version.

Cleaning Instructions

The manufacturer recommends that the headgear be cleaned daily using mild soap or detergent. Washing the headgear will help the headgear return to its original form and will increase longevity. Do not wash the mask or headgear in a washing machine or dishwasher. Always air dry, do not place in clothes dryer.



The headgear is one size fits all.The tension on the nasal pillows against the nasal openings can be changed by adjusting the location of the split straps on the headgear. Moving the two straps farther apart tightens the fit. Moving the two straps closer loosens the fit.

The Headgear Clips for AirFit P10 can be used to tighten the elastic P10 Headgear. These clips are sold separately. 

Assembling the AirFit P10

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I can't say anything that has not already been said
This headgear is terrible. Constantly wakes me up when it rolls down my neck. I tried replacing it with the one around the ears. It is more comfortable but still leaks air. I also tried asking my doctor to change the prescription but that didn't help either. I will still use the headgear around the ears and alternate with this one to find which one is the better one. Unfortunately, I dislike both. I can't say anything that has not already been said, 11/17/2021
While the headgear works OK, the lower portion of the strap does slip up on the back of my head and I'm frequently having to pull it down to maintain the position of the headgear no my head away from the sides of my eyes. The straps ability to securely hold their position is just about gone and will be worthless soon...they've stretched out their usefulness way to fast...and the cost to replace every 6 weeks is prohibitive. Dissapointed, 08/02/2020
This headgear is poorly designed. Stretches out very fast. Slips down from ones head compromising the mask. One star is over rated. William, 07/07/2020
vera plaut
You really need to improve this headgear . It stretches out very fast compromising the fit of the mask. vera plaut, 05/15/2020
The strap stretches fairly quickly. Once it's stretched, the mask ("pillows") aren't held properly in place and there is air leakage. Aren't there any better materials available to make the headgear last longer, then this one? mr.M, 04/08/2020
this doesn't last 6 months junk don, 04/02/2020
Mr D
The strap stretches fairly quickly. Once it's stretched, the mask ("pillows") aren't held properly in place and there is air leakage. This means the CPAP is no longer functioning as it's meant to. It's hard to imagine that there aren't better materials available to make the headgear last longer. Does no one from ResMed read these reviews? What irks me is that my insurance is no longer providing a new headband when they replace the mask! Maybe I get one with every second or third new mask. They expect me to move the stretched headgear to the new mask. I clean all of the equipment regularly, and so the mask itself and the pillows last me practically forever. The only one thing that wears out--the headgear--is the one thing the insurance skimps on. I've got boxes of expensive water reservoirs, pillows, masks, tubes, et cetera, but not enough headgear--the cheapest part (or ought to be).

So I do tie a knot in the stretched headband, and that lasts for a while. I may next try cutting the end and making a new slit, as someone suggested here. In any case, the cheap elastic is just not going to last forever.
Mr D, 02/03/2020
Snore dog
Ditto... the straps stretch quickly. I use to do the not trick but I eventually found a better way to adjust it. Simply remove it and cut both ends off just above the slits that connect to the nasal piece
Then take sharp scissors and make a small slit about a quarter inch from the end on both sides. Then reconnect it back just like it was before.
Snore dog, 01/11/2020
my favorite mask for many years. deserves 5 stars. Kirky, 01/08/2020
The pillows/mask by far the best out there for lightweight comfort. The headgear/strap just plain SUCKS. First week is superb leak free and snug. After that the strap degrades into loose flimsy piece of crap. In 30-days it is trash. If it were not for the great 14-21 days of perfection.....I'd be on to a different mask. H, 09/17/2019
Clay Nicolsen
The AirFit P10 is the best mask I've ever used. Unfortunately, the headgear/strap is GARBAGE. The headgear is not adjustable, and for the first two weeks or so it's too tight, and the pressure on your nose is uncomfortable. Then, very quickly, the straps stretch out and become so loose that the mask, literally, just hangs off the front of your face. It's only good for a few weeks, and then you have to start stapling loops in it, or tie knots in it, in order to keep using it. I've heard "clips" mentioned, but I've never received any clips, either with the complete mask or with the replacement headgear.

Sincerely, there is simply no excuse for continuing to manufacture this utterly unacceptable item.
Clay Nicolsen, 06/23/2019
AirFit P10 Headgear Assembly
Doesn't last more than a month - elastic stretches out and doesn't keep pillows tight. Especially poor if you try to clean in SoClean. AirFit P10 Headgear Assembly, 06/21/2019
I have owned the AirFit P10 Mask Headgear for 2 months and the support portion of the headgear has failed. CLERK, 04/02/2019
It is very comfortable, at first. The strap definitely stretches. Weekly washing in hot water and letting it air dry seems to work out pretty well for a while. If mask gets too loose I've tied a knot just where the split starts and that works as well, again, for a while. At $25 it should last longer, but overall this is this most comfortable headgear I've owned. Three stars because of the strap issue, otherwise I'd give it a 5. Bob, 03/08/2019
pillows are great. strap sucks. every one I have had stretches out within two weeks and you have to keep adjusting the clips. With all the complaints one would think they would re-engineer the thing. joseph, 02/23/2019
Ron Harsley
The p10mask is awinner but the headhear os not. It stretches out badly making leakage a real problem. The fact that Medicare allows only two per year is ludicrous. The gear is good for three months max# Ron Harsley, 02/18/2019
Is the best the thinner, the lighter ,the softer headgear around the head...and the worse as it does not last more than a week...material is very very bad joseph, 11/16/2018
Overall I like this mask, but I hope it does stretch out as others describe; for me, it's too tight initially, and I wake up in the morning with sore nostrils from the pressure. Or if I wake up during the night, the discomfort makes it hard to get back to sleep. Allan, 11/07/2018
It stretches out within 2 weeks. I had to sew the ends together for a tighter fit.
I'm thinking about switching to a different mask.
JOHNNY, 10/19/2018
Product is awful - it falls off after wearing for a few days
Awful Product is awful - it falls off after wearing for a few days, 07/13/2018
Rich S
I really like the mask when new but the straps get loose quickly and fight with it all night. Wish They offered sizes for better fit. Rich S, 05/27/2018
Strap needs a redesign
After a week, it's all "stretched" out. There has to be a better design. Strap needs a redesign, 03/24/2018
I've been using the AirFit P10 for years now. I believe it is the best solution for "PAPers." The man issue with this perfect solution is as others have stated. The elastic in the head band stretches out. Resmed should either re-engineer the materials for offer a subscription to replace them regularly. Ron, 02/13/2018
elasticity is very bad. Strap is too big for my head and after a couple of weeks just slides off. Have to sew tucks on both sides of strap in order to make it smaller. after a few months need to throw away. Must be a better system or solution. vince, 12/17/2017
Weak straps. Had to staple the straps tighter. I love the nasal gaskets. Soft and light. Lawrence, 12/01/2017
I love the nasal pillows but the headgear is not well designed. Stretches out to be too big within two weeks. Insurance only allows for a new one every six months, by this time I have tied knots in it to keep it on. Linda, 11/13/2017
Bad design...not adjustable. The strap is too tight and extremely uncomfortable while many others say it is too loose...nonadjustable straps are pointless... Name..., 10/23/2017
I give the pillows a 4 and the strap a 1 star. The strap stretches out over a short period of time. When this occurs the pillows leak at the nose. Extremely bad choice of materials for the strap. I do not doubt the company knows this and is raking in the big bucks with a smile on their faces. You can purchase supplies on Amazon for less cost. Steve, 10/03/2017
Philip Schofield MD
Pillows and mask are fine and work well. The head strap is poor and Medicare only allows a new one every 6 months. I would gladly exchange the nasal pillows allowance, (new one every 2 weeks) for a new head strap every two weeks. Better still a new head strap every week. And $25 each is over the top. $5 each would be more appropriate. Then I would buy them myself in bulk. I would even buy them in bulk at $10 each Philip Schofield MD, 10/01/2017
robert russell
excellent mask for a male robert russell, 07/04/2017
Michael D. Tracy
Stretching problem after ome week of use. It should last 6 mo. ????. NO WAY! You should make a better product, If I could give negative stars I would. Michael D. Tracy, 07/01/2017
Steve kern
I love this system and forget I'm even wearing it.... but... the head gear stretches out to the point where I had to tie knots in it to make it smaller within a few months Steve kern, 02/20/2017
Dave E
The pillows and frame are wonderful. They fit great and are very comfortable. The head strap is poor at best For me, it is way to loose which causes the nasal pillows to lose their seal with any head movement while sleeping causing a loud air flow leak. This is very disturbing. If this assembly had a good head strap, I would give it a five star rating. I give the pillow and mask portion five stars and the strap one star. Dave E, 02/01/2017
Bill L
I got this mask because of the good reviews, but so far I am very disappointed. the head strap is too tight and the mask never feels comfortable. Wish that I had never bought it. Waste of money. Bill L, 11/17/2016
Harry Ingle
I've had my P10 for a while now and the elastic head strap is getting loose. I will give the P10 a 4 because it was a good change from the hvy dty unit I had. Harry Ingle, 07/21/2016
Great mask but the straps not so good. The straps are too tight for me when I wake up and remove the mask it leaves a mark. The mark this strap leaves usually stays on my face for a couple of hours. Looks like someone tightened a zip tie around my face. The nasal mask is great though the best I have ever used they just need to give some strap options Jeff, 06/20/2016
Jim Dawson
Love the pillows but hate the straps. Had to tie a knot on mine to make it fit snug. Can't believe they can't engineer better straps. Jim Dawson, 08/22/2015
Tony K.
As others commented it will stretch out and lose it's fit. If you wash it ( I do it by hand in a sink with a little dish soap ) then rinse it well, wring it out and let it air dry it will shrink back to very close to original. I do that weekly when cleaning the tubing and it helps a lot. Tony K., 08/12/2015
One size does not fit all. A smaller size (definitely) or a length adjustment feature is required. Mine stretched out in only 3 months. But it was very comfortable when new. hg, 06/23/2015
Dave G
I love this mask (if you really can call it a nasal pillow mask. It is ultra-light, ultra silent, and is very comfortable.
However Resmed's marketing people are doing the same greedy marketing practices as in the past. You notice -- the ENTIRE mask system on most reputable sites (with Rx of course) cost $99-$100. The mask system comes with one Small, one Medium, and one Large nasal pillow. That's very customer/patient friendly isn't most. Most all of us use ONE size pillow (I use Medium). So what can I do with two other pillows that do not fit me. Resmed will not swap them. Vendors such as Easy Breath cannot swap them; because in doing so they claim they break the sterility of the prescription (despite the fact that each set of pillows is in it's own sealed sterile until opened plastic bag. But no; in order to get this, Swift FX and man other mask system makers pull this unethical trick. For example for me to buy a complete set with three nasal pillows which ARE useable because they are my size -- I have to buy the pieces ala carte'. Separately purchased the headgear is (from this vendor -- but their prices are "market price (no higher. So Headgear----$25. Then AirFit P10 Mask System WITHOUT headgear cost $74. Then three sets medium (or any size of nasal pillows, cost 19.00 -- or $57. So now the *real life* total mask system is $74 +$25 +57 -- which totals $156! This is an outrageous practice on the part of Resmed; and many other durable medical provider. Almost all DME is outrageously priced; and they sure get return on their research and obscene bloated profits. Shame on the greed of the makers of this and most other DME equipment.

The only "out" is if one is on Medicare and is using a Medicare provider. Then Medicare assigns the prices -- and provide a 3-month supply on mask parts and 6 months (I believe) on a mask.....And if you need 3 medium pillows -- that is exactly what you get. Medicare does not pay anywhere near these costs. So what do the DME providers do.? Jack-up the prices to non-insured or noninsurance covered people to "make up" what they have the brazen audacity to call their losses as a result of Medicare's assignment, along with many other insurers. These companies are greedy and 'money sucking (just like the drug industry) but worse (because their flagship products do not go generic.

People, I find this outrageous and contemptuous. This is an area that that urgently needs to be regulated by the US government and the FDA.

I like the equipment, I use APAP faithfully but I hate being essentially robbed by this greed. BTW - my rating is based on the equipment -- not the manufactures' that provide it. If that were the case my rating would be in the negative numbers.
Dave G, 01/22/2015
M Finnegan
Too big and it keeps getting bigger. M Finnegan, 09/01/2014
This entire mask system is so comfortable. Headgear starts out fitting perfectly, then the headgear does stretch out after a few weeks. So they need to improve the material or make available in different sizes. Stuart, 08/05/2014
Lewis Collins
Great head gear, but you must get the size correct. You adjust it for fit by spreading the two split loops apart. Tighten by spreading- loosen by bringing then closer together. If you toss and turn a lot, this item may not work well for you. I find it very comfortable . Lewis Collins, 08/02/2014
Small head strap is too big. need differant sizes XS S M L XL help us out 4-25-14, 04/25/2014
Comfortable and very light weight BUT my head is small and the strap is too large for me and seems to be stretching even larger. Only had it for a few weeks and have sewn tucks in both sides of straps in an effort to make it fit snugger so pillows don't move around every time I move my head. Should come in small, med, large. Name..., 04/09/2014

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