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AirFit P10 Mask with Headgear

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ResMed | SKU 62900

The ResMed AirFit™ P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear provides comfort and simplicity in a light-weight design. The adjustable QuietAir™ woven-mesh vents offer diffused exhalation making for an extremely quiet experience.

This comes with small, medium, and large nasal pillows.

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Product Features:

·         Extremely Quiet
·         Remarkably Lightweight
·         Simplistic Design
·         Adjustable QuickFit™ Elastic Headgear
·         Flexible Nasal Pillows

Extremely Quiet

The AirFit™ P10 frame features Adjustable QuietAir™ woven-mesh vents. This technology quietly directs and diffuses exhaled air in multiple directions away from the user and bed partner. Also included with the frame is a highly flexible short tube. The short tube cannot be detached from the frame.


Lightweight & Simplistic Design

Three parts comprise the AirFit™ P10: QuietAir™ vent frame, adjustable headgear, and nasal pillow. The pillow can be easily added or detached from the assembly using the top and bottom clips. The adjustable headgear can also be removed for complete disassembly. The mask weighs approximately 1.6 oz. when assembled.


QuickFit™ Elastic Adjustable Headgear

The QuickFit™ adjustable headgear promotes a good fit without the need of Velcro tabs or clips. The elastic fabric adjustable headgear is designed to fit snugly. The split back straps can be widened apart for a looser fit or narrowed together for a tighter fit. The AirFit™ P10 features a gray and blue adjustable headgear. The gray side is worn facing out, with the blue side facing in.


Flexible Nasal Pillows

The AirFit™ P10 dual-wall nasal pillows are designed to adapt to movement. The stems of the nasal pillow easily compress up and down to allow for a comfortable seal to be maintained as sleeping positions change. The pillows feature a lettered size indicator as well as an "L" and "R" to help properly orient the pillows. Included are three sizes of pillow: Small, Medium and Large.


NOTE: If you are looking to use this mask with the AirMini Travel CPAP, please click here to get the P10 Mask for AirMini.

What's in the Box? 

  • AirFit P10 Mask 
  • AirFit P10 Headgear
  • 3 Nasal Pillows (S, M, L) 


Pillow: Compression Moulded Silicone Rubber
Clip: Polyamide
Headgear: 20% Elastane, 80% Polyamide
Frame body: Polypropylene
Vent: Polypropylene
Tube: Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (TPE)
Stabilizers: Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (TPE)
Swivel: Polycarbonate
Swivel Adaptor: Polypropylene

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Absolutely no issue with this mask. Fits my nose and stays on no problem. I am able to sleep on my side with pillows. I move from side to side and it stays on. Derek, 04/09/2023
I hate this mask. It does not stay on your nose and as a result it dries out your mouth so bad that
when I wake up I can barely close my mouth. The straps stretched out and broke almost immediately. I do not like anything about this mask.
M, 10/26/2022
I love the air pillows, they don’t irritate my nostrils and the seal is great. But the strap is horrible. The one that is supposed to go on the back of your head rides up all night so it is at the top of your head, causing the seal on the pillows to leak. All night long I’m pulling it back down. I’m reading about “clips” that help but mine didn’t come with any. Linda, 10/10/2022
this is like all the other silicone-based products that DO NOT WORK if you are allergic to silicone!!! Robert, 09/02/2022
I’ve used this product for over a year. My only complaint is what it does to my hair. I have a permanent ridge in my hair from the strap. Mimi, 12/03/2021
Donna R Ohio
Started out perfect, stayed on and slept well. Overtime the material in the head straps stretched out. My hair is smooth and the straps move around. I feel I must be absolutely still at this point to keep it on my head. And have to adjust the straps several times during the night. Any suggestions are appreciated, because it will be at least a month before it is scheduled to be repaced. Donna R Ohio, 11/23/2021
Bruce Simpson
At first, I loved this mask. However, when I wake up, the mask is either off my face. or askew. It is also a mask that appears to lose its strength in form and this leads to it being lost on the face. Bruce Simpson, 10/26/2021
I've been using this mask for 30 days and it is the most comfortable, convenient match for my cpap machine I've ever owned. Fits gently and is easy to remove and put back on, if you need to get up in the middle of the night. Absolutely silent at the mask. I have to put my hand in front of the diffuser to even know it has flow! Michael, 09/27/2021
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John D
The strap is very comfortable when first used but tends to stretch when used for a month or so wish it had some kind of Velcro adjustment to keep the nose pillows in place John D, 05/27/2021
Antonio S De Campos
Very noise. I am using with an air mini when I travel . Antonio S De Campos, 04/28/2021
Mike Z
Very quiet and comfortable, but the straps do not stay in place. Tried clips, but results are the same. Several times during the night, I wake up and have to readjust the straps, and in the morning, I see the little red face symbol on my Air Sense 10, signifying a poor mask fit. Need a longer warranty, better straps, free strap replacement, or compensation for a replacement.😒 Mike Z, 01/16/2021
Eric G
The actual mask part is fine. The head strap is terrible. The elastic is too weak for higher pressures, and stretches over time, and *is not adjustable*. GRR. On the other hand, it's far more comfortable than any other mask I've tried, so... a 3.5? Not sure it deserves four stars with the head strap issue. Eric G, 12/16/2020
Pat B
I have been wearing this mask for about 8 months. I love the airfit mask and it doesn't dry out my eyes. I am having a problem with the head gear. My cheeks are getting indented and sore. Maybe I am wearing it wrong. I don't think I have an unusually large head. Pat B, 12/15/2020
For those women and men with medium to long hair, when you put the straps on your he, grab your hair in the back of your head and pull it over your straps. That keeps it from slipping. JanieML, 10/08/2020
Cheryl L Arnold
BEST! I have tried so many dif,. kinds of these, but they all are leaky, and yuck. But I just wonder why plastic costs soooo much. I don't re-order until after I tape, and finagle my piece for a year first. Cheryl L Arnold, 08/16/2020
Karen L
This mask does not work well if you have a small head. The straps are too loose and the more you wear it the bigger it gets. From the start they slip and not keep it in place. You keep waking up to reposition the straps and pillows. Even with the clips it is the same thing. The straps need to be adjustable. Karen L, 08/07/2020
Jeanne R
So I’ve been using this mask for over a year now. This is my first mask I have tried. I like it for the most part, I found the nasal pillows are a bit big, had to buy the “for her” nasal pillow in xsm to fit comfortably. I also have an issue with the headgear. Even with the clips, I find it doesn’t stay secure when I’m sleeping on my side which is a majority of the time. I may have to just add some kind of buckle or Velcro to it to tighten it. Other than that, I love it. Nice and quite!! Jeanne R, 07/22/2020
Works wonderfully however the straps wear out in 3 months and you have to put clips on them to tighten it on your head. Medicare will replace the headgear only once every 6 months so you have trouble for at least a full month keeping the headgear functioning. Plastic tabs are a pain!!!!!!!! BILL T, 04/11/2020
Barbara J
Just like everyone here the pillows fit great. But I have a hard time keeping the straps on so I wake up constantly to put the head gear back on, now my head gear doesn't come with clips to adjust the straps. I've also washed it nightly to get it to shrink back to its original shape but it doesn't work for very long.
And I'm on ss so I can't afford to buy a different brand. But I still think this is way better than the headgear I used for 5 yrs it would leave indentations on my face and the adjustable plastic strap had this hard piece that locked it in place would dig into my head and give me these really big lumps that hurt so bad I couldn't brush my hair. So that's why I'm giving this if I can 3 1/2 stars.
Barbara J, 04/09/2020
Love the mask, the headgear is disappointing allowing mask slippage. The headgear adjustment items are poorly engineered Jeff, 02/10/2020
Richard Holihan
I tried several different masks. This is by far the most comfortable. Easy to use. The only negative is the strap tends to fray. However, I will still continue to use this mask. Need to improve the strap quality. Otherwise, an excellent mask. Richard Holihan, 01/19/2020
Sue in VA
I am a new CPAP user (almost 30 days now) and am so glad they came out with this "AirFit P10 Mask w/the Headgear." I am a light sleeper, but I don't even know I have it on, and it is silent. YAY!! One can easily sleep on their side with no problems at all. I don't think I could have gotten use to any of the other ones on the market that completely cover the nose, and, nose and mouth. For those who are complaining about the straps getting loose, this comes with 2 plastic tabs you can use to tighten up the strap if you need to. Sue in VA, 12/11/2019
Its a good mask but the bottom of my nose turns red every morning from it. Yd, 12/01/2019
Carrie Thompson`
I have been using it since September 22, 2019. I love it. It is so comfortable Carrie Thompson`, 11/19/2019
The best can roll around all night long and its silent.....Works great, last a long time. Ted, 11/03/2019
I really agree with most of their reviews here. I have been using this headgear for several years and the elastic straps will only last, maybe one week without stretching. For the outrages price they get for this pitiful manufactured product it seems they could find a better way to make the strap last longer. What I do that helps, not the pieces of junk clips that come with the headgear, I fold the strap in about a three eights section on each strap and use my stapler to secure it. works every time. I am really waiting for the day the company gets a fix for this problem vettnpapaw, 10/28/2019
The strap won’t stay put. I become awake a few times during the night with the pillows partially out and both straps on top of my head. The strap also stretch out of shape really fast. cr1252, 09/26/2019
carl bellia 8-16-2019.
another run hot/warm water thru your hose b fore set up,that will relax hose and take kinks will be more or less will follo your turnin easier and better also more comfortable.. carl bellia 8-16-2019., 08/16/2019
Great fit but issues
I love the light weight and a very comfortable fit. The straps do need to be adjustable as the elastic gets stretched out way to quickly. The tabs will help adjust it, but they come off and get lost. With adjustable straps this would be a 5+ Great fit but issues, 08/07/2019
I like the comfort of this product, but find that it stretches out easily, requiring me to replace often or buy clips to tighten the stretched material None, 07/14/2019
I have used a variety of mask and I have come to find this one to be the best one for me. Only down fall is that the elastic head strap seems to stretch out fairly quick causing it to be loose around my head allowing the nasal pillow to loosen up around my nostrils and leak. But it does stay in place all night long and is very comfortable. Greg, 05/31/2019
I wake up every morning with it all off my head. I love the concept, However since it doesn't work, it needs more work Gwen, 05/29/2019
Great design concept in theory, but the straps need to be adjustable and longer. It presses too tightly against my nose with the existing strap and is uncomfortable for me personally. azmogul2010, 05/15/2019
I have tried several different masks and am on my 2nd machine. By far the Airfit P10 is amazing.Also,I have the Dreamstation 5000 APAP machine which is awesome.Google it and get it! It has great technology and automatically adjusts the air flow as you need it.Also has Bluetooth for your doctor to see how you are sleeping if needed.The display has a readout that shows hours used each night and at what pressure.Also shows 30 day averages. Cant say enough good about both of these products. Dave, 03/29/2019
Air P10
I have used this mask for a year now. The strap come with 2 plastic tabs you can use to tighten up the head gear. If the elastic starts to get weak just use the tabs and tighten up the straps for more life. My only complaint is the hose is in the front, and the mask is so light it will move around with the hose. I just ordered the Dreamwear mask with the hose attachment on the top. Hopefully it will work better because these mask are not cheap. Air P10, 01/09/2019
Vera Y. Randall-Parsons
I like the pillow, but the head gear is terrible! The part of the strap that goes to the back of the head rides up during sleep and is a nuisance. I do have with a nasal cover and that headgear (somewhat like a harness is really wonderful)/ I wish Red Med would come up with a harness-type head gear for the pillow! Vera Y. Randall-Parsons, 01/05/2019
This mask is quiet. I thought the comments about nose was odd and I wonder if there is an issue with their machines. I wear a cap at night so there isnt an issue ith the strap at all. What Im finding recently is that the hose is getting caught up in my cover if i sleep on the opposite side where my machine is positioned. Ive also been waking up at night and removing the plugs because they are becoming bothersome. Cecelia, 11/07/2018
This AirFit p10 strap on the top of the head has caused a good part of my hair to break off, resulting in small, curly frizz that looks ugly ! karen, 10/26/2018
Wayne Parker
I tried several mask over the last few years. The "Air Fir P 10" mask is by far the best yet. Very comfortable, very quiet, doesn't blow air back at my wife. Just a great mask. I have recommended it to several other people who like it as much as I do.. Wayne Parker, 10/21/2018
Matthew Zeit
So much better than the old Nose mask! Matthew Zeit, 10/11/2018
Don B
This mask is by far the best I have ever used ! I would highly recommend it ! Don B, 10/06/2018
I have been using this product for about a year. I give the nasal mask 5 stars. It fits well and it has the quietest, best-dispersed exhaust of any I've tried. HOWEVER, I give the stupid elastic strap 1 star! It continually slides around on my head, and won't stay positioned properly. I put my hair in a ponytail to serve as an anchor but over the course of the night the elastic pulls my hair out of the band and by morning I have a lot of leaks. VERY FRUSTRATING!!! CAROL, 09/13/2018
Rich Arnold
I've been a cpap user since 1980 and never had a comfortable nasal pillow mask that was comfortable. With P10, I can slip in on as soon as I get in bed, read or watch TV, and then go right to sleep.....assuming I turn off the TV before she pokes me to turn it off. The 3 different sizes make it possible to fit anyone. Thank you for developing this mask. Rich Arnold, 07/20/2018
Shirley Noblett
So much more comfortable. Shirley Noblett, 07/02/2018
Ilene Penland
The P10 is great. The best I have used. Light. I don’t feel claustrophobic with it. The head strap gives out too soon. I had to hold it on with an elastic shoelace before I could get another one. Ilene Penland, 04/27/2018
[email protected]
I agree with A+ comments; HOWEVER, the headgear strap becomes loose before
Medicare will cover, so tie a knot in the bottom part nearest the neck and it works great!
[email protected], 04/26/2018
Love the Air Fit. Had a few older model of the pillow mask. This is the best one so far. Easy to clean lite weight feels like you are whereing nothing at all. Highly recommend. Joe, 02/26/2018
I have been using ResMed masks for 15 years ... most have been difficult to adjust to, but the Fit P10 is absolutely awesome. It's amazing how well it jits and stays in my nose all night. The only noise my wife hears is my Vpap machine ... not the mask. She loves this marvelous engineered mask. It is very quit and light in weight. RJ, 02/15/2018
larry davidson
No adjustable straps, shorter life, poor value, using old mask. larry davidson, 02/15/2018
Charles Jurceka
I have used this system now for two years. Once you get accustomed to the feeling of the pillows in your nostrils you dont really even feel it. It is light and moves freely with you as you sleep. Just keep it cean. About every 6-9 months I replace the head strap and it feels great. Charles Jurceka, 12/12/2017
Paul Cocoanto
The most comfortable and least irritating mask around. Paul Cocoanto, 12/07/2017
Hugh Moller [email protected]
I have been using the P!O for 26 months, Tried full mask could not tolerate hem. I have not had any problem with Fit or loose head gear here is my solution. I did purchase new head strap $25.00 after 6 months due to not handling the head gear properly. When taking head gear off DO Not just grab the nose piece and pull it up over you nose carefully, Two the head straps I found the bottom strap at the back of my head, the top strap on top of head towards the back it be will . Play with the position of the straps you will be amazed at how more comfortable it fits, the top strap sometimes slides back but is easily readjusted and the straps last longer. Even so $25.00 for new straps is not the end of the world I love the P!0 head gear. Hugh Moller [email protected], 11/13/2017
Shelley Beachler
This mask is very comfortable. However it is the worse fitting head gear that I have tried. The bands slip off my head and the mask comes loose ( I have tried several positions). I do no recommend this mask until Res Med comes up with a different kind of head gear. Shelley Beachler, 10/19/2017
andy farrand
this is the best, most comfortable, and stay-in-place mask I have used in 10+ years. The pillows fit well and deliver the air without leaking and bothering my sleep. My only complaint is that the elastic used in the construction of the mask itself becomes weak after a few weeks thereby permitting the pillows to move, detach from my nostrils, and make one hell of a racket. I am going to look in to see if they sell just the head piece. andy farrand, 09/30/2017
Kelly Fedt
I am very pleased with this pillow mask. It's lightweight, soft and comfortable. As close to not wearing an appluance as you're going to get. If you lose seal, it is easy and quick to adjust. I'm sleeping better and longer with fewer wakeups due to air leaks. The priceis also great relative to other masks. Highly reccomend! Kelly Fedt, 09/03/2017
Carson Benson
By Far the best mask ever, so light so simple! The only complaint I have is there is no adjustment to the straps, and the stretchiness does start giving out and I have resorted to tying knots in the straps, if there were strap adjustments it would be perfect. Carson Benson, 09/01/2017
I liked this setup at first, but now that I've had it for a while, the strap has gotten so loose that the nasal pillow gets out of alignment and leaks air. CDM, 09/01/2017
The elastic loosens after about one month and then the pillow does not stay tight. If you plan on changing out the headgear monthly it is a decent option. John, 07/11/2017
I love this headgear. It's so easy to put on and off. The only problem I have with it is it leaves big indentations in my cheeks near the nose that take hours to go away. I use it with the straps as loose as possible, but the design where the pillows go into the mask just presses too hard. If not for that, it would be the best mask ever. I have changed to Dreamwear nasal cushions, but they have now come out with nasal pillows. That works for me, and there are no marks on my face. The pillows work better than the pillows for me. Leanne, 07/09/2017
Rick Newberry
Most uncomfortable and noisy mask I have used in over 10yrs. Have tried it for 3 weeks and still have not found it acceptable. Plan to replace and throw this one away. Rick Newberry, 05/01/2017
Ann Kosa
First off, this is similar to the mask I've happily used for several years called Aloha.
The P-10 is not as quiet nor as comfortable. Like the Aloha you get a great, comfortable seal. Unlike the Aloha the headgear is basically a very strong rubber band. Who wants to sleep with a rubber band on their head??? I say it might cost a bit more, but from a comfort standpoint it's worth the difference. Get the Aloha.
Ann Kosa, 03/11/2017
Well I purchased this mask with high expectations. It is very light and comfortable but I don't believe the air passage vents are big enough. I felt like the air was backing up in pillows. I am returning it and just replacing what I currently have. Len, 03/01/2017
James Johnson
The P-10 did not work for me; the F&P OPUS works much better; I should order another OPUS nasal pillow mask. James Johnson, 02/25/2017
Dave Dawley
I love this new CPAP addition that the VA gave me free and it is the most comfortable yet. Dave Dawley, 02/22/2017
Betty Trowbridge Hagan
I've been using this mask and headgear for a month and am shopping for a different one. I liked the lightness of the headgear but it was just too easily moved out of place when I was sleeping. My hair moves under those little straps so I'm continually waking up and readjusting. This also causes leaking, which means noisy hissing, which means interrupted sleep.
However I will not give up on this therapy since it's working for me. There are many mask options and I'll find the right one. This is worth an adjustment period!
Betty Trowbridge Hagan, 01/30/2017
I love this mask. I have read about the head gear stretching out but mine came with two plastic clips that let you adjust the straps. I have had mine less than a week so I have not had to use them yet. Diane, 01/15/2017
William Craig
I am on my second day of usage of my new AirFit P10 Mask System. This is my second mask and I find this system to be very comfortable and nonintrusive in my sleep. I recommend this mask to anyone using a CPAP because of its lightness, comfort and great fit. William Craig, 01/09/2017
soak the straps in warm water for 15 min squish off excess water between 2 towels then let air dry they shrink back to original size. jeff, 12/25/2016
I do not like the cheap headgear and do not like the air going up my nose. I am not using it anymore rick, 12/11/2016
Dr. G
Makes a great initial impression, but after two weeks of use I cannot recommend this mask system. It is very light weight, perhaps good for travel, but its fit is problematic and in some cases painful around the nose because the pillow pair angles are somewhat constrained by the frame. This constraint also leads to excessive leaks. I've used the Swift FX system for years with pretty good results so I'd recommend that over this cute but gimmicky system. FAIL. Dr. G, 12/06/2016
John Marmo
Best mask yet...easy to wear, easy to clear, quiet and doesn't blow cold air on my wife...we can snuggle again John Marmo, 11/25/2016
Jason Allison
The mask itself is very light weight and very quiet when it stays on. I wished there was a way to adjust the size so it will stay a little more secure. My wife wakes me up when it slips off the nose a little and she starts hearing the air escape. I will have to rig something up but wished the straps were adjustable. Jason Allison, 11/16/2016
They helped me get started with getting information to my insurance company and what was needed from my Dr. and then they helped me with everything I needed with explanations on the equipment that I did not know. In the long run I saved a lot of money (out of pocket expense) going through Easy Thanks David, 10/13/2016
This is by far the best nasal pillow mask I have used so comfortable I ordered a second so I wouldn't be without incase something was to happened, its very light and stays in place even when turning right or left , I would recommend to new and long time users Jes, 10/13/2016
Jerry H
The P-10 mask is easy to use and comfortable i would recommend it Jerry H, 10/13/2016
The airfit 10 is the best headgear I've ever used. I love it. Mary, 10/10/2016
John R Hancock
I have been sleeping with the p 10 for about two years it is the most comfortable nasal mask in the world.i have had many other products but this by far out weighs them all if you want a good night sleep get this one you won't be disappointed
John 10-6-2016
John R Hancock, 10/06/2016
Steve Kalisch
I have a large head and there is no adjustment on the straps. It they were adjustable I'd rate it five stars. When I tried it the first time it was quiet and I like the air diffusion. The middle of the night my nose would the middle due to it being to tight. I ended up using the one from my old machine. It was a Swift FX nasel pillow with adjustable head straps. If they make it adjustable I'll switch to it.. Steve Kalisch, 10/03/2016
Dan Stover
I agree with the other reviewer's on they say this is absolutely the most comfortable mask and by far the quietest of any that I've had. Five stars and two thumbs up! Dan Stover, 09/29/2016
The mask is very nice, fits well, and doesn't blow directly on the back of my wife's neck when I'm facing her. Unfortunately, the headgear is only good for a couple of weeks before it stretches too much and becomes too loose. Evan, 09/19/2016
Rick Schmille
I've been using this mask for about 6 months. The best mask I've ever had! Rick Schmille, 09/15/2016
Fits great,doesn't leak and it is comfortable. But air leaks through my mouth. I added a chin strap and that helps, but only when I sleep on my back. When I turn to either side, it's not long before I'm awakened to air shooting out of my pursed lips. I suspect this is due to the machine auto-ramping up the pressure when I stop breathing, and the easiest pathway is through my mouth vs opening the airway in my throat. Switching to a full mask for this reason. Joe, 09/14/2016
Mylan Parker
Probably bought 6 or 7 mask in last few years. This one is by far the most comfortable one of all I have tried. Other mask always seem to wake me several times a night to rearrange something. This one seldom wakes me. I love it. Mylan Parker, 09/14/2016
Charlie Virtue
Quiet and very comfortable! Charlie Virtue, 09/14/2016
At first I had a hard time breathing with it on, I poked some holes where I thought there should be holes and now I can breath just fine. Name..., 09/12/2016
Joe Guzi
Fabulous! Finally the perfect mask! The ResMed AirFit P10 is awesome! No strap adjustments anymore, just pull it on and breathe easy. So comfortable in any sleeping position with zero leakage no matter how I turn my head. The end result is a great nights sleep without wakeups caused by the mask leaking when I switch positions. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz....... Joe Guzi, 08/12/2016
The Dream Machine is Awesome but could not get use to the PT 10 Airfit mask.. James, 08/06/2016
Mel Ways
I have been wearing this mask for over two years and I love it. I wear the size large nasal plugs. If they slip, I can easily reposition and my sleep is not disturbed. I'm kind of addicted to my cpap and I know it really helps me sleep. I have only used nasal pillows but these are the best I've used. Mel Ways, 08/06/2016
Very light, very comfortable, best mask I've ever had. Thinking about ordering another as backup. Jim, 08/05/2016
Tom DeHaven
I have tried all kinds...This is by way the Best pillow mask available in the marketplace today. So quiet and comfortable. Look no further...completely satisfied. Tom DeHaven, 07/28/2016
James M
This is my second purchase of the air fit 10 mask, The first one I was not to happy with. I purchased the nasal portion separate from the head gear portion. I had to connect the two portions myself. For the last 6 months the head gear kept coming off. When I repurchase with the new cpap the head gear and nasal portion were connected by some smart person. For all this time I was wearing the straps of the head gear inside out. Can't be happier with it now. James M, 07/26/2016
I STARTED TO WEAR ONE LAST MAY 2015 HAVE NOT NEEDED TO REPLACED anything until now. My wife says I sleep all night with out waking her.Just love them John, 06/29/2016
Jack Mays
Great mask very quiet and comfortable Jack Mays, 06/28/2016
Thomas K. Preuss
I used a full face mask for two months. I couldn't get a good night's sleep, so I replaced it with the P-10 Nasal pillows. I love it. If it stretches out of shape just wash it in hot water and let it dry, it shrinks back to normal. I used my pillows and head gear for a year until I had to replace them. Thomas K. Preuss, 06/24/2016
This is my favorite mask . but I wish the head straps had some adjustment so when the elastic stretches it can be adjusted. Peter, 06/03/2016
Coco Pazzo
When it works, it is fine. But like other Res Med nasal pillows, I feel that there is Planned Obsolescence involved, because the headgear loses its elasticity after a few months, and you have to buy another. The pillows themselves are fine-- but the headgear becomes too soft and no longer holds them in place properly, resulting in increased leakage. Doesn't need to be so, but otherwise, how would Res Med be able to sell you another every three months? Coco Pazzo, 05/28/2016
Gary Jennings
I have tried several different pillow masks and always end up coming back to this one. My only suggestion is that ResMed make the back and over-the-head straps about 2X the width they are currently. Otherwise, it's the best pillow mask, IMHO. Gary Jennings, 05/15/2016
Gregory Gay
My biggest complaint is that if you need to remove it during the night to go to the bathroom it's very hard to tell top from bottom. They feel the same in the dark and only a small M (for medium) is on the bottom of the nasal pillows. it's extremely quiet and I like the fact the exhaust is minimal. Sometimes with the Swift FX I would wake up with my hand freezing from exhaust blowing on it. Gregory Gay, 04/30/2016
George Lundy
I love it George Lundy, 04/22/2016
Julita Rosales
This is the most comfortable, light weight, stay in place nose pillow! Change every 3 to 6 months... Thank you! Hubby says it is my snorkle! But in fact, it is quiet and comfortable. Give me 6 to 7 hours of deep sleep and I am a new person!! Julita Rosales, 04/16/2016
Roger Carlson
I don't care for the mask. I can wear it for 2-3 hours and then it starts to make the underside of my nose sore. Not happy with it. Roger Carlson, 04/12/2016
This is quiet but the strap lost it's elasticity very quickly which led to air leaks that kept waking me up. I went through 2 of them in 6 months and I have tied knots in the straps on my current one to get a snug fit. I'm trying something else. Bruce, 02/23/2016
Sometimes simpler is better. Replace the nose pillows every 3 months and the head gear (and mask) every year to year and a half and it works great for me. Val, 02/08/2016
Todd Lee
Head Gear is junk. Todd Lee, 01/25/2016
Tim Reeves
Very comfortable and lightweight, but after about 4-5 months the headgear stretches and is not adjustable so the mask starts to leak. As long as you replace the headgear every (less than six months) it's great. Tim Reeves, 01/20/2016
Richard S.
This is the best mask that I have used in the past six years. I find the pillows fit snug, no air blowback, which I had on my previous mask, and it is lightweight which makes it easy for me since i typically go from side, to back. I am happy I came across this mask, sleep is so more restful now. Richard S., 01/11/2016
Brian P.
I've been using CPAPs for over a decade and have tried a dozen different types of masks on two different machines. The AirFit P10 Mask is the best mask I've used so far. It's the perfect combination of light yet secure, very comfortable and very quiet. I couldn't be happier nor recommend this mask any more than I do. Brian P., 12/21/2015
Robert Folse
I had used a full nose mask. It felt like my face was being grabbed all night. Air fit is so nice. Can sleep in any position. Robert Folse, 12/21/2015
This is a great nasal mask, the best I have ever used. It is quiet, comfortable and not intrusive at all. As a side sleeper, I would find that other masks would either push into the pillow, or blow air back onto me, disrupting my sleep. This one does not, and is very comfortable. Andrew, 12/20/2015
Chris Loringer
This is the best mask I've used to date. It took me a little while to get used to it, but that is natural with any mask I've used. Once I got a feel for it, I've had no issues whatsoever. It is extremely quiet and comfortable. With less parts, it's also easier to clean. Chris Loringer, 12/20/2015
Excellent light weight mask. I have used it for a couple years now, and prefer this mask to all ithers Name..., 12/19/2015
Shawn Olson
Absolutely love this mask. I've been using it for almost 3 years!!!! Highly recommend it! Shawn Olson, 12/19/2015
This mask is perfect. I have used it for over a yer from another company, and now from your company. It is the best mask of all even better that the dream? The straps are perfect for a woman, and the bad reviews on the straps by men s because they have bigger heads. I like it just the way it is but men will need an adjustable strap. Margaret, 12/19/2015
They did all the work with the insurance and I received the benefits. Best mask that I've had so far. Light and fits well and my wife says it does not "whistle" Marty, 12/19/2015
Terrible design. The mask/pillows are swell but the flimsy fabric headband/strap stretches out in about 3 weeks. No adjustment available on it so you are screwed. Have had it replaced twice now. So, just live with leakage or keep dealing with replacements. BTW: I don't have a fat head. Mr. Normal here. Swift FX Nano is my go to after the next replacement cycles for insurance. This mask just LU, 12/19/2015
Tobin Dressler
This is a great mask the head gear is comfortable I don't even feel like I have anything on Tobin Dressler, 12/19/2015
I have this headgear. It was my first prescribed mask. I have tried others but the pillows with this are my favorite. The downside to the head piece, however, is that it is not adjustable. Therefore it slides up the back of my head and dislodged the pillows from my nose. I HAVE to wear a ponytail in order to keep it on my head. If the headpiece was adjustable, I would give it 5 stars. Robin, 12/16/2015
I wish I had read the reviews before I bought this. One size fits all is absurd. There's a good reason that every other mask has adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. Geoff, 12/11/2015
The pillows are the best I have used, quiet with great seals, however the head strap was designed by a moron. one size fits all for a device like this is absurd on it face. As it stretches it is impossible to maintain a seal, running the strap through a washer dryer will restore it somewhat- just what I want to do in the middle of the night after being awakened due to cold air blowing in and around my nose. Thanks to the cheesy strap this otherwise excellent product is a menace, given a choice between this produce and arena, I think I'll choose the latter. How hard would it have been to put a buckle on the top strap? Rob, 10/03/2015
Paul Anderson
First time I tried to use it I could not get used to it. When my other mask finally gave out I had to use this nasal pillow mask and I have learned to really like it. I still bump it off once in a while as I toss and turn a lot when asleep. It is very easy to use. Removing the band to clean it is a tricky thing and not the best design in my opinion. One has to be careful with the head band because it is not rugged and is rather fragile. Paul Anderson, 09/26/2015
Dave Okutman
I like the mask, but it should have different size head bands. It was a little tight, but has stretched a bit and more comfortable now. I can see where this mask would not work for anyone with a larger head. On the plus side, it doesn't leave a lot of marks on my bald head! Dave Okutman, 09/18/2015
Cliff Smithson
Unacceptable. One size fits most� is a terrible standard for intimate apparel. If an item worn on one's head while sleeping to hold a medical device in your nostrils isn't intimate� and apparel� the words should be redefined. The Resmed Airfit P10 is painfully small for me. Only by stretching the split straps 180 degrees away from each other, on my forehead and the base of my skull, can I loosen it enough to achieve a proper fit. Having a full head of fine, straight hair, there's not enough friction on my head to keep the straps from relaxing to a less stretched position which forces the nasal pillows painfully against my nostrils as I roll in my sleep.

It is quieter with regard to exhaust air and there is no stream of air to disturb my wife.

Does anybody know of a charity which might benefit from lightly used medical equipment?
Cliff Smithson, 08/25/2015
Nardy Garrison
I have been using the Air Fit P-10 for about 1 1/2 years. Previously I was using a Swift FX. This is the most comfortable nasal pillow mask! It is so light weight and very quiet! Nardy Garrison, 08/05/2015
Alexandra Beyer
I've had my CPAP machine for about 15 years. I hardly used it, as the adjustable straps were so uncomfortable, digging into the back of my head. Im also a side sleeper and tend to toss and turn...This is the FIRST product that is so comfortable, that I've started to use my CPAP machine, again, consistently! The straps are extremely comfortable and the nasal pillow is much quieter than the other ones I've tried. I've actually been able to sleep though a whole night with this headgear.... The other ones I would usually rip off my head after a few hours of trying to fall asleep..... The ONLY thing I will complain about, is that the strap that connects to the nasal pillow, started slipping off the right side (was too stretched out).. I fixed the problem m by merely sewing a few stitches along the sides, and its been fine.. Alexandra Beyer, 07/29/2015
Vincent Cavacini, Sr.
This is by far the quietest , most comfortable mask i have used since having a cpap 3 years now. I actually forget i am wearing anything on my face. No irration from vinly straps as my old nasal mask. The clloth straps are very comfortable. I am a side sleeper and this mask stays in place, after a night of tossing and turning. Absolutely no noise from the rush of air on my prior nasal mask.I don't know how they do it, where the air goes, but i don't have to worry about it blowing on my wife, waking her up. Lightweight and secure all in one unit. Thanks for continuing to make sleeping better. Vincent Cavacini, Sr., 06/20/2015
David Allen
I've tried most of the popular masks and settled on the Swift II when it came out. Six months ago I switched to the P10. With a little practice I now get the best nights sleep I've had in years. It really is much quieter too. David Allen, 06/20/2015
Dr. P
I could barely get any air in with this mask. Looks like a good one but inhalation was very thin and I was left gasping for air. Poor product design. Quieter because I almost suffocated with this mask. Ugh! Dr. P, 06/10/2015
Barbara Shook
I received my new Air Fit mask about 2 weeks ago. I love it, it's almost like not wearing a mask at all. I have been using a CPAP for nearly 15 years and this is a super mask.
Barbara Shook, 06/02/15
Barbara Shook, 06/02/2015
Tim Barger
It is the most comfortable mask. Takes just a little bit of time to get used to it, but after you do, you almost forget its on. I love it and won't use anything else. Tim Barger, 05/09/2015
William Tipton
outstanding nasal mask ease of use stays put always get a great nights sleep with it. William Tipton, 05/09/2015
Lewis Collins
Absolutely the most comfortable and quiet mask I've used to date. I love it, and my wife loves it. I use this with a Puresom Ruby Chin strap to prevent air leaks from my mouth. I can't stand a full face mask. I've been using a large size in both the mask and chin strap. Very comfortable! A+++++ Lewis Collins, 08/02/2014

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